Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3645, The Might of a Golden Character


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With just one look, Yang Kai immediately understood that the time within a radius of three hundred metres around Wind Lord had been warped, which caused this kind of fantastical scene. At this moment, what was perceived from the outsider’s perspective, was not the same as what was perceived by those inside the field.


This had something to do with the Great Emperor’s bone instead of Wind Lord’s own power.


Without hesitating, Yang Kai leapt into the air and launched himself at Wind Lord.


He sported a solemn expression as his Demon Qi swirled around him. With a thick layer of Demon Qi that had engulfed him, he performed a hand seal with both hands and yelled, “Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream!”


Just three hundred metres away from the battle, Yang Kai pushed out his palms.


In an instant, time and space around Wind Lord became orderly again. Although Yang Kai wasn’t an expert in the Dao of Time, he knew a thing or two about it. His Divine Ability, Time Flies Seal, was inherited from Flowing Time Great Emperor, and it was good enough to resist the disruptive power of the Great Emperor’s bone.


At the same time, Bai Zhuo broke free from the chains of Time Principles. As he howled and lifted his hand, a blood river shot towards Wind Lord. In the blood river, wraiths could be seen rolling and wailing, which gave off a horrifying aura.


The Embodiment extended his hand and summoned out the Demonic War Hammer. Following that, he brandished his hammer at Wind Lord.


Two Half-Saints and one High-Rank Demon King used their Divine Abilities and attacked Wind Lord. The power of their collective strike was stunning.


The turn of events caused Wind Lord’s expression to change drastically. As a Pseudo-Great Emperor, he had incredibly sharp senses, so he knew that both the Embodiment and Bai Zhuo were not easy to deal with. There was also Bai Ya who was sent flying backwards after suffering from the array’s backlash. Now, there were three Half-Saints ganged up on him, how was he supposed to battle against them?


At such a critical moment, a thought sprang into his mind as he stared at Yang Kai and bellowed through clenched teeth, “Yang Kai!”


As one of the Four Great Lords in Demon Heavenly Dao, he was able to gather information that most people wouldn’t have access to. When Yang Kai, Yu Ru Meng, and the others returned from the Demon Realm, they had come across Can Ye in the Two Worlds’ Passage, so Night Shadow Great Emperor spread the news. Wind Lord obtained this information from Can Ye directly.


Hence, he wouldn’t doubt why Half-Saints from the Demon Race would make a move against him because he knew that they were enemies.


He indeed lived up to his status as a Pseudo-Great Emperor as he was able to remain unfazed. As a thought flashed across his mind, a gale was suddenly formed. Following that, countless wind blades swirled around him and served as a protective shield. At the same time, he summoned a shuttle-shaped artifact and hurled it at Bai Zhuo.


The artifact was only a palm’s length long and it looked very ordinary; however, Bai Zhuo hurriedly stopped in his tracks as though he was facing a formidable foe. Then, the blood river returned to protect him.


With a loud boom, the shuttle-shaped artifact exploded and caused the blood river to scatter apart. As a consequence, Bai Zhuo staggered back more than a thousand metres, looking quite battered.


Wind Lord lifted his hand again and pressed his palm against the Embodiment’s Demonic War Hammer. Upon impact, the Embodiment was sent flying backwards while Wind Lord turned into a gust of wind and easily neutralized the violent attack.


In the blink of an eye, Wind Lord was able to push back two Half-Saints, so it was apparent that he was truly powerful.


On the other hand, Yang Kai managed to land his Time Flies Seal on Wind Lord’s chest.


Wind Lord grunted as his facial features contorted. His face could be seen ageing rapidly, but it soon stopped, and his face was quickly restored to its original state. Although the Time Flies Seal was a powerful technique, it would be rendered useless if the difference in strength was too great.


Wind Lord was a Pseudo-Great Emperor, and he was even able to resist the corrosion of Time Principles within the Great Emperor’s bone, so it was expected that he could counter Time Flies Seal as well.


Nevertheless, he wasn’t totally fine. Yang Kai’s attack had slightly injured him.


Just then, the Embodiment and Bai Zhuo returned while Bai Ya suppressed the turbulent vitality in his body and flew over. The entire sky seemed to be filled with the three Half-Saints’ murderous intent as Yang Kai cast Time Flies Seal again.


Wind Lord appeared helpless. He was able to parry the collective attack by two Half-Saints and Yang Kai once, but he couldn’t do it again. Moreover, Bai Ya joined the battle this time.


It wasn’t that he wasn’t strong, but rather that he was facing four opponents, who were all individually his equal. He had some Emperor Realm Masters who worked for him, but due to the Spirit Array’s backlash, they were either dead or injured, so they were useless right now. The only healthy one was Grandmaster Sun, but he was an Array Master, so he wasn’t adept at fighting. Clenching his teeth, he blamed Yang Kai and the others for being shameless as they oppressed him with more people on their side, which wasn’t what top cultivators were supposed to do; however, he didn’t intend to raise the white flag here. With determination written all over his face, he bit his tongue and sprayed his Blood Essence on the Great Emperor’s bone.


A dazzling light shone as a golden character shot out of the Great Emperor’s bone. The character looked odd, and no one could recognise what it was.


Yang Kai and the others had their expressions changed. Even though they couldn’t recognise this character, they could feel a very dangerous aura coming from it. At the critical moment, Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and charged forward instead of retreating, sending out his Time Flies Seal again. At the same time, the Embodiment wielded his Demonic War Hammer while Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya used their respective Divine Abilities.


Right then, a golden light flashed across their eyes as all their minds seemed to have turned blank.


When Yang Kai recovered a moment later, he realised that Wind Lord’s face had aged slightly. He looked like a thirty-year-old man previously, but he now looked like he was in his forties.


The Time Flies Seal had dispersed while the attacks from the Embodiment, Bai Ya, and Bai Zhuo disappeared as well. Just now, only a breath of time seemed to have passed, but none of them knew what had happened during that brief period.


Wind Lord, whose appearance seems to have aged by ten years, sported an inscrutable smile.


As a thought flashed across Yang Kai’s mind, he quickly examined himself, and upon making sure that he was fine, he set his mind at ease. However, he was still drenched in cold sweat. Just now, Wind Lord must have done something, but no one saw it or detected it.


Then, he turned to look at the Half-Saints and found the problem.


Bai Zhuo was rooted to the spot as he was as unmoving as a sculpture. There was a faint golden glow on his chest. It was apparent that he was struck by an attack!


Bai Ya realised the problem earlier than he did and with a dark expression, he said, “He’s not dead.”


Indeed, the vitality within Bai Zhuo was still vibrant, and there was no trace of any injury on him; however, for some reason, he had become as stiff as a statue.


The golden character that had flown out from the Great Emperor’s bone had vanished as well. Certainly, the state Bai Zhuo was in must have something to do with that golden character.


“Are you still going to fight?” Wind Lord put on a smile as though he was certain that he would win, “All of you will lose your lives here. Flee now, and perhaps you can live a while longer.”


“Kill!” Yang Kai bellowed in response, swinging his arms widely, sending out a Moon Blade towards Wind Lord. At the same time, the Embodiment and Bai Ya launched themselves at Wind Lord from opposite sides.


Once more, Wind Lord spat a mouthful of Blood Essence on the Great Emperor’s bone.


Seeing this, Yang Kai widened his eyes in disbelief. The strange golden character which contained an immense power appeared once more. Apparently, it was a Divine Ability hidden in the Great Emperor’s bone. Even though Bai Zhuo had been petrified, it wouldn’t affect the situation as Yang Kai still had two Half-Saints with him; however, he hadn’t expected that Wind Lord could use the same trick more than once. It seemed that they were powerless to counter his attack.


Although Wind Lord had sacrificed his own Blood Essence to launch this strike, he was able to petrify a Half-Saint with the golden character. If he kept coughing up mouthfuls of Blood Essence, all of them would be doomed.


The Great Emperor’s bone shone again as the golden character shot out. Just like what had happened earlier, when the golden character appeared, all their minds seemed to freeze.


When Yang Kai came to his senses, he realised that he and the Embodiment were still fine; however, just like Bai Zhuo, Bai Ya had turned into a sculpture. The price Wind Lord had to pay was that he had aged even more. Earlier, he was an elegant-looking middle-aged man, but now, he had become an old man in his fifties or sixties.


Yang Kai stared at the bone in Wind Lord’s hand with narrowed eyes and said grimly, “If you’re still able to use the same trick one more time, I’ll cut my head off for you!”


Wind Lord coughed and shook his head with a bitter smile, “Palace Master Yang’s vision is indeed sharp. Given my ability, I’m only able to use this move twice.”


It wasn’t that Yang Kai had the eyes of an eagle, it was just that after the golden character appeared for the second time, a lot of small cracks started appearing on the Great Emperor’s bone. Obviously, this kind of move would also damage the Great Emperor’s rib, and it couldn’t be used for a third time.


Yang Kai arrogantly lifted his chin and said callously, “Come then. How would you like to die?”


At this moment, he was completely incensed. They were in an advantageous position as they had more people on their side, so supposedly, it shouldn’t have been hard for them to capture this Pseudo-Great Emperor. However, their opponent managed to strike first and petrify Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya. The two Half-Saints still had very strong vitality and there were no signs that they were wounded. Nevertheless, no one knew what kind of Divine Ability the golden character was, all Yang Kai knew was that he would have to spend a lot of time and effort to undo its effects.


That was the reason Yang Kai was infuriated. However, they were still in a favourable position presently. Wind Lord had activated the Great Emperor’s Divine Ability twice and he had paid a hefty price. On the other hand, Yang Kai and the Embodiment were still in top form. If they got into a fight, there was no way Wind Lord would be able to defeat them.


Despite being in an unfavourable position, Wind Lord still kept a smile on his face, “Palace Master Yang, are you sure you’ll win? Although I can’t use the same move again, it doesn’t mean I’m weak. Please think twice before you decide to make things difficult for me.”


Yang Kai snorted, “Cripple your cultivation and this King might consider letting you off.”


Wind Lord shook his head and burst into laughter, “Palace Master Yang, you think too highly of yourself.”


As he spoke, he raised the slightly cracked bone in his hand, “There’s still a Secret Technique in this bone; however, I wouldn’t want to use it unless I’m left with no other choice. So, I’d like to discuss terms with you.”


“No need. We are enemies and cannot be friends. Today, either you die or we perish!”


Appearing to be helpless, Wind Lord lowered his head and fell into his thoughts for a moment before he gazed at Yang Kai and asked, “Palace Master Yang, do you insist on forcing this King?”


“Pass me the Great Emperor’s bone and I may consider letting you off.”


Wind Lord shook his head, “No. Other than that, we can discuss anything else.”


“There’s no need for a discussion, then.” After Yang Kai finished speaking, his figure blurred. The next moment, he already reached Wind Lord as he pushed out a finger at him.


Yang Kai had exerted all his might in this finger. It wasn’t a Divine Ability or a Secret Technique; however, if a Pseudo-Great Emperor was struck with this attack, there was no way he would still be fine.


The Embodiment and Yang Kai had their Souls connected, so as soon as Yang Kai made a move, the Embodiment appeared behind Wind Lord. As Demon Qi swirled around his Demonic War Hammer, he attempted to smash it down.


This time, Wind Lord didn’t spray out some Blood Essence, nor did a golden character appear from the Great Emperor’s bone. However, at the critical moment, he flashed a smile at Yang Kai.


At that instant, Yang Kai was alarmed as he pushed his finger forward faster. Even the Embodiment became more ferocious as he wielded his Demonic War Hammer.


Just then, a snapping sound was heard as an invisible power engulfed Wind Lord.




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