Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3640, Anomaly


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While Yang Kai’s projected image was having a discussion with Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya in the Small Sealed World, he didn’t stay idle in the outside world as he told Bo Ya to interrogate the Emperor Realm Master to find out the whereabouts of the Demon Heavenly Dao’s strongholds.


Those from Demon Heavenly Dao were normally well hidden among ordinary people; however, since this person was an Emperor, he must have the right to obtain information that was not available to the common disciples. Now that they had captured him, they had to pry more information out of him.


Bo Ya didn’t disappoint as a Demon King. Although interrogation wasn’t her speciality, she had her methods. Yang Kai had planted a seal on the Emperor Realm Master, so he was unable to move a muscle. Soon, he couldn’t take it anymore and confessed everything.


Demon Heavenly Dao had many strongholds, but this Emperor was only aware of the one he came from in White Colt Town. According to him, White Colt Town might appear to be an ordinary town, but many of those from Demon Heavenly Dao were hidden in it. They mingled well with other residents and looked just like normal everyday people. When they were summoned, they would head to different locations to carry out missions.


The reason he came to this place was that he was summoned.


However, on his way to his destination, he realised that some people were following him. Being cautious, he decided to make a detour to find out who the stalkers were. Just then, he received a message from Du Juan. Upon learning about the number of people on Azure Sun Temple’s side and their overall strength, he decided to beat them at their own game by ambushing Murong Xiao Xiao’s team.


The following development of the incident was what Yang Kai had seen when he arrived.


“There’s no Demon Heavenly Dao stronghold around here?” Xiao Bai Yi frowned upon hearing that, “Then what are you doing here?”


“I have no idea.” The Emperor Realm Master from Demon Heavenly Dao shook his head, “I was just following orders.”


“Who told you to come here?” Xiao Bai Yi asked.


“I don’t know.”


Right after he finished speaking, Bo Ya, who had been crouching in front of him, flashed an alluring smile at him and placed her slender hand on his shoulder. Then, she circulated her Demon Qi and infused it into his body. The next moment, the Emperor Realm Master let out a grunt of pain. There seemed to be a small snake roaming beneath his bare skin, which was a horrifying sight. After just three breaths of time, his eyes turned bloodshot and he started howling as though he was going through unbearable torture.


In between screams, he stutteringly said, “I really have no idea! I just came here after I got the order! I don’t know who we’re looking for or what we’re supposed to do!”


Bo Ya looked up at Yang Kai and realised that he remained impassive, so she went on with her torture.


The Emperor Realm Master’s shrieks slowly died down as his voice became hoarse from all the screaming. All his clothes were drenched in sweat, and he had collapsed to the ground as he convulsed violently. His eyes had rolled back, so it was as though he would lose his life at any moment.


“Four Seasons Realm…” All of a sudden, a weakened voice was heard coming from the Emperor Realm Master.


Despite his small voice, Yang Kai could clearly hear him, then he asked, “Are you heading to the Four Seasons Realm?”


Despite his lethargy, the Emperor Realm Master still nodded his head.


Yang Kai frowned and questioned, “What are you going there for?”


He was also heading to the Four Seasons Realm, and he was pretty close to his destination. He hadn’t expected that this Emperor Realm Master was also going to the same place. It was no wonder that he would come across him here. Since their destination was the same, it could be expected that they would meet.


The Emperor Realm Master was unable to answer the question. He passed out, without giving any useful clues. He was either resolute enough to keep the secret or he really knew nothing.


The latter was more probable. If he was a resolute person, he wouldn’t have revealed so much information already.


Since the Emperor Realm Master had passed out, Yang Kai put him in the Small Sealed World. It wasn’t that he wasn’t willing to kill him, he just wanted to let Bai Zhuo have one more person to experiment on. If Bai Zhuo could devise a way to break the Blood Demon Secret Technique used on this Emperor Realm Master, they could easily identify and capture those from Demon Heavenly Dao. They could also set things right and help those from Demon Heavenly Dao regain their original personalities.


However, Yang Kai was surprised that the incident had something to do with the Four Seasons Realm. After giving it a thought, he said, “Xiao Bai, please bring the other disciples back to the Temple first. I’ll head to the Four Seasons Realm to find out what those from Demon Heavenly Dao are up to.”


“I’m going as well,” Xiao Bai Yi replied briefly.


Yang Kai smiled helplessly and pointed at Murong Xiao Xiao, “If you also go, who will protect Junior Sister? Aren’t you worried about making her return to the Temple on her own?”


Given Murong Xiao Xiao’s condition, no one could be assured to let her return to the Temple with only her current teammates, all of whom were injured as well. Since those from Demon Heavenly Dao had received the order to head to the Four Seasons Realm, there must be more than one group of them. If Murong Xiao Xiao and the other disciples came across those from Demon Heavenly Dao, they were doomed.


Xiao Bai Yi frowned as he understood that what Yang Kai said made sense, but he still argued, “You can put them all away safe, right?”


Since Yang Kai could keep Du Juan and the Emperor Realm Master in the Small Sealed World, he certainly could do the same to the others. It was easy for him to do such a thing.


However, Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m asking you to go back not only because Junior Sister and the others need treatment, but because there’s something I need you to do at the Temple. It’s a more pressing issue than what is happening in the Four Seasons Realm.”


No one knew what was going on in the Four Seasons Realm, but the problem facing the Temple had to be solved as soon as possible.


Seeing how solemn Yang Kai was, Xiao Bai Yi asked puzzledly, “What do you mean?”


Yang Kai replied in a grim voice, “Since Du Juan was an enemy spy, it’s possible that there are more traitors in the Temple.”


He then beckoned to Bo Ya, “Take her with you and sniff out all the moles in the Temple.”


Since Bo Ya could detect Du Juan’s anomaly, it meant that she was able to see through the disguise of those from Demon Heavenly Dao. There were probably still some other traitors in the Temple, but Yang Kai had no time to go back to check, so sending Bo Ya was the best option.


Bo Ya hadn’t expected that Yang Kai would give her such a task, so she shot him a glare, but she didn’t seem to oppose the idea. In any case, it was much better than if she stayed in the Small Sealed World. Since Li Shi Qing left, she had nothing else to do in the Small Sealed World and was simply idling, feeling extremely bored.


Xiao Bai Yi hesitantly took a look at Bo Ya. Seeing that, Yang Kai said with a smile, “Don’t worry. Although she’s a Demon, she works for me now. Since I’ve told her to go with you, there won’t be any problems.”


It was then that Xiao Bai Yi nodded gently. As someone from the Star Boundary, he instinctively felt repulsed by the Demons; however, since Yang Kai had said such, he no longer cast any doubts.


“Who is in charge of the Temple now?” Yang Kai asked.


“Vice Temple Master Qiu.”


Yang Kai gave a nod, “Please tell Vice Temple Master about the situation in detail, but act cautiously. Don’t let anyone else find out about it so that we don’t alert the enemy.”


“En,” Xiao Bai Yi replied.


After the short discussion, Xiao Bai Yi didn’t leave in a hurry; instead, he remained in the same spot because his teammates hadn’t arrived yet. There was a traitor in Murong Xiao Xiao’s team, so it wasn’t certain whether there was also one in his own team.


However, Yang Kai didn’t have the time to wait. After telling Bo Ya to work closely with the others and passing her a Space Beacon, he bid everyone farewell and headed to the Four Seasons Realm on his own.


An incense stick later, the other team of disciples finally arrived. After they gathered together, Xiao Bai Yi turned to look at Bo Ya, who slowly shook her head. It was then Xiao Bai Yi heaved a sigh of relief.


Without any delays, he led everyone to return to Azure Sun Temple. Despite Yang Kai’s assurance, he was still wary of Bo Ya; after all, she was a Mid-Rank Demon King. If she suddenly struck out, while they might be still able to deal with her with their current manpower, there would be a hefty price to pay. Xiao Bai Yi thus insisted on standing between Bo Ya and Murong Xiao Xiao, who was injured.


Besides that, he felt helpless at the fact that Bo Ya’s Demonic characteristics were too conspicuous. She was a Feather Demon, so it was hard not to notice the white wings behind her back. If she really followed them back to the Temple in such a state, before she even got near the Temple, the other disciples would jump right out to slay a Demon like her.


Fortunately, she was able to use a Secret Technique to temporarily hide her wings. Xiao Bai Yi also found a black hooded coat to cover her up fully before he was able to set off on their journey with peace of mind.




The Four Seasons Realm wasn’t far from the place where Azure Sun Temple’s disciples fell into danger, only several tens of thousands of kilometres away.


The reason Yang Kai came to this place was to have a look at the current situation of the Four Seasons Realm. He didn’t even think he could find out anything and was simply doing this to console his parents.


However, he felt doubtful now that those from Demon Heavenly Dao were also interested in the Four Seasons Realm.


The reason Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were able to enter the Four Seasons Realm was that Qiong Qi had led the way for them; after all, Qiong Qi was the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s mount in the past. After the Great Emperor passed away, Qiong Qi fell into a deep slumber inside the Flowing Time Temple for countless years. Hence, it was only natural that he could open up the entrance to the Four Seasons Realm.


However, why would those from Demon Heavenly Dao also want to come to the Four Seasons Realm? This place had been around in the Southern Territory for countless years, and it would open up at regular intervals to allow cultivators below the Dao Source Realm in for life experience. There was still a long time before the realm would open again. Even if those from Demon Heavenly Dao came here, how were they going to enter?


Perhaps their target wasn’t the Four Seasons Realm itself but rather something else in the area that was worth their attention.


Whatever the case, Yang Kai had to quickly launch an investigation. 


As soon as Yang Kai arrived though, he realized that something was off.


The entrance of the Four Seasons Realm was in the sky above a nameless mountain valley. Before it was time to open up, nothing could be found here. When the time came, the entrance into the Four Seasons Realm would simply appear in the sky.


The valley didn’t have a name, nor did it contain any natural treasures, so normally, it was deserted and no one would pay any attention to it.


However, at this moment, many people had gathered in this valley. Teams of different sizes were scattered everywhere in the valley, with all of them hidden in the forest and caves.


The largest team had more than a hundred people, while the smallest team had about a dozen people. Without exception though, all the teams were led by Emperor Realm Masters.




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