Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3663, Admit Defeat


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The Mussel waved his hands, after which the seawater swept across Yang Kai and the others. Even though the waves were not harmful, it went to show that the Mussel was truly powerful.


Yang Xue knitted her brows as the other party insisted on chasing them away, so there was no way they could talk it out. After giving it a thought, she stared at the Mussel and said, “Don’t blame me for what I’m about to do, then.”


Upon finishing her words, she took a step forward and performed a hand seal before pointing at the barrier.


Without the need to be told what to do, Yang Xiao pushed out his palms at the barrier at the same time as Yang Xue. His movement was slow, but he appeared determined.


Their moves seemed light and didn’t exude any aura.


The Mussel put on a sneer. With his arms crossed, he remained behind the barrier and stared mockingly at Yang Xue, “It seems that you have no idea about your own limitations! The barrier around this secluded home has been finetuned over the generations. Do you even think you ca…”


All of a sudden, he stopped talking and the smile on his face froze. That was because the moment Yang Xue and Yang Xiao came into contact with the barrier, a snapping sound was heard, and following that, countless cracks started appearing on the light screen.


All the adult Mussels were flabbergasted while the little Mussels, who were looking on curiously, immediately closed their shells and hid in them before rolling backwards.


The cracking sounds continued to ring out as the Mussel King’s eyes turned bloodshot. With a horrified expression, he stared fixedly at the barrier around the secluded home. It was as though the cracks were appearing on his heart instead of the barrier.


He couldn’t understand why the two youngsters, who didn’t seem powerful at all, were able to achieve this. There was no time for him to ponder though as a few breaths later, with a loud crash, the barrier collapsed.


“How dare you!” The Mussel King bellowed. The Mussels around him activated their Monster Qi and prepared themselves for the imminent battle.


Just then, a few figures appeared out of thin air. Following a neighing sound, Demon Qi could be seen surging as four Half-Saints appeared at the same time and surrounded all the Mussels.


In addition, Qiong Qi assumed his true form and howled. His mouth was so wide that he seemed able to devour over ten Mussels at the same time. Liu Yan also performed a hand seal, after which a phantom Fire Phoenix appeared behind her, exuding a terrifying aura.


Faced with this group of Mussels, they didn’t actually need so many people to deal with them. Liu Yan or Qiong Qi alone would be enough to destroy them. However, Yang Kai still summoned all the Half-Saints he had with him not because he wanted to kill, but because he wanted to intimidate.


He had no grudges against the Mussel Clan, so he wasn’t willing to kill them; however, if a fight broke out, Yang Kai couldn’t guarantee that no harm would be done. If both parties became locked in a battle to the death, the outcome would be terrible.


Therefore, Yang Kai decided to showcase all the power at his disposal in hopes that the Mussels would realise that there was no way they could win.


When the four Half-Saints appeared, all the Mussels gasped and stopped making any moves. Upon realising how powerful the Half-Saints were, they were all flustered, and after Qiong Qi showed his true form and the Fire Phoenix appeared, all of them felt as if they had been thrown into the coldest of blizzards.


[Who are these people?] Besides the two youngsters, all the others present were clearly not small characters. As their powerful Divine Senses permeated the area, all the Mussels felt their mouths turn dry, and they couldn’t help but clench their shells as though they could find a sense of security by doing so.


Initially, they thought that there were not many people on the other side, so there was no need to fear them; however, they didn’t expect to see such a turn of events.


The Mussel King was, fortunately, a tactful man, so after being startled for a moment, he quickly exclaimed, “Wait! Wait a moment!”


Then, he turned to look at Yang Kai as he saw that it was the latter who summoned all the Half-Saints, which was why he understood that Yang Kai was the leader of this group.


Feeling both terrified and humiliated, the Mussel King said, “This time… My Mussel Clan admits defeat. This Bang Bang’er will give you what you want; however, if you dare harm any of my clan, we will fight to the death!”


Hearing this, all the Mussels were shocked before they called out in sorrow, “Great King!”


Some of the Mussels appeared furious as they swept a hate-filled glance over Yang Kai and the others before saying through clenched teeth, “Great King, you don’t have to be afraid of them. We would rather die than admit defeat. We will fight!”




“Great King, please give the order!”


The Mussel King, Bang Bang’er, however just bellowed, “Silence!”


Anyone could act bravely in the heat of the moment, and if he really gave the order, there was no doubt that the Mussel Clan had the courage to charge forward, but the consequences would be dreadful. Given the collective power the other side had showcased, they could easily destroy the entire Mussel Clan. The over one hundred Mussels were totally no match for them.


He was the leader of the Mussel Clan, so he had to act in the interest of everyone. If he could sacrifice himself to ensure the safety of his Clan, it would be a good deal.


“If anyone dares to say one more word, they will be punished according to the Clan’s laws!” He swept a glance over them and realised that no one dared to speak again. He had been King for many years, so the others wouldn’t dare to disobey him.


He took one more look at Yang Kai and gritted his teeth. Then, he opened his mouth and stuffed his hand into it. When he withdrew his hand, a light seemed to be shining from his hand as though the moon had suddenly appeared in the depths of the sea. What he had in his hand was longan-sized, and it radiated a soft light. It was apparently a Peak-Rank pearl.


This was not just a pearl though, it was also Bang Bang’er’s Monster Core. Monster Qi could be felt flowing within the pearl, making a sound akin to the churning of the ocean waves.


Bang Bang’er turned his head away and extended his hand towards Yang Kai, “Take it.”


He didn’t want to look at it because he was reluctant to part with his Monster Core. His years of cultivation had been condensed in this Monster Core, so if he lost it, he would die a few years later.


While Yang Xue was shocked, Yang Xiao failed to stifle a laugh. Yang Kai shook his head and said, “You’ve misunderstood us. We didn’t come here for this thing.”


Bang Bang’er’s pearl was a Twelfth-Order Monster Core, and a Peak-Rank one at that. It was of the best quality. Moreover, his Monster Core had such a wonderful appearance, so it was more precious than the average Twelfth-Order Monster Core. Anyone would agree that it was a rare treasure.


However, it was useless for Yang Kai to obtain it as he had countless Monster Cores in his Space Ring. In the past, he had collected over a million Monster Cores in Ancient Wild Lands, many of which were Twelfth-Order.


There was no doubt that Bang Bang’er’s Monster Core was valuable, but Yang Kai wasn’t interested. Since the very beginning, all the Mussel Clan members had misunderstood their intention.


A startled Bang Bang’er turned to look at Yang Kai and said, “You don’t want this?” 


In disbelief, he asked again, “You really don’t want this?”


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai shook his head, “No.”


It was unthinkable that a Human wouldn’t want a Monster Core from the Mussel Clan. It was difficult for the Mussel Clan to survive in the sea because they were always hunted by Humans. The Monster Cores from the Mussel Clan were unlike those from other Monsters, which was why they were favoured by Human women. They loved to put Mussel Clan’s Monster Cores in their rooms because the cores would radiate a gentle light at night. If they wore the cores regularly, it could even help with preserving their youth.


That was the reason Bang Bang’er ran away when he saw Yang Xue, because he thought that she was one of those beauty-loving young ladies who wanted to snatch his Monster Core.


After reaching his secluded home, she even went so far as to ask him for something. Naturally, Bang Bang’er thought that she wanted his Monster Core, which was why he directly rejected her. Unexpectedly, that wasn’t what she was looking for.


A relieved Bang Bang’er said joyfully, “You should’ve told me earlier. You nearly scared me to death. I thought that you… Aha… ha…”


He then quickly gulped down his Monster Core and patted his belly as he was finally able to be at ease.


Yang Xue smiled helplessly and shook her head. She wanted to make it clear to him, but he didn’t even give her a chance to speak, so how was she able to reveal her intention?


“A misunderstanding! It’s all just a misunderstanding!” All the Mussels played along with bright smiles on their faces. As long as she wasn’t here to snatch their Monster Cores, they were fine with anything else. All the Mussels were terrified as Humans kept hunting them down to snatch their Monster Cores, which was why they had moved to the deepest part of the sea in an attempt to avoid them.


Staring at Yang Xue, Bang Bang’er scratched his head and asked, “What does this Young Lady want, then?”


It was then Yang Xue told him their purpose of coming here, “We’re looking for a bone.”


Upon hearing that, Bang Bang’er turned solemn and said grimly, “What do you mean?”


Yang Xue replied with a smile, “I’m looking for my Honoured Master’s remains. If I’m not mistaken, it is with you now. Please show it to me.”


Bang Bang’er sized her up and shook his head, “Impossible!”


Hearing that, Yang Xiao became infuriated as he shouted, “Hey Mussel, I’m warning you! Don’t even think about pulling any tricks on us! This Young Master has been magnanimous enough not to kill you so far, but that doesn’t mean I can’t kill you!”


Yang Xue lifted her hand and looked smilingly at the Mussel, “What do you mean by that?”


Ignoring Yang Xiao, Bang Bang’er stared fixedly at Yang Xue and said seriously, “I do have a certain bone with me, but it’s impossible that it belongs to your Honoured Master. You must be mistaken.”


Yang Xue said, “I would never be mistaken about this matter. I have cultivated my Honoured Master’s Secret Arts, so I can detect the aura of the bone when it is nearby. Right now, I am certain it is with you.”


Bang Bang’er nodded, “I do have a bone with me, but it has been passed down through the generations within the Mussel Clan, so it has been countless years now since we obtained it. I don’t believe you’re anywhere near old enough for it to belong to your Honoured Master.”


After he nodded, he repeatedly shook his head.


With a smile, Yang Xue parted her lips and said, “Senior, please allow me to explain it to you. My Honoured Master indeed passed away a long time ago. My Junior Brother and I only recently received the opportunity to obtain his inheritance, but we have never met him. However, one thing is irrefutable. Since we have received Honoured Master’s inheritance, we are his disciples. Upon learning that his remains were still scattered somewhere in this world, it is our duty to retrieve them and enshrine them properly.”


Upon hearing this, Bang Bang’er finally understood what was going on as he batted his eyes, “Then… your Honoured Master is…”


“Flowing Time Great Emperor!” Yang Xue replied.


Bang Bang’er gasped and exclaimed, “Flowing Time Great Emperor?”


Even though he was a Sea Monster, he was aware of who Flowing Time Great Emperor was; otherwise, he wouldn’t have reacted in such a way. The Mussel Clan knew that this bone must be extraordinary, but they hadn’t expected that it actually belonged to such a powerful figure.


He was the only Great Emperor who had mastered the Dao of Time throughout history!


After recovering from his shock, Bang Bang’er put on a conflicted expression and said, “I see. No wonder.”


Yang Xue asked curiously, “Senior, what do you mean?”


Bang Bang’er quickly waved his hands, “I wouldn’t dare to be addressed in such a way by the Great Emperor’s Legacy Disciple. Please forgive my rudeness earlier.”


He then took a few steps backwards and saluted her, “On behalf of the Mussel Clan, Bang Bang’er greets Patron God’s Legacy Disciples!”




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  1. If people didn’t jump to conclusions and force misunderstandings, how would they ever have a reason to fight each other? Honestly the truth is that all cultivators are just the stereotypical, brain dead jocks. The more they cultivate, the more their head fills with muscle. Just look at YKs journey to as he is slowly becoming an idiot.

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