Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3636, An Elder in Distress


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Inside Star Soul Palace, a scarlet banner had covered the entire World Pagoda. The banner was a manifestation of Iron Blood Great Emperor’s cultivation. It could be said that Zhan Wu Hen had fully used his power to suppress the pagoda’s restlessness.


Despite the fact that the Great Emperor had made a move, the pagoda was still buzzing and shaking from time to time, as though it was trying to struggle out of the Iron Blood War Banner’s restriction.


Lei Hong and the others were extremely nervous as they appeared to be in deep sorrow. Although Yang Kai had entered the pagoda, they had no idea what had been going on inside the building. If Yang Kai couldn’t bring Lan Xun out of the pagoda, it would essentially cut off the future of Star Soul Palace.


They didn’t expect Yang Kai to solve the crisis regarding the World Pagoda, they just hoped that he could safely bring Lan Xun back. Although Zhan Wu Hen was around, which ensured that the pagoda was temporarily safe, it was unlikely that he would stay in Star Soul Palace forever. Once he had to leave, if Yang Kai still hadn’t managed to come back, it would be the end of the world for them.


They wanted to ask Zhan Wu Hen what was going on inside, but they knew that it was pointless because he probably had no idea either. All the leaders of Star Soul Palace could be seen with their brows knitted together as if they were on pins and needles.


All of a sudden, Zhan Wu Hen, who seemed to be taking a rest, opened his eyes and grunted in surprise.


All the Elders, who had been observing him, were shocked, then Lei Hong quickly asked, “Senior, has anything happened?”


Without replying to him, Zhan Wu Hen lifted his hand, after which the scarlet War Banner undid the layers of restriction and turned into a red light as it shot into his body.


Seeing this, everyone was elated. The reason the World Pagoda had remained stable was thanks to Zhan Wu Hen’s suppression. Now that he had put his Iron Blood War Banner away, it meant that suppression on the pagoda was no longer needed, which meant that the internal trouble within the pagoda had been solved.


As expected, even though the red War Banner had disappeared, there didn’t seem to be anything unusual about the pagoda anymore. The five-coloured light stopped spilling out of the building, and the huge Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda remained hovering in mid-air, turning slowly.


The next moment, a figure abruptly appeared in front of the pagoda. Upon closer look, they realised that it was none other than Yang Kai, who had ventured into the pagoda earlier.


There was a sense of guilt as well as relief on his face. Nevertheless, he could be seen with a calm expression as though a burden had been lifted off his chest. He had also become more energetic.


However, only Yang Kai was seen as Lan Xun was still missing. The joy on the faces of Lei Hong and the others faded as their hearts fell.


Knowing what they were worried about, Yang Kai immediately cupped his fists, “Fortunately, I have not failed my mission.”


What he had said suggested that he had solved the crisis in the World Pagoda, but what about Lan Xun?


Lei Hong hurriedly asked, “Where is her Highness?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Junior Sister Lan is fine, but she’s still refining the World Pagoda. It will take her some time, perhaps as many as three to five years before she can come out.”


“She’s still refining it?” Xiao Yu Yang scowled. The pagoda descended into chaos exactly because Lan Xun attempted to refine it, so why was she still so obstinate? What puzzled them was why Yang Kai didn’t dissuade her from doing so.


Lei Hong and Xue Zheng Mao shared the same thought as their expressions turned solemn as they were worried that something would happen to Lan Xun again.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “You need not worry because Junior Sister has Senior Bright Moon’s help, so she will be alright.”


“The Great Emperor’s help?” Lei Hong and the others were flabbergasted. Bright Moon’s corpse was still lying in the mourning hall, and his Soul had been extinguished, so how was he able to help Lan Xun?


Yang Kai quickly explained to them that the Great Emperor had planted a Soul Remnant on him, and upon hearing his explanation, Lei Hong and the others were finally able to relax. With Bright Moon’s help, there wouldn’t be any problem for Lan Xun to refine the World Pagoda. What she needed now was time. At that instant, all of them stopped worrying; however, when they recalled that the Great Emperor was truly dead and gone, they became mournful again.


Previously, after Yang Kai left the valley in the World Pagoda, he waited for two days before Lan Xun suddenly sent him a Divine Sense message. After that, she sent him out of the pagoda. She wanted to stay there to refine the pagoda, and now that it was complete again, there was no more flaw that would trigger another crisis.


Since the problem had been settled, there was no reason for Zhan Wu Hen to stick around. He didn’t even bid them farewell as he broke through the sky and left, only casting one last look towards the mourning hall before he disappeared.


Everyone bowed and saw him off.


After that, everyone from Star Soul Palace kept thanking Yang Kai, who wouldn’t dare to accept their gratitude. He asked Lei Hong and the others to lead the way for him so that he could offer condolences to the Great Emperor. Lan Xun wasn’t around, so no one could formally mourn for him. Nevertheless, the Great Emperor wouldn’t mind this kind of formality.


Yang Kai knelt in front of the mourning hall for three days before leaving Star Soul Palace.


Just like what the Great Emperor had said, since Yang Kai had obtained such an opportunity, he had to re-double his efforts so as not to disappoint the world and those who lived in it. After this trip to Star Soul Palace, his mind became clearer, and the worries he had been carrying lightened significantly.


Next, he headed to the Four Seasons Realm at full speed.


Yang Xiao, Yang Xue, Qiong Qi, and Liu Yan were all in the Four Seasons Realm, and there hadn’t been any news about them for years. Yang Kai didn’t expect to be able to find them this time, he simply had to come to this place to launch an investigation to appease his parents.


After he was done with the matter regarding the Four Seasons Realm, he had to start solving the problem of the Small Sealed World. If the problem regarding the territories in the Small Sealed World wasn’t solved, it couldn’t go on devouring more continents in the Demon Realm, which was the key to resolving the war between the two worlds; therefore, the matter had to be handled sooner rather than later.


Several kilometres above the ground, Yang Kai was flying forward at full speed. Ten days later, he was approaching the valley where the entrance to the Four Seasons Realm was located when a strange sound came from his waist.


Yang Kai was startled as he wasn’t sure what had happened. Then, he stopped and searched around before realising that the sound was coming from the token on his belt. It was the High-Rank Guest Elder Token from Azure Sun Temple, and the strange sound was a distress signal from an Elder of Azure Sun Temple.


When Yang Kai received the token and became a High-Rank Guest Elder in the past, Gao Xue Ting had told him about its many uses; however, he hadn’t come across this kind of situation before, so when the strange sound was heard earlier, he didn’t realize what was happening right away.


Upon recalling what Gao Xue Ting had told him, Yang Kai immediately understood that within five thousand kilometres, an Elder of Azure Sun Temple was in danger!


Swiftly taking the token in hand, Yang Kai infused his Divine Sense into it. Following that, he sent a message and waited for a reply. The Elder Token wasn’t just a status symbol, but also a communication artifact. Although Yang Kai had no idea which Elder was in danger, he had to intervene.


A moment later, a message appeared in the token. Yang Kai turned to look in a particular direction and stored the token. Space Principles surged as his figure flickered and disappeared from the spot.


At the same time, Yang Kai was elated because when he used Instantaneous Movement, he realised that the resistance he faced had become much weaker. He hadn’t used Instantaneous Movement since he returned to the Star Boundary, so it wasn’t until this moment that the realisation dawned upon him. He understood that it was because of the Great Emperor’s Opportunity he now possessed. He had obtained the World’s Will of the Star Boundary, so the resistance he faced when tearing through space here had become weaker.


A distance of five thousand kilometres was neither far nor close; however, it would take any ordinary Third-Order Emperor Realm Master some time to cross it even at full speed.


On the other hand, it only took Yang Kai three Instantaneous Movements before he arrived at his destination.


Lifting his head, he realised that the disciples of Azure Sun Temple were besieged and in a perilous situation. Many of them had been injured and those seriously hurt had collapsed to the ground, their blood dying the earth crimson.


At the front of the group was a young woman whose hair flapped in the wind. She was the leader among the more than ten people of Azure Sun Temple. As she brandished her sword, it was apparent that she was fairly strong. Given the fact that she was in the First-Order Emperor Realm, she shouldn’t have looked so battered; however, in order to protect the disciples under her command, she had no choice but to expose openings in her defence, which gave her enemies a chance to successfully attack her.


The young woman was an old friend of Yang Kai’s. She was one of the rising Stars of Azure Sun Temple, Murong Xiao Xiao.


There were more than fifty people who were attacking the Azure Sun Temple group. One of them was an Emperor Realm Master who just like Murong Xiao Xiao was a First-Order Emperor. However, be it this Emperor Realm Master or the other cultivators, they were all exuding rich Demon Qi and their moves were all cruel and ruthless.


[Demon Heavenly Dao!] That was the first thought that sprang into Yang Kai’s mind. When he returned to the Star Boundary, Han Zheng Qing had suspected that he too was from the Demon Heavenly Dao. At that time, Yang Kai still didn’t know what the Demon Heavenly Dao was until Fan Xin explained it to him.


It wasn’t until this moment that he finally came across those from the Demon Heavenly Dao.


They were all Humans instead of Demons; however, it wasn’t certain what Secret Technique they had cultivated or what evil transformation they had gone through as they had all developed Demon Qi. During the battle, their Demon Qi could be seen roiling, and at first glance, they looked just like Demons.


Moreover, these people from the Demon Heavenly Dao were different from those Humans who had been corrupted by Demon Qi that Yang Kai had come into contact with before. They were obviously still clear-headed and their moves were orderly.


The Emperor Realm Master’s cultivation was similar to that of Murong Xiao Xiao’s, and if they were in a one-on-one battle, Yang Kai believed that Murong Xiao Xiao would emerge the victor; after all, she was a Core Disciple of Azure Sun Temple, so ordinary cultivators weren’t comparable to her.


However, this Emperor Realm Master was extremely wicked. While he was in a battle against Murong Xiao Xiao, he kept attacking the other disciples from Azure Sun Temple, which had effectively distracted her. In that case, she had less energy to protect herself, which was why she had been injured.


Furthermore, the number of people on Azure Sun Temple’s side was much smaller than that of their enemies, so it was just a matter of time before they would be defeated. That was the reason Murong Xiao Xiao had to send a distress signal asking for help. She wasn’t aware that Yang Kai was nearby, she simply sought help from anyone she could.


When Yang Kai arrived, the Emperor Realm Master from the Demon Heavenly Dao saw an opening and pounced on Murong Xiao Xiao. The Demon-Qi-wielding Emperor Realm Master was extremely burly, and there were two huge copper hammers in his hands, Demon Qi swirling about them. As he grinned, he swept a hammer at her waist. At the same time, he wielded his other hammer at a disciple beside Murong Xiao Xiao.


The hammers swung at two people at the same time, and Murong Xiao Xiao had just used up her strength blocking a previous attack, so she was no longer able to mount an effective defence. She also realised that she could hardly use her Emperor Qi anymore. At this moment, she only had two choices, she could either protect herself, or save the other disciple.


Without hesitation, she lifted her sword, and as a cold glint flashed across her weapon, she decided not to protect herself or the other disciple; instead, she pushed out her sword at the enemy’s eyes.


She appeared like any other frail young woman, but at this moment, she displayed the staunch resoluteness of a warrior.




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