Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3627, Demonstration of Authority


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Inside the Main Conference Hall of High Heaven Palace, Yao Si was seated on a chair with a livid expression. Seated at another table, Hua Qing Si flashed a fawning smile at him. On the table, there were several jade slips which contained the information about names, gender, and cultivation of the twenty thousand disciples of High Heaven Palace who had been selected to join the Sixty-First Army.


The tea on the table was no longer hot, so Hua Qing Si gave a hint with her eyes, after which a maidservant came in from outside and replaced Yao Si’s cup with a new one. 


The same thing had happened many times.


“Adjutant Yao, please have some tea. Palace Master will be here shortly.” Hua Qing Si forced a smile.


Yao Si turned his head and gave her a grim look, “You told me the same thing four days ago!”


He couldn’t be blamed for sporting a dark expression. He returned to High Heaven Palace after three days as promised, ready to discuss the building of the Sixty-First Army with Yang Kai; however, he hadn’t expected that the person serving him would still be Hua Qing Si, not Yang Kai.


This kind of formality didn’t really matter to him. Although he was displeased, he did not really mind it; however, he had waited in this place for four days now, but Yang Kai was still nowhere to be seen.


His patience was about to run out as he had drunk countless cups of tea served by the maidservants of High Heaven Palace. If it wasn’t because Hua Qing Si had been keeping him company with a respectful attitude, he would have thought that Yang Kai was just messing with him.


On the other hand, Hua Qing Si was extremely embarrassed. She knew what Yang Kai had been doing for the past few days, but she couldn’t possibly tell an outsider about it. Moreover, it was inappropriate for her to disturb Yang Kai at this point, which was why she felt frustrated. Yang Kai was perfect in every way except that he was too unrestrained, especially when it came to his Wives. Every time he returned, he wouldn’t leave his room for several days at least.


Previously, she already thought that there wouldn’t be enough time when Yao Si said that he would return in three days. Now, it seemed that she was right. She had spent a lot of effort making Yao Si join the Sixty-First Army, so she did not want to let him go. If he decided to leave, it would be a huge loss for both Yang Kai and the Sixty-First Army. Yang Kai had always been an arm-flinging shopkeeper, so as the Head Manager of High Heaven Palace, she had to settle all the issues for him.


“Why don’t you take another look at the information about the disciples? When the Sixty-First Army is built, Adjutant Yao will have to assign positions to the most suitable people.”


Yao Si replied coldly, “There’s no need for that. I’ve memorised all the information about the cultivators who are in the Dao Source Realm and above!”


“Then…” Hua Qing Si was flustered as she had run out of ideas on how to stall for time. She had already reached her limit by holding Yao Si up for four days. As she saw it, if Yang Kai still wouldn’t show up today, Yao Si would really leave.


As expected, Yao Si snorted, “I’ll just wait for another four hours. If Yang Kai doesn’t show up within that time, the bet will be forfeited.”


He then put on a grin, “It’s not that I don’t keep my promises, it’s that deceitful man who doesn’t show me any respect at all!”


Given his power and family background, whatever army he wanted to join, the Army Commander would wholeheartedly welcome him; however, he had been staying in Yang Kai’s place for four days now without even meeting the man himself.


He was already reluctant to work under Yang Kai, and the only reason he even agreed in the first place was to protect the reputation of Serene Soul Palace and Serene Soul Great Emperor. Now that there was an excuse for him to back out, Yao Si would certainly want to seize the chance.


Just then, a voice was suddenly heard saying, “Who are you calling a deceitful man? Just where is this man you speak of?” 


Upon hearing this voice, Hua Qing Si was elated as she turned to look out of the hall.


When the first word was heard, Yang Kai was still several dozen metres away from the hall, but when he said the last word, he was already stepping through the entrance in a confident manner with a noticeable spring in his step.


He was followed by Bian Yu Qing, who had been waiting outside High Heaven Peak for the past few days. As soon as Yang Kai was done with his affairs, she reported to him about Yao Si. Hence, even though Yang Kai had only left High Heaven Peak, he was already aware of what had been going on in the hall.


[Adjutant Yao! That’s a pretty nice title for him.] He could always rest assured when Hua Qing Si was in charge.


“Palace Master!” Hua Qing Si rose from the chair and saluted him as she secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, she was able to set her mind at ease.


Yang Kai waved his hand to motion for her not to be overly formal. Then, he stared at Yao Si, who ignored him and snorted. He didn’t even intend to get up from his chair.


As a magnanimous man, Yang Kai didn’t want to fuss over such a minor issue; thus, he walked up to the head seat and sat down in an elegant manner.


After serving tea to Yang Kai, the maidservant respectfully withdrew. Yang Kai picked up the teacup and took a sip before arching his brow, apparently surprised. Then, he started slurping the tea.


Hua Qing Si parted her lips in an attempt to say something, but after Yang Kai gave her a hint with his eyes, she immediately kept her mouth shut.


Both Yang Kai and Yao Si remained silent. At this moment, only the sound of Yang Kai sipping the tea could be heard in the hall.


A long time later, Yao Si stared coldly at Yang Kai for a while before speaking, “Palace Master Yang…”


“Head Manager,” Yang Kai looked up at Hua Qing Si as he fiddled with his teacup, “What’s the name of this tea?”


“Palace Master, are you not used to the taste?” Hua Qing Si didn’t know what was on his mind. Since he had asked a question, she could only answer it.


“It’s not bad. Where did you buy it from?” Yang Kai put on a smile.


Hua Qing Si replied with a smile, “We didn’t buy it. It’s actually grown in High Heaven Palace. Previously, there were already some exotic tea trees on Emerald Jade Peak. Apparently, some people from Seeking Passion Sect had planted them there. Madam Ning Chang grew quite fond of them, so she’s decided to nurture them. She has also personally prepared the tea leaves that have been collected.”


“Ning Chang produced it personally?” Yang Kai was surprised.


Hua Qing Si nodded and replied, “Yes. Madam has said that it can be used to serve guests.”


“Don’t serve the guests with this tea anymore!” Yang Kai felt heartbroken, “Send all the remaining tea leaves to High Heaven Peak. Serve the guests with other kinds of tea in the future.”


Upon finishing his words, he took a look at Yao Si’s teacup and wondered how much of the tea the latter had consumed. He felt so heartbroken that the muscles on his face started twitching.


“Yes,” Hua Qing Si hung her head low and replied.


Yao Si was enraged as he had been waiting in this place for four days before Yang Kai showed up. Now, Yang Kai didn’t even seem willing to let him drink tea. Infuriated, he picked up the cup and gulped down the tea. Then, he slammed the cup on the table with a loud thud before saying again, “Palace Master Yang…”


“By the way, has anything major happened over the past few years while I wasn’t around?” Yang Kai seemed determined to not let Yao Si get a word in, so he would cut him off whenever the latter spoke.


Hua Qing Si replied obediently, “Palace Master, after you left, the Great Emperors ordered us to seal off High Heaven Palace, and we were not allowed to come into contact with the outside world. We’re only responsible for refining pills and artifacts, so nothing major has happened.”


“That’s a relief.” Yang Kai nodded, “It’s wonderful news that nothing serious has happened.”


“Palace Master Yang…” Yao Si said through clenched teeth.


Yang Kai was still staring at Hua Qing Si. As soon as he parted his lips, Yao Si stood up straight and landed a palm on the table. In an instant, the table and the jade slips that contained the information about twenty thousand disciples exploded and turned into dust.


“Yang Kai!” Yao Si said slowly and clearly as the veins on his forehead bobbed.


A shocked Yang Kai turned to look at him, “Brother Yao, why are you so mad? Is there anything you’re displeased with?”


He then turned to look at Hua Qing Si, “Head Manager, since Brother Yao is here, you should properly serve him. Have you all neglected him in any way? Look how incensed Brother Yao is now. This is highly improper.”


Not knowing how to reply to him, Hua Qing Si simply lowered her head. If she were Yao Si, she would have sported a dark expression as well; nevertheless, she didn’t understand why Yang Kai was acting the way he was now.


He could be forgiven for not showing up in the past four days as he had been intimate with his Wives after a long period of separation; however, it was not right of him to keep ignoring Yao Si right now.


[Is he trying to demonstrate his authority in front of Yao Si? That isn’t necessary.]


Seeing Yang Kai acting dumb, Yao Si was so exasperated that he started laughing, “Good! Yang Kai, we made a bet seven days ago, and I lost it, so there’s nothing else I can say. You want me to become the Adjutant of the Sixty-First Army? Good, I’ve come as promised. I’ve also put up with the fact that you kept me waiting for four whole days. However, if you’re still showing me this kind of attitude, don’t blame me for going back on my word!”


An amazed Yang Kai asked, “Brother Yao, you mean you’re here to take up the position of Adjutant of the Sixty-First Army?”


Yao Si frowned and subconsciously took a look at Hua Qing Si, thinking that she made the decision on her own without informing Yang Kai, so he asked, “Are you not aware of it?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Head Manager informed me about it, so why would I be unaware of it?”


Yao Si bellowed, “Since you’re aware of it, why did you intentionally ask such a question!?”


Yang Kai pointed at his own nose, “Brother Yao, do you know what position I hold now?”


In a cold voice, Yao Si said, “The Great Emperors have ordered that you, Palace Master of High Heaven Palace, be appointed the Army Commander of the Sixty-First Army. Those from Seven Mists Sea had informed all the armies about it!”


Yang Kai nodded, “En, and you’re here to take on the position of Adjutant, while this King… is the Army Commander of the Sixty-First Army!”


After he finished speaking, the smile on his face faded as he straightened his back. As his High-Rank Demon King’s Pressure flared, his figure seemed to have grown larger and he said in a grim voice, “Since you’re aware of these two facts, have you ever regarded yourself as part of the Sixty-First Army? Since you’ve not even realised your position and my own, why should I even bother to speak with you?”


All of a sudden, realization dawned upon Hua Qing Si, whose head remained lowered. It was no wonder that Yang Kai kept ignoring Yao Si by changing the topics. It was because of Yao Si’s attitude.


What Yang Kai had said was justified. The fact that Yao Si was joining the Sixty-First Army was hugely beneficial to them; however, if he didn’t regard himself as part of the Sixty-First Army or acknowledge Yang Kai as his superior officer, he wouldn’t act in the army’s best interest.


Yang Kai had indeed intended to demonstrate his authority, but he didn’t do it to strengthen his prestige or to humiliate Yao Si, this was simply a matter of maintaining discipline and order.


Yao Si yelled, “If I didn’t regard myself as part of the Sixty-First Army, I wouldn’t have stayed here and let you humiliate me!”


Yang Kai shook his head, “No one is humiliating you. At this moment, you’re speaking to me as the son of a Great Emperor, not as the Sixty-First Army’s Adjutant that you claim to be. If you don’t even understand that much, just go back to where you’re from. The Sixty-First Army doesn’t need you.”




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