Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3660, The Flowing Time Temple Reappears


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Despite their different hand seals, the Time Principles exuded from them were the same.


A moment later, Yang Xiao sported a solemn expression and stomped his foot on the ground. The palace before them started buzzing as a rumbling sound as loud as thunder was heard coming from all around.


Yang Xue lifted her slender hand and shouted, “Rise!”


*Hong Long Long…*


The Flowing Time Temple was uprooted like a tree as it rose from the ground.


The Flowing Time Temple wasn’t just a palace, but it was also Flowing Time Great Emperor’s mobile residence. It meant that it could be carried with him wherever he went just like a sedan chair or a carriage. The idea might be inconceivable for the average person, but it was something common for the Great Emperors.


The object that was used to control the palace was the Infinite Hourglass. Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had basically spent the last ten years refining the hourglass. Since they had received the Great Emperor’s inheritance, they were able to activate some of the hourglass’s power right after they obtained it; however, if they wanted to fully control the palace, they had to properly refine the Legacy Artifact.


Their ten years of hard work finally bore fruit today. Now, the Great Emperor’s palace had become their personal flight artifact.


The palace then broke through space and shot out of the Four Seasons Realm.


In a nameless mountain valley, the Embodiment was sitting on the ground with his legs crossed. Nearby, what appeared to be two sculptures but were actually two Half-Saints from the Demon Race stood like statues, sealed in place by a Great Emperor’s Divine Ability.


During the intense battle, Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo had only managed to show up for a moment before they were locked in place. They hadn’t even showcased their true powers. One of them appeared ferocious while the other’s posture was that of a lion pouncing on a rabbit. Just like sculptures, however, they were completely unmoving.


The Embodiment was slightly frustrated. Although he could confirm that the two Half-Saints were not at risk of losing their lives, he couldn’t break the seal and set them free no matter what he tried.


Although the Embodiment’s cultivation path was different from that of Yang Kai’s, they had spent many years experiencing life-or-death moments together; therefore, it could be said that he was an experienced person now, and he possessed the power of a Half-Saint. However, he was powerless to help Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo, which was why he felt dejected.


Furthermore, one month had passed and there was still no news from Yang Kai, making the Embodiment wonder what Yang Kai had come across in the Four Seasons Realm.


One month ago, he suddenly had a feeling that he was about to pass away. He was in essence still Yang Kai’s Soul Clone infused into an empty Stone Spirit’s body. He was a Half-Saint now, but even if he became a Demon Saint one day, this fact would never change. He was born because of Yang Kai, and he would also perish because of the latter.


In other words, if Yang Kai was killed, he would also die. On the other hand, if anything happened to him, Yang Kai wouldn’t be affected.


At that time, the Embodiment was cleaning up the mess on the battlefield with Zhou Quan and had just moved Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo to somewhere else when he had a feeling that death was upon him. At that instant, he knew that Yang Kai must have fallen into grave danger.


He couldn’t understand the reason behind this. Yang Kai was in peak condition when he raced after the severely injured Wind Lord, and was also accompanied by the ferocious Zhui Feng, so how could he have wound up on the brink of death? Although the Embodiment couldn’t figure it out, he knew that something unexpected must have happened in the Four Seasons Realm.


He wasn’t able to help Yang Kai though, so he immediately called out to Zhou Quan and told him what to do once he passed on. He wanted Zhou Quan to bring Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo to Seven Mists Sea and hand them over to Li Wu Yi. He also wanted him to head over to High Heaven Palace to give the people there a detailed explanation of the situation.


After he was done making arrangements, the Embodiment closed his eyes and waited for death. In the end, however, he survived for some unknown reason and thus continued to wait until now.


Presently, Zhou Quan was meditating nearby while recuperating as he was still slightly injured from the previous battle. After a month, his injuries were mostly healed while the expansive valley was completely silent.


Just then, the Embodiment lifted his head and his stony face appeared solemn. He stared at a particular spot in the sky with his flaming eyes before a moment later, he suddenly bellowed, “Not good!”


Right after he finished speaking, he wrapped his Demon Qi around Bai Ya, Bai Zhuo, Zhou Quan, and six or seven other captives before hurriedly retreating more than thirty kilometres.


Following his move, a ripple suddenly spread across the sky above the nameless valley, as though someone had hurled a stone into a usually serene lake.


Zhou Quan opened his eyes in shock and looked up as he exclaimed. That was because after the ripples diminished, a gigantic, blurry image came into sight. This sight was familiar to him. The same thing had happened one month ago when Wind Lord activated the array using the bone in his hand, which was why he knew that it was the Flowing Time Temple’s contour.


At that time, Wind Lord’s effort all went to waste because of Yang Kai as the palace soon retreated into the Four Seasons Realm.


[Did Wind Lord manage to stage a comeback? Is he not dead yet?] Zhou Quan immediately circulated his Emperor Qi to prepare himself for a battle.


On the other hand, the Embodiment grunted in surprise and clapped the other person’s shoulder before he said with a smile, “No need to panic. Everything will be fine.”


He had detected Yang Kai’s aura after the World Barrier began to open.


Since Yang Kai was still around, he must be the one who had made the palace appear again, not Wind Lord.


Right then, a cracking sound was heard as the space tore open. The gigantic palace appeared from the Void and shaded the sunlight from everyone’s sight. A few figures were standing at the entrance of the palace. One of them was none other than Yang Kai.


At that instant, the Embodiment put on a bright smile.


In just a short moment, the Flowing Time Temple completely left the Four Seasons Realm. After countless years, Flowing Time Great Emperor’s palace finally reappeared in this world.


Qiong Qi felt somewhat sorrowful. In the past, wherever the palace appeared in the Star Boundary, the people there would kneel down to welcome its arrival. Even the other Great Emperors would come over to greet them.


However, after Flowing Time Great Emperor passed away, the palace could only gather dust inside the Four Seasons Realm. It wasn’t until now that it reappeared under the sun.


Finally, the Great Emperor had two successors. While the others were not paying attention to Qiong Qi, he secretly rubbed the corners of his eyes.


The palace was big enough to shade the entire valley, the shadow it cast on the ground looking like a crouching ancient beast. A shocked Zhou Quan fell on his backside while the other detained Emperor Realm Masters from Demon Heavenly Dao were shaken to the core.


Although they had been demonified, they were still clear-headed, which was why they knew what this palace was. Seeing that Wind Lord wasn’t around, they knew that from that day onwards, only three out of the Four Great Lords under their Master would remain.


After leaping off the palace entryway, Yang Xue waved her hands and stopped using her hand seals. In just a few breaths of time, the palace shrunk until it became a palm-sized item that was then stored inside her sleeve.


Zhui Feng kept neighing and widened his eyes in disbelief. He stared fixedly at Yang Xue’s sleeve as though he had just seen a ghost. He was probably wondering just how enormous her sleeve must be to be able to keep a gigantic palace inside of it.


Yang Kai walked up to the Embodiment and took a look at Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo before asking, “How are they?”


Previously, he didn’t have the time to check on the two Half-Saints as he had to race after Wind Lord. It wasn’t until now that he had the time to ask about them.


“They’re not dead,” the Embodiment replied.


Yang Kai was relieved that they were still alive as he was worried that something serious had happened to them. If they were dead, he wouldn’t be able to explain himself to Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo.


“Why has your hair turned grey?” The Embodiment stared at Yang Kai’s hair with a frown.


When Yang Kai entered the Four Seasons Realm, his hair was still as black as night, but his hair had turned slightly grey after he walked out of the palace. The Embodiment had no idea what had happened, but upon recalling the palpitation he felt some time ago, he figured that Yang Kai must have fallen into a fierce battle.


“I’ve aged by a few hundred years,” Yang Kai put on a smile as if it didn’t really matter. He was a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, so he still had a long time to live. His current age was actually still considered young for his current realm.


“Who are they?” The Embodiment turned to look at Yang Xiao and Yang Xue. Just like Yang Kai, he found them to be familiar at first glance, as though he had met them before, but he couldn’t recall where.


Even if he could recognise them, he wouldn’t dare to acknowledge it. It was an inconceivable idea that two little kids had grown into young adults in just a few years.


It was troublesome to explain everything to him, so Yang Kai decided to simply share his Soul. The Embodiment examined this flood of memories swiftly before he widened his eyes and muttered, “They’re Xiao’er and Xue’er?”


Yang Xiao obediently walked over and cupped his fists, “Xiao’er greets, Second Uncle.”


The Embodiment was Yang Kai’s Soul Clone, so it could even be said that he was Yang Kai’s biological brother. Yang Xiao was right to call him ‘Second Uncle’ and his smooth talk successfully cracked the Embodiment up. The Embodiment kept praising him and said that the latter was a promising young man.


Yang Xue wasn’t aware of the Embodiment’s existence; after all, she was still far too young when she left High Heaven Palace, so she had never met the Embodiment before. After hearing what Yang Xiao had called him though, she also figured out how she should address him.


After hearing himself addressed as ‘Second Brother’, the Embodiment grinned from ear to ear. After a good laugh, he said, “All of you have come out at the right time. I need your help.”


Following that, he brought Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo over and showed them to Yang Xiao and Yang Xue.


The two Half-Saints were petrified after they were struck with a Divine Ability contained within Flowing Time Great Emperor’s rib bone. Thus, even the Embodiment, a Half-Saint was unable to save them. Upon learning that the two young people were the Great Emperor’s Inheritance Disciples, the Embodiment knew that they could help.


Since they were all one family, they certainly had to lend a hand. Both of them respectively extended their fingers and pointed at the foreheads of Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo. The next moment, Time Principles undulated and engulfed the Half-Saints.


Half an hour later, light returned to the Half-Saints’ eyes, and following that, their Demon Qi surged as Bai Ya bellowed, “Go to Hell!”


Bai Zhuo also yelled, “Die!”


They made a move at the same time.


Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were well prepared, so they immediately hid behind Yang Kai.


When the two Half-Saints arrived in front of Yang Kai with their Divine Abilities flaring, their expressions changed all of a sudden. Then, they forcefully retracted their power and retreated before they grunted in mid-air. They had suffered from some backlash after withdrawing their power at the last moment, but that wasn’t enough to hurt them. As Half-Saints, they had full control over their power.


A moment later, Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya stared over with confused expressions. They took a look at the unfamiliar figures, especially Qiong Qi and Liu Yan, before turning inquisitive gazes to Yang Kai.


Bai Zhuo asked, “What happened? Where’s Wind Lord?”


The last thing he recalled was striking out at Wind Lord, but the next moment, Yang Kai suddenly appeared in front of him while Wind Lord was nowhere to be seen.


Moreover, in the blink of an eye, Yang Kai seemed to have aged by a few years as there was now a tinge of grey in his hair.


Yang Kai turned to look at Yang Xiao and Yang Xue before asking, “Are they not aware of what happened?”


Yang Xue replied with a smile, “They were petrified by Time Principles, so they were unable to sense anything during the period they were frozen.”


Yang Kai nodded and finally understood the reason behind the Half-Saints’ reaction. While they were petrified, they basically couldn’t perceive anything as their ‘time’ had essentially stopped. It would’ve been strange if they knew what had happened.




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