Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3662, Mussel Clan


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The variety of Monsters under the sea was more diverse than on land. The Mussel was apparently a Sea Monster, and judging from his aura, it was obvious that he was in the Monster King Realm, so he must be fairly powerful.


He was basically born and bred in the sea, so moving in the sea was natural to him, which was why his speed was incredible. There was no way Yang Xue would be able to capture him.


Yang Kai didn’t know why she wanted to chase the Sea Monster, but before he could ask, Yang Xiao suddenly laughed and said, “Little Aunt, don’t worry. Leave it to me.”


After he finished speaking, he transformed into a thirty-metre-long White Dragon. His Dragon form was as translucent as jade, which was quite beautiful. Following that, he turned into a beam of white light and raced after the Mussel, his speed even faster than the one he was pursuing.


Although Yang Xiao wasn’t a Water Dragon, a Dragon under the sea was like a tiger on a mountain. No creature in the sea could possibly move faster than a Dragon.


With him around, there was no way the Mussel could flee, and he was bound to be captured.


As Yang Xiao charged forward, he yelled using a Secret Technique, “Hey, stop! We just want to talk to you!”


The Mussel replied, “Little Brat, don’t you know your place? How dare you race after me, your Grandpa? If you’re clever, stop chasing me now, otherwise, I’ll beat you up.”


Despite his threat, he fled at an even quicker pace.


Yang Xiao bellowed, “Rotten stinking mollusca! You court death!”


Then, he parted his lips and roared before accelerating his pace.


He wanted to have a peaceful talk with the Mussel, but he hadn’t expected that the latter would offend him with such coarse language. Even though they were in the wrong for chasing after him in the first place, the Mussel shouldn’t have crossed the line by claiming to be Yang Xiao’s Grandpa. Yang Xiao was a member of the Dragon Clan and he had revealed his true form, so most Monster Beast wouldn’t dare to act haughty in front of him.


Furthermore, his Adoptive Father, Yang Kai, was right behind him. The Mussel had basically scolded his Adoptive Father as well.


While the Dragon was charging forward, the Mussel was fleeing as fast as he could. Soon, they disappeared from everyone’s sight. After giving it a thought, Yang Kai decided not to chase after them. It wasn’t that he was unable to do so, he was an expert in the Dao of Space after all. Despite the fact that they were several kilometers below the sea, Yang Kai could catch up to the Sea Monster with just a few Instantaneous Movements if he wanted to.


The reason he decided not to chase them was that he wanted to find out Yang Xiao’s current limits. When they were in the Flowing Time Temple, Yang Xiao was able to torture Wind Lord with ease; however, at that time, Wind Lord had no ability to resist and had fallen into a dazed state after the Infinite Hourglass was snatched away from him, so any Dao Source Realm cultivator could have beaten him up. Now that they had come across a Sea Monster, it was the perfect opportunity to gauge Yang Xiao’s power.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai still tagged a piece of his Divine Sense onto Yang Xiao. If Yang Xiao was unable to defeat the Mussel, Yang Kai, as his Adoptive Father, would certainly lend him a hand.


“Why were you chasing after him?” Yang Kai turned to look at Yang Xue and spoke to her via Divine Sense.


Yang Xue’s eyes could be seen gleaming as she replied, “There’s something from our Honoured Master with that Mussel. I think it’s also a bone.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai arched his brow. When he received her message earlier, he knew that she must have discovered something, and upon her explanation, he knew that his speculation was right.


Others might not realise anything special about the Mussel; however, Yang Xue, as Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Inheritance Disciple, had cultivated the Great Emperor’s Divine Abilities and Secret Arts, which was why she was able to detect a familiar aura on the Mussel from afar. The aura was well hidden though, so people who hadn’t cultivated the Dao of Time would never have detected it.


Yang Xiao realised that as well upon arrival, so he directly raced after the Mussel without asking questions.


Qiong Qi was both agitated and sorrowful, “Young Lady, are you sure?” He was agitated because there were really more of Flowing Time Great Emperor’s remains in this sea. At the same time, he was sorrowful that the Great Emperor had been dismembered after his death. Wind Lord had obtained a bone from the sea around Free Spirit Island, and now, the Mussel also had a bone with him. Qiong Qi couldn’t help wondering where the rest of his Old Master’s remains were.


“Xue’er would never act carelessly when it comes to Honoured Master’s matters,” Yang Xue replied solemnly.


Nothing else needed to be said at this point. Since it was confirmed that the Mussel had Flowing Time Great Emperor’s remains on him, they had to pursue him.


Half a day later, Yang Kai arched his brow and said with a smile, “They’ve stopped moving.”


He had tagged Yang Xiao with his Divine Sense, so he could somewhat detect what was going on. Presently, Yang Xiao had obviously stopped in his tracks. It seemed that he had caught the Mussel, but Yang Kai didn’t know the details. He had to go over there to find out whether they were confronting or fighting with one another.


Thus, his Demon Qi expanded and wrapped Yang Xue, Qiong Qi, and Liu Yan in it. Following that, he activated the power of his Space Beacon, and as Space Principles undulated, they passed through the Void and appeared beside Yang Xiao.


Arriving at the scene, it appeared Yang Xiao and the Mussel weren’t fighting but rather facing off.


There was a magnificent palace that was covered in a light screen, which served as a barrier. The palace wasn’t large as it had only occupied a land area of a thousand square metres. At this moment, there was a short old man who was glaring forward just outside the palace. He had very short limbs while his head was unusually large. There was no hair on his head, and his neck was short as well, which made him look rather funny. What was more ridiculous was that there were two shells on his back. At first glance, the shells looked just like his wings.


Apparently, this short guy must be the Mussel that Yang Xiao had chased after. 


The grand palace under the sea must be his home, and behind him, there were even more Mussels of both genders. Just like him, the men were bald with petite figures. On the other hand, the women were all beautiful and tall with long and smooth hair. The shells behind their backs flapped slowly like they were real wings.


Even though they were all Mussels, the men and the women didn’t look like they were from the same species. There were more than a hundred of them in total, but their cultivation realms varied. The most powerful one was undoubtedly the Mussel that was being chased by Yang Xiao earlier. The rest of them were in the realms of Monster Commander, Monster General and Monster Soldier. Some of the Mussels looked like they had just been born a short time ago as they were hiding inside their own shells and looking out curiously.


All of them were staring at Yang Xiao. While the male Mussels were glowering at him, the female Mussels could be seen with their eyes shining as they sized up Yang Xiao’s entire figure.


Yang Xiao was already pretty good-looking when he was a boy, so now that he had grown up, he had become even more attractive. He could even be described as dashing.


Yang Kai had never seen such a pretty man before, but Yang Xiao still appeared brave and heroic. Men like him were the most attractive to women.


Yang Xiao was a member of the Dragon Clan as well as the son of the Great Elder and Second Elder of Dragon Island, but this was undoubtedly the first time he was stared at by so many Monster Clan women, which caused him to blush.


When Yang Kai and the others appeared, Yang Xiao’s face had completely reddened, and his gaze darted around as though he wasn’t sure where to look. Seeing that, Yang Xue frowned and asked caringly, “Are you hurt?”


Yang Xiao replied meekly, “No, we haven’t started fighting yet.”


A puzzled Yang Xue asked, “Why are you flushed then? Your vitality also seems a bit agitated.”


Yang Xiao’s face turned a shade redder as he wasn’t sure how he should explain himself. At this moment, he couldn’t wait to look for a hole and bury his head in.


Yang Kai took a look at Yang Xiao and the Mussels, then he broke into laughter. In fact, Yang Xiao couldn’t be blamed as the female Mussels’ outfits were on the skimpy side. All of them only had their most sensitive parts covered while the rest of their fair skin was exposed to the sea. Their long bare legs were especially alluring.


Yang Kai knew that if he saw such a sight when he was younger, his vitality would boil a bit as well.


Although Yang Xiao had cultivated inside the Flowing Time Temple for five hundred years, he had never seen so many beautiful women before. Despite his age, he was still considered a young child in the Dragon Clan. He almost couldn’t take it anymore as it was the first time he saw so many alluring ladies.


Noticing the weird smile on Yang Kai’s face, Yang Xue secretly took a look at the Mussels, and then she realised what had happened. After shooting a glare at Yang Xiao, she turned to look at the leader of the Mussels and said, “Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Disciple Yang Xue greets Senior. May I ask your honoured name?”


They had come all the way here to retrieve the Great Emperor’s remains, which was why she called herself Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Disciple instead of a disciple of High Heaven Palace. There were many methods here to retrieve what they were after, but since they held no grudge against the Mussel Clan, it would be best if they could refrain from getting into any conflict. Moreover, the Mussel had a big family including old folks and young children. If a fight broke out, killing innocents would surely leave a bad taste in their mouths. Hence, the best solution was to settle things peacefully.


Upon hearing what she had to say, the Mussel shot her a glance and grinned, “Are you the one who chased after me just now?”


Seeing that someone was trying to capture him earlier, the Mussel immediately turned around and fled, so he didn’t manage to make out Yang Xue’s face. Nevertheless, he was aware that the person was a woman, so now that he saw her, he could instantly recognise her.


Yang Xue replied with a smile, “I meant no disrespect, Senior. Please forgive me.”


However, the Mussel bellowed, “Why did you pursue this King across this vast sea? Do you think this King is easy to bully?”


He then swung his arms, “I ran away not because I was afraid of you. I just didn’t want to kill you. But I didn’t expect that you’d cross the line by following this King back to his home. This is outrageous! I’ll swallow you down without leaving a single bone left!”


Yang Xue hurriedly said, “I’m thankful for your magnanimity, Senior, but there is a good reason we pursued you. Please pardon us.”


“A reason?” The Mussel crossed his arms and appeared to be haughty, “There’s a reason for chasing after this King? Let’s hear it then.”


Yang Xue replied politely, “We wish to obtain something from you.”


On the other hand, Yang Xiao finally managed to stabilize his breathing as he said, “If you give it to us, we will leave now and not make things difficult for you all.”


The atmosphere around the Mussels changed when they heard this. The female Mussels, who were originally ogling Yang Xiao, turned grim all of a sudden as their gazes turned cold. The male Mussels pushed their Monster Qi and sported grave expressions.


The leading Mussel chuckled, “You want something from this King?”


Yang Xue said, “Don’t worry. We don’t ask for it for free. We will give you something in return of appropriate value…”


Before she even finished her words, the leading Mussel shouted, “Don’t even dream of it! The reason this King even bothered to speak with you is that you spoke politely, but I never expected that you would actually be such an ill-intentioned woman! Go back to where you came from now, otherwise, this King will ensure you all die a horrible death!”


The barrier around the secluded home had opened up. The Mussel hid inside it and threatened them, but he was far from being imposing.


Yang Xue said with a frown, “Senior must have misunderstood us, we…”


“There is no misunderstanding!” The Mussel shouted as he didn’t give Yang Xue a chance to speak. At the same time, he swung his short arms, “Scram scram! Before you anger this King!”




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