Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3631, Get In


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Although Yang Kai had no idea what had happened to the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda, it was apparent that the situation was perilous.


Swiftly arriving beside Lei Hong, Yang Kai pushed his Demon Qi as he spread out his palms towards the pagoda in an attempt to help stabilize it. Unexpectedly, his overflowing power wasn’t even able to go near the pagoda as it was repelled by the turbulent five-coloured light.


He wasn’t a disciple from Star Soul Palace, nor had he cultivated their orthodoxical Secret Arts. Moreover, the power Yang Kai used was Demon Qi, which wasn’t accepted by Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda.


Sensing the fluctuations of Demon Qi, all the top cultivators in Star Soul Palace had their expressions change drastically as they thought that someone from Demon Heavenly Dao had invaded their Sect. However, upon seeing that the person who had used Demon Qi was Yang Kai, they were able to relax. Xiao Yu Yang and Xue Zheng Mao slightly nodded at Yang Kai before they re-focused themselves and continued trying to stabilize the pagoda.


Yang Kai turned to look at Lei Hong, “Great Elder, what happened?”


With a solemn expression, Lei Hong used a different hand seal as he replied, “Her Highness has entered the World Pagoda in an attempt to refine it. Now, it seems that something has gone wrong. The World Pagoda is attempting to leave the Sect.”


A shocked Yang Kai asked, “This sudden change was caused by Junior Sister Lan?” It wasn’t until this moment that he found out that the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda was officially called the World Pagoda. Prior to this, he didn’t know the real name of this treasure.


Lei Hong nodded solemnly, “En.”


An exasperated Yang Kai said, “Why didn’t you all stop her?”


The World Pagoda was an ancient treasure that had been around since before Star Soul Palace was founded. It was refined by Bright Moon Great Emperor and became the most important piece of the Palace’s foundation. When Bright Moon Great Emperor was around, no one would dare to challenge the authority of Star Soul Palace. Now that he was gone, Lan Xun, as Bright Moon’s only descendent, had to take up the responsibility to protect and revive Star Soul Palace. Her cultivation wasn’t powerful, as she was only in the First-Order Emperor Realm, so she decided to rely on a treasure, and the only treasure in Star Soul Palace that could provide her with such power was the World Pagoda.


If she could refine the World Pagoda, she could still retain the glory of Star Soul Palace even though Bright Moon Great Emperor was no longer around. If she succeeded, her power would surge despite the fact that she was only in the First-Order Emperor Realm. Fortunately, she had inherited the Great Emperor’s Bright Moon Body; hence, she was the only one who could refine the pagoda.


Unfortunately, she was in too much of a hurry.


For a treasure like the World Pagoda, even a Pseudo-Great Emperor might not be able to refine it, let alone a mere First-Order Emperor. This resulted in the current upheaval.


“She snuck in while we weren’t paying attention,” Lei Hong said through clenched teeth. If he had found out Lan Xun’s plan, he would have done everything possible to stop her. The Great Emperor had passed away, so Lan Xun was the last hope and pillar of strength for Star Soul Palace.


More than ten days ago, he had brought back Bright Moon’s corpse from Seven Mists Sea as everyone in Star Soul Palace was grief-stricken. All the Elders and disciples had put on mourning clothes as they knelt in respect in front of the mourning hall. Lan Xun had also knelt for several days straight without moving a muscle.


Three days ago, she got to her feet all of a sudden and wouldn’t tell anyone where she was going. Although Xiao Chen had raced after her, he was knocked out by her. When he came to his senses, Lan Xu had already entered the World Pagoda.


She must have obtained a special seal left behind by Bright Moon Great Emperor, as after she entered, the entire World Pagoda was sealed off, and all the disciples inside it were expelled. No one else could go in again.


Following that, the World Pagoda descended into turmoil as five coloured light radiated out of it. That was how the present sight came about.


Upon hearing Lei Hong’s explanation, Yang Kai had a grim expression. He knew that no one was at fault. Since Lan Xun had insisted on doing this, no one could have stopped her.


“Palace Master Yang, please save Junior Sister. Please save her!” Xiao Chen was just in a nearby spot as he turned his head and pleaded with Yang Kai.


He had been on bad terms with Yang Kai since the first time they met. Whenever they came across each other in the past, he would always deride Yang Kai. As Xiao Yu Yang’s Son, Xiao Chen was conceited and thought that he was the most outstanding young man in the world.


However, at this moment, he could be seen with bloodshot eyes and a pale face. Apparently, he had over-exerted himself these past few days. Lan Xun had knocked him out right before sneaking into the World Pagoda, so he blamed himself for failing in his attempt to keep watch on her. He was currently pleading with Yang Kai because he thought that the latter could save her.


Yang Kai shot him a look and nodded gently, “I’ll do my best.”


He then turned to look at Lei Hong, “Is no one else able to enter?”


Lei Hong shook his head, “None of us can get inside.”


“Have you informed the Great Emperors about the situation?” Since the advent of Cross-Territory Space Arrays, moving about rapidly had become far easier. A serious event had happened in Star Soul Palace, and if the other Great Emperors found out about it, they wouldn’t stand idly by.


Lei Hong replied, “Half a day ago, I sent a disciple to Seven Mists Sea.”


Right then, Yang Kai and Lei Hong turned around as they sensed a Great Emperor’s aura had appeared in that direction. The next moment, a towering figure appeared in front of them.


Iron Blood Great Emperor, Zhan Wu Hen, had arrived. Standing in the sky, he looked up at the World Pagoda and fell silent, a tinge of longing and sorrow behind his gaze.


“Senior…” The World Pagoda was extremely unstable as it seemed that it would fly off at any moment with Lan Xun still inside. If the pagoda really flew away, they might not be able to find it again, and Lan Xun would have to spend the rest of her life trapped inside. Yang Kai was feeling flustered, but Zhan Wu Hen just stared at the pagoda without saying a word, which was why he decided to call out to him.


Zhan Wu Hen lowered his gaze and took a look at him before saying impassively, “Brat, what are you doing here?”


Yang Kai quickly said, “This Junior came to pay his respects to the Great Emperor and happened to come across this incident.”


Zhan Wu Hen clicked his tongue and asked again, “Not that, I’m asking why you’re still standing here.”


A puzzled Yang Kai looked inquisitively at him.


“Get inside!” Zhan Wu Hen demanded.


A befuddled Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Senior, you might not be aware of it yet, but Great Elder Lei has said that…”


He wanted to explain it to Zhan Wu Hen, but the latter didn’t intend to listen to him. Zhan Wu Hen directly grabbed Yang Kai’s shoulder with one hand and snorted, “Stop your blabbering! I told you to get inside!”


Upon finishing his words, he hurled Yang Kai toward the World Pagoda as though he was throwing away a dirty piece of cloth. 


Yang Kai let out a panicked cry as Lei Hong was flabbergasted. The top cultivators from Star Soul Palace who had seen this scene exclaimed as well. No one could have expected that Zhan Wu Hen would make such a move.


Even as Yang Kai was being hurled away, he couldn’t help marvelling at the Great Emperor’s strength. He had seen how Zhan Wu Hen placed his hand on his shoulder and tossed him. Zhan Wu Hen’s movements were not particularly fast, but for some reason, Yang Kai didn’t even have the ability to resist.


However, such thoughts were truly fleeting as, in the next moment, Yang Kai felt that he would soon see stars after smacking into the pagoda.


Zhan Wu Hen was extremely strong, and at this moment, Yang Kai was shooting toward the pagoda at an incredible speed. Even though he was a Half-Dragon, he would probably still end up in a miserable state.


Just when he was about to crash into the pagoda though, the structure started trembling slightly as a door-sized swirl appeared in front of him. Following that, he flew past the swirl and disappeared.


[He got in! He really entered!] All the Emperor Realm Masters at the scene were dumbfounded.


Lan Xun’s entry into the pagoda had caused it to descend into turmoil, so certainly the Elders wanted to follow her inside to help her or persuade her to give up; however, Lan Xun possessed a special seal left behind by Bright Moon Great Emperor, and she had completely isolated the pagoda. No matter what methods they used, they were unable to enter; therefore, they could only try to stabilize the pagoda from the outside to lend her a hand.


However, at this moment, Yang Kai directly entered the pagoda after Zhan Wu Hen hurled him towards it, which was inconceivable.


Lei Hong and the others appeared pleasantly surprised as they gazed at Zhan Wu Hen in awe. Since he was capable of doing this much, they wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.


As though Zhan Wu Hen had seen through their thoughts, he said dispassionately, “Only he is able to enter, so all of you should stop thinking about it.”


Lei Hong frowned and asked, “Senior, what do you mean?”


Zhan Wu Hen shot him a look and grinned, “I mean, even this King is unable to enter!”


“What!?” Lei Hong was flabbergasted as disbelief was written all over his face. However, since Zhan Wu Hen had said so, he could only believe him.


“To be precise, I can enter…” Zhan Wu Hen digressed, “But that would cause damage to the World Pagoda. At the very least, I have to destroy half of the seal Bright Moon left behind, and that would still take a few months.”


They couldn’t wait for a few months as too much could happen during that time.


A puzzled Xiao Yu Yang asked, “Senior, since you’re unable to enter with ease, how did Palace Master Yang…”


“What do you think?” Zhan Wu Hen put on a smile as his expression turned inscrutable.


Realisation suddenly dawned upon Xiao Yu Yang as well as Lei Hong and Xue Zheng Mao. That was because Yang Kai had inherited the World’s Will that belonged to Bright Moon.


Bright Moon Great Emperor had refined the World Pagoda, so it would naturally reject everyone except him under the current circumstances. Although Yang Kai wasn’t Bright Moon, he had inherited the World’s Will from him, so he carried with him a little bit of Bright Moon’s aura, which was why the pagoda wouldn’t bar him from entering.


Lei Hong and the others, as well as Yang Kai, were not even aware of this; however, as soon as Zhan Wu Hen arrived, he realised that there was a special kind of resonance between Yang Kai and the pagoda.


This kind of resonance could only have been left behind by the deceased Bright Moon.


An elated Lei Hong said, “Does it mean that after Palace Master Yang goes in, everything will be fine?”


“When did I say that?” Zhan Wu Hen shook his head, “He can indeed go in, but the world inside the World Pagoda is extremely mysterious. Even though he has entered, I don’t even know what he will come across. Maybe he won’t even be able to find Little Lan Xun.”


“What should we do, then?” The expressions of Lei Hong, Xiao Yu Yang, and the others changed.


“We’ve done our best. Their fates are up the Heavens now.” Zhan Wu Hen’s expression was solemn, “As long as the World Pagoda is still around, they will not die. That brat is also fairly powerful, so I’m sure he’ll find Lan Xun sooner or later.”


A worried Lei Hong asked, “What if the World Pagoda flies away before that happens?”


Zhan Wu Hen replied with a smile, “Just let it fly away then. That brat is an expert in the Dao of Space, so you don’t have to worry about him finding his way back. Even if it takes him hundreds or even a thousand years, he will return one day.”




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