Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3620, Deserving of Death


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All their cheering stopped as the disciples from Mountain Quarrying Sect were shocked to see so many people emerging from the array. As the thunderous noises stopped abruptly, it was hard getting used to the sudden silence.


As the hundreds of disciples looked at the front, they were soon attracted by Su Yan and the others. These people who had joined Mountain Quarrying Sect were mostly young and weak, so they had never seen so many beautiful women before. At that instant, all of them were dumbstruck. Some of them had even widened their mouths and fallen into a dazed state. Just then, the Beguiling Demon Queen flashed a charming smile at them, causing them to grunt as their noses started bleeding, all of them cheering in their hearts, [She’s smiling at me!]


Right then, Zhou Cheng arrived at the place and took a look at the disciples from Mountain Quarrying Sect outside the array as he frowned. Ignoring them, he turned to look at Yang Kai and said, “Palace Master Yang, we haven’t come to any conclusion yet. Please tell me your decision.”


“Palace Master Yang?” The middle-aged man was so shocked that he almost jumped out of his skin.


Since he had come to make a fuss in front of High Heaven Palace, he certainly knew who the Palace Master was. In the past, this man had gone against a Great Emperor in Tiger Roar City and escaped alive. After that, he was hunted down by Li Wu Yi. His name was Yang Kai!


The young man had just been addressed as ‘Palace Master Yang’, and his appearance matched that of the descriptions in stories about him. There was no doubt that he was that brave and heroic-looking young man.


At this moment, the middle-aged man still couldn’t believe that the young man before his eyes was the real Palace Master of High Heaven Palace, Yang Kai.


[Hasn’t he gone through demonification and betrayed the Star Boundary? He’s supposed to be in the Demon Realm, so why is he here? Has he returned from the Demon Realm? Wait a moment, after what had happened in the past, how did he have the gall to come back here?]


Right then, one of the young people, who was holding the flag and clearly not thinking straight, bellowed in a righteous manner, “Demon! Go to Hell!”


Not only did he shout, but he also pointed at Yang Kai and the others. At that instant, the hundreds of people started yelling again.


The middle-aged man turned ashen as he trembled uncontrollably. He had the urge to kill all of his disciples. Instead of boosting his morale, they were actually pushing him closer to death.


Despite his uneasiness, he still pretended to be calm as all his disciples were watching him, so he could not embarrass himself. He had arrived at this place to make a name for Mountain Quarrying Sect. If this matter wasn’t handled properly, not only would it become impossible for him to take in any more disciples, but his Sect might also be at risk of falling apart.


“Demon?” Yang Kai shot a look at the hundreds of people and put on a faint smile.


It wasn’t the first time someone called him a Demon today. Just now, the first thing Zhou Cheng said to him was to call him a Demon; however, he hadn’t expected to hear the same thing again from a stranger so soon. It seemed that his reputation in the Star Boundary was truly terrible at the moment.


Nevertheless, he didn’t offer any complaints. When he agreed to the Great Emperors’ request to enter the Demon Realm, he had already expected this outcome; hence, he would never take any accusations against him seriously.


However, the flag among the crowd was too conspicuous. It was a blood-coloured flag with golden black words written on it, so it was difficult to not take note of it.


Although Yang Kai was a thousand metres away from the flag, he still made a grabbing gesture. When he retracted his hand, the flag was already in his hand.


Upon seeing this, the disciples, who were holding the flag, were startled as they thought that the flag in Yang Kai’s hand looked very similar to their own. Then, they lifted their heads and saw that their flag was gone. It was then they realised that their flag had been snatched away.


“Mountain Quarrying Sect?” Yang Kai stared at the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man felt that his throat was burning and his mouth was extremely dry. Nevertheless, he still placed his sword behind his back and performed a hand seal with his other hand. His demeanour was that of a senior martial arts expert, “That’s right. My name is Li Kai Shan, and my Sect is Mountain Quarrying Sect. Are you the Palace Master of High Heaven Palace?”


“Good.” Yang Kai nodded gently, “Sect Master Li, have you come all the way here to give me a lesson or something?”


Certainly, Li Kai Shan wouldn’t dare to. At this moment, he just wanted to get as far away from this Sect as possible. Although Yang Kai appeared to be amiable, he still felt a chill running down his spine just standing before him. It was as though there was a sword hanging above his head that would fall upon him at any moment.


After pulling himself together, Li Kai Shan said, “I’ve heard that Palace Master Yang has suffered from cultivation dissonance and become a Demon. High Heaven Palace has also been regarded as an evil Sect, so you’ve become the centre of criticism. That’s why this Li brought his disciples here to slay the Demons and restore peace to the Star Boundary. However, it seems that you still appear to be a righteous Human, so I’m sure there must be a misunderstanding behind the rumours. This Li has acted rashly without first confirming the truth, so I hope that Palace Master Yang will forgive me.”


Yang Kai, however, replied with a smile, “You’re not mistaken, and there’s no misunderstanding. I’ve indeed suffered from cultivation dissonance and have become a Demon.”


Upon hearing that, Li Kai Shan, Su Yan, and the others were startled. The expressions of Meng Wu Ya and the others were transformed by shock as they turned to stare at Yang Kai. After all, Yang Kai looked perfectly normal, and there were no signs that he had suffered from cultivation dissonance.


Those who were struck with cultivation dissonance would normally become mentally confused, unable to recognise friends and family. In the worst case, their cultivations would be destroyed and they would lose their lives. However, Yang Kai looked totally fine, so they thought that he was just spouting nonsense.


Li Kai Shan forced a wry smile, “Palace Master Yang must be joking.”


Yang Kai lowered his head as his hair hung loose on his forehead. Then, he said impassively, “Do I look like I’m joking?”


After he finished speaking, Demon Qi exploded out of his body. In an instant, he was engulfed in a shroud of black Qi as his eyes reflected a horrifying glint. The evil black Qi around his body gave off a nerve-wracking feeling, so it was apparent that it was Demon Qi.


Su Yan and the others were slightly shocked, but they soon set themselves at ease. To them, whether or not Yang Kai had become a Demon made no difference.


On the other hand, Meng Wu Ya and the others appeared worried as they traded glances. Three words sprang into their minds. [Demon Heavenly Dao!]


Meanwhile, Li Kai Shan was shaken to the core as he took a few steps back. With a horrified look, he stared at Yang Kai, who was engulfed in Demon Qi, in disbelief. In his heart, he realized that the rumours were true. Yang Kai had really become a Demon.


People who had gone through demonification could not be reasoned with. He had provoked Yang Kai in the first place, so there was no way he would be forgiven. Hence, when he saw the swirling Demon Qi, he immediately thought about fleeing from this place. However, he was unable to do that as the space around him had suddenly become viscous, as though he had fallen into a mire. The more he struggled, the more restricted he became. He found it hard even to move a finger.


However, the hundreds of disciples perceived the sight before their eyes differently. They thought that their Sect Master remained calm and collected when confronted by a heinous Demon, so they all became energised.


Yang Kai stared at him with his head tilted. Amidst the black Demon Qi, his bloodshot eyes seemed to be flickering like a fire. In a grim voice, he questioned, “You just said that you want to slay the Demons to restore peace to the Star Boundary, right?”


Li Kai Shan’s mouth remained shut. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to reply, but rather that he was unable to do so. The vitality in his chest undulated, and he was worried that he would spray out a mouthful of blood as soon as he opened his mouth.


“If you had such noble determination, you should have gone to the Western Territory, why are you making a scene in front of my Sect?” Yang Kai sneered, “There are countless Demons over there for you to kill. Sect Master Li, it seems that you’ve come to the wrong place.”


After a pause, he went on to say, “This Palace Master has been away for a few years, and with the Great Emperors’ order, High Heaven Palace was sealed off not for fear of outsiders invading, but because we had an important mission to carry out. Have the Great Emperors ever once condemned High Heaven Palace as an evil Sect? On the other hand, trash like you all come to make a fuss in the name of slaying the Demons quite frequently it seems. You’ve slandered High Heaven Palace’s name and reputation. All of you deserve death, and since you’re sick of living, this King will grant your wish!”


After he finished speaking, he suddenly gripped the flag. As a howling sound was heard, the flag turned into a beam of light and shot towards Li Kai Shan.


All of them broke into a commotion as Meng Wu Ya and Chu Ling Xiao called out to Yang Kai to stop.


It was inevitable that the outsiders would misunderstand High Heaven Palace because of Yang Kai’s actions. Although these people, who tried to make a name for themselves by disparaging High Heaven Palace, were despicable, their crime was not severe enough for them to deserve death. If Yang Kai killed him here, he would truly be regarded as a Demon. Once his reputation was ruined, he wouldn’t be able to gain a footing in the Star Boundary anymore.


Nevertheless, Meng Wu Ya, Chu Ling Xiao and the others were only Dao Source Realm Masters, so they were not capable of stopping him. The only person who could stop him on the scene was Zhu Qing, but she didn’t seem to have any intention of doing so.


Watching as the beam of light came at him, Li Kai Shan widened his eyes in disbelief. He had never expected that Yang Kai would directly deal a fatal blow to him, which went to show that the Demons were truly unreasonable. At the most critical moment, he bit his tongue hard and spurted a mouthful of Blood Essence, attempting to retreat.


However, he realised that he was unable to do so. As soon as his Blood Essence spurted out, he felt an immense power coming at him and penetrating his chest. In an instant, he became like a pierced rubber ball, all the energy leaving him through his chest.


Lowering his head, he realised that there was a massive hole in his chest, through which all his organs could be seen clearly. Lifting his head, he parted his lips as he stuttered, “You…”


Right after he said only one word, he fell on his back as his vitality left him.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was covered in black Qi as his bloodshot eyes appeared ferocious. Since his Emperor Qi turned into Demon Qi, there had been a subtle influence over his heart and mind. Although his rationality and original personality were protected by the Soul Warming Lotus, ensuring he did not become completely demonified, his temperament had still been affected.


Otherwise, he wouldn’t have forced himself upon Yu Ru Meng in the past.


It was the same case on this day. Since the Two Worlds’ Great World broke out, countless cultivators had gone to the Western Territory to defend their world, but instead of contributing their strength, some people had decided to scheme against and disparage their own people. Since Li Kai Shan wasn’t willing to go to the Western Territory, it was pointless for him, as an Emperor Realm Master, to remain alive.


Furthermore, Yang Kai was displeased with Zhou Cheng’s appearance and remarks just now. However, Zhou Cheng was just a weak Alchemist, so he thought that as a Master so much stronger than him, he shouldn’t lower himself to deal with him. Nevertheless, Li Kai Shan’s appearance provided Yang Kai a chance to vent his anger. Since Li Kai Shan had come all the way to this place, he should simply remain here forever. By killing him, Yang Kai could prevent any reckless people from coming to High Heaven Palace to ‘slay the Demon’ and slander his Sect.


To Yang Kai, it didn’t matter if he killed Li Kai Shan as he felt extremely refreshed after ending the latter’s life.


Right after Li Kai Shan lost his life, a grating laugh was suddenly heard as Gui Zu made a move. Earlier, he had asked Yang Kai when they would have a chance to venture out and start killing. At this moment, the chance was right before his eyes. 


Then, a banner flew over and coiled around the more than ten Dao Source Realm cultivators, after which all of them disappeared.




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  1. This is dumb. I’m not feeling sorry li kai shan or his sect because they avoided war to scheme on others, I get that. But yk himself knows he’s really angry at the alchemist and not really even mad at these people.

    The alchemist disrespected him in his own house(palace) and tried to make moves on his wife, to his face, but he’s too weak to kill… like mountain quarry isn’t similar to an ant to him as well?


    Kill the alchemist too, foh
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    1. The alchemist participated in the war. He was actually cooking pills for the war effort. The broke Mountain guy was dodging the draft by harassing rando’s this far from the frontlines.
      For all stupidity of the alchemist – he got enough of redeeming points not to be summarily slaughtered.
      Not the craven jock outside, though.

    1. You could use the utility argument. As insufferable as the alchemist is, he’s still aiding the war effort by creating pills for the army. I do agree with you though he shouldn’t tolerate that.

  2. “Otherwise, he wouldn’t have forced himself upon Yu Ru Meng in the past.”

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