Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3617, Being Rude


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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“I’ve already met the Great Emperors,” Yang Kai gently patted Dong Su Zhu’s shoulders.


Dong Su Zhu was startled for a moment before she became anxious and asked apprehensively, “Which Great Emperors have you met?”


Yang Kai started counting with his fingers, “Senior Iron Blood, Senior Martial Beast, Senior Flower Shadow, and Senior Serene Soul.”


Dong Su Zhu batted her eyes, “Are you lying? Have you really met the four Great Emperors?”


With a helpless smile, Yang Kai replied, “I would never dare to lie to you. I’ve just returned from Seven Mists Sea. If you don’t believe me, I can send you to Seven Mists Sea now so that you can ask them about it. Even if you don’t believe me, you should believe them.”


It was then Dong Su Zhu finally set herself at ease and shot him a glare, “They’re all very busy, so how can we bother them as we please? You’re still so reckless.”


Despite her age, her demeanour was still that of a young girl. Nevertheless, her behaviour didn’t look out of place at all.


Upon finishing her words, she stopped responding to Yang Kai. Then, she placed her hands behind her back and turned around. When she moved past Yang Ying Feng, she took his arm and said, “We’re leaving now. What are you waiting for?”


Yang Ying Feng couldn’t refuse his wife and just let himself be dragged away. He hadn’t even had a chance to speak to his son; however, unlike how worried and flustered they were when they came here, they now looked calm and relaxed.


Since Yang Kai had met the four Great Emperors and safely returned from Seven Mists Sea, it meant that the incident in the past had been resolved. It just showed what Su Yan and the others had been telling them over the years was true, but it wasn’t until this moment that they finally completely believed them.


Besides Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu, that realization had also dawned upon the others present. At that instant, they appeared elated and felt that the dark clouds that had been hovering above their heads finally began to clear. The entire High Heaven Palace seemed to be brighter now.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was dumbfounded. He hadn’t expected that his parents would leave as quickly as they had come as he still had a lot to tell them. However, he soon understood why they did that. 


They were trying to leave some personal space for Su Yan and the others; after all, if they were still around, Yang Kai would be too embarrassed to get close to his wives.


After Dong Su Zhu and Yang Ying Feng were gone, the others wouldn’t have the nerve to disturb the reunion of Yang Kai and his women. Hence, they came up with all sorts of bad excuses and left the place. They came over because they heard Yang Kai’s voice, and now that they had seen him and learned that he had met the Great Emperors, they knew that they could catch up with him at any point in the future.


In the blink of an eye, all of them were gone as only Su Yan and the others were still standing there, staring at the man with loving gazes.


A few kilometres away, Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu were flying alongside each other at a slow speed. With a scowl, Yang Ying Feng couldn’t suppress his curiosity anymore as he asked in a small voice, “If that rotten brat didn’t leave just now, would you really want me to end my life to threaten him?”


Dong Su Zhu gave him a look, then wrapped her arm around his and asked with a smile, “Would you?”


“I would,” Yang Ying Feng nodded without hesitation. If Yang Kai hadn’t met the Great Emperors, he would have done it.


Dong Su Zhu rested her head on his shoulder, “I wouldn’t have the heart to see you die.”


Yang Ying Feng slightly twisted his shoulder and coughed, “Ahem, we’ve been married for a long time… We should act with more propriety when outside.”


“En…” As Dong Su Zhu spoke, she suddenly saw a group of people flying over. Then, she immediately let go of her husband and carried herself in an elegant manner.


When those people approached, she flashed a smile at them and called out, “Grandmaster Ji.”


The person was Ji Ying, and he was followed by more than a dozen people of different ages and genders. She could recognise that they were the Grandmaster Alchemists from different Sects in the Star Boundary.


“Madam Dong, Sir Yang!” Jing Ying replied to them with a neutral expression. Although his cultivation and status were much higher than those of the couple, they were still Yang Kai’s parents; hence, despite the fact that he was a Great Emperor’s Disciple, he wouldn’t dare to be disrespectful of them.


Dong Su Zhu asked curiously, “Grandmaster Ji, what are you doing here?”


She could see that Ji Ying appeared displeased, and the people behind him were incensed, as though they were going to find fault with someone. Judging from the direction they were heading, it seemed that they were looking for Yang Kai, which was why she felt her chest tightening.


“It’s nothing. I simply heard that Palace Master has returned, so this Ji felt he should see him personally.” Although Ji Ying was mad at Yang Kai, he didn’t think it was appropriate to tell his parents that he was going to settle a score with their son. Furthermore, he wouldn’t want to say something wrong at this point. Upon bidding them farewell, he led the other Alchemists to keep moving forward.


Dong Su Zhu turned around and frowned, but she soon stopped worrying. She knew that Yang Kai must have offended Ji Ying in some way, but the latter wouldn’t harm her son, he would only reprimand him at most.


As expected, she soon heard Ji Ying yelling in exasperation, “Palace Master, we haven’t met for ages, this Ji is so… so happy you have returned!”


Yang Kai was speechless at that as everyone else had just left. Just when he wanted to have a chat with his wives and find out why Zhu Qing was here, Ji Ying came storming over.


It wouldn’t matter if he had come alone, but he had actually brought more than a dozen others with him. Furthermore, Ji Ying was grinding his teeth when he spoke, as though he was eager to skin Yang Kai and drink his blood. It was a total lie that he was ‘happy’.


An apologetic Xia Ning Chang quickly pleaded, “Senior Brother Ji, please don’t get mad at him. It was Junior Sister’s fault, not my Husband’s.”


Ji Ying raised his hand to stop her, “Little Junior Sister, you don’t have to speak up for him. I’ll only settle accounts with him!”


After he finished speaking, another person leapt forward and pointed at Yang Kai as he bellowed, “How dare a Demon like you show your face here?”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai didn’t react in any way, but Zhu Qing and the other women shot this person a glare. With a cold gaze, Zhu Qing released her Dragon Pressure, causing the man to instantly turn pale.


The person who spoke was a somewhat famous Dao Source Grade High-Rank Alchemist, but he was only a Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, so there was no way he could bear the Ninth-Order Dragon’s Pressure. Of course, Zhu Qing hadn’t fully used her strength; otherwise, this man would have passed out on the spot.


As for Ji Ying, he immediately frowned. Although he was mad at Yang Kai for interrupting his Alchemy session, it wasn’t the first time the latter had done such a thing. It was just that it had more serious implications this time. He was the Fifth Disciple of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor, so unlike most, he knew that Yang Kai actually had a mission when he went through demonification and defected to the Demon Realm. The Great Emperors had spread rumours and misled everyone to act as a cover, and Ji Ying wasn’t certain the circumstances had changed yet, so when this Dao Source Grade Alchemist spoke, Ji Ying couldn’t explain anything on Yang Kai’s behalf. 


Xia Ning Chang turned to look at the person who spoke earlier and declared, “Grandmaster Zhou, that is a misunderstanding. My Husband isn’t a Demon.”


Grandmaster Zhou appeared to be bitter and hateful as he persisted, “He went against the Great Emperors in Tiger Roar City, and it was apparent that he had been demonified as he gave off pure Demon Qi. He then betrayed the Star Boundary and ran away to the Demon Realm. What is he if he’s not a Demon? Grandmaster Xia, you mustn’t be fooled by him. Demons are all insidious and ruthless, it is best if you come back now. Although this Zhou is not powerful, he is willing to sacrifice his life to protect you.”


Upon hearing that, Xia Ning Chang was flustered, “Grandmaster Zhou, please mind your words.”


Su Yan and the others stared at Grandmaster Zhou with even colder gazes while Zhu Qing intensified her Dragon Pressure, causing the Grandmaster, who vowed to protect Xia Ning Chang with his life, to feel all his bones start cracking. With his lips pressed together, he couldn’t say one more word.


Yang Kai batted his eyes at Grandmaster Zhou with a smile, then he turned to look at Ji Ying, “Brother Ji, what happened? Why are you so mad?”


At the mention of this, Ji Ying felt the fury rising up within himself again. Pointing at Yang Kai’s nose, he bellowed, “How do you still have the gall to mention this? Just now, Little Junior Sister and I were refining a furnace of Heaven and Earth Revolutions Pills. Everything was going well, and it would take just another hour for the refining to be complete. With Little Junior Sister’s assistance, I was expecting to get at least seven pills, but then… you…” He was unable to keep speaking as he pressed his hand against his chest with a reddened face, appearing both heartbroken and enraged.


A shocked Yang Kai quickly tried to comfort him “Brother Ji, please calm yourself. You mustn’t become too agitated.”


It would be terrible if Ji Ying had an accident because of this. As he spoke, he moved forward in an attempt to help him stabilize his aura.


Certainly, Ji Ying wouldn’t want his help as he slapped his hand away.


Yang Kai smiled awkwardly and turned to look at Xia Ning Chang, “Did it fail?”


Xia Ning Chang hung her head low, “The furnace exploded.”


Hearing this, Ji Ying’s expression turned darker. Yang Kai was an Emperor Alchemist himself, so he understood what it meant for one’s furnace to explode. It was indeed a tragedy, but when he imagined the scene where Ji Ying made the furnace explode, he found it hilarious and had to work hard not to burst out laughing.


It was no wonder why Ji Ying would come all the way here to berate him, he had a good reason to. Since it was indeed his fault, Yang Kai quickly straightened his face and sincerely apologised to him.


Ji Ying lethargically waved his hand as he felt extremely unlucky to have come across someone like Yang Kai, who was also a Grandmaster Alchemist, but he didn’t seem to respect Alchemy at all. Didn’t he know that it was a taboo to disturb Alchemists when they were practising Alchemy? How could he spread his voice even to Medicine Pill Peak?


“This is the last time. If it happens again, this Ji will pack up and return to Medicine Pill Valley!” Ji Ying gritted his teeth and stared at him.


A solemn Yang Kai replied, “This Yang swears to never do it again.”


It was then Ji Ying nodded as he had significantly vented out his anger. The furnace had exploded, and all his efforts had gone to waste. He just wanted to come over here to reprimand Yang Kai to get the fury off his chest.


Certainly, the other Alchemists had to follow him to lend him some moral support; however, no one could have expected that Grandmaster Zhou would rebuke Yang Kai in such a way.


In order to not cause anymore trouble, Ji Ying waved his hand as he was prepared to bring these Alchemists back to Medicine Pill Peak.


Since they were leaving, Zhu Qing and the others wouldn’t make them stay. However, as soon as she retracted her Dragon Pressure, Grandmaster Zhou spoke again. He had learned his lesson after suffering a setback, so he stopped being rude. Instead, he looked solemnly at Yang Kai and said, “Palace Master Yang, although you’ve gone through demonification, you’re fundamentally a Human. Grandmaster Xia is the treasure of the Star Boundary. If you still have any conscience left, please let her go! This Zhou will offer his thanks on behalf of all the people of the Star Boundary!”




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  1. Bruh, fuck these alchemists. Who do they think they are? They’re literally in yk’ palace trying to reprimand him. Dragon bae should’ve slapped them into a blood mist.

    1. He ain’t trying to steal anyone. In his own misguided vainglorious way he’s trying to get Kai to “do the right thing”
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