Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3616, Just as Clouds Must Rain, a Mother Must scold her Son


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The originally well-organised High Heaven Palace became a mess because of Yang Kai’s shout. As lights of different colours emerged from the Spirit Peaks, they all headed to Yang Kai’s location.


In front of the hall where the Space Array was located, Yang Kai was grinning from ear to ear. Ye Jing Han was extremely worried when she was standing beside him, but as she observed his expression, the worry in her heart diminished and she slowly unknitted her brows.


In her heart, she wondered why the Palace Master could laugh in such a jolly way. Furthermore, his laugh seemed to be infectious as she also couldn’t help but start chuckling.


The first person who arrived at this place was the Head Manager of High Heaven Palace, Hua Qing Si. She was accompanied by the Second Manager, Bian Yu Qing.


They were the first to arrive not because their flying speed was the fastest, as they were only First-Order Emperors. In High Heaven Palace, there were people who were in higher realms. The reason behind it was that they were just patrolling nearby earlier.


When Hua Qing Si and Bian Yu Qing saw the familiar figure from afar, they were elated. Upon landing on the ground, they cupped their fists and said, “Greetings, Palace Master!”


With a joyful expression, Yang Kai lifted his hand and replied gently, “Many thanks for helping me to manage the palace when I wasn’t around.”


Hua Qing Si put on an elegant smile, “It is our duty.”


Bian Yu Qing said, “Indeed.”


She stared at Yang Kai with a conflicted gaze and recalled that when they first met, he and Liu Xian Yun had just come to the Star Boundary from a Lower Star Field. They were captured by her subordinate, Kou Wu, and brought back to Blue Feather Sect. Who could have expected that several dozen years later, this man would become the Palace Master of the top Sect in the Northern Territory and become one of the most powerful cultivators in the world?


In the past, she was able to determine his life or death, but now, she had to be protected under his wings. It could even be said that the reason she could reach the Emperor Realm was thanks to him.


As she walked down memory lane, she couldn’t help but recall Kou Wu, who sacrificed himself to protect her. It was outside Spirit Lake Palace in Maplewood City that Kou Wu was killed for shielding her, even having his corpse destroyed, which was a depressing sight.


Following Hua Qing Si and Bian Yu Qing, a five-coloured light was coming from afar. After the light arrived and disappeared, five figures were revealed.


Yang Kai arched his brow and cupped his fists, “Seniors, congratulations on reaching the Emperor Realm!”


The five people were none other than Gui Zu, Chi Yue, Ai Ou, Gu Cang Yun, and Chai Hu. Other than Chai Hu, the other four people came to the Star Boundary with Yang Kai from Heng Luo Star Field. However, after the Starlight Corridor collapsed, they were separated from each other. They only came across one another at a later time.


At that time, there was also Wu Dao, who was the strongest Origin King Master in Heng Luo Star Field. Unfortunately, life was full of uncertainties. When Wu Dao was attempting to break through to the Dao Source Realm, he couldn’t pass the World Energy Baptism and lost his life. After the other four arrived in the Star Boundary, they found it difficult to adapt. Fortunately, they came across Chai Hu, and with his help, they were able to gain a footing in this new world. Later, the four of them decided to become sworn siblings with Chai Hu. Now, there was a Five Saints Peak in High Heaven Palace where they cultivated.


The last time Yang Kai met them, they were still all Dao Source Realm cultivators. But now, they were all in the Emperor Realm, which was wonderful news.


Although it was partly due to the abundant World Energy in the Star Boundary, the main reason was that these five people had outstanding aptitudes to begin with. Gui Zu and the others were undoubtedly the best there was since they were able to leave a small place like a Lower Star Field. Although Chai Hu’s aptitude was weaker, it was still quite remarkable. There were enough resources in High Heaven Palace for them to cultivate. Due to the fact that High Heaven Palace had been sealed off, all of them had to cultivate in seclusion. All five of them were hardworking people, so it wasn’t surprising that they were able to break through into a new Great Realm.


Furthermore, Yang Kai realised that they must have cultivated some kind of incredible Divine Ability together. The five-coloured light earlier was the most conspicuous clue. Presently, although they were only in the First-Order Emperor Realm, their auras were closely connected, as though they had become one.


Any Second-Order Emperor Realm Master wouldn’t be able to deal with them when confronted by them together.


Gui Zu laughed in a somewhat sinister manner and said, “Palace Master, you’re finally back. Are we finally going to get out there and start killing? I’m so bored!”


It had been a difficult time for him as he was a rather hot-blooded man. In fact, in the past, Yang Kai was almost killed by him. When Gui Zu was in the Lower Star Field, with his Origin King Realm cultivation, he could basically walk sideways and have no regard for anyone at all.


After he arrived in the Star Boundary though, he realised that his power was at the bottom of the hierarchy. Forget walking sideways, he had to struggle hard just to earn enough to eat. Only after reuniting with Yang Kai and settling down in High Heaven Palace was he able to live a peaceful life and cultivate in seclusion. Now that he had finally reached the Emperor Realm though, he couldn’t wait to get into a fight and kill.


Chi Yue shot Gui Zu a glare, “What do you mean that you want to start killing? Big Brother, don’t say that!”


She then turned to look at Yang Kai, “Is it alright for you to come back?”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head. Just when he wanted to explain it to her, he saw more people coming over. Those people were not outsiders as they were his Seniors from High Heaven Sect on Shadowed Star. Their relationship could be traced back to High Heaven Pavilion in the Great Han Dynasty.


Grand Master Ling Tai Xu, Meng Wu Ya, Martial Ancestor Chu Ling Xiao, several other Martial Uncles and Aunts, Old Demon, Qiu Yi Meng… All of them had arrived.


Yang Kai immediately went over and saluted them. It couldn’t be helped. Even though he was the Palace Master of High Heaven Palace, the people in front of him were his Seniors. Hence, he had to show proper respect.


After he was done with the greetings, he was bombarded with all sorts of questions.


These people were the brightest ones with outstanding aptitudes in their own worlds; however, it had only been a short time since they arrived at the Star Boundary, which was why their achievements were not comparable to those of Gui Zu and the others. With that said, most of them were either in the Second-Order or Third-Order Dao Source Realm.


Seeing as Yang Kai kept looking around, Meng Wu Ya gave him a knowing look and asked, “Who are you looking for?”


Yang Kai hurriedly replied, “No one. It’s just that I miss everything here since I’ve left for a long time.”


Meng Wu Ya snorted, “You’re looking for your wives, right? You little brat. It’s not that I want to butt in on your affairs, but you should start exercising some restraint! Look how many women you’ve flirted with and how many wives you’ve wed. You already had four wives when you were in Heng Luo Star Field, and after coming to the Star Boundary, you’ve even married one more. However, you can’t take care of them as you’re always running around outside, leaving them all alone. They’re constantly worried about your safety and fear that you might perish out there. Don’t you feel guilty at all?”


Appearing truly guilty, Yang Kai hung his head low as he was lectured, “Senior, you’re right.”


“Then you should change!” Meng Wu Ya appeared genuinely concerned, “Stop flirting with other women!”


Yang Kai felt diffident and wouldn’t know how to reply to him. Fortunately, his Grand Master came to his rescue at this time. Ling Tai Xu said with a smile, “We came across them on our way here. They went to fetch your parents.”


After hearing Yang Kai’s voice, Su Yan and the others were eager to meet him; however, they still went over to the Spirit Peak where Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu resided in an attempt to bring his parents over as well.


Although the cultivation of Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu had also improved since they arrived at the Star Boundary, they were still lagging behind the young talents. Now, they were only in the Origin King Realm, so their flight speed was pretty slow by comparison. Taking that into consideration, Su Yan and the others decided to personally fetch them.


As they spoke, a few figures were already flying over at full speed.


Yang Kai looked up, then his eyes widened. He was surprised rather than elated. Su Yan, Xue Yue, Shan Qing Luo, Xia Ning Chang, as well as Zhu Qing, had arrived. 


What surprised Yang Kai was that Zhu Qing was also here. When he was on Dragon Island in the past, he had prepared to bring Zhu Qing back to High Heaven Palace to meet his parents and to familiarise her with his other wives so that they wouldn’t feel so embarrassed when they came into contact with each other in the future.


However, there was a worry in Zhu Qing’s heart at that time, so she didn’t follow him back to High Heaven Palace. He couldn’t have expected that when he returned this time, he would see Zhu Qing and his other wives coming over together. Furthermore, it appeared that they had been getting along well.


He didn’t have the time to think about it as his parents soon landed on the ground though. He immediately went over to greet them.


Before he could speak, however, Dong Su Zhu had already started tearing up as she grabbed his arms and said anxiously, “You rotten brat, why are you back? Even though you decided to come back, you shouldn’t have shouted and informed everyone! Don’t you know that your action might cause you to be killed? Why have I given birth to a fool like you?”


Without giving him a chance to explain himself, she kept scolding him, but he wouldn’t dare to refute her. Just as it was expected for rain to fall from the clouds, a mother would scold her son as she pleased, so there was no reason for him to get mad. Even if Yang Kai became a Great Emperor one day, he would still be reprimanded by his mother, to say nothing of the fact that he was just a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master now.


Yang Ying Feng was standing behind her with a cold expression, and it seemed that he was still angry with what his son had done.


When Yang Kai left the Star Boundary a few years ago, he had already given Su Yan and the others some hints. After word got out that Yang Kai had gone through demonification and betrayed the Star Boundary, High Heaven Palace had to be sealed off immediately. Dong Su Zhu passed out on the spot while Yang Ying Feng had fallen ill because of that. Su Yan and the others kept consoling them and pointed out that this might be a show that Yang Kai had put on; however, without confirmation from the Great Emperors, Dong Su Zhu and Yang Ying Feng couldn’t simply believe them.


Over the past few years, they had prayed to the Heavens every single day. They wouldn’t even dare to hope that Yang Kai could clear his name. They just wanted him to stay safe and healthy forever. Dong Su Zhu, who had always looked young, started having some grey hair on her head, which went to show how worried she was.


However, she couldn’t have expected that not only had Yang Kai returned, but he had also shouted out to everyone to announce his presence. She was so exasperated that she almost spat blood.


“Leave now before word gets out. Go!” Dong Su Zhu spoke as he dragged Yang Kai towards the Space Array.


While she was doing that, she still stared fixedly at his face. It was as though by taking one more look at him, she could remember his face forever and imprint it in the deepest part of her mind.


Seeing her in such a state, Yang Kai felt a lump in his throat as he consoled her by saying, “Mother… it’s fine.”


“What do you mean it’s fine? You’re in big trouble!” Dong Su Zhu stomped her foot on the ground. Given her cultivation, she wasn’t able to make Yang Kai move if he was reluctant. After several failed attempts, she became flustered, “You rascal! Are you leaving or not?”


“It’s really fine!” Yang Kai was torn between tears and laughter.


Dong Su Zhu’s expression turned cold in an instant as she bellowed, “You’re not leaving, right? If you’re not…” She turned to look at Yang Ying Feng and pointed her slender finger at him, “If you’re not leaving, your father will die right in front of you!”


Yang Ying Feng was startled for a moment before he nodded solemnly. It was as though he was determined to end his life if Yang Kai wouldn’t heed their word and leave this instant.




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  1. The author seems to have forgotten alot of his own work, his parents were in the Dao Source realm when he came back to told his mom that his sister went to Flowing Time temple, now they’re back at OK realm?

    I feel bad for the dad, he had to die because Yang Kai wouldn’t leave even though it’s the mom who’s more worried lol

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  3. I might have some slight beef with how unsreasonable Yang Kai’s mother is most of the time. But this here chapter is peak parental behavior when it comes to her, it warms my heart seeing the extent of her concern for the guy

    1. It’s xianxia – everything has to be over the top. And if common sense would not get in the way of math, let alone physics – it ain’t getting in the way of mother’s love.

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