Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3664, Patron God


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Initially, the leader of the Mussel Clan fled in embarrassment when he saw Yang Xue, then he became haughty in front of his secluded home. Now, he respectfully saluted Yang Xiao and Yang Xue. Anyone would be confused by his constant changes in behaviour.


Following him, the other Mussels saluted as well, including those little Mussels. The little ones had tiny, stubby limbs, but they still imitated their leader and performed a salute, which made them look truly adorable.


Yang Xue was lost for words for a moment before she asked, “Senior, what do you mean?”


Bang Bang’er replied with a smile, “We had some misunderstandings before this. I never expected that we were actually all one family and just did not recognise one another. Please forgive Bang Bang’er for offending you earlier, Patron God’s Legacy Disciples.”


Yang Xiao batted his eyes, “Are you talking about our Honoured Master when you mention this Patron God?”


He was puzzled by what the Mussel King had said, so he had to ask him about it.


Bang Bang’er quickly nodded, “En. My Mussel Clan has benefited greatly from Patron God over the years. That is why we address him in such a way, and we’ve always worshipped him in our Clan. Despite that, we have never had the chance to discover his true name. It wasn’t until today we learned that Patron God is actually the legendary Flowing Time Great Emperor. We are so ashamed.”


Yang Xue’s gaze brightened when she heard that, “You mean he hasn’t truly died yet?” 


Even Yang Kai straightened up. If the Great Emperor was dead, how was he able to give them any benefits?


Bang Bang’er shook his head, “That is not the case.”


Next, he opened his mouth and spat out a bone, which appeared as spotless as a piece of white jade; however, the bone was different from the one Wind Lord with him and seemed to be a bone from the forearm.


Yang Xue was right to say that the Great Emperor’s remains were with Bang Bang’er. The leader of the Mussel Clan had basically refined the bone into his body and only took it out now.


Seeing the bone, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue immediately knew that it belonged to their Honoured Master. Others might not be able to sense it, but they could detect the Time Principles hidden inside.


Qiong Qi’s eyes turned bloodshot as there was indeed another bone. It seemed that the Great Emperor’s corpse had really been dismembered. He wondered how dangerous the Outer Universe must be that even a top cultivator like the Great Emperor ended up in such a miserable state.


Bang Bang’er held the bone in his hand and sported a conflicted expression. After a moment of hesitation, he respectfully extended the bone towards Yang Xue with both hands, “This must be the bone you’re looking for.”


Yang Xue nodded and solemnly accepted it. As soon as she came into contact with the bone, she shuddered for a moment. She didn’t make any move, but the bone suddenly glinted. Following that, a golden pattern appeared on the bone as a strange aura spread around, which caused everyone’s mind to turn blank.


It seemed to be just a short moment, but it also felt as though a thousand years had passed, and when they came to their senses, they realised that the bone had become normal again, with no anomalies about it.


No one would think that what happened was just an illusion though. Flowing Time Great Emperor was extremely powerful, so even his remnant bones contained traces of his Divine Ability. Even though it had been a long time since he passed away, his strength was still hidden in his remains. It was normally hidden, and it would only be revealed when the Great Emperor’s Disciple came into contact with them.


The last bit of doubt behind Bang Bang’er’s gaze vanished and instead he directed a gentle look toward Yang Xiao and Yang Xue. Even though Yang Xue said she was Flowing Time’s successor, she couldn’t provide any evidence, so it wasn’t until this moment that he finally completely believed her.


With a faint smile, Bang Bang’er said, “Our ancestor accidentally came across this bone many years ago. Even though he could tell that it was extraordinary, he was unable to unravel what secrets hid within it. Since then, the bone has been passed down over the generations. Finally, it has been returned to its rightful owner. Congratulations.”


Yang Xue put away the bone and gazed at him, “Senior, what do you mean that you’ve benefited from my Honoured Master?”


Bang Bang’er quickly waved his hands, “Since you are Patron God’s Legacy Disciple, you must stop addressing me as Senior. Just call me by name.”


He then paused for a moment before asking, “How old do you all think I am?”


This was an odd question, but it was apparent that he wouldn’t have asked a random question for no reason. It must have something to do with the current situation.


Yang Xiao immediately replied, “You’re fairly powerful, but you don’t look very old. Monsters are supposed to enjoy a long life anyway so… I would guess that you’re about two thousand years old now.”


“You’re wrong.” Bang Bang’er shook his head. He decided to tell them the answer straight away instead of keeping them guessing, “I don’t remember my exact age, but I’m over eight thousand years old now today.”


Yang Kai and the others were shocked when they heard this. As compared to Bang Bang’er’s cultivation, he had indeed enjoyed an extremely long life at eight thousand years old. Furthermore, he didn’t even look that old. Nevertheless, they soon realised that it must have something to do with the bone.


As expected, Bang Bang’er went on to explain, “I am a Monster King, a High-Rank Monster King to be precise. I’ve lived such a long life already, but I still feel youthful. It isn’t that we Mussels are blessed with long life, but rather all thanks to Patron God’s remains. After our Old Ancestor obtained this bone, he couldn’t figure out the secrets inside it, but he realised that his life had been lengthened with the bone around. So, over the generations, every leader of the Mussel Clan had enjoyed a long life. Other than those who had lost their lives in battles against other Monster Clans, the longest-living King enjoyed a thirteen-thousand-year-long life. This was all thanks to Patron God’s blessing.”


After a pause, he went on to say, “We have lived in this vast sea for many generations, and even though we refrain from fighting with others, calamities will still descend upon us from time to time. There are not many of us, and we don’t have a lot of top Masters. It so happens that several times in the past our Clan was almost wiped out. The reason we were able to endure was thanks to Patron God’s remains. While I cannot truly use it, in times of great crisis, I am still able to draw out a portion of its power to destroy my enemies.”


Bang Bang’er was the leader of the Mussel Clan. If he were in danger, the entire Mussel Clan would be at risk of going extinct. In such a circumstance, drawing on the Great Emperor’s power could indeed assist him.


It hadn’t happened to him before, but the previous leaders of the Clan had apparently experienced this.


That was the reason the Mussels always worshipped the bone’s owner and regarded him to be their Patron God. However, it wasn’t until this day that they found out who the bone’s owner was.


After the explanation, Bang Bang’er said with a smile, “We owe Patron God a huge favour. Not only have we found out his name today, but we have also realised that he has Legacy Disciples in this world. All of us from the Mussel Clan cannot express the depths of our joy.”


Yang Xue said, “Senior is too courteous. My Junior Brother and I must offer proper thanks for returning these remains to us.”


Bang Bang’er waved his hands, “This is what I should do. Patron God has blessed us many times already. Since his Legacy Disciples are here now, the bone should return to you.”


It wasn’t certain what he really thought about the matter, but at the very least, he appeared sincere. In any case, it wasn’t like he had a choice. The Mussels were now surrounded by six Half-Saints. If he dared to say no, they would cease to exist in the next instant.


Yang Xue asked, “If you return the bone to me, will it affect your health in any way?”


The reason Bang Bang’er had lived for such a long time was thanks to the Great Emperor’s remains. If the bone was taken away from him, it wasn’t certain how long he could still live.


Hearing that, Bang Bang’er replied with a smile, “I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be affected in any way, but it’s just that I won’t live as long as the ancestors before me. Regardless, the years I should still live will not be taken away from me. Given my current condition now, I believe that I’ll still be around for another one or two thousand years at least.”


Yang Xue nodded her head and said, “My Junior Brother and I will make it up to you in the future.”


“There’s no need for that.” Bang Bang’er kept shaking his hands, then he let out a long breath as though he had put down something. After that, he sported a passionate expression, “We are honoured to have Patron God’s two Legacy Disciples here. If you are open to the idea, why not come inside and have a chat? I have something else to tell you about.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Xue took a look at her Big Brother.


Yang Kai said with a smile, “In that case, we will be imposing on your hospitality.”


They had chased after Bang Bang’er and even taken the Great Emperor’s bone, which he had kept for many years, away from him. It would be inappropriate if they left just like this. Since Bang Bang’er was so inviting, it wouldn’t matter for them to go in and have a chat.


An elated Bang Bang’er turned around and shouted, “We have very important guests today! All of you, begin preparing, we must host a grand banquet!”


The little Mussels imitated their King and cheered loudly. At that instant, all the Mussels started getting busy. Half of the Mussels returned to their homes to get things ready while the remaining Mussels stayed with their King to welcome their Honoured Guests.


Yang Kai directly shuffled forward while Liu Yan was walking alongside him. Qiong Qi and the Half-Saints walked behind them, followed by Yang Xue while Yang Xiao brought up the rear. It wasn’t that Yang Xiao walked too slowly though, it was just that he had been surrounded by the flirtatious and alluring Mussel Clan ladies.


They really loved this beautiful White Dragon like Yang Xiao. When both parties were in conflict just now, it would be inappropriate for them to be forward with him, but now that the misunderstanding had been resolved, all of the ladies with different styles and demeanours surrounded him.


Yang Xiao’s face had completely reddened, and before he could say anything, two Mussel ladies took his arms from both sides and lugged him into the secluded home. Seeing how dazed he was, they all started giggling.


The fragrance coming from the ladies made Yang Xiao feel like he was on cloud nine and he seemed to be seeing stars.


After entering the secluded home, Yang Kai stood before a sculpture, which appeared very ancient. The imposing sculpture was placed in a central square inside the secluded home. It was apparent that the sculptor was an expert in this field as his work looked lifelike and alive. However, what was puzzling was that the sculpture didn’t have any facial features.


On the side, Bang Bang’er explained politely, “We have benefited from Patron God’s blessings, but we have never seen him before. One of our ancestors placed this sculpture here so that the future generations could continue to worship him.”


They were not sure what the bone’s owner looked like, so they didn’t carve a face onto it. Nevertheless, they could tell that he must be an extraordinary person, which was why they made the sculpture look imposing.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Do you need any help? One of us has seen the Great Emperor before.”


Upon hearing that, Bang Bang’er was astounded. It had been countless years since Flowing Time Great Emperor passed away, so he hadn’t expected that someone had actually seen him before. How long had this person lived? Regardless, this was wonderful news to him, so he naturally wouldn’t reject it. Thus, he quickly said, “It is the greatest wish of all our ancestors to know the face of our Patron God. Please, it would be our honour if we could have help with filling in the details of the sculpture’s face.”


Yang Kai turned to look at Qiong Qi.


The only person among them who had seen Flowing Time Great Emperor was Qiong Qi. Even though Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had received the Great Emperor’s inheritance, they had no idea what their Honoured Master looked like. That was why they also looked expectantly at Qiong Qi.


Qiong Qi determinedly moved past Yang Kai with a serious expression. As he looked up at the huge sculpture, there seemed to be a tinge of longing and sorrow on his face. Soon, those emotions vanished from his face though and were replaced by a solemn expression.


After that, he condensed his Monster Qi and lifted his hand. The Monster Qi agglomerated on his finger and turned into a graver. Following that, he leapt into the air as the graver turned into afterimages. At that instant, stone crumbs could be seen scattering around.




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