Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3648, Three Consecutive Moves


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The universe was made up of space and time, so the secrets of the universe were also the secrets of space and time, which contained many profundities and abstrusities. Although Yang Kai was an expert in the Dao of Space, he had only touched on one part of the universe. As for the Dao of Time, he had only learned the Time Flies Seal.


The sight before his eyes had something to do with space and time, so he wasn’t able to distinguish the true from the false. At least, not right now.


After the third ‘self’ finished speaking, he suddenly turned around. With his expression changing, he yelled, “Wind Lord is coming. Run!”


Then, he directly took Yang Kai’s arm and dashed into the nearest Void Crack. Right before they entered the crack, the third ‘self’ hurriedly said, “The power of the hourglass in Wind Lord’s hand is inscrutable. You have to be careful of it.”


After Yang Kai emerged from the crack, he realised that he was alone again. He had run into the crack with his third ‘self’, but the latter was now nowhere to be seen.


However, when he looked around, he became elated because the hall he was in now was different from the previous one. He had stepped into the same hall several times prior to this and it was always filled with Void Cracks. This time, the hall didn’t look so eerie anymore.


Yang Kai let out a breath. If he kept seeing the same scene no matter how many times he moved, he wouldn’t know how to deal with it. He was relieved that there were finally some changes.


There was no one in the spacious hall, nor were there any traces of battle. The doors on both sides were open. Yang Kai investigated the surroundings with his Divine Sense but couldn’t find anything useful, so he decided to randomly choose a door and walked out of the hall.


Outside the hall, there was a corridor that was lined with two rows of rooms. The corridor was so long that there didn’t seem to be an end. Lights of different colours could be seen flowing on the floor, which made the place look strange.


Yang Kai walked up to the nearest room and kept his guard up before pushing the door open. Upon examination, he realised that there was basically nothing in the room, nor were there any people.


As he checked out more rooms, he still couldn’t find any useful clues. Furthermore, he realised that he couldn’t feel the flow of time in this place. Perhaps several dozen to over a hundred years had passed, or maybe the time had actually frozen.


The trip to the Flowing Time Temple this time was starkly different from his previous one. Soon, Yang Kai lost track of how many rooms he had checked out. When he pushed open the door of one of the rooms though, his gaze brightened.


Finally, the room wasn’t empty as a hideous giant beast was lying on the floor. At first glance, it looked like a tiger with two horns on its forehead and a pair of wings on its back.


The giant beast seemed oblivious to Yang Kai’s arrival as its snoring was as deafening as thunder. He was none other than Qiong Qi!


An elated Yang Kai walked over and called out to him, “Old Qiong! Old Qiong!”


After calling out to him several times, Yang Kai realised that Qiong Qi just wouldn’t respond to him, which made him scowl. Qiong Qi was a very powerful Divine Spirit. Even if he was cultivating in seclusion, he would awaken immediately if someone barged into his place, to say nothing of the fact that he was just asleep.


However, Qiong Qi wouldn’t respond no matter how Yang Kai called out to him, which was really odd.


Since shouting was ineffective, Yang Kai decided to go over and smack his head, but it was still useless. Qiong Qi seemed to be sound asleep, his snoring not stopping for a single breath.


With a few thuds, Yang Kai thumped the old tiger’s head several times with a force that was neither too light nor powerful. It wouldn’t hurt Qiong Qi, but it should be enough to force him awake. However, the outcome shocked Yang Kai because Qiong Qi remained unmoving even after getting punched by him.


Yang Kai was horrified because Qiong Qi still wouldn’t wake up despite such harsh treatment. [What happened to him?]


Qiong Qi was the one who led Liu Yan, Yang Xiao, and Yang Xue into the Four Seasons Realm, but he was the only one here now. Meanwhile, the other three had gone missing. [Where are they?]


Since Yang Kai was unable to make Qiong Qi wake up, he decided to put him in the Sealed World Bead. However, after several attempts, Yang Kai realized he couldn’t move him at all. It wasn’t his fault though as there was a layer of invisible power around Qiong Qi, which had blocked off Yang Kai’s Divine Sense. If he couldn’t break this layer of invisible power, he wouldn’t be able to put him in the Small Sealed World.


After a few more failed attempts, Yang Kai shook his head helplessly and gave up.


Although Qiong Qi was sound asleep, he appeared to be healthy, so there was nothing to worry about.


Since Yang Kai was able to find Qiong Qi here, Liu Yan and the others would surely be somewhere around this place as well. With this thought in mind, he accelerated his pace and searched more rooms.


In the Flowing Time Temple, the passing of time was a very vague thing. Even a strong cultivator like Yang Kai was unable to get a good sense of how much time had actually passed. A long time later, he found Liu Yan in another room.


Liu Yan still looked like a little girl, but just like Qiong Qi, she had fallen into a deep sleep. Presently, she had curled up on the ground and appeared quite serene.


After several attempts, Yang Kai realised that Liu Yan couldn’t be awakened, just like what had happened to Qiong Qi.


Both Qiong Qi and Liu Yan had fallen into a state of deep slumber, making Yang Kai wonder what they had come across after they entered the Four Seasons Realm. He thought that he could also find Yang Xiao and Yang Xue here, but even after searching all the rooms he could find, the two kids were still nowhere to be seen.


At the end of the corridor, there was another hall. Upon entering it, Yang Kai fell into a dazed state again because the hall looked just like the previous one, so he thought that he had returned to the starting point.


Nevertheless, there was a person in this room. He was elegantly dressed and had the look of a scholar. He was none other than one of the Four Great Lords under the Master of Demon Heavenly Dao, Wind Lord!


Presently, Wind Lord seemed to be in peak condition as all his wounds had been healed. At this moment, he was seated with his legs crossed on a platform where there was a translucent light screen that served as a barrier around him.


Conspicuous fluctuations of Time Principles could be seen exuding from the light screen. Wind Lord had closed his eyes, so it seemed that he was still recuperating, unaware of Yang Kai’s arrival.


After staring at him with narrowed eyes for a while, Yang Kai took a deep breath, and when he let it out, Demon Qi could be seen roiling around him as he prepared for battle.


Earlier, he had come across three ‘selves’ who looked battered as they were hunted down by Wind Lord. One of them had even told him to look for Yang Xiao quickly. However, the situation in the Flowing Time Temple was peculiar. If he wanted to break free from it, he had to directly deal with Wind Lord; therefore, Yang Kai decided to make a decisive move.


Following that, he leapt and disappeared from his spot. When he reappeared, he was already above Wind Lord as he infused his Demonic Qi into the Myriads Sword and forcefully brought it down.


The light screen around the platform was actually the masterpiece of a Great Emperor, so someone like Yang Kai was naturally unable to break it. When his sword met the barrier, the light screen became a little dented, but failed to break.


Hearing the noise, Wind Lord, who was meditating, abruptly opened his eyes. As their eyes met, Wind Lord grinned, “You could’ve stayed out of this place and lived, but you’ve decided to ask for death instead. You’ve come at the perfect time!”


He lifted his hand and penetrated the light screen before grasping the Myriads Sword. As he pushed his Emperor Qi, he sent a shock wave across the sword.


Yang Kai directly released the hilt to abandon the sword though as he pushed his Divine Sense, causing the pupil in his left eye to become a golden whirlpool that seemed able to absorb anyone’s Soul. A budding lotus shot out from his eye and penetrated Wind Lord’s Knowledge Sea.


Seeing the Blossoming Lotus, Wind Lord shuddered. Although he was strong, he was no match for Yang Kai when it came to Soul cultivation. He wasn’t careful enough, which was why he was hit by this move.


The white lotus started blooming and absorbing the power of his Soul. Wind Lord grunted as the water in his Knowledge Sea tumbled to resist the Soul Secret Technique.


However, the lotus was unable to fully bloom. In the end, Wind Lord wasn’t a pushover. Although he had fallen into a trap, he was still able to resist. Just when he sneered and was ready to mock Yang Kai’s lack of ability, his expression changed again.


That was because the lotus started expanding all of a sudden. From what he perceived, the lotus was so huge that it was able to engulf him in it, and then it rapidly began closing up.


Although Yang Kai was unable to achieve his goal with Blossoming Lotus, he still had Sealed Lotus. He was ruthless and resolute in his attack as he used two Soul Secret Techniques in a consecutive manner.


“Break!” Wind Lord’s Divine Sense surged. As he growled, he managed to break free from the chains of the lotus and escape, only to unexpectedly see a sword light flashing across his eyes.


Soul Splitting Saber, Heaven Severing Slash! 


Following Blossoming Lotus and Sealed Lotus, Yang Kai went on to use his Soul Splitting Saber.


At that instant, Wind Lord was unable to fend off the strike and his Knowledge Sea was slashed by Soul Splitting Saber. It felt terrible to have one’s Soul cut apart, so Wind Lord’s face became contorted. At the same time, his Emperor Qi became chaotic.


The entire world seemed to be shaking as Yang Kai was sent flying backwards. His face turned pale while he was in mid-air, but he still manipulated his Space Principles and launched himself at Wind Lord. At the same time, he quickly performed a hand seal with both hands. Following that, the Mountains and Rivers Bell appeared and fell towards Wind Lord.


Then, Yang Kai shouted, “Dragon Transformation!”


As a high-pitched Dragon Roar was heard, his entire body shone with a golden gleam. Following a series of crackling sounds, his figure was covered in Dragon Scales and two horns protruded from his forehead. His hands had turned into pointed Dragon Claws and he had grown larger by three metres. There was also a Dragon Tail behind him.


In just a short moment, he had transformed into a Half-Dragon.


Wind Lord was still in a dazed state after he was slashed by the Soul Splitting Saber when Yang Kai reached him and clenched his shoulders with his Dragon Claws. The next moment, the Mountains and Rivers Bell was about to engulf them inside.


Yang Kai reckoned that he was no match for Wind Lord when it came to cultivation. He came to this conclusion after he saw how his three ‘selves’ ended up beaten and bloody. Hence, he didn’t even consider competing with Wind Lord using his cultivation as he had his own advantage, which was his Half-Dragon Form.


Wind Lord was no match for him in this regard. As long as Yang Kai could narrow down the battlefield and force Wind Lord into a battle of fists, he would stand a chance of winning.


Therefore, he decided to trap Wind Lord and himself inside the Mountains and Rivers Bell. Previously, he had used this tactic to kill the Half-Saint Yin Si in the Demon Realm. Although Yang Kai became half-dead after that battle, it was better than him allowing Wind Lord to use his full power.


Yang Kai’s series of moves made Wind Lord suffer a major setback. He had heard about the Mountains and Rivers Bell as it was a natal artifact left behind by Yuan Ding Great Emperor, so he knew that if he was trapped inside it, he probably wouldn’t be able to flee.


Therefore, as soon as Wind Lord saw the falling Ancient Exotic Artifact, he knew what Yang Kai was up to.




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  1. How does a Pseudo Great emperor break the soul technique of someone who’s soul is overwhelmingly more powerful than his when it takes a Demon Saint years to break a soul technique from that same person? And how does the bell go from being able to trap a Pseudo GE Divine Spirit indefinitely when used by a first order emperor to not even being able to play a roles against an opponent with similar strength as a third order emperor?

    1. Because author wrote himself into a corner.

      But yeah, especially the Bell has gone from something even GEs would desire and something that literally made someone rise to the level of a GE pretty much by itself, to just a gimmik that has basically no value in any relevant fight.

  2. Yea every fight encounter with this guy has left a bad taste in my mouth. Fights off two guys with the same cultivation and YK at the same time. Resists attacks just through brute force. Even with all that though, I’m going to be SUPER pissed (like wait and skip past it kind of mad) if the author keeps giving this guy control over Time principles just because he has a FUCKING bone. If that’s all it takes to obtain minor mastery over a GEs secret techniques, it would definitely have been mentioned before.

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