Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3634, One Flower One World


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That was the reason Yang Kai was wary. So far, he had come across more than ten Small World Manifestations, but none of them had any consciousness as they only acted on their instincts. The fact that this little girl could follow him suggested that she was different from other manifestations.


Nevertheless, she seemed just as timid as a frightened mouse.


When Yang Kai saw her on the previous day, she immediately ran away. Although she didn’t flee immediately this time, she had only dared to hide behind the mound and stick out her head to observe Yang Kai with her big, blinking eyes.


Yang Kai frowned as he had no idea what she was up to. Since she was stalking him, why was she so afraid of him? Was she just curious?


Without pondering on the reason behind it, Yang Kai turned around and left.


Seeing that, the little girl started flushing and balled up her fists. She also parted her lips in an attempt to say something, but she couldn’t say a word in the end, so she became flustered.


After walking for several tens of metres, Yang Kai suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned around. Then, he strode towards the little girl.


When the anxious little girl saw that, she became elated in an instant, but as Yang Kai approached her, she started stepping backwards. Her movement was slow and her steps were small as the hem of her dress flapped in the air. However, Yang Kai was shocked to realise that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get any closer to her.


As his patience had run out, he used his Space Principles to appear in front of her in the blink of an eye, and before she could react, he directly grabbed her shoulders.


The next moment, both of their expressions could be seen changing.


The little girl was terrified. She was already timid to the point that she didn’t dare to approach Yang Kai, so now that her shoulders were suddenly grasped, she became incredibly anxious. Her eyes had turned watery as she was about to tear up, so she looked rather pitiful.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was stunned by the impact he felt. The moment he grabbed her shoulders, he felt an immense power storming into his body, causing him to feel dizzy and see stars; in fact, he almost passed out on the spot.


World Force!


Just like what he had speculated, the little girl was indeed a Small World Manifestation. When they came into contact, the World Force which sustained her manifestation surged and dealt a heavy blow to him.


Yang Kai was even preparing to summon his Half-Saints after he felt this impact.


Fortunately, although the little girl was greatly frightened, she didn’t seem to have any hostile intent. She was just trying to retract her frail arms as she looked pleadingly at him.


As the power of the Soul Warming Lotus undulated, Yang Kai was able to somehow calm down. Staring at the little girl before his eyes, he tried to say in as harmless a manner as possible, “I’m looking for someone who is like me, but she’s a woman. Have you seen her?”


Just like how Xiao Chen had asked him out of desperation, Yang Kai was now asking a random little girl on the off chance she had some clues.


Although he had come across some Small Word Manifestations before, they didn’t have any sentience; however, this little girl seemed to be different from them as she could clearly think for herself, which was why he had to ask her about it.


He didn’t pin his hopes on her, but simply asked as there was nothing to lose.


On the other hand, the little girl was flabbergasted. Since she was unable to withdraw her arms, her immense World Force surged again.


Despite the fact that Yang Kai was well prepared, he was still sent flying backwards upon impact. Fortunately, he didn’t get hurt as he only felt the vitality in his body roil. After landing on the ground, he took a deep breath repeatedly to calm himself down. When he lifted his head, he saw that the little girl was flying rapidly in a particular direction.


A disappointed Yang Kai shook his head and turned around.


A moment later, the little girl returned and blocked his way. It was apparent that she was trying her hardest to suppress her fear as although her body was trembling violently, she was still resolutely standing there.


Yang Kai tilted his head to gaze at her and frowned.


The next moment, the little girl flew in the same direction again; however, this time, she repeatedly turned her head to gaze at Yang Kai, and then looked ahead again.


Yang Kai’s gaze brightened as he realised that she was trying to lead the way. With a local guide around, it was much better than if he just searched blindly.


Left with no other choice anyway, he immediately moved and raced after her. Seeing as Yang Kai started following her, the little girl stopped looking back as she accelerated her pace.


Seeing this, Yang Kai could confirm that she was really trying to lead him somewhere.


There were no hindrances in front of them as they never came across any other Small World Manifestations.


A long time later, the little girl stopped in front of a mountain valley and turned to look at Yang Kai.


There was a narrow path that led into the valley, which looked very ordinary; however, after Yang Kai released his Divine Sense, he realised that he couldn’t detect anything, as though he was engulfed in a blinding fog.


“Is she here?” Yang Kai asked.


The little girl balled up her fists and solemnly nodded.


It was the first time she directly replied to Yang Kai, so he was elated. After flashing an amiable smile at her, he said, “Thank you.”


It wasn’t certain whether the little girl could understand him or not, but she had hung her head low with a blushing face.


On the other hand, Yang Kai strode towards the valley. Since he had come all the way here, he had to go in to have a look at whether or not Lan Xun was inside. Furthermore, something felt off about this place.


The narrow path was only about several dozen metres long, and after passing through it, he arrived at the valley.


Standing at the entrance, he couldn’t help but be dazzled by the sight in front of him, which caused him to fall into a dazed state. 


It was a seemingly infinite field of flowers. They came in all sorts of colours, red, blue, white, gold, and so on as they bloomed in this valley. All of them were beautiful and lovely. There was also a faint glow that permeated the valley, which made the place look as attractive as a paradise.


Yang Kai had never been to Myriads Flowers Valley, but he had heard that it was also a place that was filled with all sorts of beautiful flora. Now, it seemed that the number of flowers in this valley was comparable to that of Myriad Flowers Valley.


If he could become a hermit and spend the rest of his life here, it would be an enjoyable life.


However, the allure of the flowers couldn’t entrance Yang Kai forever. Soon, he noticed the figure that was in the middle of the field.


The curvy figure was just lying on the flowers, which were supporting her weight despite their supposed frailty. She appeared to be sound asleep as her body rocked lightly with the wind.


It was Lan Xun! She was indeed here. The little girl had really led him to her.


It wasn’t certain what had happened, but Yang Kai could see that Lan Xun wasn’t injured and had just lost consciousness. Seeing that, he heaved a sigh of relief. Since he had found her, he just had to come up with a way to bring her out of this place.


Nevertheless, he didn’t put his guard down. Although the flowers were beautiful, he knew that attractive things were always associated with danger. The reason Lan Xun had fallen asleep must have something to do with the seemingly infinite bed of flowers.


He had also become wary because the little girl decided not to come into the valley with him; thus, he released his Divine Sense to check the flowers in an attempt to find out what they were.


The next moment, his expression was transformed by horror.


The flowers appeared alluring to the naked eye, but when he investigated them with his Divine Sense, he realised that they were not really flowers. All of these lovely flowers were actually Small World Manifestations!


Nevertheless, he wasn’t too surprised as Small World Manifestations came in all sorts of forms. They could even turn into stones, let alone flowers.


However, there were just too many of them. It could be said that every flower or grass was a world in and of itself.


Yang Kai knew that the World Pagoda contained a lot of Small Worlds and Sealed Worlds, but he hadn’t expected the number to be so staggering. How abstruse must this pagoda be?


It was no wonder that Lan Xun had passed out. She was just lying on the flowers as the powers of Small Worlds and Sealed Worlds swept over her, so how was she able to persevere? The reason she wasn’t hurt must have something to do with her bloodline and unique physique; after all, Bright Moon Great Emperor had refined this pagoda, and as his descendant, Lan Xun must have inherited his aura, which the pagoda could identify.


However, the situation had become somewhat tricky. Lan Xun was lying on the flowers, and if Yang Kai wanted to bring her out, he had to pass through this field. Although these Small Worlds and Sealed Worlds wouldn’t harm Lan Xun, the same couldn’t be said of Yang Kai, which was why he was in a dilemma.


Just then, a sigh was heard close to his ears, and following that, a light shot out from his body and landed on the ground before a figure revealed itself.


Yang Kai was flabbergasted because he had no idea that there was a foreign body inside his own, which was inconceivable. He was a High-Rank Demon King, and his Soul cultivation was stronger than any Half-Saints or Pseudo-Great Emperors’; hence, it should have been impossible for anything to be planted in his body without his knowledge.


However, the truth was that it wasn’t until the sigh was heard and the light was seen that Yang Kai came to this realisation, which caused him to be drenched in cold sweat.


If the person who had used such a move on him wanted to kill him, he would have been dead long ago.


Nevertheless, when he made out the figure, Yang Kai became excited as his eyes widened. At the same time, he felt his lips trembling as he said in a choking voice, “Senior…”


Although the figure was facing away from him, he could never forget that person.


The Great Emperor was killed by him, so he couldn’t and wouldn’t dare to forget him. Yang Kai had inherited the legacy and the Star Boundary’s Will from the person before his eyes.


He thought that Bright Moon’s Soul had already vanished, so his eyes turned moist when he saw him again, even though it was just a Remnant Soul.


Bright Moon was killed by Yang Kai on Eternal Sky Continent, and his corpse was still lying in the mourning hall of Star Soul Palace, so it was impossible that he had been resurrected. Moreover, the figure before his eyes was quite translucent, very much unlikely to be a real body. The only explanation was that it was a Remnant Soul.


Yang Kai wasn’t even aware that Bright Moon Great Emperor’s Remnant Soul had been planted in his body. The Great Emperor must have used some kind of Secret Technique before his death, and it wasn’t until this day that it was triggered.


The figure turned around and revealed an oddly young face, looking just like a twenty-eight-year-old young man who was still vibrant and energetic.


Despite that, there was no doubt that the young man was Bright Moon. Presently, his expression was amiable as the smile on his face was bright.


“Senior!” Yang Kai hung his head low and cupped his fists.


“There’s no need to be overly formal with me. Stand up.”




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