Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3665, Leaving the Nest


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Qiong Qi kept carving without stopping, the entire process as smooth as flowing water. Even though he wasn’t a master in the art of sculpting, given his powerful cultivation, he was still able to do it with ease.


Despite the fact that he was just helping out to fill in the details, he was still doing it seriously. Every cut and stroke he made was the result of the condensation of his cultivation.


After thirty breaths, Qiong Qi put his hand down. The crowd looked up at the sculpture and sported different expressions. Most of them were surprised.


Flowing Time Great Emperor was one of the most famous figures in the history of the Star Boundary. Even though it had been a long time since he passed away, his legends were still spread around among the general public. Most people would think that such a top cultivator must have an extraordinary bearing and unique appearance.


However, the truth was that, after Qiong Qi was done with carving out the Great Emperor’s face, everyone realised that Flowing Time Great Emperor looked just like the average man, one who could simply disappear in a crowded street market. 


Nevertheless, a Great Emperor’s power had nothing to do with his face. He was Flowing Time Great Emperor, so even his average-looking face became extraordinary because of his title.


Then, all of them paid homage to the Great Emperor.


After stepping forward, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue respectively burned three incense sticks for their Honoured Master and kowtowed to him.


When they were done with all that, Bang Bang’er led all of them into the main hall where a welcoming aroma permeated the place. The Mussels had prepared a feast for them as they awaited their honoured guests to have a seat.


Everyone was respectively served by a gentle and beautiful young Mussel woman. In the middle of the hall, there were some alluring ladies who were dancing to the music.


The prior confrontation was nothing more than a misunderstanding, and Bang Bang’er happened to come across their Patron God’s Legacy Disciples, which was why he was overjoyed as he kept proposing toasts to them. Even though the Mussels lived under the sea, there had never been a lack of resources, so their homemade wines were especially mellow and aromatic, which were a treat to the taste buds.


After they tasted some wine and dishes, Bang Bang’er suddenly said, “Sir, Madam, for your information, in this sea, we are not the only ones who have benefited from the Great Emperor’s blessing. There are other Clans in the sea that are in the same situation as well.”


Flowing Time Great Emperor was the Patron God for the Mussel Clan, which was why he called his Legacy Disciples ‘Sir’ and ‘Madam’. It was a form of address to show his respect, so there was no problem with it.


Yang Xue’s gaze brightened when she heard that, “Senior means…”


Bang Bang’er replied with a smile, “This is what I wanted to tell you. It wouldn’t have mattered if we didn’t know that Patron God still has some Disciples in this world, but since both of you have come all the way here, it would be wrong to conceal the truth from you.”


He paused for a moment, “Patron God’s bone, as well as a message, has been passed down within the Mussel Clan over the generations. Our Old Ancestor said that the Mussel Clan wasn’t the only one who had obtained the Patron God’s remains. In this vast sea, some other Clans have already received Patron God’s blessings, which allowed them to thrive over the millennia.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Xiao stopped drinking his wine and stared at Bang Bang’er, “Senior, do you know where those Clans are?”


Bang Bang’er replied with a smile, “I’m not sure about the others, but it’s highly likely that Patron God’s remains are in a particular place.”


Yang Xue and Yang Xiao asked at the same time, “Where?”


“Fifty thousand kilometres to the west of our territory is a certain Shrimp Clan’s territory. It’s highly likely that Old Shrimp has a piece of the Patron God’s remains.”


“What do you mean that it’s highly likely?” Yang Xiao arched his brow.


Bang Bang’er explained, “Because Old Shrimp has lived for many, many years. Without Patron God’s remains, he couldn’t have achieved this.”


The Mussels had one piece of Flowing Time Great Emperor’s bones, so they knew what it could do. The situation in the Shrimp Clan was similar to that of their own, which was why he had this speculation.


This came as a surprise as Yang Xiao immediately rose from the chair, “What are we waiting for? We’ll get back our Honoured Master’s remains from the Shrimp Clan right now.”


Then, he turned to look at Yang Xue, “Little Aunt, what do you think?”


Yang Xue called him ‘Junior Brother’ while he called her ‘Little Aunt’. Their relationship was really a mess.


Yang Xue nodded, “We’ll go together.”


Bang Bang’er quickly said, “Wait a moment. The situation within the Shrimp Clan is different from that of our Clan. They might not be willing to return Patron God’s remains to you. They might also think that you all are swindlers. Let me gather up some people to help you out.”


Yang Xiao shot him a look and said with a smile, “Do you have any grudges against him?”


If there were no grudges between the Mussel and Shrimp Clans, why was Bang Bang’er acting proactively and so eager to destroy the other Clan through Yang Xiao and the others? Even though Yang Xiao had stayed in the Flowing Time Temple for five hundred years, he wasn’t a fool. That was why he could easily see through the other’s thoughts.


Nevertheless, he didn’t intend to get a reply from him, so before Bang Bang’er could explain anything, he went on to say, “This is the internal affairs of the Flowing Time Temple, so you don’t have to worry about it.”


He didn’t care what Bang Bang’er’s intention was or whether the latter wanted to commit murder using a borrowed knife, since they had found out that the Shrimp Clan might have the Great Emperor’s remains, they had to go over.


Bang Bang’er appeared slightly embarrassed, but since Yang Xiao had said as such, he didn’t have the courage to insist on lending them a hand; thus, he only said, “I wish Sir and Madam great success in your endeavour then.”


Upon learning about the whereabouts of the Great Emperor’s remains, Flowing Time’s disciples were not willing to idle anymore as they wanted to set off immediately. Bang Bang’er pointed out the direction for them and saw them off.


After that, all of them charged forward at full speed in this expansive sea.


Halfway there, however, Yang Kai stopped all of a sudden. Seeing this, Yang Xue, Qiong Qi and the others quickly halted their pace as well. Only Yang Xiao shot forward for quite some distance before he came back and looked doubtfully at Yang Kai, “Father, did you discover something?”


Yang Kai shook his head with a smile before he took a look at both Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, “Both of you have grown up.”


Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were puzzled by his statement as they looked inquisitively at him.


Yang Kai went on to say, “Since you’ve grown up, you have to learn to walk on your own.”


As an intelligent young woman, Yang Xue immediately understood what he was trying to say and asked, “Big Brother, do you have to leave now?”


Yang Kai extended his hand to stroke her head and replied with a smile, “Yes, there are some things that require my immediate attention.”


“Please go ahead, then. Don’t worry about Xiao’er and me.”


With a straight face, Yang Kai said, “I also have to bring your Big Sister Liu Yan and Uncle Qiong Qi with me. I might come across some formidable enemies this time, so I need as much support as possible.”


Before Yang Xue could say anything, Yang Xiao became excited and said, “We’ll let Great Aunt and Old Qiong go with you, then. Little Aunt and I will handle the matter regarding our Honoured Master.”


Yang Xue nodded. They had received the Great Emperor’s inheritance and cultivated in his palace for five hundred years, so they were like two tigers that had just left the mountain now. With Yang Kai around, they felt somewhat restricted, so upon hearing that he wanted to bring Liu Yan and Qiong Qi with him, while she felt somewhat sad, at the same time, it was something she wanted as well.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Even though you’ve achieved some success in your cultivation, you must remember that there’s always someone stronger than you in this world. Don’t ever think that you’re peerless just because you’ve received the Great Emperor’s inheritance. Even your Honoured Master wasn’t invincible, let alone two little kids like you…”


“Adoptive Father, I’m over five hundred years old now!” Yang Xiao corrected solemnly as he was no longer a young kid.


Ignoring him entirely, Yang Kai continued, “Even though you two are not from the same generations, you’re of similar ages. So, you have to take care of one another and be careful.”


He paused for a moment, “If you come across any danger, you must immediately use your Space Beacons!”


Yang Xiao and Yang Xue nodded in unison, “We’ll remember.”


“Also, after you’re done with this matter, Xiao’er, you have to go back to Dragon Island, and Xue’er, you have to return to High Heaven Palace…”


“Ah ah, Adoptive Father! You’re so long-winded!” Yang Xiao pouted. Right after he finished speaking, he received a knock on his head from Yang Kai; however, he just giggled like nothing had happened.


“Alright, I’ll stop nagging at you. Now, go on.” Yang Kai waved his hand as though he was chasing away two chicks.


Yang Xiao and Yang Xue traded glances before they turned around and transformed into a beam of light that shot across the sea.


Yang Kai, Qiong Qi, and Liu Yan remained in the same spot. With his eyes narrowed, he watched as the beam of light disappeared from his sight before he said, “Follow them, but don’t make a move unless they’ve fallen into a life-or-death crisis.”


It was just an excuse that he might come across formidable enemies and that he needed more people with him. Yang Kai was going to the Lower Star Fields, so there was practically no one who could be a match for him there. Moreover, he still had four Half-Saints inside the Small Sealed World. Even if he really bumped into any powerful enemies, the four of them would be enough to deal with any unforeseen danger.


The reason he said such a thing was that it was the perfect opportunity for Yang Xiao and Yang Xue to test their own powers after five hundred years of secluded cultivation. If Liu Yan and Qiong Qi were beside them, they would think that they still had some people to rely on, that was why Yang Kai had to bring Liu Yan and Qiong Qi away from them and let them face their problems on their own.


Whether they would come across any setbacks or opportunities, they had to deal with them by themselves. The flowers inside a greenhouse would bloom beautifully, but they wouldn’t withstand the harsh winds and rain of the outside world.


Qiong Qi understood this well, so after Yang Kai told him to move in secret, he immediately nodded.


Moreover, Yang Kai indeed didn’t have any time to stay by their side. His own matters had been delayed for quite some time, so he had to deal with them quickly.


Qiong Qi then hid his aura before following them.


On the other hand, Liu Yan wasn’t willing to leave as she lifted her head and looked longingly at Yang Kai, her big eyes as clear as a mountain stream.


Yang Kai smiled and stroked her head until her hair became a mess, but Liu Yan seemed satisfied as she beamed at him; then, without saying a word, she raced after Qiong Qi.


With Qiong Qi and Liu Yan protecting them, Yang Kai was able to set his mind at ease. In this sea, no one should be able to harm them.


After they were all gone, Yang Kai remained where he was as he fell into his own thoughts. Then, he suddenly lifted his hand and landed a palm on his chest.


He had exerted quite some force with his palm, which was why two of his ribs had broken as he sprayed out a mouthful of Golden Blood and dampened his clothes. His face turned pale and he almost couldn’t support his own weight.


After coughing for a bit, he took a rest before using his Space Principles to activate one of the Space Beacons on his wrist.


As the Principles undulated, he disappeared from the spot and reached the other end of the Space Beacon in an instant.


With a solemn expression, he began reading out the speech he had prepared, “Sixty-First Army Commander Yang Kai greets Iron Bloo… Shit!”


His greeting abruptly turned into a curse. It wasn’t that he was disrespectful of the Great Emperor, but rather that he was shocked by the sight before his eyes. No matter how many circumstances he had imagined he would come across, the sight in front of him wasn’t one of them.




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