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Martial Peak – Chapter 3628, Fourteen Emperor Realm Masters


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Yao Si’s brow twitched when he heard that as his Emperor Qi surged and swept across the hall. His aura became extremely dangerous.


He was completely incensed as he felt that he had been disdained. Hua Qing Si had told him that it was Yang Kai who wanted him to take on the Adjutant position of the Sixty-First Army, which was why he agreed to it despite his reluctance. He was well prepared when he came over to discuss building the army with Yang Kai, but he had never expected that he would receive this kind of treatment.


[Go back to where I came from? Where else can I go?]


Originally, he was the Deputy Army Commander of another army. Some days ago, he had returned to Seven Mists Sea to resign from his post and spent some time handing over his job to a successor. Now, everyone in Seven Mists Sea knew that he was going to become the Adjutant of the Sixty-First Army, and many had congratulated him.


Although a Deputy Army Commander was an authoritative position as well, an Adjutant only worked under one person while being able to rule over millions of others. It could be said to be a promotion; however, at this moment, Yang Kai told him to go back to where he came from.


If he really did that, he couldn’t possibly say that he had been chased out by the Army Commander of the Sixty-First Army when he was asked why he had returned. Besides him, Serene Soul Palace and Serene Soul Great Emperor couldn’t bear this kind of humiliation either.


Seven days ago, he still had a choice, but at this moment, there was no turning back. It wasn’t that he had cut off his own way out, it was just that he had never expected that Yang Kai would treat him in such a way. Yang Kai still seemed eager to recruit a capable person like him previously, but presently, he seemed ready to discard him.


[Can he even be considered human?] Yao Si felt that he had been made a fool of; however, there was no turning back for him, so regardless of the fact that he was infuriated, he didn’t flare up. In a cold voice, he questioned, “What do you want?”


With a calm expression, Yang Kai said impassively, “I want nothing. I just hope that you’ll realise your identity and the stance you’re supposed to take now.”


Yao Si closed his eyes as he took a deep breath and let it out. As he breathed, the airflow in the hall seemed to have become turbulent.


Hua Qing Si and Bian Yu Qing were extremely nervous as they were worried that the two men would get into a fight. They were not worried that Yang Kai would be harmed, but if they really confronted each other, the Sixty-First Army would lose a competent Adjutant like Yao Si.


Fortunately, although Yao Si was arrogant, he was pretty flexible as he didn’t need anyone to tell him when he should flare up and when he should hold back. When he opened his eyes a moment later, he cupped his fists at Yang Kai and slightly looked away before saying, “Yao Si… greets Sir Army Commander!”


He said those words slowly through clenched teeth and his voice was filled with grievance and bitterness.


Upon hearing this, Yang Kai guffawed and abruptly appeared in front of Yao Si. After taking the other man’s arm, he said passionately, “Adjutant Yao, it was very polite of you to salute me. From now on, we’re one family, so we should help and take care of each other. You don’t have to be overly formal with me.”


His attitude had changed so abruptly that if anyone who had no idea what had happened just now saw this, they would have thought that Yang Kai and Yao Si were on very good terms.


On the side, Hua Qing Si shook her head and smiled helplessly. It was then she realised Yang Kai’s intention. He had emphasised identity and stance twice just to get Yao Si to call him ‘Sir’.


After all, it was inappropriate that Yao Si kept calling Yang Kai ‘Palace Master Yang’. It wouldn’t have mattered in the past, but things were different now. Yang Kai was the Army Commander of the Sixty-First Army while Yao Si was his Adjutant, which meant that the latter was Yang Kai’s subordinate. There were strict rules to obey in the military, so Yao Si had to call Yang Kai ‘Sir’.


Only by doing so could it suggest that Yao Si had really regarded himself as part of the Sixty-First Army, and that he had realised his identity and the stance he was supposed to take. At this moment, he was no longer the haughty and aloof Great Emperor’s son. That was the reason behind Yang Kai’s change in attitude.


With his arm grabbed by Yang Kai, Yao Si felt his face twitching and his eyes seemed fiery.


Seemingly oblivious to all this, Yang Kai said to Hua Qing Si, “Bring some wine over. The Sixty-First Army is lucky to have Adjutant Yao with us, we should toast to his arrival.”


Before Hua Qing Si could even reply, Yao Si bellowed, “I dare any of you to bring wine over!”


He wasn’t in the mood to drink as he was still incensed. Even if he wanted to drink, he wouldn’t do it with Yang Kai. He was willing to call Yang Kai ‘Sir’ because of the Great Emperors’ order; however, even though Yang Kai was the Army Commander, he had no right to interfere in his private affairs.


Hua Qing Si was about to get some wine when she heard that. Feeling helpless, she turned to look at Yang Kai with an inquisitive gaze.


Yang Kai said with a smile, “Adjutant Yao, since you don’t want to drink, we’ll forget it. Why don’t we sit down and have a chat? Our army will have to rely on you from now on. Although we’ve known each other for a long time, we’re not familiar with one another yet. It’s the right time…”


“Sir!” Yao Si swung his hand away and put on a cold expression, “I’m not here to drink with you or have a chat with you. If that’s what you want to do, you’d best find someone else. I have no time for that!”


His expression was dark when he called Yang Kai ‘Sir’ for the first time as he appeared reluctant, but he was slowly getting used to it now.


After Yang Kai’s hand was swung away, he balled up his fist and coughed into it. With a solemn expression, he nodded, “The Great Emperors have ordered this King to build the Sixty-First Army. While I thank them for their trust, it’s also a responsibility as well as a burden to me. This King can understand that the Great Emperors have high hopes for me, so I wouldn’t dare to disappoint them. The fact that you’ve joined our army is of great help to us. The war in the Western Territory is a pressing issue and time waits for no man. Since you’re here, why don’t we discuss our next move in detail?”


Yao Si’s whole body shivered while Yang Kai took a seat, and he had to take several deep breaths to suppress his anger before sitting down as well.


Hua Qing Si secretly gave the order, after which a maidservant came over and put down new cups of tea. Nevertheless, it was no longer the tea that was served earlier. The Head Manager had always been meticulous when executing Yang Kai’s orders. Since he wanted the tea leaves prepared by Xia Ning Chang to be sent to High Heaven Peak, she would execute the order without delay.


“Sir, I know that you have been in the Demon Realm over the past few years, so you probably know little about what has been going on in the Star Boundary. Do you know how the armies are established and structured?” Yao Si got straight to the point after taking a seat.


Since they were discussing serious issues now, Yang Kai put on a solemn expression and replied, “I know a little about it. Essentially, we’ve imitated the Demon Realm and built fifty-four armies. In every army, there’s an Army Commander who presides over Divisions. There are ten Division Commanders in every army, and there are ten Brigades under every Division. There are also ten Brigade Commanders for each Division, and under every Brigade there are ten Battalions. Under every Battalion there are ten Teams. It’s an extremely formal structure.”


Seeing as he wasn’t completely ignorant, Yao Si gently nodded, “Palace Mast… Sir is correct. This is how an army is structured. There are some slight differences between each army, but they follow the same general pattern. Do you know who is  qualified to be the Division Commanders and Brigade Commanders?”


Yang Kai asked with a smile, “Doesn’t it depend on their cultivation?”


Yao Si replied, “We take cultivation into consideration initially, but later on, the deciding factor is Military Merits.”


“Military Merits?” Yang Kai arched his brow.


Yao Si nodded, “With enough Military Merits, a person can go from a common soldier to a General and even a Commander. However, if the person doesn’t contribute anything, he can also drop from a Commander to a General and even a soldier.”


Upon finishing his words, he put on an arrogant expression.


Initially, Yang Kai didn’t understand why Yao Si appeared haughty, but he soon realised the reason behind it. With a faint smile, he said, “I’ve heard that Adjutant Yao previously held the post of Deputy Army Commander. I’m curious what your position was when you first joined.”


“I was just a Deputy Division Commander!” As though Yang Kai had just hit the nail on the head, Yao Si appeared even more conceited, and there was a tinge of pride behind his gaze.


He was a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master as well as a Great Emperor’s son, so it was reasonable that he got the position of Deputy Division Commander after he joined the military. Over the years, he had earned many Military Merits and was steadily promoted from Deputy Division Commander to a Division Commander, and then to Deputy Army Commander. It could be said that he had been smoothly climbing up the ranks.


“Impressive,” Yang Kai complimented him. It wouldn’t cost a thing to praise someone, and since Yao Si loved to hear it, he would just say that to him.


Nevertheless, Yao Si wasn’t willing to dwell on this topic as his expression turned serious again, “In any case, Sir is correct. All of us began with no Military Merits when the armies were initially formed. We were assigned roles based on our cultivation. Nevertheless, only Emperor Realm Masters can become Brigade Commanders and Division Commanders. The higher a person’s cultivation, the better. The person who can take on the position of Battalion Commander has to be in the Dao Source Realm at the very least. As for a Team leader, the requirement is lower as the person would only need to be a Third-Order Origin King.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Adjutant Yao is experienced in this, so I will defer to your expertise.”


Yao Si felt pleased upon hearing that, then he gave him a look, “The problem is, we don’t have enough people in the Sixty-First Army to take up the positions of Division Commanders and Deputy Division Commanders.”


Yang Kai arched his brow, “Meaning we don’t have enough Emperor Realm Masters.”


“That is correct. In High Heaven Palace, including Sir, there are fourteen Emperor Realm Masters in total, but almost all are First-Order. Given their cultivation, they can only become Brigade Commanders. There’s no way they can take on higher positions.”


“Fourteen people? Who are they?” Yang Kai asked curiously. He didn’t even know that there were fourteen Emperors in High Heaven Palace.


Yao Si directly said, “Zhu Qing, Su Yan, Hua Qing Si, Bian Yu Qing, Gui Zu, Ai Ou, Chi Yue, Chai Hu, Gu Cang Yun, Ye Hen, Ruan Bi Ting, Nanmen Da Jun, Hou Yu, and including yourself, there are fourteen in total.”


Yang Kai turned to look at Hua Qing Si, who nodded gently to mean that Yao Si was right. The reason Yao Si was aware of all this was that she had prepared the information for him.


“There are already fourteen Emperor Realm Masters…” Yang Kai chuckled. Ye Hen was the former Sect Master of Thousand Leaves Sect as well as Ye Jing Han’s father. He had already reached the Emperor Realm a few years ago. Su Yan had also achieved a breakthrough in recent years. On the other hand, Ruan Bi Ting was Su Yan’s Master from Red Clouds Sect in the Ancestral Domain, and her aptitude was extraordinary. When Yang Kai brought her over from Ancestral Domain, she was already a Third-Order Dao Source Realm. Due to the limitations of World Principles, she couldn’t achieve a breakthrough, but after coming to High Heaven Palace, and without the previous limitations, she was able to ascend to a new realm with ease.


“There are only twelve people!” Seeing as Yang Kai appeared proud, Yao Si quickly hit him with a harsh truth, “Nanmen Da Jun and Hou Yu are not included. Unless absolutely necessary, they should be kept off the battlefield.”


One of them was an Emperor Array Master, and the other was an Emperor Artifact Refiner. Both of them were incredible talents, so no one would let them battle against the Demons.




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