Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3653, Young Man and Young Woman


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Upon finishing his words, Yang Kai lifted his hand and pointed at Wind Lord.


After a loud neigh was heard, a sturdy beast with flaming hooves and a single horn on its head appeared. The beast looked like a horse, but it was much burlier than your average horse. Demon Qi could be seen swirling around its figure, and it appeared quite ferocious. Apparently, its power was equivalent to that of a Half-Saint.


Yang Kai didn’t only have three Half-Saints from the Demon Race with him, he also had Zhui Feng in the Small Sealed World. The reason he didn’t summon him earlier was that in Infinite Darkness, everyone else besides him would be affected by the technique. So, even if he summoned Zhui Feng, the beast would’ve become blind and deaf just like Wind Lord and the situation might’ve become worse.


However, it was different now. Just like Yang Kai, Wind Lord had used up all his energy, so now was the best time to release Zhui Feng to give his opponent a fatal blow.


Although Zhui Feng was a beast from the Demon Realm with low sentience, he was able to distinguish friends from foes. After taking a look at Yang Kai, he batted his eyes and turned to look at Wind Lord. In an instant, his eyes turned bloodshot, and his entire figure went ablaze. After a neigh, he hung his head low and charged towards Wind Lord.


At that instant, Wind Lord widened his eyes in disbelief.


He genuinely thought that the dust had settled and that he could definitely defeat Yang Kai by waiting for the latter to pass away; however, he hadn’t expected that Yang Kai was still able to summon such a beast! Although he couldn’t recognise Zhui Feng, he could detect a Half-Saint’s aura from it. Even if he came across such a beast when he was at his peak, it would still cause him a headache, to say nothing of the fact that he was barely able to lift his one good arm right now.


Seeing that Zhui Feng was about to ram into him as a glint flashed across the beast’s horn, Wind Lord knew that he would lose his life if he was struck. At this life-or-death moment, he bit his tongue and sprayed out a mouthful of Blood Essence at the Infinite Hourglass.


The simple-looking hourglass suddenly shone brightly as the entire Flowing Time Temple started shaking and buzzing. The next moment, a light screen appeared out of thin air and surrounded Wind Lord.


With a loud boom, Zhui Feng crashed into the light screen and was sent flying back upon impact. At the same time, the palace shook more violently. It seemed that Zhui Feng had crashed into the Flowing Time Temple instead of a light curtain!


While Zhui Feng was still in mid-air, Wind Lord and Yang Kai stared at each other and bellowed, ““You sly/shameless bastard!””


Following that, they pressed their hands against their own chests and coughed violently as blood spewed out of their mouths.


After such a long time of battle, it had come to a point where both of them probably had to go accompany the other to the Yellow Springs. In the end, both still had a final trick up their sleeves. While Yang Kai thought that Wind Lord was shameless, Wind Lord thought that Yang Kai was sly.


However, they stopped after cursing at each other instantly because they had no more energy left. Be it Wind Lord or Yang Kai, it was the first time in their lives that they ended up in such a terrible state.


On the other side, Zhui Feng fell to the ground with a loud thud. After getting to his feet, he shook his head for a bit before he identified Wind Lord’s location and charged forward again.


A moment later, just like what had happened earlier, a loud boom was heard and Zhui Feng was sent flying back.


Yang Kai’s face twitched as he realised that he was in deep trouble. He had held back his urge to release Zhui Feng previously because he wanted to use him to launch a surprise attack on Wind Lord at the most critical moment. He thought that he could definitely be victorious, but he hadn’t expected that Wind Lord also had one more trick up his sleeve.


The light screen activated from the Infinite Hourglass after Wind Lord spat his Blood Essence onto it, and was apparently impenetrable. Zhui Feng couldn’t even cause the slightest damage to it after ramming into it twice. It seemed that Zhui Feng was unable to break it. If the light screen couldn’t be broken, Wind Lord would survive, and that would mean the end for Yang Kai.


His life was still leaving him as the sand continued trickling down inside the hourglass, so he would be dead soon if this dragged on. Fleeing into the Small Sealed World was probably his last resort. The Small Sealed World was a world on its own. If Yang Kai entered it, he could probably cut off the connection with the hourglass; however, that remained only a possibility as he couldn’t be certain about something he had never tried before. Nevertheless, that was indeed his last resort.


Seated across from Yang Kai, Wind Lord burst into a fit of laughter.


A displeased Yang Kai gave him a cold look and said lethargically, “I’ll knock out all your teeth if you keep laughing.”


Wind Lord shook his head and replied in an equally weakened voice, “You’ll never be able to do that. The Infinite Hourglass isn’t just Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Legacy Artifact, it is also the control key for the entire Flowing Time Temple. This King has activated the power of the palace through the hourglass to protect me. Unless this beast can destroy the entire palace, no one will be able to harm me. Not even a Great Emperor!”


“Say that again if a Great Emperor really arrives at this place…” Yang Kai sneered.


Despite his mockery, he knew that Wind Lord was stating the truth. Lies were unnecessary at this point; moreover, Zhui Feng had rammed into the light screen twice earlier. Each time he did it, the entire palace would shake, which went to show that the light screen was indeed closely connected to the palace itself. Unless they could destroy the palace as a whole, they would never be able to harm Wind Lord. But how was Zhui Feng supposed to shatter the Flowing Time Temple? They were basically stuck in a deadlock.


As they spoke, Zhui Feng dashed forward for the third time.


Wind Lord gave the beast a dismissive look, “This beast is indeed extraordinary. Unfortunately, it has sided with the wrong person. Boy, don’t you worry, after you pass away, this King will have plenty of time to tame it.”


Wind Lord thought that Zhui Feng was just a mount Yang Kai had tamed. If he knew that Zhui Feng was Chang Tian’s former mount, he wouldn’t have dared to say such a thing. Although Chang Tian wasn’t technically a Demon Saint, he undoubtedly possessed the power of a Demon Saint.


How was Wind Lord supposed to tame a Demon Saint’s mount? Zhui Feng was friendly with Yang Kai because the latter had a Dragon Clan bloodline, but they were not Master and servant.


Right then, Zhui Feng reached Wind Lord. He had learned his lesson, so he didn’t ram into the light screen this time; instead, he raised his front hooves and forcefully stomped onto it. Given the power of his stomp, the light screen should have shattered even if it was as strong as a mountain. However, the light screen only dented slightly before it was restored to its original state.


By acting this way, Zhui Feng was spared from the fate of flying backwards again, only arching his back a little before stabilising himself and stomping forward again.


Every time his hooves came into contact with the light screen, the palace would rumble and a deafening thud would reverberate around the spacious hall.


Despite his best efforts, the light screen remained intact, completely incensing Zhui Feng. As he kept neighing, he repeatedly turned to look at Yang Kai as though he was asking for a solution from him.


Yang Kai had nothing to suggest unfortunately as his only hope was that Zhui Feng could break the light screen on his own. 


After Zhui Feng stomped his hooves on the screen and caused the palace to shake one more time, an angry voice suddenly echoed around the palace, “It’s so noisy! Who dares… Ouch! Why did you hit me?”


“Open your eyes and look clearly!” Another person was heard speaking.


The first person was clearly a man, while the second voice belonged to a woman. Although she had only said a single sentence, her voice sounded melodious and rhythmic, as though she was humming a song.


Besides those in the hall, there were actually two more people in the palace!


Wind Lord widened his eyes in disbelief and bellowed, “Who goes there!?”


He vigilantly looked around and spread his Divine Sense to trace the voices, but he failed in his attempt to do so. Besides himself, he could only sense Yang Kai and the strange beast inside the hall.


Yang Kai also frowned even though he was aware that there were other people inside the palace. In fact, including Qiong Qi and Liu Yan, there should be four in total.


However, the voices of the man and the woman just now were different from any of the four people he knew. The voices didn’t belong to Liu Yan or Qiong Qi, and they certainly weren’t the voices of Yang Xiao and Yang Xue either.


Yang Kai couldn’t believe that there were even more people in the palace! Who were they? His heart sank as he felt that this issue had become thorny. If those two people had always been inside the palace, where were Yang Xiao and Yang Xue? Had Qiong Qi and Liu Yan fallen into deep sleep because of this unknown pair?


Although Zhui Feng’s sentience was low, his instincts were quite sharp, so when he heard the unfamiliar voices, he swiftly retreated and stood in front of Yang Kai. He swung his tail repeatedly and darted his gaze around as he perked up his ears, as though he had put his guard up high to protect Yang Kai.


After Wind Lord bellowed, he didn’t get any reply, which caused him to sport a solemn expression. After some deliberation, he asked, “Who are you? Why don’t you show yourselves?”


Although he was in a terrible state, he still remained aloof and arrogant because he had the confidence to act so. He had activated the power of the Flowing Time Temple through the hourglass, so he was protected. Unless someone could destroy the palace, no one would be able to harm him. Even though the unknown man and woman, who hadn’t shown up, seemed to be fairly strong, Wind Lord wasn’t a pushover. That was why he wasn’t afraid of them.


However, given the situation he was in, he would rather not make more enemies, so he decided to find out who these two were by forcing them to show themselves first before coming up with any plan.


After he asked these questions though, Wind Lord still didn’t get any reply, as though what he had just heard was an auditory hallucination, which caused him to knit his brow deeply. He turned to look at Yang Kai and Zhui Feng, but upon seeing their reactions, he knew he wasn’t hearing things. Yang Kai must have heard the voices as well; otherwise, he wouldn’t be showing such an expression.


Wind Lord frowned and said grimly, “Show yourselves!”


Inside a hall in the deepest part of the palace, there was a mirror that was as large as a tub. The mirror wasn’t something physical though and seemed to have been created by some Secret Technique. In the mirror was reflected the image of Yang Kai, Wind Lord, and Zhui Feng. At this moment, the unknown man and the woman were looking down at what was happening in the other hall.


These two looked quite young, with the man appearing about sixteen or seventeen years old while the woman appeared no older than twenty. The man was tall and handsome, his long hair the purest of white, tied up in a neat ponytail. His demeanour was elegant and he gave off an amiable feeling.


On the other hand, the woman was clad in a long yellow dress. She was slim and attractive with red lips and a delicate nose. Her skin was as white as snow, and her jet black hair hung loosely over her shoulders.


By just standing there, they were quite a sight to behold.




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