Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3625, Adjutant Yao


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It wasn’t just double happiness for them on this day. In fact, it was triple happiness. If they included Yao Si, then it was quadruple happiness. That was why Hua Qing Si was over the moon.


“Sister Hua, what did you tell Palace Master just now?” Bian Yu Qing asked curiously. She wasn’t the only one who was curious about it. Everyone else wanted to find out, but she was the first to ask this question.


Hua Qing Si replied with a smile, “Two things.”


“Two things?” Bian Yu Qing knitted her brows together.


Hua Qing Si put on a faint smile, “First of all, no matter who will be the Army Commander of the Sixty-First Army, at least twenty thousand disciples from High Heaven Palace will join it. Since that is the case, Palace Master should have full control over the army rather than entrusting the lives of the disciples to someone else. The disciples will be more willing to follow Palace Master to destroy the enemy than any other person.”


Upon hearing that, Bian Yu Qing nodded in agreement. The Great Emperors had ordered Yang Kai to be the Army Commander of the Sixty-First Army. However, he had to recruit people and prepare supplies on his own. The supplies were not an issue as they had accumulated unfathomable amounts of wealth and supplies in High Heaven Palace over the years. Nevertheless, they would have to let twenty thousand disciples join the army to make sure that there were sufficient people.


Rather than letting twenty thousand disciples obey the orders of someone else, Yang Kai should take matters into his own hands. When they went to war with the Demons on the battlefield in the future, Yang Kai would be in a position where he could take special care of the disciples from High Heaven Palace, though he should be impartial.


It could be said that the first point Hua Qing Si had told Yang Kai was enough to make him take the position of Army Commander seriously. He wasn’t interested in the position, and he didn’t want to accept the order; however, despite his disinterest, he had to adapt to the current circumstances.


Furthermore, Hua Qing Si had another reason to persuade him.


“What about the second reason?” Bian Yu Qing asked.


“The second reason was that, if Yao Si was defeated by Palace Master, according to his own words, his life would belong to Palace Master. As a Great Emperor’s son, he wouldn’t go back on his word. Since Palace Master would have ownership of his life now, he could simply order Yao Si to manage the Sixty-First Army on his behalf.”


It was then that Bian Yu Qing understood what had happened, and she knew that Hua Qing Si was right. Yao Si had made a bet right in front of everyone, so he would never go back on his word. Since Yang Kai owned his life now, he had the right to order him to do anything.


It was alright that Yang Kai wasn’t willing to take on the position of Army Commander as he could just order Yao Si to do the job on his behalf, and the latter would handle all the operations within the army. Yang Kai could just stay behind the scenes and do his own things. This way, his time wouldn’t be wasted and his life wouldn’t be disturbed.


It was because Hua Qing Si had told him these two points that Yang Kai suddenly became enthusiastic. He thought that she was right as he should have full control over the Sixty-First Army. If he could also get a competent adjutant to work for him, it would be hugely beneficial.


Bian Yu Qing pressed her lips together and giggled, “Yao Si basically came to steal a chicken but lost his rice.”


Hua Qing Si replied, “It’s just that he underestimated our Palace Master.”


It wasn’t certain how Yao Si would feel if he had heard her remark; after all, from the start, he did not dare to underestimate Yang Kai. He was a Great Emperor’s son, and he was indeed a haughty and confident man. That was because he had the power to match his ego. However, since all the Great Emperors agreed to Yang Kai’s appointment as the Army Commander of the Sixty-First Army, it went to show that he was capable of holding that position.


Hence, Yao Si had never underestimated Yang Kai. Before coming to High Heaven Palace, he had even tried to evaluate Yang Kai’s power and considered that the latter could be more powerful than his own estimation.


However, it only took one move before he was defeated. It could even be said that they had just rubbed shoulders before he was knocked out. At that time, Yao Si was on full alert and had gathered all his strength, so he had never expected that he would be defeated without even the chance to fight back.


Hua Qing Si went on to say with a smile, “In fact, there are more benefits to be gained by defeating Yao Si; however, I didn’t have the time to tell Palace Master about it in detail.”


Bian Yu Qing asked curiously, “What are the other benefits?”


Hua Qing Si’s lips curved into a smile, “Think about it. If Yao Si joins the Sixty-First Army, whether or not he is willing, he will have to manage the army well. Given his status as a Great Emperor’s son, he has a unique advantage when it comes to recruiting people and collecting supplies. I’ve heard that even though the armies are united against the Demons, they’ll frequently argue over the distribution of rewards and manpower. Although Palace Master is strong and has some reputation, he’s still a member of the younger generation, and he’s closely related to many of the Army Commanders. When the time comes, it will be too embarrassing for Palace Master to argue with those Seniors. Nevertheless, it’s a different case for Yao Si. Although he’s a Junior as well, he comes from the noblest of backgrounds. Whenever we come across such thorny issues, we can just tell him to settle them. I’m sure he won’t let the Sixty-First Army be put at a disadvantage.”


She was right to say that many Army Commanders were closely related to Yang Kai. Those who were not close to Yang Kai didn’t matter; however, people like Bing Yun and Wen Zi Shan were on very good terms with him.


During the distribution of rewards, if Wen Zi Shan came over and said that he wanted seventy percent and Yang Kai would get thirty percent, Yang Kai would be put in a tight spot. What’s more, Wen Zi Shan would totally do such a thing as he was used to acting shamelessly.


When that really happened, Yang Kai would probably suffer a headache. Nevertheless, if they told Yao Si to deal with Wen Zi Shan, they would get their fair share.


Bian Yu Qing’s gaze brightened when she heard that, “Sister Hua, you’re really intelligent to have thought through these issues so deeply.”


Hua Qing Si put on a smile, “I work for Palace Master, so I have to help him solve his problems. It wouldn’t cost a thing to think a little more… hmm? He’s waking up.”


While the ladies were having a chat, Yao Si, who had been rooted to the spot, finally regained consciousness. His eyes regained their light, and the muscles on his face started twitching. He awakened exactly one incense stick worth of time after he was put to sleep.


The speed at which Yao Si awakened was quick. As soon as Hua Qing Si finished speaking, he completely came to his senses, and without any hesitation, he pushed his Emperor Qi wildly, forming a protective barrier around himself. At the same time, a mirror suddenly appeared and continuously swirled around him. The mirror was only palm-sized, but it was apparently a first-class defensive Emperor Artifact.


He still seemed to be immersed in the moment when he was having an intense battle with Yang Kai, so as soon as he awakened, he used his full strength to defend himself.


Looking around, he realised that there was no one else besides the two ladies who were smiling at him from nearby. He frowned and recalled what had happened before he was knocked out, and in an instant, his expression turned extremely dark as his back was drenched in cold sweat.


His expression was bitter because he realised that he had completely lost the battle. He was drenched in a cold sweat because he knew that in his previous state, Yang Kai could have easily killed him no matter how many lives he had.


Although he was certain that Yang Kai wouldn’t kill him, he still felt as though he had escaped from death’s door. After coming to his senses, he withdrew his Emperor Qi and stored his defensive mirror. Then he shot a glare at Hua Qing Si and asked, “Where is he?”


He didn’t care about the others as his target was only Yang Kai.


Hua Qing Si took a few steps forward and saluted him, “High Heaven Palace Head Manager Hua Qing Si greets Adjutant Yao!”


“Adjutant Yao? What are you talking about?” Despite facing an alluring lady like Hua Qing Si, Yao Si remained cold and indifferent, as he had no regard for her at all.


Hua Qing Si maintained a gentle smile as she explained, “Adjutant Yao, have you forgotten that before challenging our Palace Master you made a certain bet?”


Yao Si froze as the corner of his mouth twitched, “En, I indeed made a bet with that deceitful man. If I lost, my life would belong to him. He can end my life if he wants to!” He still thought that Yang Kai had been pretending to give in to get him to lower his guard before suddenly using a Divine Ability on him. This kind of man could only be described as deceitful.


However, he could not deny the fact that Yang Kai’s Soul cultivation was indeed beyond his imagination.


Hua Qing Si kept a faint smile on her face as she continued, “Our Palace Master has said that he will not end your life; however, since you’ve made a bet, you can’t go back on your word; otherwise, if word gets out, the reputation of Serene Soul Palace will be tarnished. On the other hand, if we just agree to forget this matter, it will appear as if we are disdaining Adjutant Yao. This is such a thorny issue.” Upon finishing her words, she shook her head as her hair flapped in the air. It was as though she really found the issue difficult to deal with.


Yao Si snorted, “He doesn’t want my life, but wants me to keep my promise. Stop beating around the bush. What benefits does he want?”


Hua Qing Si said, “What benefits could we possibly want? Although High Heaven Palace isn’t comparable to a Great Emperor’s Sect, our heritage is still quite profound. We’re able to obtain almost anything in this world that we desire, so Palace Master has never thought of reaping material gains from Adjutant Yao.”


“I’ll give you ten breaths’ time to make yourself clear; otherwise, I’ll leave.” Yao Si had no time to listen to her droning on. It was Yang Kai who didn’t want the reward, not that he didn’t want to keep his word; hence, he wouldn’t feel any pressure if he walked away.


Hua Qing Si quickly nodded, “Palace Master has said that he wants you to manage the Sixty-First Army on his behalf, and that plenary power will be given to you to make most decisions.”


When Yao Si heard this, his narrowed eyes suddenly widened as he said in a grim voice, “Is that why you’ve been calling me Adjutant Yao?”


Hua Qing Si flashed a smile at him, “Since you will be managing the army on Palace Master’s behalf, naturally, you deserve the title of Adjutant.”


“He wants me to work under him?” Yao Si’s voice sounded furious.


“Beneath one, above ten million!” Hua Qing Si looked sincerely at him as she was trying to coax him into agreeing.


“In your dreams!” Yao Si was enraged. It was already embarrassing enough for him to have lost the battle, but Yang Kai even wanted him to be his subordinate, which was intolerable. Currently, he was a Deputy Army Commander, so he was also working under an Army Commander; however, it was an appointment ordered by Li Wu Yi, so he couldn’t refuse. Nevertheless, he would rather die than become Yang Kai’s subordinate.


Upon hearing this, Hua Qing Si remained perfectly calm, the same smile never leaving her face, “Since that’s the case, we’ll just forget the whole matter. Palace Master has said that he will not force you to do anything you hate. Sir Yao, you can go back now.”


The reply surprised Yao Si as he fell into a dazed state and stared at Hua Qing Si for a long time. Upon making sure that she wasn’t just spouting nonsense, he snorted and turned around before flying towards the Space Array.


He was swift as he soon disappeared from their sight.


Bian Yu Qing parted her lips, but before she could say a word, Hua Qing Si quickly raised her hand. 


Seeing this, Bian Yu Qing immediately kept her mouth shut.




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