Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3656, Reversing Time


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When Yang Xiao appeared and took the Infinite Hourglass away from Wind Lord, the connection between Yang Kai and the Great Emperor’s Legacy Artifact had been cut off; however, when Yang Xue performed her set of hand seals, he was reconnected to the hourglass.


The connection couldn’t be seen or touched, but it could be clearly felt. It was as though his life now was tied to the hourglass.


Yang Xue didn’t turn the hourglass upside down like how Wind Lord did though; instead, she only pointed two fingers at the item. In an instant, the ten thousand and eight grains of Flowing Time Divine Sand inside the hourglass trembled before breaking through the container’s barrier and changing into a stream that swirled above Yang Kai’s head.


Seeing this, Yang Kai was dumbfounded. What was happening suggested that Yang Xue was able to activate the power of this Great Emperor Legacy Artifact, but he couldn’t detect any traces that she had refined this hourglass before. How had she managed to achieve this?


Moreover, the hourglass had been in Wind Lord’s hands and he had to spend a hundred years refining it before he could even partially activate it. On the other hand, it seemed that Yang Xue had a significant advantage over Wind Lord in this regard.


After swirling around three times, the sand streamed into Yang Kai’s body through his head, as though it was intangible.


Yang Kai shuddered, and following that, he was over the Moon because when the ten thousand and eight grains of Flowing Time Divine Sand rushed into his head, he could feel that his lost lifespan was returning to him in a rapid manner.


Lifting his hand, he saw that firmness had been restored to his skin and his physique began filling out as well, and this was just the transformation he could see with his bare eyes. Within his body, he realised that he had regained his strength and all his organs became vibrant again.


At that instant, he couldn’t help but start laughing heartily. He had used up all his energy and almost set off on the road to the Yellow Springs together with Wind Lord. At that time, he didn’t worry too much as he just thought that he mustn’t let Wind Lord bring the hourglass out of the palace. He wouldn’t mind it even if he had to lose his life to achieve this goal.


However, after the dust settled, Yang Kai naturally started feeling terrified. It wasn’t that he was afraid of death per se, but if he passed away, what would happen to the Sealed World Bead? How would they continue devouring the Demon Realm? What about the trillions of lives in the Star Boundary? He was also worried about his friends and family.


That was the reason he was terrified. Now that he was able to get back his life through the Flowing Time Divine Sand, he didn’t have to worry that his time was up in this world anymore.


With the return of his lifespan, Yang Kai’s injuries seemed to heal as well and soon he ceased looking like he was about to die. On the contrary, he appeared quite energetic.


Yang Xue appeared diligent as a layer of sweat had formed on her brow. It was apparent that using this technique cost her quite some energy. One hour later, her figure started trembling slightly and her face had turned pale. Following that, she used a different set of hand seals and at that instant, Yang Kai felt extremely itchy, as very fine particles began streaming out of his body. Upon closer inspection, he realised that it was the Flowing Time Divine Sand.


Following Yang Xue’s guidance, all ten thousand and eight grains of Flowing Time Divine Sand returned to the hourglass. She let out a breath and waved her hand, after which a mirror appeared in front of Yang Kai and reflected his current appearance. As she giggled, she asked, “Big Brother, are you happy with how you look now?”


Yang Kai stared at the mirror and examined himself carefully. There were some changes to his face, but they were negligible, as if he was just five or six years older than before. Nevertheless, his hair was slightly grey, which made him look more mature than he was.


Yang Xue said after a sigh, “This is the best I can do for now. After Xiao’er and I fully refine the hourglass, we’ll help you recover all your lost life.”


“This is good enough,” Yang Kai said, satisfied with the result. He was about to die of old age just now, but his vitality had been almost fully restored, so he was more than happy. At the same time, he was shocked by Yang Xue’s capabilities. Nevertheless, he knew that it must be the power of the hourglass rather than her own capabilities. The power of the Great Emperor’s Legacy Artifact was indeed inscrutable. Wind Lord had probably only activated a tiny fraction of its true power. 


Then, he asked, “How many years of my life are still missing?”


Yang Xue’s eyes turned moist again when she heard that, and then she replied gently, “A few hundred years.”


She appeared to be deep in self-blame. If she worked harder in the past, she could have gotten back all of her Big Brother’s stolen life just now. Unfortunately, she still wasn’t strong enough and hadn’t fully refined the hourglass yet.


Yang Kai, however, guffawed and patted her head, “Just leave it. I’m glad that I’m now older than you by a few hundred years. No Big Brother in this world is younger than his own Younger Sister,” After he finished speaking, he attempted to get to his feet.


“Big Brother, don’t move yet. Let me examine you to see whether you’ve suffered from any hidden injuries.” Yang Xue pressed him down and turned to look at Wind Lord, who was still curled up on the ground. As she narrowed her alluring eyes, a murderous intent flashed across her gaze, “Leave him to Xiao’er and me.”


It was the first time Yang Kai saw his Little Sister becoming so fierce. When she was still a child, even if she was annoyed, she would only pout to pretend that she was angry, which made her look adorable. Now that she had grown up and revealed real murderous intent, it was difficult for Yang Kai to get used to it.


After all, she was his Little Sister, so he still adored her very much. Upon hearing her words though, he replied with a smile, “En. But don’t kill him. I still need him alive.”


Yang Xue turned around and flashed a smile at him, “Don’t worry. As long as I want him to live, he won’t die even if he wants to.”


She then looked up at Yang Xiao.


Yang Xiao said with a grin, “Little Aunt, say no more.”


He balled up his fists and cracked his knuckles before shuffling towards Wind Lord.


Wind Lord felt cold all over his body and his legs had turned to jelly. Although he was in a terrible state already, he was still able to hear. After listening to the conversation between the three people inside the hall, he knew that the young man and young woman were Yang Kai’s allies.


His situation was best described as when it rained, it poured. He had used up all his energy and the Infinite Hourglass had been taken away from him, which stripped him of the palace’s protection. Now that there were two more powerful enemies, there was no way he was able to win.


He was still traumatised from the beating just now, so when he saw Yang Xiao walking over with a wicked smile, he quickly shouted, “You can kill me but not humiliate me! Kill this King so he may advance ahead of you to the Yellow Springs!”


Yang Xiao grinned wickedly and taunted, “Hey, waste, didn’t you hear what Little Aunt just said? If she wants you to live, you won’t be able to die even if you want to.”


Then, he bent over and extended his hand before lifting Wind Lord with ease. On the other hand, Yang Xue didn’t even turn her head as she extended a finger, after which a beam of light shot out of it and hit Wind Lord.


Wind Lord’s expression instinctively changed as he thought that she wanted to kill him, but he soon set his mind at ease. Now that he had fallen into their hands, he would rather die than be shamed.


However, when the beam of light shot into his body, he was shocked. That was because the profound power within the light didn’t harm him; instead, it was actually beneficial to him as he could clearly feel his wounds healing rapidly. The injuries caused by Yang Xiao had been cured and he had regained some energy.


Nevertheless, after several attempts, he still wasn’t able to struggle out of Yang Xiao’s grip. Yang Xiao flashed a smile at him and said, “The good show is about to begin. Enjoy yourself.” After he finished speaking, he raised his hand and hurled Wind Lord to the ground.


As a member of the Dragon Clan, Yang Xiao was born with immense physical strength, and after cultivating in the Flowing Time Temple for five hundred years, he had obtained Flowing Time Great Emperor’s inheritance, so he could already be considered one of the top cultivators in this world. Following his move, a loud thud was heard as Wind Lord’s back came into contact with the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood as his back literally cracked.


Yang Xiao inched forward as his fists turned into illusory phantoms before he began raining down punches on Wind Lord. 


He didn’t expend a lot of power, as he only used a bit of his brute force, but that was still able to inflict excruciating pain upon Wind Lord with every blow while not dealing enough damage to kill him outright. Soon, Wind Lord became half-dead and could hardly even breathe.


Fortunately, as a Pseudo-Great Emperor, he was pretty sturdy; otherwise, he would’ve been beaten to death already.


On the other hand, Yang Xiao made sure that Wind Lord remained on the edge of losing his life. If he really killed him, he wouldn’t be able to help his Adoptive Father and Little Aunt vent their anger.


After Yang Xiao stopped, Yang Xue shot out a light from her finger again and infused it into Wind Lord’s body. Just like what had happened earlier, the wounds on Wind Lord’s body healed and he regained some strength again, but rather than feeling happy, he only felt terror.


“Come on!” Yang Xiao bellowed and pounced on him before beating him up again.


Yang Kai was shocked as well. Yang Xue had shot out a light twice and caused such a significant transformation to Wind Lord. Despite his acute vision, he still wasn’t able to see through the secrets behind it. With a frown, he asked, “Is that a Healing Technique?”


Yang Xue kept staring at her Big Brother without blinking her eyes as though she could never watch him enough. Upon hearing his question though, she replied with a smile, “It’s not a Healing Technique, but it has the same effect.”


“What do you mean?”


“It’s Time Reversal.” Seeing that Yang Kai was interested to find out more, Yang Xue explained it to him with joy, “In the past, Uncle Qiong Qi wanted to bring Xiao’er to enter the Four Seasons Realm. He said that Xiao’er was gifted and born suited to cultivate the Dao of Time, so he wanted Xiao’er to receive the Great Emperor’s inheritance. At that time, I was still a mischievous child, so I insisted on coming with Xiao’er. Uncle Qiong Qi couldn’t dissuade me, so he finally agreed to it. Big Sister Liu Yan decided to tag along to protect us, which was why she also came to this place.”


After explaining why they were all here, she went on to narrate, “Xiao’er is indeed gifted and the best person to receive the Great Emperor’s inheritance, but he was naughty and impatient. Fortunately, I was around, so I would always play with him. A long time later, I missed our parents and you, so I wanted to go out; however, it was easy to get into the Four Seasons Realm but difficult to leave, so I was trapped here. At that point, Big Sister Liu Yan decided to teach me how to cultivate, so I focused on it and my cultivation gradually improved. One day, Xiao’er and I were talking about our own progress in cultivation, and I realised that what he had cultivated was somehow easy for me to understand. After finding out about it, Uncle Qiong Qi was greatly surprised. After some tests, he realised that I could also cultivate the Great Emperor’s inheritance. Since then, I had started cultivating the Dao of Time with Xiao’er until now; however, the aspects we study are different. Xiao’er focuses on the future while I’m better at controlling the past.”


As she spoke, she lifted a finger and shot a light at Wind Lord, who had just been tortured to the brink of death by Yang Xiao. Upon receiving the light, his injuries had been healed again. With a grin, Yang Xue said, “Just like that. In a way, I can turn back the hands of time. His current condition is just like after he finished battling against Big Brother earlier.”


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