Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3652, The End


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After Yang Kai finished speaking, his right eye suddenly turned black. It was the purest black as though his eye was able to devour everything in this world. The Demon Qi around him surged towards the sky as his aura no longer appeared weak.


Yang Kai’s loud but solemn voice reverberated around the hall, “Black Eye Purgatory, Infinite Darkness!”


This was one of Yang Kai’s trump cards, which was even more powerful than his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique. In the past, he had gone through demonification when he was still in the Dao Source Realm and managed to escape unscathed after a battle with three Emperor Realm Masters using this technique, which went to show how powerful it was.


Despite that, there was a hefty price to pay. Every time Yang Kai used it, he would be at risk of becoming fully demonified.


When he used the Secret Technique in the past, he had to undo the seal on his dantian and release the Ancient Demon Qi from it; however, since Yang Kai reached the Third-Order Emperor Realm in the Demon Realm, he had become a true Demon and all his Emperor Qi had been transformed into Demon Qi. So, he didn’t have to unseal anything or worry about losing his mind anymore, so could use Infinite Darkness whenever he wanted.


Faced with a Pseudo-Great Emperor, Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to lower his guard, which was why he directly used the Command Token at the beginning of the fight in an attempt to win the battle in one shot, but the outcome turned out to be different from what he had expected. The Great Emperor’s Divine Ability was offset by the Infinite Hourglass, rendering it ineffective. Next, Yang Kai used his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique and summoned the Mountains and Rivers Bell, but he still couldn’t defeat his enemy. Now, he was only left with Infinite Darkness, which was his last trump card.


Despite using his most powerful trump card, Yang Kai still wasn’t confident of defeating Wind Lord. Previously, he had killed a Half-Saint on his own in the Demon Realm, but that was because Yin Si’s injuries from the war on the Eternal Sky Continent still hadn’t healed, which gave him a chance to take advantage. Moreover, Yin Si was most proficient with Soul and Charm Techniques, which were all useless against Yang Kai. That was the real reason she was killed in the end.


However, it was a different case for Wind Lord as his injuries had completely healed since he had recuperated in this place for a hundred years prior. Although he had become fatigued from the battle, he was still in a much better state than Yin Si at the time.


Once Infinite Darkness was cast, the hall immediately fell into a pitch-black abyss. Not only was Wind Lord unable to see anything, but even his other senses had been sealed.


Wind Lord had never expected that Yang Kai was still able to use such a powerful technique at this point. Although he was slightly shocked, he remained unfazed as he quickly cast a technique to protect himself. With the hourglass in his left hand and his fan artifact in his right, he only needed to stay vigilant.


Just then, he suddenly sensed something and looked up. Although he couldn’t see anything, he could clearly feel that there was a huge black eye above him that was looking down at him in the darkness. This kind of invisible pressure made him feel anxious.


For some reason, he suddenly became alarmed and without thinking, he wielded the fan in his right hand and roared, after which a tornado shot out and turned into a huge and hideous Wind Dragon.


Yang Kai was charging forward when he saw the Wind Dragon approach, causing his brow to twitch as he thought to himself that it was truly difficult to deal with a Pseudo-Great Emperor. Supposedly, Wind Lord shouldn’t be able to see or perceive anything inside Infinite Darkness, but he could still accurately locate Yang Kai and know what the latter was doing, which went to show how extraordinary he was.


Such a person had fallen into Demon Heavenly Dao and become the Demons’ lackey, which was a shame.


Faced with the Wind Dragon, Yang Kai lifted his right hand and smashed the Mountains and Rivers Bell down at it. In silence, the Dragon’s head was blasted apart while its body turned into countless wind blades and shot out in all directions.


At that instant, sparks could be seen flaring on Yang Kai’s figure as the wind blades slashed at his Dragon Scales. Although the impact didn’t produce any sound, they were still incredibly powerful. Despite the fact that Yang Kai was in an advantageous position, he still suffered a setback. Many new cuts had been formed on his body, but he had also managed to reach a spot that was just ten metres above Wind Lord.


Given their close proximity, Yang Kai decided to raise his gigantic hand, which was right above Wind Lord’s head, and brought it down.


Wind Lord suddenly raised his head as though he was able to see the approaching palm. As he roared, he extended his hand to parry the attack. A gale gathered in the centre of his palm and turned into a humongous wind palm.


It was once again a silent clash. When their palms came into contact, Yang Kai’s figure arched backwards as though he was about to tumble away, but upon impact, Wind Lord also had no choice but to lower his body. It was a draw!


While Yang Kai clenched his teeth, Wind Lord was astounded.


Unlike how they kept dodging attacks earlier, this was a clash of pure power this time. Wind Lord could no longer remain nonchalant upon realising that a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master had just as much strength as he had.


Without stopping, he stabilised himself and charged towards the direction he just parried the attack, deciding to seize the initiative.


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t back down. He widened his stance to stand firmly on the ground and pushed out a fist.


After this clash, both parties were sent flying back. In that instant, a Pseudo-Great Emperor and a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master launched into a brutal melee inside the pitch-black hall.


Yang Kai wanted this kind of direct clash because Wind Lord was more powerful than he was and the latter had cultivated for a longer time. Moreover, Wind Lord had the Infinite Hourglass with him. If the battle dragged on, there was no hope for Yang Kai to win, so he welcomed what Wind Lord had done.


However, to Wind Lord, he had no other choice. Although the Infinite Hourglass was powerful, it was useless against Space Secret Techniques. His vision had been shaded and he could barely perceive anything, so it was difficult for him to locate Yang Kai. Presently, he was basically blind and deaf. He could only rely on the moments when he traded blows with Yang Kai to detect his faint aura. Without those moments, he would never be able to locate Yang Kai.


Therefore, he wouldn’t dare to back down and instead clashed head-on with Yang Kai in the hope that he could defeat his opponent in close quarters. At this moment, Demon Qi was swirling violently around their bodies, so it was apparent that they had fully unleashed their strength and were no longer holding anything back. Things had come to a point where one of them had to lose his life before the fight would end.


During the battle, Yang Kai kept using Dragon Clan Secret Techniques while Wind Lord rapidly sent out razor-sharp wind blades using his fan, which caused Yang Kai to go through excruciating pain.


Their intense battle caused the hall to turn into a mess. Fortunately, this was Flowing Time Great Emperor’s palace, the Flowing Time Temple. If it were just any other palace, the entire building would’ve collapsed already.


The battle raged on, but as time passed, both Yang Kai and Wind Lord’s attacks became weaker because this life-or-death fight had exhausted both of them.


A long time later, the darkness that had engulfed the hall faded and Wind Lord was able to see again. Turning around, he arched his brow and guffawed. Then, he pointed at Yang Kai and said lethargically, “Why persist?”


A hundred metres away, Yang Kai didn’t even seem able to support his own weight as he stood unsteadily. His entire body was drenched in blood and he looked completely battered. His Half-Dragon form had disappeared and his black hair had turned grey while his skin appeared dry. He didn’t look anything like a man in his twenties anymore. Presently, he looked like a tired old man in his late fifties.


During the battle, Yang Kai’s life kept draining away. Previously, he had lost two thousand years of his life, and coupled with the life he had lost in this battle, he felt as though he was reaching his predestined end. He knew that it wasn’t an illusion but a reality.


Perhaps he still had several dozen years left to live, but he was certain that it was fewer than a hundred years. This kind of damage was even more severe than the injuries on his body. Even if his Soul was wounded, it could still be healed; however, what Yang Kai was experiencing now was a fundamental loss of vitality and lifespan. Besides some rare treasures that could increase his lifespan, nothing in this world could cure him.


At this moment, Yang Kai could be said to be in a miserable state.


While Yang Kai was in misery, Wind Lord wasn’t much better off. His chest had caved in and his right arm had gone completely limp. The fan in his hand had gone missing and all his clothes were drenched in blood, which dripped onto the ground and formed a puddle even now.


Yang Kai was the only Third-Order Emperor Realm Master in this world who could severely injure a Pseudo-Great Emperor in single combat, so this was enough to be proud of himself.


Wind Lord shook his head repeatedly, “Is it worth it?”


Panting heavily, Yang Kai replied in a hoarse voice, “Of course!”


The Infinite Hourglass had significantly increased Wind Lord’s power, and if it fell into the hands of Can Ye, the consequences would be dreadful. Therefore, whatever cost Yang Kai had to pay, he had to kill Wind Lord and keep the hourglass in this palace.


After he finished speaking, Yang Kai lifted his hand and pushed out his fist. The speed at which he extended his fist was equivalent to that of a snail, and even a three-year-old child could dodge it with ease.


Wind Lord’s face twitched, “You’re insane!”


He also pushed out his fist. They had traded countless moves in the darkness earlier, so they were familiar with one another’s tactics by now.


Ten breaths later, their fists finally came into contact. With a loud boom, Wind Lord and Yang Kai spat blood at the same time, and following that, they were sent flying backwards until they crashed into the walls on opposite sides of the hall and slid down.


Wind Lord sat up with difficulty and pressed his back against the wall. After wiping the blood off his mouth, he stared at Yang Kai and grinned, “This King has won in the end. After you die, no one will ever find you here. You will have to travel to the Yellow Springs alone and forgotten.”


Both of them were practically on their last breaths, but Yang Kai’s life was still linked to the Infinite Hourglass. The sand in the hourglass was still trickling down, so Wind Lord only had to wait patiently until Yang Kai died of old age.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was in a state where he could do nothing but wait for death. That was why Wind Lord claimed that he had won. Although it was embarrassing that he had been beaten to within an inch of death by a Third-Order Emperor, the outcome was acceptable.


After Yang Kai passed away, he just had to continue recuperating and refining the Infinite Hourglass. When he managed to obtain the entire Flowing Time Temple and leave one day, he would be able to make a greater name for himself.


At this moment, Yang Kai had also pressed his back against the wall as he hung his head low. His hair had covered his eyes and he said in a low voice, “You’ve won? I don’t think so.”


Wind Lord scoffed, “Do you still have other tricks? Why don’t you show me? This King has no more power to resist. Just come over to give me a punch and this King will lose his life.”


Lifting his head, Yang Kai gazed at him through the hair on his forehead and grinned, “I don’t have any energy left to punch you, but you also can’t win this battle.”




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  1. He gave that to the sect master of the puppet dao. That’s how the sect master became 1st order emperor and after Yang Kai talked him into submitting to HHP or return to where they were since it’s gonna cause internal issues, he submit to YK and now became a different portion of dao class for the HHP students.

  2. “Supposedly, Wind Lord shouldn’t be able to see or perceive anything inside Infinite Darkness, but he could still accurately locate Yang Kai and know what the latter was doing, which went to show how extraordinary he was.” So an ability….that SPECIFICALLY renders all forms of perception as null, is useless because this worthless no name turd can negate it because he “suddenly became alarmed and without thinking” managed to accurately locate YK. So once again an ability is made irrelevant…..just because. No explanation. Just cause the author doesn’t want it to work and can’t figure out how to logically do it.

  3. You know, even the most mediocre of fights in this novel up until now, I was able to enjoy at the very least one moment of it. This battle however, was devoid of enjoyment from beginning to end, I’m not even hopeful for whatever finisher Yang Kai has in mind

  4. This fight is so stupid and meaningless. Even just scimming through the chapters it is really annoying. Supposedly the Wind Lord “paid a hefty price” for turning the hour glass twice, yet he actually did it two times, once for the Command Token and once against YK directly, and it did jack shit to him. And supposedly the Bell could supress the world, which it was shown to literally do with world energy, yet here it can’t even cut off the connection to the hour glass. The “infinite darkness” is also just a mild inconvenience for the opponent, if it is even that, when they can still perceive everything exactly the same as if it wasn’t active at all.

  5. Do people actually enjoy the fights in this series? I think they are some of the worst I’ve read. They completely lack tension cus you know YK will never suffer a true loss, and if an opponent is truly stronger, he’ll get a Deus ex machina to get out of the situation.

      1. They’ve been getting much worse lately, they used to be much better. Also people want to see where the plot will go since they’ve read thousands of chapters.

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