Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3659, Ten Years


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Yang Xue turned to look at Yang Kai and said with a smile, “Big Brother, please wait for me here for ten years. We’ll leave this place together after that.”


Yang Kai lifted his hand and stroked her head, “En, I’ll wait for you all.”


Ten years would be a long time in the outside world to wait, but they were now in the Flowing Time Temple where Time Principles fluctuated wildly, so ten years in this place were probably just a short moment in the outside world.


Yang Kai could take advantage of this opportunity to study a Secret Technique.


While Wind Lord was gasping for breath, Yang Kai put him inside the Small Sealed World. Although Wind Lord was a Pseudo-Great Emperor, he had to be submissive when inside the Small Sealed World. Moreover, he was still severely injured, so he couldn’t stir up any trouble even if he wanted to.


Yang Xiao and Yang Xue returned to their own place to cultivate. She wanted Yang Kai to wait for her for ten years, but she didn’t specify what she was going to do as she attempted to remain mysterious. Apparently, something good would soon happen.


Before she left, she woke Liu Yan up. Yang Kai and Liu Yan were technically Master and Servant, so they were overjoyed after they were reunited.


Inside the hall, Yang Kai told Liu Yan and Qiong Qi about what had happened to the Star Boundary in recent years. When all four of them entered the Four Seasons Realm in the past, the Demons still hadn’t invaded the Star Boundary, so they had no idea what had been going on in the outside world. Upon learning the current situation in the Star Boundary, Liu Yan and Qiong Qi were astonished.


This came as a surprise to them as they thought that they had just had a good sleep in the Flowing Time Temple, but they had never expected that the entire Star Boundary had descended into chaos.


Certainly, Qiong Qi would have to assist Yang Xiao and Yang Xue in the future, so he had to understand the current affairs in the Star Boundary so that they wouldn’t be befuddled when they eventually left this place.


The chat only lasted for a while.


A few days later, Yang Kai found a cultivation room and entered a retreat.


When he was in the Demon Realm in the past, he made use of the Sealed World Bead to devour the separate continents; however, as he gobbled up more continents, problems also came knocking on the door. The World Principles in the third region of the Sealed World Bead slowly grew stronger and were now showing signs of assimilating the second region. The fundamental reason was that the World Principles in the second region were weaker, so it was unable to resist the third region’s invasion.


Just like how water would always flow to a lower position, the more abundant World Principles in the third region started streaming towards the second region.


The second region was made up of the Cultivation Stars that Yang Kai had devoured in a Lower Star Field. Presently, countless people from those Cultivation Stars were living together in the second region. If Yang Kai allowed the third region to assimilate the second, the people living there would swiftly become demonified. This would not be like that of the people from Demon Heavenly Dao as these people were much weaker. Once they were invaded by Demon Qi, they would become living dead with no consciousness.


With the number of Cultivation Stars Gun-Gun took in, billions upon billions of innocent people would be affected.


Yang Kai had to swallow the rest of the Demon Realm if he wanted to end the war, but he also couldn’t turn a blind eye to the plight of those people from the Cultivation Stars he devoured. Otherwise, he would be no different from a mass murderer. If that really happened, he would never be at ease for the rest of his life.


Since he was unable to go on swallowing up the Demon Realm, he returned to the Star Boundary with Yu Ru Meng and the others. If the issue wasn’t settled, his plan of devouring the rest of the Demon Realm couldn’t be continued.


In fact, it wasn’t so difficult to solve the problem. Since the problem lay with those people, he just had to move them out of the Small Sealed World.


Yang Kai was the Star Field Master of Heng Luo Star Field, and there were many Cultivation Stars in the Star Field that were suitable for living and cultivating. He just had to bring those people back to Heng Luo Star Field and help them settle down on those Cultivation Stars.


This was the simplest solution, but it was also the hardest to carry out. There were indeed many Cultivation Stars in the Lower Star Field, but every Cultivation Star had its own established system already. If a massive number of foreigners suddenly arrived in one place, it would undoubtedly cause upheaval. Take a city with a hundred thousand residents as an example. Although there would surely be some conflicts from time to time, the people were still able to live and work together in relative harmony. However, if twenty thousand outsiders joined the city all of a sudden, everything would descend into chaos.


It would be best if he could find an uninhabited Cultivation Star, but that was practically impossible because all the Cultivation Stars in the Star Field had been discovered and occupied.


Therefore, Yang Kai decided to do it in another way. He wanted to separate the second region from the Small Sealed World and make it a world on its own. By doing so, he could prevent it from being consumed by the third region.


Since the second region was formed after the Sealed World Bead ate several Cultivation Stars, logically it could also be separated. However, it was difficult for Yang Kai to achieve this. Separating an independent world from the bead was akin to creating a new world.


This was even harder to achieve than creating another Floating Mountain like how Li Wu Yi had done. However, if Yang Kai succeeded, it would be beneficial for his cultivation in the Dao of Space, possibly even allowing him to achieve a transformational breakthrough in it.


Despite the difficulty, there were great benefits to be reaped, which was why Yang Kai was in favour of this option. Furthermore, even if he failed, he could still transfer those people to different Cultivation Stars. He would just have to visit more Cultivation Stars and place fewer people in each of them.


Li Wu Yi had refined a new world before. The Floating Mountain was his work. In a way, what Yang Kai wanted to do was the same as forging a new Floating Mountain.


Floating Mountain was originally part of the Star Boundary; Li Wu Yi had then separated it from the Star Boundary and made it a world of its own. The second region was from the Small Sealed World, so it stood to reason that Yang Kai could also pull it out and make it independent.


He could learn from Li Wu Yi’s experience; however, the Floating Mountain was no longer with him because he had given it to Star Soul Palace to make the World Pagoda complete again. Fortunately, besides the mountain itself, Li Wu Yi had also given Yang Kai a jade slip.


The jade slip contained Li Wu Yi’s insights on creating a new world. It could be said to be the essence of his understanding of the Dao of Space. The tiny jade slip was akin to the most valuable treasure in this world for the current Yang Kai. Previously, he didn’t have the time to study it and had planned to do so after he returned to the Lower Star Field. Now that he had ten years to spare though, he definitely couldn’t waste the chance; therefore, he decided to study it in seclusion.


The jade slip contained all of Li Wu Yi’s insights into the Dao of Space, so Yang Kai was soon immersed in it and swiftly lost track of the time.


Time Principles permeated the Flowing Time Temple, which was a blessing left behind by Flowing Time Great Emperor. Although it wasn’t the credit of Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, they still had something to do with it.


Since they had received the Great Emperor’s inheritance and cultivated the Great Emperor’s Secret Art, they had also activated an array inside the palace, which caused the Time Principles in this place to fluctuate, creating the differential with the outside world.


This kind of blessing wasn’t inexhaustible of course. Once the Time Principle Strength was exhausted, the wondrous effects in the palace would cease as well. To Yang Kai, he had practically gotten ten years for free.


For the next ten years, he basically had nothing else to do. Qiong Qi and Liu Yan wouldn’t bother him while Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were working hard on their own; therefore, he could totally immerse himself in studying the jade slip.


Only Zhui Feng wasn’t able to stay idle. After Yang Kai released him from the Small Sealed World, he wasn’t willing to go back again because no one could play with him inside the Small Sealed World.


During these ten years, he followed Qiong Qi and Liu Yan around. All three of them were Divine Spirits, and although their Sources were wildly different, they managed to get along well as time passed. They learned from Yang Kai that Zhui Feng was a beast from the Demon Realm, and despite his low sentience, he was fairly powerful. In these ten years, they frequently took part in friendly battles, so they knew one another’s skills quite well.


However, such a powerful beast was just a mount to a man on par with the Demon Saints in the Demon Realm, so Qiong Qi and Liu Yan wondered how formidable the Demon Saints must be.


Ten years had passed with the snap of the fingers. One day, a buzzing sound was suddenly heard in the usually serene Flowing Time Temple. It seemed that the muffled sound was coming from the deepest part of the temple.


Yang Kai, who was meditating, was shaken awake. When he came to his senses, he released his Divine Sense to figure out what was happening, but before getting to the bottom of the situation, Yang Xue’s clear voice was heard speaking into his ear, “Big Brother, please give us a moment. Xiao’er and I will be ready soon.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai knew that the unusual sound was caused by Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, so he set his mind at ease and continued studying the jade slip.


Despite what Yang Xue had said, the disturbance in the palace lasted for a month. Every breath of every single day, a rumbling sound was continuously heard throughout the halls. Sometimes, lights would flow through the palace, flickering in different patterns.


After a long roar was heard one month later, the palace finally fell silent again. All of a sudden, Yang Xiao appeared outside Yang Kai’s cultivation room. He was clad in spotless white clothes, and his long white hair was tied into a ponytail. He was tall and energetic with a delicate face; after all, he was a Dragon who was born to be outstanding. His face and demeanour would certainly attract countless girls in the future.


The elegant young man bowed and cupped his fists before saying in a clear voice, “Adoptive Father, please come out.”


By the time he finished speaking, Yang Kai had already appeared in front of him.


Yang Xiao’s gaze brightened as he said loudly, “Congratulations, Adoptive Father.”


A smiling Yang Kai asked, “Why are you congratulating me?”


Yang Xiao replied, “There’s a sharp glint behind your gaze and you appear energetic, so it’s apparent that Adoptive Father must have gained something during your secluded cultivation. As your Adoptive Son, I must congratulate you.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I was just learning from someone else’s experience.”


He had spent the last ten years comprehending Li Wu Yi’s insights, so he really was just learning from the latter.


Yang Xiao also shook his head, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re just learning from someone else now. I’m sure Adoptive Father will master the secrets of the Grand Dao one day.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai couldn’t help but size him up and scoffed, “How have you become such a smooth talker? Those from the Dragon Clan would never flatter others. If your parents saw you behaving in such a way, they’d definitely tidy you up.”


A solemn Yang Xiao replied, “It’s thanks to Adoptive Father that I have become who I am today, so I wouldn’t dare to accept your compliment.”


“You cheeky brat.” Yang Kai scolded him with a smile, “Are you trying to say that if the main support is crooked, the floors will be too?”


“I wouldn’t dare to…” Yang Xiao put on a fawning smile and bowed again before offering his hand, playing the part of a filial son serving his old father, “Let’s go now, Adoptive Father. Little Aunt has gotten everything ready. We can leave this place now.”


“Enough already. I’m still young, I don’t need you to help me walk,” Yang Kai slapped his hands away and shuffled out of the place with him.


Presently, the Flowing Time Temple’s doors were wide open. Yang Xue, Qiong Qi, Zhui Feng, and Liu Yan were already waiting outside the palace.


Hearing the noise from behind, Yang Xue turned around and took a brief look at Yang Kai’s grey hair. A sense of melancholy flashed across her eyes, but she soon said with a smile, “Big Brother, thanks for waiting for so long.”


Yang Kai flashed a smile at her, “I happened to need some time to study a little something, so I should be thanking you instead.”


He then looked around, “If you’re all ready, let’s get going.”


Yang Xue nodded and took a look at Yang Xiao, who smiled and shuffled forward to stand beside her. The next moment, both of them started forming different hand seals.




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  1. I guess it’s all coming together now. Heard from somewhere that Zhang Ruo Xi (Heaven Punisher) is from the Outer Universe. I guess it means the Great Demon God is also from there and that is also most likely where Yang Yan’s ex boyfriend (master of the SWB, former protector of Heng Luo Star Field) ventured off to. Hopefully, he’s not also dead.

  2. This dude used to take sips of tea and exchange cultivation experiences with li wu yi and was said to not be far off in terms of level of understanding of the dao of space… telling me he really took 10 fuckin years to comprehend that jade slip when it was mentioned several times that he could already make a small world?!?

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