Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3633, Spirit Manifestation


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Yang Kai and Bai Zhuo crossed a thousand kilometres and killed more than a thousand Bi Fangs. Just like the Fire Qilins, the birds coming at them were like a never-ending stream. Despite the fact that they had killed a thousand of them, it still wouldn’t be useful at all even if they could go on killing ten thousand more.


Nevertheless, they had managed to get near the fire clouds.


Yang Kai wielded his sword, sending out innumerable sword waves as he dashed forward while Bai Zhuo brought up the rear, protecting him from behind.


The fire clouds were still sweltering, but the burning flames were unable to shade the glittering cold light of the Myraids Sword.


The next moment, the fire clouds separated as Yang Kai and Bai Zhuo shot into the sky.


Unfortunately, they were still engulfed in fire clouds and there didn’t seem to be an end to them. Nevertheless, they kept flying upwards without pause.


A long time had passed, and they had lost count of how many Bi Fangs they had killed. All of a sudden, Yang Kai stopped, and upon seeing that, Bai Zhuo also halted as they respectively pushed their Demon Qi to form a protective layer around themselves.


Still standing on the lava, the Embodiment received a message from Yang Kai and shouted to Bai Ya, “Let’s go!”


After he finished speaking, he turned into a Human-sized figure, and with the Demonic War Hammer in hand, he whizzed into the sky.


Seeing that, countless Qilins quickly raced after them.


After they dashed into the fire clouds, they bumped into a large group of Bi Fangs. It was then that the Fire Qilins stopped moving. It was as though the sky and the ground were two separate domains. Qilins were only responsible for keeping watch on the ground while Bi Fangs had to deal with the enemies in the sky.


Fire clouds and Bi Fangs were unable to stop Yang Kai and Bai Zhuo, so naturally, they couldn’t do that to the Embodiment and Bai Ya either. Just a moment later, all four of them were reunited.


“One stick of incense!” The Embodiment spoke on behalf of Yang Kai. Upon hearing that, Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo nodded as the three Half-Saints dispersed and surrounded Yang Kai to protect him.


Yang Kai had closed his eyes and he didn’t move a muscle. Despite that, anyone could feel the Space Principles wafting from his body. The Principles were not strong, but they were expanding in all directions like countless thin threads. It was as though he was trying to look for something.


Undoubtedly, he was looking for a weak point in the World Barrier.


This place was just one of the countless Small Worlds in the World Pagoda. If they wanted to leave, they had to break the barrier of this world. Earlier, Yang Kai had run around to search the ground, but he couldn’t find any weak points there; therefore, he decided to look for one in the sky.


Although Yang Kai was a Master of the Dao of Space, it still wasn’t easy for him to break the barrier of a Small World. Every world had weak points. For example, the Two Worlds’ Passage was where the World Barrier in the Star Boundary was weakest, which was why the Demons managed to open up a passage that connected the two Great Worlds.


Even a Great World like the Star Boundary had its weak point, so nothing needed to be said about a mere Small World.


Fortunately, Yang Kai soon found a weak point, but now he needed time. The reason he could easily find it was that this world wasn’t that large. If they were inside a large-scale Small World, he would have to spend a much longer time. As Space Principles undulated, Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy turned into a razor-sharp blade. Following his Space Principles, he cut into the weak point and pried open a gap.


The three Half-Saints around him in the meantime continued killing. These Bi Fangs were condensed from the Small World’s World Energy, so they didn’t fear death, nor did they know pain. Worse, they would be infinitely resurrected.


The Embodiment was in a better state as he was a Stone Spirit and he had obtained Shi Huo’s Source, which was why he wouldn’t get exhausted quickly. On the other hand, Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya could feel their energy drain from their bodies, but they wouldn’t dare to preserve any strength at this critical moment. They fully used their power in every strike. With such great consumption, it wouldn’t take long before they ran out of fuel.


Fortunately, they only needed to persevere for one stick of incense. If they were told to hang on for a few days, they wouldn’t even know whether they could make it.


As they were killing their enemies, they were also paying attention to Yang Kai. As time passed, the originally subtle Space Principle fluctuations became violent. Apparently, Yang Kai had made some progress.


One incense stick later, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes as the fluctuations of Space Principles intensified greatly. Space around him contorted and visible ripples were formed.


Staring right at the front, he exerted more force with his hands like they were blades and stabbed into the Void.


Strangely, as soon as he pushed out his hands, they disappeared.


The next moment, Yang Kai widened his eyes in fury as his Demon Qi surged like a tsunami. At the same time, he bellowed, “Open!”


With his shout, he forcefully tore the Void apart with his hands.


In an instant, the sky separated like a silk cloth that had been torn apart. As a buzzing sound reverberated around in this world, a crack came into view. The crack was pitch-black and filled with nothingness. Following Yang Kai’s movements, it slowly expanded into a several tens of metres long and ten metres wide chasm.


Yang Kai turned around and said to the Half-Saints, “Go!”


They had been suffering in this damned place for quite some time now, so now that the World Barrier was broken, they couldn’t wait to leave.


Without hesitation, Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo used their Secret Techniques to kill all the enemies in close proximity before returning to Yang Kai. The Embodiment also wielded his hammer as he retreated.


Yang Kai activated his Demon Qi to engulf them and dashed into the Void Crack. When they reappeared, they were already in another world.


In a nearby spot, a long-furred beast could be seen covering its stomach as it gazed at Yang Kai and the others with a horrified look on its face. Then, it turned around and fled. Yang Kai could recognise that it was this beast that had gulped him down earlier, which caused him to plunge into the world of fire. However, at this moment, there was a long wound on the beast’s body which it was covering. The thing that was flowing out of the wound wasn’t blood but the flames they saw earlier in that Small World.


Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya still didn’t understand what was going on, so seeing the beast, they decided to kill it. However, they were stopped by Yang Kai.


“What is that?” Seeing as the beast was fleeing, Bai Zhuo frowned. He was a Demon from the Demon Realm, so he thought that the beast was unique to the Star Boundary as he had never come across it before.


“It’s the Small World.” Yang Kai scowled.


“What?” Bai Zhuo stared at him in shock, “Brother Yang, you mean, it’s the Spirit Manifestation of the Small World?”


“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded. If that was not the case, he wouldn’t have entered the Small World after he was gulped down by the long-furred beast. After he tore apart the barrier and got out, there happened to be a wound on the beast’s stomach. It all went to show that the long-furred beast was the manifestation of the Small World.


“How can that be?” Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya were flabbergasted. They had never heard or seen a Small World that possessed a manifestation. If that was really the case, it could very well happen to the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm. When that happened, Demons and Humans would essentially be living inside the stomachs of two giant Spirits.


“Nothing is impossible. Have you forgotten about my Sealed World Bead?”


Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya were startled for a moment as they recalled that the Sealed World Bead could also turn into a giant manifestation. They had personally seen the enormous Gun-Gun, and upon that realisation, they were relieved.


“Moreover, there are some changes inside this place, but I’m not sure what is going on. From what we saw, the Small World has indeed obtained a Spirit Manifestation.”


The long-furred beast was a manifestation of the Small World, so its power was concealed by World Energy. That was the reason Yang Kai couldn’t make out its true form or strength at first glance and accidentally got devoured by it.


However, it seemed that the long-furred beast was without sentience and only acted on instinct; otherwise, given its power as a Small World’s manifestation, Yang Kai wouldn’t have so easily escaped.


Yang Kai had no idea what the changes were that had happened in the World Pagoda. He also didn’t know what Lan Xun had done, nor was he aware of where she was or what she had gone through.


Nevertheless, they fell into danger right after they entered the pagoda, which made Yang Kai worried. He had to find Lan Xun as quickly as possible to help her solve her current problems. Even if he couldn’t, he had to bring her out of this place.


He had been blaming himself for failing in his attempt to bring Bright Moon out of the Demon Realm. If he also couldn’t ensure Lan Xue’s safety now, his years of cultivation would have all been in vain.


After keeping the three Half-Saints, Yang Kai moved forward on his own.


He remembered that there were five floors in total inside the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda. Every floor could allow cultivators with different cultivations to enter to train. Since Lan Xun wanted to refine the pagoda, she must have gone to the most important place, which was the fifth floor.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai couldn’t find his way to the next floor. It seemed that the floor he was in was the only one in the entire pagoda.


While looking for the way to get to the next floor, he came across many ferocious beasts. Without any exception, they were all Small Worlds that had all achieved Spirit Manifestation. These beasts had different temperaments. Some of them were timid and ran away as soon as they saw Yang Kai. Some of them were as savage as the long-furred beast and pounced on Yang Kai the moment they met.


Usually, Yang Kai would just evade them using Instantaneous Movement. He wanted to avoid as many battles as possible right now.


However, he wasn’t always so fortunate. Not all Small Worlds had a manifestation that looked like a beast. Some Small Worlds had turned into rocks that looked entirely ordinary. When Yang Kai passed by a stone once, it widened its mouth and ate him, which caused him to fall into a strange Small World again that he had to spend time escaping.


Some of these Small Worlds were strong, while some of them were weak. The strong ones were just like the long-furred beast he had come across and Yang Kai had to summon the three Half-Saints to help protect him. For the weak ones, he just needed a thought to break the World Barrier himself to escape.


Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo were exhausted by now. Although they were strong, they didn’t have enough stamina to battle against so many enemies without rest. That was why every time they returned to the Sealed World Bead, they would seize the chance to recuperate and get prepared for the next battle.


With no exception, Yang Kai wouldn’t do anything to these manifestations of the Small Worlds.


Every Small World or Sealed World in this pagoda was a treasure, and they were left behind by the Great Emperor to be passed down to Lan Xun. He wouldn’t destroy or snatch them.


After a few days, he became anxious as there still weren’t any clues about where to go. The longer this dragged on, the more dangerous Lan Xun’s situation would become.


While Yang Kai was searching around one day though, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned to look in a particular direction, only to see a petite figure standing on a mound as she was staring silently at him.


It was a little girl no more than five or six years old. Her hair had been tied into two ponytails, and she was clad in a beautiful dress. Her big eyes shone brightly and her facial features were exquisite.


Yang Kai knitted his brows together because it was the second time he had come across this little girl.


Despite her petite figure, Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to underestimate her. The only things that could be moving around in this pagoda right now were the Spirits that were transformed from Small Worlds.


It was the case for the stone and the long-furred beast, so this little girl must be a Spirit Manifestation as well.


When he came across her on the previous day, she had just observed him from afar. A vigilant Yang Kai had circumvented her, but he hadn’t expected that he would see her again on this day. Certainly, it wasn’t a coincidence. The young girl must be following him!




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