Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3657, Flowing Time Has No Tomb


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The studies of the past and the future were also the studies of the Dao of Time. Flowing Time Great Emperor’s inheritance had apparently been divided into two parts. Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had comprehended each of the two parts and they had excelled in their respective fields, so they could be considered Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Inheritance Disciples.


It was because Yang Xue had cultivated the power of the past that she was able to reverse time to a certain extent, just like what she had done to both Wind Lord and Yang Kai.


Making use of the Infinite Hourglass’s power, she was able to help Yang Kai get back the life he had lost, which was a kind of time reversal as well.


It was also thanks to the hourglass that she was able to restore Wind Lord’s condition to a certain point in the past.


Seeing that Yang Kai was stunned, Yang Xue burst into laughter and said, “Although it’s a powerful technique, there are many limitations. Given my strength, I’m still not able to bring the dead back to life. I also can’t heal wounds that are too severe.”


She seemed to have seen through Yang Kai’s thoughts, which was why she explained it to him.


It was then Yang Kai who nodded his head. When he heard that she was able to reverse time, the first idea that sprang into his mind was resurrection. If Time Principles were so powerful, she would be able to use Time Reversal and resurrect anyone who happened to lose their life in front of her. In that case, this kind of power would be invaluable.


However, after hearing Yang Xue’s explanation, Yang Kai realised that it was nothing more than a pipe dream. If Time Principles were so Heaven-defying, Flowing Time Great Emperor wouldn’t have passed away. As someone who had mastered Time Principles, he should have been able to live as long as the Heavens.


Although cultivation was Heaven-defying in and of itself, cultivators still had to live within the will of the Heavens. It was beyond a cultivator’s capabilities to interfere in matters regarding life and death.


Yang Xue went on to explain, “It’s because Xiao’er and I have cultivated the Great Emperor’s inheritance that we’re able to control this thing.” She pointed at the hourglass in her hand.


When Yang Xiao appeared just now, he was able to take the hourglass away from Wind Lord with ease. On the other hand, there were no signs that Yang Xue had refined the hourglass, but she was able to activate the power within it. Everything had to do with the fact that they had cultivated in this place for a few hundred years.


They had cultivated Flowing Time Great Emperor’s orthodoxical inheritance, and the Infinite Hourglass was the Great Emperor’s Legacy Artifact, which was left here for his inheritors. That was the reason they were able to use it with ease. Wind Lord was completely no match for them in this regard despite the fact that he had refined the hourglass here for a hundred years.


Speaking of the hourglass, Yang Xue appeared quite guilty, “Xiao’er and I have always known that this thing was in the palace; however, in the past, Uncle Qiong Qi told us that we should only take the treasure after we achieved some success in our cultivation. I never expected that it would make Big Brother suffer one day.”


“This isn’t your fault. It was just my fate,” Yang Kai waved his hand. Earlier, he still blamed Qiong Qi for leaving the Great Emperor’s Legacy Artifact there, which allowed someone else to snatch it. He had also suffered a setback because of this artifact, but looking back, he realised that Qiong Qi’s actions were proper. The Infinite Hourglass was Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Legacy Artifact, and although it was meant for his inheritors, it would be terrible for the cultivation process of Yang Xiao and Yang Xue if they had obtained it too soon. Only by solidifying their foundations could they obtain the treasure and use it with ease. If they got this hallowed treasure when their cultivation was still weak, they could lose themselves to the treasure’s power or become over-reliant on it, which would negatively affect their growth.


With a frown, Yang Xue turned to look at Wind Lord, who was being beaten up by Yang Xiao yet again, and she asked in puzzlement, “Big Brother, do you know how that person got into the palace and refined this hourglass?”


Supposedly, the Flowing Time Temple had been sealed off. Unless they opened the door from inside, no one should be able to enter this place. However, not only had someone barged into the palace, but he had also taken the Infinite Hourglass away and refined it, which greatly confounded Yang Xue.


The situation wouldn’t have become so complicated if Wind Lord had only used the hourglass on its own, but in the last moments of Wind Lord’s battle against Yang Kai, he had also used the hourglass to activate the power of the palace to protect himself. After Zhui Feng rammed into the light screen, the entire palace was affected, which shocked Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, who were cultivating at that time; otherwise, they wouldn’t have found out that so much had been going on in the palace.


It was also thanks to what Wind Lord had done that caused the turn of events. Otherwise, Yang Kai could only hide inside the Small Sealed World and struggle on while at death’s door.


After a sigh, Yang Kai briefly told her about how he came across Wind Lord and Demon Heavenly Dao. He also emphasised the existence of Flowing Time Great Emperor’s rib bone.


Hearing this story, Yang Xue knitted her brows and raised her hand before she grabbed something from the Void.


Following that, a gigantic figure appeared before them. It was a hideous giant beast with a horrifying aura. He was none other than Qiong Qi! However, just like when Yang Kai saw him earlier, he was still in a deep slumber as his loud snoring seemed able to shake the world.


Yang Xue explained, “When Xiao’er and I cultivate the Dao of Time, the palace becomes affected. Sometimes, space and time become a mess. That’s why Uncle Qiong Qi told us to use a seal on both Big Sister Liu Yan and himself so that they would stop perceiving the passing of time.”


The two young kids had cultivated in this place for a few hundred years, so Qiong Qi and Liu Yan naturally became bored as they had nothing to do. The seal would make them fall asleep for up to a thousand years, which was better than just waiting around. That was the reason Yang Kai wasn’t able to wake up Liu Yan and Qiong Qi earlier.


Yang Xue extended her delicate finger and pointed at Qiong Qi’s head before yelling, “Release!”


Following that, she exerted more force with her finger and a snapping sound was heard. She retracted her hand and waited. A few breaths later, Qiong Qi stopped snoring as his eyelids twitched. A moment later, he slowly opened his eyes.


In an instant, his ferocious aura swept across the hall.


Having just awakened from several hundred years of sleep, he was still in a groggy state, but after his vision focused, he saw Yang Xue and Yang Kai, then was startled for a moment. At that instant, his gigantic figure contorted and turned into a savage old man with a wrinkly face.


Anyone who didn’t know him would think that he must be a horrendous criminal. They would also not be wrong since Qiong Qi wasn’t a kind-hearted individual in the first place. He was an ancient ominous beast, and his foul temper and violent tendencies were not mere rumours.


“Greetings, Young Master. Why are you here?” Despite his ferocious face, he spoke quite politely.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “You can stop calling me Young Master…”


When Qiong Qi was hunted down by Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng from Spirit Beast Island, he happened to come across Yang Kai just outside Heavenly Wolf Valley in the Eastern Territory. He wanted to make use of Yang Kai to get himself out of trouble, so he persuaded Yang Kai to be his Young Master. One of the reasons was that he wanted to seek his protection, but it was also because Yang Kai had cultivated Time Flies Seal.


However, now it seemed that Qiong Qi should stop addressing Yang Kai in such a manner; after all, it was Yang Xiao and Yang Xue who had received Flowing Time Great Emperor’s inheritance, not him.


Qiong Qi understood that as well, so he fell silent for a moment before asking again, “Master, why are you here?”


Upon hearing that Qiong Qi had called him ‘Master’ instead, Yang Kai was rendered speechless. After some deliberation though, he realised that Qiong Qi wasn’t wrong. Flowing Time Great Emperor was Qiong Qi’s Old Master, and now that Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had become the Great Emperor’s disciples, they were Qiong Qi’s Young Master and Young Lady. Since Yang Kai was Yang Xiao’s Adoptive Father as well as Yang Xue’s Big Brother, it was perfectly reasonable for Qiong Qi to call Yang Kai ‘Master’.


Not wanting to dwell on this issue, Yang Kai said, “Xue’er will tell you all about it.”


Although most of his lifespan had returned to him, Yang Kai was still lethargic after fighting such an intense battle. It would take him ten days to half a month before he would recover completely.


Understanding her Big Brother’s condition, Yang Xue decided to narrate what had happened to Qiong Qi.


Basically, a person called Wind Lord possessed Flowing Time Great Emperor’s rib bone and arranged an array before he made use of that rib bone’s power to summon forth the Flowing Time Temple. After his array was destroyed by Yang Kai, he sacrificed part of the rib bone to break through the World Barrier and sneak into the palace. Upon arrival here, Wind Lord managed to obtain the Infinite Hourglass. After listening to this story, Qiong Qi furrowed his brow.


The incident wasn’t complicated, so Yang Xue was able to explain it in just a short moment. Yang Kai would fill in the details if there was anything unclear.


After that, Yang Xue asked, “Uncle Qiong Qi, I would like to know why some of our Honoured Master’s remains are still in the outside world. Where is his tomb?”


Everyone knew that Flowing Time Great Emperor had passed away a long time ago and they thought that the Flowing Time Temple was his final resting place; however, only Qiong Qi, Yang Xiao, and Yang Xue knew that his tomb wasn’t in the palace. There was only the Great Emperor’s inheritance here.


As one of the Great Emperor’s Inheritance Disciples, Yang Xue had the responsibility to investigate such issues. At the very least, she and Yang Xiao had to pay homage to the Great Emperor.


Hearing her question, Qiong Qi paused for a moment before slowly shaking his head, “Old Master has no tomb.”


Yang Kai frowned, “What do you mean?”


Yang Xue also looked inquisitively at him. If there was no tomb, how did Wind Lord manage to obtain the Great Emperor’s rib bone? It wasn’t like he could just pick it up randomly.


Qiong Qi explained solemnly, “This old man shouldn’t be telling you all this so soon, but things have reached a stage where it’s pointless to hide it from you anymore.”


He paused for a moment, “In the past, Old Master was a genius who managed to master the Dao of Time. It only took a thousand years to comprehend the Grand Dao, which allowed him to obtain approval of the World’s Will and become a Great Emperor. When he was alive, he was famous and practically peerless, which was why he was also lonely. He had focused his entire life on cultivation, so he didn’t marry or beget a child. For the following several thousand years, he secluded himself in the Flowing Time Temple until one day, he suddenly came out of his cultivation room and told me that he touched upon some mysterious Principles from the Outer Universe. So, he decided to explore the outside world and told me to watch over the palace until he returned. Certainly, I would obey his order, so I stayed in the palace for the following years.”


At this point, Qiong Qi furrowed his brow and there was a sense of fear behind his fierce-looking gaze, which caused Yang Xue and Yang Kai to be astounded.


Qiong Qi was an ancient ominous beast who had accompanied Flowing Time Great Emperor for countless years, so there shouldn’t be anything in this world that could scare him. Even if he was faced with another Great Emperor, he wouldn’t have sported this kind of expression.


However, the truth was that there was indeed a tinge of horror behind his gaze and his voice was slightly shaking as he continued, “Several hundred years later, the Infinite Hourglass broke through the Void and returned to the palace. A tiny piece of Old Master’s Divine Sense was left in the hourglass, which was very vague, but the message within it was clear. It was dangerous in the Outer Universe and the Great Emperor had lost his life!”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai felt his entire body freeze all over and he had goosebumps on every part of his skin.




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