Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3638, Traitor


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Besides a Demon Artifact, the woman also had Demon Qi. When the woman, who appeared earlier, activated the Demon Artifact, Demon Qi could be seen swirling around her. Then of course there was the pair of white wings behind her back. Unlike those from Demon Heavenly Dao, she was clearly a real Demon!


The disciples of Azure Sun Temple exclaimed, and the Emperor Realm Master, whose neck was clenched by Yang Kai, widened his eyes in disbelief.


Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between those from Demon Heavenly Dao and real Demons unless the Demons had very conspicuous features. Bo Ya had such features.


Previously, the Demons had invaded the Star Boundary, and internally, those from Demon Heavenly Dao had been making a scene everywhere. It could be said that they were facing both external and internal threats, so they were in a perilous situation. A lot of Demons had hidden in the Star Boundary to carry out their plan in secret.


However, why would this Demon listen to Yang Kai’s commands to make things difficult for those from Demon Heavenly Dao? Weren’t those from Demon Heavenly Dao and the Demons supposed to be one family?


The Feather Demon nocked the arrow on her bow before drawing and loosening it. At that instant, all those from Demon Heavenly Dao fell to the ground as they were killed on the spot. They hadn’t even fled for more than ten kilometres when all of them lost their lives. Only the Emperor Realm Master, who had been captured by Yang Kai, was still alive.


Bo Ya once again placed an arrow on her bow as the tip of the arrow was pressed against the Emperor Realm Master’s forehead. She broke out a smile which was equal parts alluring and terrifying.


The Emperor Realm Master was drenched in cold sweat, but Yang Kai pushed the arrow away and used his Demon Qi to lay down several seals, causing this man to collapse to the ground, paralysed.


Yang Kai still had no idea what had happened, so he had to wait for Murong Xiao Xiao to awaken and ask her about it before deciding how to deal with this Emperor Realm Master.


Since they were no longer in any danger, the disciples from Azure Sun Temple heaved a sigh of relief. With their bodies still injured, they shuffled towards Yang Kai and thanked him. Yang Kai was a Guest Elder of Azure Sun Temple, so since the disciples were in danger, it was expected of him to lend them a hand. After a few words of motivation, he told them to attend to their wounds.


Bo Ya was curious about the Emperor Realm Master, so she crouched down and observed him. Despite her sweet smile, the Emperor appeared horrified as though he was being gazed at by a deadly scorpion.


A moment later, Yang Kai turned to look in a particular direction, only to see a beam of light approaching at lightning speed. When the light landed on the ground, a white-robed figure was revealed. The person was handsome with a pair of bright eyes, and the white clothes he was clad in were spotless, but his expression was slightly cold.


“Xiao Bai, it’s been too long!” Yang Kai flashed a smile at him.


Xiao Bai Yi, Murong Xiao Xiao, and Xia Sheng were the rising stars of Azure Sun Temple. Now that all three of them had reached the Emperor Realm, they had naturally become Elders. Presently, Xia Sheng was on the battlefield in the Western Territory while Xiao Bai Yi and Murong Xiao Xiao were guarding the Temple in the Southern Territory.


Earlier, Murong Xiao Xiao sent a message to seek Xiao Bai Yi’s help, it was just that Yang Kai had arrived faster. Xiao Bai Yi was leading a group of disciples at that time, but in order to save his Junior Sister, he went on ahead at full speed.


“Yang Kai!” Xiao Bai Yi frowned as he took a look at Yang Kai and then Bo Ya, who was crouching down nearby. All of a sudden, his Emperor Qi surged as he launched himself at Yang Kai. At the same time, an immensely powerful sword wave was seen slashing at him.


With a smile, Yang Kai lifted his hand and pinched the sword from both sides using only two fingers. At that instant, the sword wave fell apart as the blade, which was as thin as a cicada’s wings, was wedged between Yang Kai’s fingers. The blade was buzzing continuously, but no matter how hard Xiao Bai Yi pushed his Emperor Qi, he realised that he couldn’t move his sword one bit.


In just one move, his Emperor Artifact was firmly grasped by someone using his bare hand, stunning him greatly.


Before Xiao Bai Yi could react, Bo Ya had dashed forward and drew an arrow which she pressed against Xiao Bai Yi’s temple, just like what she had done to the Emperor Realm Master earlier.


Sensing the dangerous aura on the tip of the arrow, Xiao Bai Yi wouldn’t dare to move a muscle; however, his already cold expression had turned even colder. He had fallen into a trap instead of saving his Junior Sister, which was why he was displeased.


“Can I kill him?” Bo Ya asked with a tilted head.


“Behave!” Yang Kai put on a hollow laugh and shot her a glare.


Bo Ya pressed her lips together and stored her arrow; then, she went back to the Emperor Realm Master and crouched down again to examine him.


“Senior Brother Xiao, it was Senior Brother Yang who saved us!” Murong Xiao Xiao opened her eyes and said in a weakened voice.


In fact, after Xiao Bai Yi made a move, he immediately realised that he was mistaken. That was because there were many corpses on the ground who weren’t disciples of Azure Sun Temple. Also, judging from the power Yang Kai had showcased, if he wanted to harm the Temple’s disciples, Murong Xiao Xiao and the others would have lost their lives by now.


More importantly, Murong Xiao Xiao had closed her eyes to adjust her breathing. If she didn’t have complete trust in Yang Kai, she wouldn’t have done such a thing. Now, her words had confirmed his speculation, but he still said with a frown, “I need an explanation!”


In his mind, Yang Kai was still a traitor to the Star Boundary who had fled to the Demon Realm, that was why when he saw Yang Kai here just now, and that Murong Xiao Xiao was injured, he had a misunderstanding and directly made a move.


It was too complicated to explain everything to him, and Yang Kai didn’t want to waste his time, so he fished out a token and tossed it at him.


Xiao Bai Yi caught the token, and upon seeing that the number ‘Sixty First’ was engraved on it, he was stunned and felt somewhat dizzy.


He had been to the battlefield in the Western Territory and worked under an Army Commander, so he knew what this token represented. The Great Emperors had personally forged these tokens and given them to the different Army Commanders. Every token contained a Great Emperor’s Divine Ability, which could be used to save the owner’s life at a critical moment.


The token was clearly genuine as the heavy Great Emperor aura on it made it difficult for him to breathe; however, since when did a Sixty-First Army exist in the Star Boundary?


“Haven’t you heard the news yet?” Seeing his expression, Yang Kai realised that Xiao Bai Yi knew nothing about the Sixty-First Army.


“When did it happen?” Xiao Bai Yi asked with a frown.


“Half a month ago.”


Xiao Bai Yi was relieved and gently nodded, “Over the past month, Junior Sister and I have been outside the Temple.”


It was because of this reason that they hadn’t heard about this news yet; otherwise, he wouldn’t have attacked Yang Kai on sight.


With the token on both palms, he respectfully passed it back to Yang Kai. Then, he cupped his fists and called out reluctantly, “Senior Brother Yang!”


In the past, they were all Dao Source Realm Juniors who entered the Four Seasons Realm together. Now, he, Murong Xiao Xiao, and Xia Sheng were still just First-Order Emperor Realm, but Yang Kai had already become the Army Commander of the Sixty-First Army. Xiao Bai Yi couldn’t even see through Yang Kai’s cultivation, but as an Army Commander, there was no way the latter’s cultivation was lower than Third-Order Emperor Realm.


[I can’t believe he’s already a Third-Order Emperor! How does he even cultivate? Does he have a stash of miracle Pills or something?]


“What are you all doing here?” Yang Kai asked curiously. Although they were still in the Southern Territory, this place was pretty far from Azure Sun Temple. 

A group of disciples wouldn’t come to such a place on their own accord. Moreover, two Elders were leading two separate teams, so it was apparent that they were on some kind of mission.


Since he had come across them, Yang Kai definitely had to ask them about it.


Xiao Bao Yi replied, “We were investigating those from the Demon Heavenly Dao.”


The Star Boundary was facing external as well as internal troubles. If the Demons were their known opponents, then those from Demon Heavenly Dao were the enemies within. It was said that it was easy to dodge a spear in the light, but hard to avoid an arrow in the dark. Since the rise of Demon Heavenly Dao in recent years, countless people in the Star Boundary had been wounded or killed by them, so all those loyal to the Star Boundary were very resentful of them.


Nevertheless, those from Demon Heavenly Dao were normally well hidden and rarely exposed any flaws. In terms of collective power, Demon Heavenly Dao were definitely no match for the true Demon forces; however, they were sly individuals who conducted sabotage and intrigue which caused much disruption in the Star Boundary, forcing a great many to be unable to take part in the war.


All Sects in all four territories of the Star Boundary had to leave some top cultivators behind to guard their Sects for fear that those from Demon Heavenly Dao would invade if they left. Over the course of the past few years, countless small and medium Sects had been destroyed through various plots and schemes. Even some first-class Sects had suffered grave damage and nearly been destroyed.


Hence, whenever traces of the Demon Heavenly Dao were found in the Star Boundary, they would be hunted down and killed mercilessly. Two years ago, in the Southern Territory, Star Soul Palace led all other Sects to examine themselves for any hidden traitors and also launched a large-scale attack on the enemy forces. They had managed to destroy more than ten strongholds, causing Demon Heavenly Dao’s power to be significantly reduced; however, it was impossible to kill all the scorpions in the dark as some of them inevitably escaped to fight again.


One month ago, Azure Sun Temple got wind that some people from Demon Heavenly Dao were up to something. They suspected that there was a hidden stronghold around this area, so Murong Xiao Xiao and Xiao Bai Yi led two teams to launch an investigation. Somehow though, word got out and they were ambushed instead, resulting in Murong Xiao Xiao and her team almost being wiped out.


Fortunately, Yang Kai was nearby and managed to come to their rescue; otherwise, Xiao Bai Yi would have only arrived to find corpses here.


After hearing her narration, Yang Kai asked, “So, you don’t even know how your whereabouts got exposed?”


Murong Xiao Xiao shook her head and replied with a frown, “I don’t think we’ve exposed anything on our side.”


That was what puzzled her. Her enemy was just as powerful as she was, and she had been careful when tracking them; however, she hadn’t expected that they would still fall into the enemy’s trap and almost lose their lives here.


Yang Kai said with a smile, “It has nothing to do with whether you exposed your whereabouts or not. If someone sent a message warning them, it would be pointless regardless of how careful you were.”


The expression on Murong Xiao Xiao’s pale face changed when she heard that, then she said in a small voice, “Senior Brother, you mean…”


“En, there’s a traitor!” Upon finishing his words, Yang Kai turned to look at a certain petite woman.


He had already noticed this female disciple when he arrived. He initially thought that her aura was just a little strange and didn’t read too much into it, but upon hearing what Murong Xiao Xiao said, he finally realised why this woman’s aura was odd.


Still crouching in front of the Emperor Realm Master, Bo Ya said without lifting her head, “I thought you didn’t notice it.”


“You knew as well?” Yang Kai looked down at her and happened to see her fair chest from where he stood.


Bo Ya snorted and pointed at the Emperor Realm Master, “Both of them have a putrid smell about them!”


Xiao Bai Yi’s face fell as he stared coldly at the petite female disciple while Murong Xiao Xiao still appeared to be in disbelief. The other disciples also appeared doubtful as they had no idea what had happened.




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