Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3639, Blood Demon Secret Technique


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The petite woman’s expression became awkward as she was stared at by so many people. She forced a smile and asked bashfully, “Elders, what’s wrong?”


Xiao Bai Yi didn’t reply to her while Yang Kai’s lips curved into a playful smile. Murong Xiao Xiao directly asked, “Du Juan, are you part of Demon Heavenly Dao?”


Murong Xiao Xiao found it hard to accept the possibility that one of her Junior Sisters might be from Demon Heavenly Dao. It wouldn’t have mattered if the disciple was someone else; however, Du Juan had just suffered from a serious injury in the battle and blood was still streaming out of her wounds, dying her clothes red.


How was it possible that such a disciple was from Demon Heavenly Dao? Nevertheless, since this was Yang Kai’s speculation, she couldn’t take it lightly.


Two years ago, all the Sects and families had wiped out a lot of moles that had been planted by Demon Heavenly Dao. After that, a lot of Sects and families saw their foundations severely damaged. It was still alright for Azure Sun Temple as they only had found several dozen such disciples, but if Du Juan was really from Demon Heavenly Dao, it meant that they hadn’t wiped out all the traitors two years ago. It also suggested that there were probably still many traitors within Azure Sun Temple as well as the other Sects. If such a storm took place again, the Star Boundary would descend into chaos.


At the thought of this, Murong Xiao Xiao felt her heart sink.


Upon hearing the words that were spoken, all the disciples from Azure Sun Temple had their expressions change drastically as they turned to look at Du Juan, who appeared dumbfounded. In an aggrieved voice, she protested, “Elders, please don’t misunderstand! I’m not from Demon Heavenly Dao! It’s not true!”


Murong Xiao Xiao shifted her attention to Yang Kai, who said impassively, “You don’t have the final say in determining whether it’s true or that you’ve been wronged. Look into my eyes.”


After he finished speaking, his right eye became pitch-black, as though it had turned into a black hole that could devour all light in this world.


Du Juan instinctively stared at him and couldn’t move her eyes away again. As their eyes met, she started trembling uncontrollably as black Qi began leaking from her petite figure.


Initially, the black Qi looked like thin threads, but after a few breaths, it burst out of her body like a rising tide and engulfed her completely.


As her Demon Qi undulated, she exuded a very violent aura.


No more questions were needed as the answer was right before their eyes. The expressions of those disciples had been transformed by shock and Xiao Bai Yi heaved a sigh while Murong Xiao Xiao was stunned.


After her identity was exposed, Du Juan stopped appearing frightened, as though she had turned into a completely different person. As she howled, she pounced on the disciple nearest her.


She knew that she wasn’t powerful enough to battle against any one of the Emperor Realm Masters present, so she just wanted to hold someone hostage so that she could flee from this place.


Her targeted disciple was still reeling from the shock, and he was injured, so he was unable to react in any way. It was too late when he realised that Du Juan was within arm’s reach of him. In his heart, he thought that he was doomed, so he closed his eyes and waited for death.


Fortunately, he didn’t lose his life as Yang Kai managed to capture Du Juan before she could do any harm. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t struggle out of the invisible grip, so in despair, she screamed, “This world will belong to the Demons sooner or later! If you’re still so obstinate, you’ll die a dog’s death! If you want to survive, follow me and side with Demon Heavenly Dao and you might still have a chance to live!”


Her identity had been exposed and she had been captured by Yang Kai; however, instead of pleading with him, she threatened them in an arrogant manner.


Murong Xiao Xiao was heartbroken as the Du Juan she remembered wasn’t like this.


Yang Kai asked with a smile, “Did those from Demon Heavenly Dao tell you this?”


Du Juan snorted, “The Star Boundary has constantly been on the retreat on the battlefield in the Western Territory because the Demon armies are overwhelming. One of the Great Emperors has also lost his life in the Demon Realm. When the Demon Saints make a move, no one in the Star Boundary will be able to resist them!”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “The information you have is outdated. I guess you’re not aware of the changes that have taken place on the battlefield.”


“What do you mean?” Du Juan asked coldly.


Yang Kai replied, “The passage between the two worlds has been sealed off, so the support behind the Demon armies has been severed. The top cultivators from the Demon Race are unable to break the barrier either. Although there is a large number of Demons still in the Western Territory, it’s just a matter of time before they’re defeated.”


Du Juan was startled for a moment before saying grimly, “Stop lying to me!”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Whether or not you believe me, it will not affect the current state of affairs.”


Du Juan fell silent for a moment before a dangerous aura exuded from her body. The Demon Qi around her could be seen roiling as though she was about to explode at any moment. At the same time, she sneered, “I’ll wait for you all on the other side!”


Having been detained by Yang Kai, she knew that there was no way she could escape, so she decided to kill herself in a resolute manner. Perhaps her temperament had changed after she was invaded by Demon Qi, so she had started acting more and more like a real Demon.


Murong Xiao Xiao’s expression changed drastically as she exclaimed, “Heavenly Demon Blood Explosion! Senior Brother, watch out!”


Certainly, Yang Kai was aware of the changes in Du Juan’s aura. Although he had no idea what this Heavenly Demon Blood Explosion was, he could guess that it was a Secret Technique that allowed her to self-destruct; therefore, he quickly pushed his Demon Qi to suppress her.


Unexpectedly, he had failed in his attempt to do so. As Du Juan cackled, her petite figure started expanding, as though she would explode in the next moment.


Yang Kai frowned and waved his hand, after which Du Juan disappeared abruptly, and the dangerous aura vanished into thin air.


Although she was from Demon Heavenly Dao, she was still an Azure Sun Temple’s disciple. She had simply been affected by Demon Qi, and if she could be saved, there was a chance that her original temperament could be restored. Yang Kai didn’t want to kill her, nor would he allow her to self-destruct, so he decided to keep her in the Small Sealed World for now.


Given his absolute power in the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai could easily stop Du Juan from exploding.


As expected, after she was sent into the Small Sealed World and suppressed by its World Force, her violent aura quickly diminished and died down.


Seeing their Junior Sister vanish into thin air, all the disciples of Azure Sun Temple were astounded.


Xiao Bai Yi and Murong Xiao Xiao looked inquisitively at Yang Kai as they wondered where he had sent her, and only after Yang Kai explained to them were they able to set their minds at ease.


However, Murong Xiao Xiao felt her heart growing heavy as there was a traitor in her team. Xiao Bai Yi had also led a team of his own, and it was possible that there might be a traitor within his team as well.


Fortunately, Yang Kai and Bo Ya were able to point out anyone with Demon Qi, so they would just have to take a look at the other team of people later to be sure.


“What have you found out?” Yang Kai looked over at Bo Ya.


Bo Ya replied, “This should be some kind of Blood Demon Secret Technique, but I’ve never heard of it. I guess they developed it recently.”


The people from Demon Heavenly Dao were able to retain their sentience after they were corrupted by Demon Qi. They were also able to mingle with those from the Star Boundary without anyone noticing anything wrong with them. This was an issue that had confounded the Star Boundary for years now, but if they could figure out how this Secret Technique worked, they might be able to detect those from Demon Heavenly Dao in the future.


That was why Bo Ya had been examining the captured Emperor Realm Master.


Upon hearing that it was a Blood Demon Secret Technique, Yang Kai arched his brow and sent his Divine Sense into the Small Sealed World. Then, he revealed an image of himself in front of Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya.


Although Bai Zhuo was Yu Ru Meng’s subordinate, he was also a Blood Demon. If those from Demon Heavenly Dao were using a Blood Demon Secret Technique, Bai Zhuo might know a thing or two.


When his image appeared, he also summoned over Du Juan. Her Heavenly Demon Blood Explosion had been suppressed, so she had failed in her attempt to self-destruct. At this moment, she was silently lying on the ground, passed out. Her original form had been restored, and with her body curled up, she looked rather pitiful.


“Brother Yang, what’s wrong?” Bai Zhuo took a look at Du Juan and asked.


Yang Kai questioned, “Brother Bai Zhuo, I remember that you fought on the Two Worlds’ Battlefield several times, right?”


Bai Zhuo nodded, “En.”


The war had been ongoing for several years, so Bai Zhuo had moved between the battlefield and the Demon Realm a number of times.


“Then, have you ever heard of Demon Heavenly Dao before?” Yang Kai pointed at Du Juan.


Bai Zhuo replied with a smile, “Of course. What’s wrong? Is this woman from Demon Heavenly Dao?”


“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded his head, “Bo Ya said that this woman has been affected by some Blood Demon Secret Technique, so I wanted you to check on her and see whether she can be saved.”


Upon hearing that, Bai Zhuo replied, “Those from Demon Heavenly Dao have indeed been planted with a Blood Demon Secret Technique, but I’m not exactly sure what technique it was because I wasn’t responsible for this matter. However, I can give her an examination and see whether she can be saved. I cannot guarantee anything, but I’ll do my best.”


“Then I shall have to trouble you, Brother Bai Zhuo.”


“Don’t mention it, Brother Yang.”


Suddenly recalling something, Yang Kai asked, “By the way, when the real Demons like you see those from Demon Heavenly Dao, can you tell them apart?”


Bai Zhuo took a look at the unconscious Du Juan and replied, “I can. Although her Demon Qi is well hidden, there are still some traces.”


Bai Ya nodded on the side, “En, indeed.”


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai lifted his hand, upon which a person appeared beside him. He was the first Demon that Yang Kai had put in the Small Sealed World, Huo Lun!


He seemed to be meditating when Yang Kai summoned him from the triangularly arrayed peaks, so his legs remained crossed. A moment later, he realised that something was off, and when he opened his eyes, he was shocked to see so many people around, so he quickly saluted Yang Kai.


Yang Kai got straight to the point by pointing at Du Juan, “Look at this woman. Can you see anything special about her?”


Huo Lun had no idea what was going on, so he carefully examined Yang Kai’s expression for a moment before shifting his attention to Du Juan. A long time later, he replied cautiously, “She’s young and petite. Also, she looks rather ordinary and there’s nothing special about her figure…”


Yang Kai lifted his hand to stop him, “Have you noticed anything else?”


“Anything else?” Immensely pressured, Huo Lun gulped, “Senior, you mean…”


“She’s been invaded by Demon Qi.”


“Really?” A shocked Huo Lun lowered his head to study Du Juan again, then he shook his head repeatedly, “I can’t tell she’s been invaded by Demon Qi.”


That was indeed strange. Bo Ya could detect the Demon Qi in her body while Huo Lun had failed to do so, despite their cultivations being quite close. Huo Lun was a Low-Rank Demon King, so if he couldn’t notice anything, it meant that the Demon Qi within those from Demon Heavenly Dao was really well hidden.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai figured that Bo Ya must have simply been born with extremely sharp vision; after all, she was a Feather Demon, and she had cultivated an Eye Secret Technique, which was why she was able to see things that others couldn’t.




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    1. In theory, the author could explain it by saying that YK did not have time to figure out this new way of self destruction, but probably could have stopped it if he had more time or information. Though, that’s still a stretch.

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