Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3647, Chaotic Time and Space


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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The seasons in the Four Seasons Realm kept changing every time Yang Kai took a step forward. If he came across such a phenomenon in the past, he would’ve been elated; after all, it was normally difficult to see such wonderful sights. If he stopped to comprehend the wonder around him, he would definitely gain some insights.


However, he was in a rush now, so he didn’t have the heart to comprehend anything. Feeling frustrated, he headed straight to the Flowing Time Temple.


As time passed, his expression became solemn.


That was because he could feel that he was ageing. It had only been over a hundred years since he started cultivating, and cultivators absorbed World Energy to increase their own strength which allowed them to stay youthful. Hence, Yang Kai only looked like a young man in his twenties or early thirties. Perhaps his appearance still wouldn’t change after hundreds or even thousands of years.


Normally, it was impossible for anyone to feel that they were ageing, unless the speed at which it was happening was incredibly rapid, and that was the situation Yang Kai was in presently.


As the seasons kept changing for every step he took, and as he charged forward, he could clearly feel that time was passing quickly.


He had only moved for several dozen kilometres, but he felt as if several dozen years had passed. This wasn’t an illusion or his mind playing tricks on him either. He was certain that several dozen years had truly passed. In other words, he had only moved forward in the Four Seasons Realm for several dozen kilometres, but he had also aged by several dozen years for seemingly no reason!


That revelation made his heart sink. He wasn’t sure whether it was due to the abnormality in the Four Seasons Realm, or he had really aged by so many years. Whatever the reason, he could not stop. Despite knowing that time was truly flying, he had to keep moving forward rapidly. He decided to pull himself together and stopped letting the passing of time bother him.


A long time later, Yang Kai stopped in his tracks when he saw a huge palace in front of him. Looking up, he felt an ancient aura coming at him, which caused him to fall into a dazed state. At that instant, he had forgotten why he had come all the way to this place, and could not remember who he actually was.


He had crossed a thousand kilometres, which translated to a thousand years of time having passed. Whatever had happened in the outside world, Yang Kai could perceive that a thousand years had passed for him. He had basically stopped thinking while instinctively flying forward. It could be expected that he would feel lost when he reached his destination.


However, when the words ‘Flowing Time Temple’ came into his sight, his blurred vision brightened and his mind became clear again. He finally remembered who he was and the reason he had come to this place.


Since the door was open, he decided to step right in. The moment he moved past the door, he entered the Flowing Time Temple.


Before he managed to investigate the surroundings, he saw a figure coming at him. With a grim expression, he circulated his Demon Qi and was ready to make a move. However, when he made out the person’s face, he widened his eyes in disbelief.


That was because the person’s outfit and demeanour were identical to those of his own. If there were a mirror in front of him, he would have thought that he was looking at his own reflection.


Upon closer look, he realised that there were still some differences. The other person looked older than him by a few years. Moreover, he was apparently injured as blood was still streaming out of his mouth.


Certainly, both of them could see one another. As their eyes met, the other person didn’t wait for Yang Kai to speak as he shouted, “Cut the crap. Look for your son this instant!”


After he finished speaking, he whizzed past Yang Kai like a gust of wind and disappeared into a Void Crack.


It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Kai realised the hall was filled with Void Cracks. The cracks came in different sizes, but they all looked like the hideous mouths of beasts as though they were ready to devour anyone who approached.


Yang Kai was befuddled by what ‘he’ had just said. Although he had a few wives, he still didn’t have a son. Nevertheless, he did have an adoptive son, who was a member of the Dragon Clan. He thought that he could see that brat upon entering the hall, but he could not have expected that this strange sight was what awaited him.


Whatever the case, Yang Kai couldn’t stop minding it after a person that looked identical to him had shown up. Without hesitation, he followed that person and charged into the Void Crack.


The next moment, he saw the world around him spinning, then he appeared in a hall again. The hall looked just like the one earlier, as though he hadn’t moved at all. The place was still filled with Void Cracks; however, ‘he’ was no longer in sight, which made Yang Kai frown. He had stepped into the same crack, so why had ‘he’ gone missing?


While he was puzzled, a Void Crack beside him could be seen fluctuating. Yang Kai turned his head to look at it, only to see another person that looked identical to him rushing out.


This person looked even more severely injured as he was drenched in golden blood. All his clothes had become tattered and his face was as pale as a white sheet. Presently, he was running toward Yang Kai.


At that instant, Yang Kai was shocked. He was stumped when he saw his first ‘self’ earlier. Although he was astounded, he didn’t read too much into it as he thought that it might just be an illusion; however, when his second ‘self’ appeared, he immediately examined him, and the result was horrifying.


That was because the other person was really himself! Besides the identical outfit and aura, the energy fluctuation and Divine Sense from that person were also exactly the same. It was impossible that two identical people existed in this world. Even if they were twins, there would still be some minor differences between them. However, the two ‘selves’ he had come across were totally identical to him, except that they looked slightly older.


Nevertheless, the older appearance suggested that he hadn’t just become older by a few years. When he was flying across the Four Seasons Realm earlier, he sensed that a thousand years had passed. When he was affected by the Power of Time previously, which caused him to age by a thousand years, his appearance still didn’t change one bit. It had to be more than a thousand years for him to start showing signs of ageing. Perhaps two thousand or even three thousand years had passed for his other ‘selves’.


Furthermore, after a careful examination, Yang Kai realised that the present ‘self’ looked slightly different from the first ‘self’ he just saw.


Yang Kai didn’t have the heart to make a move on himself, so he quickly shouted, “Stop!”


The second ‘self’ turned to look at him and grinned, “Run! Are you waiting for death by just standing there?”


Yang Kai felt odd as his other ‘self’ had just spoken to him, so he was lost for words. While he was hesitating, the second ‘self’, just like the first one, had disappeared into a Void Crack.


The next moment, a figure shot out from the crack where his second ‘self’ had gone into. He was elegantly dressed, and his demeanour seemed gentle. He was none other than Wind Lord!


Earlier, Wind Lord had repeatedly coughed out Blood Essence to activate the Divine Ability hidden in Flowing Time Great Emperor’s rib bone, which caused serious damage to himself. He had also aged by twenty to thirty years, so he had turned from a man in his thirties to someone in his old age.


However, at this moment, Wind Lord had returned to his original state. Moreover, his aura was abundant, which suggested that it had been fully restored. In fact, his aura had become even more imposing than in the past.


Yang Kai was stunned as he didn’t understand how Wind Lord managed to achieve this. After Wind Lord activated the Divine Ability in the rib bone by using his own Blood Essence, supposedly, it would take him eighty to a hundred years of meditation to recover from the damage. Even if he had some Emperor Grade Pills or Artifacts that could help him shorten the time needed, he couldn’t have recovered so soon.


Although Yang Kai could feel that a thousand years had passed when he was moving across the Four Seasons Realm, he thought that it was just what he had perceived, not what had actually happened.


[Damn it!] Yang Kai cursed in his heart. The reason he entered the Four Seasons Realm on his own instead of letting the Embodiment follow him was that the latter had to stay in the outside world to clean up the mess. Also, he was confident of his own capabilities.


While he was fine, Wind Lord was severely injured. Moreover, Liu Yan and Qiong Qi were supposedly inside the Flowing Time Temple. Wind Lord barged into this place because he wasn’t aware of this fact; therefore, Yang Kai would just have to call out to Liu Yan and Qiong Qi. When they joined forces, they could easily defeat Wind Lord.


However, it turned out that Liu Yan and Qiong Qi were missing as he couldn’t detect their presence. On the other hand, Wind Lord was as imposing as a tiger. This was different from what Yang Kai had expected.


While Yang Kai was lost in his thoughts, Wind Lord saw him but didn’t immediately make a move; instead, he chuckled and said, “Which Yang Kai are you?”


Yang Kai frowned and fell silent mainly because he didn’t know how to reply to him.


Wind Lord went on to say, “Whatever. It makes no difference. I just have to kill any one of you.”


Upon finishing his words, he lifted his hand and pushed out a palm towards Yang Kai’s forehead.


Yang Kai hurriedly activated his Demon Qi and bellowed as his Mountains and Rivers Bell shot out to intercept the attack.


When a loud boom was heard, the Mountains and Rivers Bell shone brightly and was sent flying back. Upon impact, Yang Kai felt the vitality in his chest weltering. Before he managed to pull himself together though, Wind Lord raised his hand, after which a delicate hourglass appeared on his palm.


The hourglass might appear harmless, but Yang Kai’s expression changed as he instinctively felt a dangerous aura coming from it.


He didn’t know what the hourglass could do, but he was certain that Wind Lord was truly powerful; moreover, he had no idea what had been going on in this place, so he decided to stop fighting with him and quickly stored his Mountains and Rivers Bell. Before Wind Lord could activate the hourglass, Yang Kai hurriedly moved and disappeared into the Void Crack nearest to him.


When he reappeared, he realised that he was still in the hall that was full of Void Cracks. It was as though he had returned to the starting point.


After he calmed the vitality in his chest, he looked around vigilantly. When he saw a fluctuation from a nearby crack, he quickly turned to look at it.


As expected, a moment later, his third ‘self’ dashed out of it. Seeing that, Yang Kai frowned because the third ‘self’ looked even more battered than the previous two ‘selves’. There were no changes to his appearance as he looked like he was in his thirties; however, some of his hair had turned grey. How old must he be to have grown some grey hair?


After the third ‘self’ appeared, he shot toward Yang Kai, and before Yang Kai could speak, he hurriedly said, “You are me, and I’m also you. Time and space in this place have become a mess. What you’re seeing now is the future you. Do you get it now?”


Yang Kai wasn’t sure whether he should nod or shake his head because he wasn’t certain if the person in front of him was really himself. If that was true, he had basically met his future self in the same place.


Nevertheless, if time and space around this area had truly become chaotic, what his future self had said was possible.




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  1. It seems another annoying side quest.

    Funny though how we eventually reached the point where now all of YKs enemies are getting the unfair plot armor + gimmik advantages ^^ By now he should be able to wipe the floor with anyone below GE just by using the stupid bell, lol.

    1. Honestly. The amount of power he could summon when he was a 1OE was already crazy. Not to mention that he is now a 3OE with a much stronger soul. In fact, what happened to playing to your strengths? What happened to soul based attacks? His soul Emperor artifact sword?

  2. Time is always a fun concept to play around with. But in this chapter it makes even less sense than it should. Unless YK is a degenerated idiot, that is.

    1. No matter how much of a genius a character is – they cannot get any smarter than the author multiplied by the time an effort the author spent thinking for the character. And MoMo is a bit of a ditz, tbh.

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