Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3654, Big Brother


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

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At this moment, the young woman was staring fixedly at the person in the mirror. Seeing Yang Kai’s face that had aged so much, along with his hair that had turned completely grey, she felt her eyes turning bloodshot as tears streamed down her face.


The young man beside her had white hair as well, but unlike Yang Kai, he was born with such a hair colour. On the other hand, Yang Kai’s grey hair was a sign that most of his vitality had left him, and he was rapidly approaching his predestined time of death. Although the young woman hadn’t really ventured into the martial world, she had a fairly powerful cultivation, which was why she understood just what she was seeing.


Her eyes had reddened and she was tearing up because she felt sorry for Yang Kai. In the next moment though, she became furious and shifted her attention to Wind Lord, who was leaning against the wall, her alluring eyes filling with murderous intent.


The young man beside her was staring at the mirror as well, but his forehead was drenched in cold sweat as though he had just come across a ghost. At the same time, he kept muttering, “I’m dead… I’m so dead…” Then, he started pacing around as if it was the end of the world for him. All of a sudden, his gaze brightened as he turned to look at the young woman, “Ahem… you can handle everything here… I’ll take my leave!”


After he finished speaking, he moved and broke through space into the Void in an attempt to flee.


The young woman lifted her slender hand in a practised manner, however, and accurately pinched the young man’s ear before yanking him back.


The young man crouched down in pain and said aggrievedly, “Stop, stop! Can’t we talk about this? If you need anything, just tell me about it and I’ll do it for you without even batting an eye! Please have mercy and stop pinching my ear! I’m a member of the Dragon Clan! If word gets out, it will bring great shame to me and the Dragon Clan as well!”


Both of them appeared to be of a similar age, but the young man behaved like he was a Junior to the young woman, who didn’t find it awkward at all as though this was how it was supposed to be. After hearing what he had said, she gave him a look and pointed at Wind Lord in the mirror, “I want him to beg for death!”


The young man batted his eyes, “That’s it?”


“Can you do it or not?” The young woman demanded.


The young man patted his chest confidently and declared, “Leave it to me!”


After that, he flashed a fawning smile at the young woman, who stared at him for a moment before releasing his ear.


After regaining his freedom, the young man rubbed his ear and cursed at Wind Lord, who was inside the mirror. He was clenching his teeth as if he had shifted all the blame to Wind Lord for the pain he had suffered.


A moment later, he put on a smile and let out a breath before saying, “It’s said that Dao changes everything, be it for better or for worse. Everything in this world is inconstant, including Humans.”


After he finished speaking, he took a step forward and directly entered the mirror. As a ripple spread across its surface, the young man disappeared from the room. The next moment, he appeared in the hall and stood in front of Wind Lord.


The young man was handsome and his smile appeared harmless. Wind Lord was flabbergasted because from his perspective, the young man appeared too abruptly, as though he just walked out of the Void with no signs prior to that.


Wind Lord narrowed his eyes and stared at the young man warily, given that even with his cultivation, he still wasn’t able to gauge how powerful this young man was. Other than the fact that he himself was in a terrible state currently, it also went to show that the young man before him was truly extraordinary.


The young man’s voice was identical to the one that had reverberated around the hall earlier, so Wind Lord could confirm that this young man was the one who spoke earlier. With a solemn expression, he intended to inquire about his identity, but the young man didn’t give him a chance. Keeping a faint smile on his face, the young man extended his hand and said lightly, “Don’t you feel ashamed for stealing someone else’s stuff? It’s time you returned what doesn’t belong to you to its rightful owner!”


His expression was nonchalant, as though he was facing a powerless scholar instead of a Pseudo-Great Emperor, and his movement appeared so effortless it was as if he was just bending over to pick a flower.


The young man’s fair hand easily penetrated the light screen, which Zhui Feng was unable to damage one bit no matter how hard he tried and snatched the Infinite Hourglass from Wind Lord’s palm.


Wind Lord was astonished because the hourglass was Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Legacy Artifact, which was what he heavily relied on in this place. It was also an item that could be used to control the entire Flowing Time Temple. He had used his Blood Essence to activate the power of the palace to protect himself earlier, so even if a Great Emperor appeared, he shouldn’t have been able to harm him unless he could destroy the palace as a whole.


Wind Lord had told Yang Kai as such before, and it was the truth; however, he hadn’t expected that a young man would appear out of thin air, taunt him lightly, then ignore the protective light screen and snatch the Infinite Hourglass right out of his hand.


What just happened was more terrifying for Wind Lord than if a Great Emperor had actually arrived. Even though a Great Emperor was immensely powerful, it was still possible to make sense of their methods; however, the young man didn’t exude any aura when he extended his hand just now, which was why Wind Lord was lost as to how the young man had achieved what he had.


While he was in a dazed state, he realised that the weight on his left palm was gone as the hourglass had disappeared. Looking up, he saw that the young man had straightened up and the hourglass was now in his hand. Presently, the young man was curiously studying the hourglass.


At that instant, Wind Lord felt a chill running down his spine and he was drenched in cold sweat, like his blood had all frozen solid.


“So, this is the Infinite Hourglass…” The young man fiddled with it for a moment and pursed his lips. Then, he nonchalantly chucked the hourglass over his shoulder as though he was throwing away a piece of trash.


Following that, the young man’s expression changed as he turned from gentle into ferocious. Stomping his foot on Wind Lord’s chest, he bellowed, “So, you’re the one who disturbed this Young Master’s peace. Don’t you know this place already has an owner? Did you even get this Young Master’s permission before entering? How dare you come here without my permission? You bastard! I’ll stomp you to death!”


As the young man cursed, he kept mercilessly trampling on Wind Lord.


Wind Lord was dumbfounded. He had already exhausted himself when he activated the power of the palace earlier, but the young man easily passed through the light barrier and was now stomping on him like a hoodlum while he became paralysed on the ground.


He was a Pseudo-Great Emperor, but at this moment, he was like a thug on the streets who had just lost a brawl. Wind Lord had curled up on the ground to protect his vital organs as he could not stop the young man from kicking him. A moment later, he spat a mouthful of blood as he was covered in shoe prints. It was an understatement to say that he was in a sorry state. Presently, he felt both confusion and shame as he couldn’t help but wonder who the young man was.


He had stayed in this place for nearly a hundred years to recuperate and refine the Infinite Hourglass, but he had never realised that there were other people inside this palace. Moreover, the young man had declared that he was taking back what rightfully belonged to him, as though the hourglass belonged to him. However, the hourglass was Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Legacy Artifact, so how was it possible that this young man was its owner?


Yang Kai was dumbfounded as well. The young man appeared abruptly and took the hourglass effortlessly before violently kicking Wind Lord. Everything happened in the blink of an eye, but before he understood what was going on, he saw a young woman appear in front of him.


The young woman nonchalantly caught the hourglass, which was thrown away by the young man earlier. It seemed that the young man knew she was around, which was why he chucked it in that direction. Although they didn’t talk to each other, this incident showed how well they knew one another.


As their eyes met, Yang Kai fell into a dazed state. The young woman’s eyes were drenched in tears and she was staring at him with her lips pressed together tightly, as though she was trying to suppress her sorrow. What made Yang Kai fall into a dazed state wasn’t her expression, however, but rather her face.


He found the young girl familiar, as if he had met her before, but he couldn’t recall where. However, he was certain that the young woman wasn’t hostile to him; instead, she gave off an incredibly warm feeling, as though she was a family member instead of a stranger.


Zhui Feng neighed and charged forward as he had no idea what was going on. Seeing that the young woman had appeared out of nowhere, he thought that she was going to harm Yang Kai, which was why he had to protect him.


“Stop!” Yang Kai pressed his hand against his chest and shouted.


Zhui Feng understood Human language, so he immediately stopped in his tracks as he darted his gaze between the young woman and Yang Kai. Then, he obediently stood beside Yang Kai, but he remained vigilant to prevent any unwanted outcome.


“You are…” Yang Kai examined the young woman and increasingly believed that he had met her somewhere before, but he just couldn’t recall where. Nevertheless, he just had to ask her to find out.


The young woman parted her lips, but before she could speak, she started tearing up. Just like pearls that had slid off the string, her tears dropped onto the ground as her shoulders trembled. She also covered her mouth in an attempt to prevent herself from sobbing out loud.


However, she failed in her attempt to do so and she started wailing, her tears streaming down her face and falling onto the ground.


Yang Kai was torn between tears and laughter as he said, “Just let it all out…”


Upon hearing this, the young woman stopped suppressing her sorrow and bawled loudly, calling out through her tears, “Big Brother…”


Yang Kai batted his eyes and thought that he had heard it wrong, or that the young woman had mistaken him for someone else. There was indeed someone in this world who called him ‘Big Brother’, and she was supposed to be in the Flowing Time Temple as well; however, that person was just a little girl when she came to this place. It had indeed been a few years since then, but it was impossible that she had grown to be such an attractive young woman.


When that idea flashed across his mind, Yang Kai suddenly thought of something and examined her again. For some reason, he felt that this young woman took after his parents. Her petite nose was identical to that of his Father, while her delicate brow was strikingly similar to those of his Mother. It could even be said that her face resembled that of Yang Kai’s.


Yang Kai’s pupils contracted as he gulped and said in disbelief, “Xue’er?”


The young woman nodded repeatedly, which caused her tears to sprinkle even more, and she replied in a shaking voice, “En, I’m Xue’er! I’m Xue’er! Big Brother…” 


She became agitated and sobbed uncontrollably after Yang Kai recognised her. Then, she fell to one knee in an attempt to hug Yang Kai, but seeing that he was in an awful state, she held back her urge. Instead, she cupped his face and muttered, “Big Brother, I missed you… and Father… and Mother…”


Feeling the warmth of her hands, Yang Kai became astounded as though he was in a dream.


Yang Xue was nothing more than a little girl when she entered the Four Seasons Realm a few years ago. Supposedly, she should be ten years old now, which would still make her a child. 


Nevertheless, the young woman in front of Yang Kai didn’t look anything like a ten years girl.


The question was, how was this possible?




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  1. Sooo, the “young man” would have just let Yang Kai die if Yang Xue hadn’t stopped him…?
    And he can also use space force now…
    I hope Yang Kai at least gets the hourglass or so from this arc, but I am afraid he won’t

    1. Think it’s more a matter of his current state. Though if their physical appearance is anything to judge by they’ve probably been in the temple for a significant amount of time in comparison to the time that has passed outside. I’d wager they’re both actually much older than YK now (before he was rapidly aged I mean).

    1. I can understand why Qiong Qi would be put in stasis because he is already old but Liu Yan is still basically a newborn and could have used the time to train.

  2. It was obvious who they were. All he had to do was put 2 and 2 together. However he needs to beat their ass. All of them, provided they aren’t way stronger than him.
    That was some of the most irresponsible shit to pull as kids. Just went off without telling anyone for years. Qiong qi need to be punished the most

  3. I think its actually the author who gets dumber and dumber with every chapter he writes. Considering how much nonsense he puts to paper it’s not that surprising xD

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