Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3644, Flowing Time Temple


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Wind Lord was a Pseudo-Great Emperor while Flowing Time Great Emperor was someone who had passed away countless years ago; however, only a single rib from the Great Emperor’s body was able to manifest so much power, so his capabilities were obviously inconceivable. It was no wonder people always said that throughout the history of the Star Boundary, only Flowing Time Great Emperor was an equal match for Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, Wu Kuang. Nevertheless, they were not born in the same era; otherwise, there would’ve been an epic competition for the top position.


Although Flowing Time Great Emperor’s rib was powerful, it was ultimately a dead object; therefore, Wind Lord was able to resist it. As he pushed his immense Demon Qi to resist the Time Principles within the bone, his withered right hand started restoring in a rapid manner. Seeing that, he sneered and raised the bone in his hand.


At that instant, all the lights in the valley seemed to focus on that single rib. Wind Lord performed a hand seal with one hand, and as his figure contorted, he flew down to the array, standing at its core. In just a moment, the Great Emperor’s bone became an indispensable part of the array.


Following that, the over twenty Emperor Realm Masters pushed their Demon Qi into the array and infused it into the rib.


Just then, all the Emperor Realm Masters were startled while Yang Kai’s expression changed.


That was because when the array became complete, everyone could feel that they had become a part of the array. Their energy streamed into the array and flowed around before entering the Great Emperor’s bone.


The situation was just like what Grandmaster Sun had said. Once the Spirit Array started running, no one could stop it as they pleased; otherwise, they would suffer a serious backlash. The power of the backlash was equivalent to a collective strike from all the Emperor Realm Masters attached to the array, so no one could resist it.


Even Wind Lord wouldn’t be able to parry the strike.


Yang Kai felt frustrated as he was just here to find out the intention of those from Demon Heavenly Dao. Earlier, he joined the array just to conceal his identity; however, he hadn’t expected that he would be in a tight spot now, which was quite embarrassing for him.


Although he was powerful, and his Half-Dragon body was incredibly tough, he would still end up in a miserable state if he were to bear the array’s backlash. Nevertheless, he was displeased at the thought that he would have to spend so much effort to maintain the array for Demon Heavenly Dao.


Even though it looked like a deadlock, there was still a way to resolve the situation. Yang Kai came up with several possible solutions before he managed to calm down and decided to keep observing until the critical moment.


The array’s power continued flowing into the Great Emperor’s bone as the spirituality within the rib was slowly awakened. The Great Emperor’s aura became thicker and more conspicuous. Time Principles were wreaking havoc in a particular space in the sky as the flow of time alternated between fast and slow, which made that area of space warp unnaturally.


When the aura around the bone reached its peak, a glint flashed across the eyes of the unmoving Wind Lord as he shouted, “Open!”


With the bone in his right hand, he pointed at the space in front of him. Following that, a ripple spread from that region of space. With the bone as the centre, it expanded as more ripples continuously spread out, which made the area look somewhat surreal.


In the bizarre-looking space, something massive slowly took shape.


Initially, the contours of the object were very blurred, so no one could tell what it was. It was like a mirage, but as Wind Lord continued channelling his technique and forming new hands seals, the image quickly became clear.


All the Emperor Realm Masters, who were sustaining the array, looked up in horror as they couldn’t move their eyes away from the contour.


It was apparently the contour of a palace. Wind Lord was pulling out a gigantic palace from the Void. As the palace became clear, everyone was engulfed by an incredible pressure. It was as though Wind Lord was drawing out a ferocious beast instead of a palace, and it was going to devour everyone at the scene.


Grandmaster Sun guffawed and yelled, “The almighty Wind Lord has drawn out the Flowing Time Temple! Demon Heavenly Dao will unify the entire Star Boundary and rule over it for eternity!”


[Flowing Time Temple! It’s really the Flowing Time Temple!] It wasn’t until this moment that all the Emperor Realm Masters realised what palace Wind Lord had just pulled out from the Void. It was the legendary palace of Flowing Time Great Emperor, Flowing Time Temple!


They were aware that they were in a valley where the entrance of the Four Seasons Realm was located, so it wasn’t that strange for the Flowing Time Temple to appear from inside the Void. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until this moment that they realised what an important event it was that they had just participated in. At that instant, all of them were excited, as they knew that they would be rewarded handsomely in the future for their efforts. The hundreds of disciples who were killed by Wind Lord as sacrifices didn’t matter anymore.


Yang Kai played along and pretended to be agitated. As he stared at the familiar Flowing Time Temple, he thought that what Nanmen Da Jun had said was right.


The Spirit Array Grandmaster Sun had arranged was indeed a Summoning Array, but he intended to summon Flowing Time Temple from the Four Seasons Realm instead of some beast.


The cultivators from Demon Heavenly Dao were truly greedy as they even had their eye on the palace of Flowing Time Great Emperor. Nevertheless, Can Ye was a Great Emperor himself. Although the Flowing Time Temple was an amazing treasure, it might not be useful to him at all. However, it was a different case for Wind Lord. As a Pseudo-Great Emperor, if he were able to obtain the Flowing Time Temple, he might stand a chance to comprehend the secrets of Time Principles and reach the peak of the Grand Dao. That was the reason why Wind Lord was in charge of this matter instead of Can Ye.


Furthermore, Nanmen Da Jun had said that a key item was missing from this Spirit Array, which was now obviously the Great Emperor’s bone in Wind Lord’s hand.


The Flowing Time Temple was hidden within the Four Seasons Realm, but it wouldn’t open up before the time came; however, a bone from Flowing Time Great Emperor could be used to communicate with it.


With over twenty Emperor Realm Masters infusing their energy into the array, and using Flowing Time Great Emperor’s bone as a medium, Wind Lord was able to pull off such a feat even though he was just a Pseudo-Great Emperor. Those from Demon Heavenly Dao had an ambitious goal, and they were willing to spend lots of time and effort to accomplish their objectives.


As the huge palace became clear as every brick and tile exuded an ancient aura, Yang Kai slowly closed his eyes.


Finally, he understood what those from Demon Heavenly Dao were up to. He had been holding back for a long time for a moment like this.


Swiftly, he communicated with the Small Sealed World using his Divine Sense, and as he opened his eyes again, a murderous intent could be seen brimming from his gaze.


All of a sudden, three figures appeared around Yang Kai. One of the figures directly pounced on the Emperor Realm Masters closest to Yang Kai, while the other two figures launched themselves at Wind Lord.


Three Half-Saints had joined forces for a surprise attack, so no one was able to resist them. At the very least, the Emperor Realm Master closest to Yang Kai was unable to parry the attack. He was only a First-Order Emperor Realm, and he was engrossed in watching the manifestation of the Flowing Time Temple in the sky, so he had never expected that the person beside him would summon someone to attack him.


Nevertheless, even if he had figured it out in advance, he wouldn’t have the power to resist.


When Bai Ya reached him and extended his finger, that person then appeared shocked and turned to look at Bai Ya as he wondered why a man had appeared out of thin air.


Bai Ya didn’t have any murderous intent at all as his intention was to destroy the array; however, when his finger came into contact with that person, the latter exploded into mist without even a chance to grunt. In an instant, he was killed and not even a single bone was left.


It wasn’t that Bai Ya had killed him. Instead, he had lost his life due to the backlash of the array. As a First-Order Emperor Realm Master, he was unable to parry the collective strike from over twenty Emperor Realm Masters.


Besides him, Bai Ya was also sent flying backwards like a wet rag. The Demon Qi around him undulated as he coughed up some blood in mid-air before he landed on the ground, looking quite battered.


One by one, the Emperor Realm Masters in the array grunted and suffered backlash as well. The stronger ones only felt dizzy and staggered, while the weaker ones sprayed out blood and collapsed to the ground.


When the backlash broke out, no one was spared. It seemed that Grandmaster Sun didn’t lie to them.


However, the backlash didn’t have the same effect on everyone. The stronger cultivators were able to bear it while the weaker cultivators were most severely affected, especially the one who was disturbed by Bai Ya’s finger. It could be said that he had destroyed the array, so the backlash he was stricken with was the harshest. That was why he exploded on the spot.


The backlash did not spare Yang Kai either as he began seeing stars and felt dizzy.


Fortunately, the Soul Warming Lotus in his Knowledge Sea exuded lights of seven colours and swept a cooling sensation over him, which allowed him to pull himself together.


However, he was shocked when he looked up.


While Bai Ya was destroying the array, the Embodiment and Bai Zhuo had pounced on Wind Lord. Both Half-Saints were fairly powerful. Bai Zhuo was one of the Half-Saints who worked under Yu Ru Meng, and it had been a long time since he reached his current realm, so his foundation was solid. On the other hand, even though the Embodiment was a new Half-Saint, he had the body of a Stone Spirit and had obtained Shi Huo’s Source. Furthermore, he had cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, so his heritage was immense as well. Either one of them was an equal match for Wind Lord, so the expected result was them easily defeating the latter when they worked together.


Hence, Yang Kai thought that even if Wind Lord wouldn’t lose the battle that quickly, he would be in a terrible state as the Embodiment and Bai Zhuo could easily suppress him. When Bai Ya managed to pull himself together, it would be three people against one, and if Yang Kai also joined the battle, they could easily defeat Wind Lord.


However, reality was different from what Yang Kai had imagined. At this moment, the Embodiment and Bai Zhuo were just three hundred metres away from Wind Lord; however, Bai Zhuo was rooted to the spot, still in a lunging posture.


It wasn’t that he had frozen in place as he was still moving forward, but his speed was incredibly slow. Judging from his current speed, it would take him at least three years before he reached Wind Lord.


On the other hand, the Embodiment reached Wind Lord and launched into an intense battle with him. Both of their movements were unbelievably fast, far beyond what they should have been capable of. In fact, their movements were accelerated manifolds by an invisible power. In the blink of an eye, they had traded several thousands of moves as the world seemed to be shaking and explosions happened everywhere due to their battle.


Countless afterimages had been left behind as well, and at first glance, it was as though an innumerable number of Embodiments and Wind Lords were clashing all at once.


If it wasn’t for Yang Kai’s powerful cultivation, he wouldn’t have been able to see what was happening at all.


On one hand, the Embodiment and Wind Lord were unbelievably fast, while on the other hand, Bai Zhuo was incredibly slow. The stark contrast looked very odd to the beholder.




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