Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3666, Unlucky Again


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yang Kai was heading to the Lower Star Field, so he had to go through Star Court first. Presently, Star Court was presided over by Iron Blood Great Emperor, which was why he activated the Space Beacon that was connected to Zhan Wu Hen. Previously in Seven Mists Sea, Yang Kai had given a Space Beacon to the Great Emperor.


Supposedly, after the Space Beacon was activated, Yang Kai should appear beside Iron Blood Great Emperor.


However, at this moment, the place he was in was filled with Demon Qi. Lifting his head, he realised that the Demon soldiers in front of him were seemingly endless and it wasn’t long before innumerable streams of Divine Sense came from all directions and targeted him.


[What’s going on?] Yang Kai was dumbfounded as he subconsciously thought that Iron Blood Great Emperor must have barged into the Demon army’s base. Nevertheless, looking around, he realised that the Great Emperor was nowhere to be seen.


However, he detected a very familiar energy fluctuation that was coming from a High-Rank Demon King that was nearest to him.


The High-Rank Demon King was a Corpse Demon whose body was filthy and putrefied. Presently, he was just an arm’s length away from Yang Kai, so they were basically touching shoulders. Yang Kai’s expression darkened as he caught a whiff of the rancid smell.


The Corpse Demon was startled for a moment. Anyone would be stumped when a person suddenly appeared in front of him.


The next moment, the Corpse Demon’s eyes brightened as he could recognise Yang Kai. Pleasantly surprised, he immediately howled as his weltering Demon Qi swept across Yang Kai. At the same time, he lifted his arms as his hands extended towards the latter.


Yang Kai also pushed out a palm to parry the attack with his Demon Qi. As he activated his Dragon Transformation Secret Art, his hand turned into a Dragon Claw.


When their hands came into contact, the Corpse Demon started wailing instead as his arms twisted and shredded apart. He quickly changed his tactic by turning into a corpse mountain. The corpse mountain was shaped like a giant, and the Corpse Demon’s original appearance could only be faintly seen. However, the figure was actually made of many corpses, which could be seen struggling and wailing. Their voices seemed able to terrify anyone.


So many corpses had been crammed together that it really looked like a mountain.


Yang Kai fully activated his Dragon Transformation Secret Art and turned into a three-hundred-metre-long Half-Dragon. 


Then, the two gigantic figures clashed with each other head-on. 


Just then, a deafening Dragon Roar was heard, which caused the corpses to fall like rain. Three breaths later, the corpse mountain collapsed. Before the corpses even came into contact with the ground, they turned into pus, which stank terribly.


Yang Kai’s three-hundred-metre-tall figure seemed able to support the entire sky. There was a thing in his left hand that was pounding hard. It was none other than the Corpse Demon’s Demon Heart.


In just a move, the Demon Heart was taken away from him. The Corpse Demon couldn’t sustain his current form anymore as he shrunk to a Human-sized figure. Then, he collapsed to the ground, and there was a hole in his chest that could be seen through from the front to the back.


Yang Kai looked down at him with his golden eyes. He seemed authoritative as though he was a deity. Exerting more force with his hand, he was able to crush the Demon Heart apart with ease.


The Corpse Demon immediately became paralysed, but he hadn’t passed away yet. As a High-Rank Demon King, there was definitely more than one Demon Heart in his body, so it didn’t matter that one of them had been destroyed. As long as the Demon Heart remained, the Demon Race would never die!


He wailed as dark blood streamed out of his mouth. Then, he attempted to get to his feet to flee.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai lifted his foot and pressed him down. With a loud thud, the ground seemed to be shaking and the figure beneath his foot exploded into blood. The Corpse Demon didn’t even manage to grunt in pain before he was killed.


In just five breaths’ time, a High-Rank Demon King had fallen. Yang Kai had almost always fought people above his realm, so now that he had ascended to the High-Rank Demon King Realm, he was even able to battle against a Pseudo-Great Emperor like Wind Lord, so it didn’t take him much effort to kill another High-Rank Demon King.


After the Corpse Demon was killed, Yang Kai spread his right palm and revealed a tiny bead, which was a Space Beacon. It was the one that he had given to Iron Blood Great Emperor when he was in Seven Mists Sea.


There were only two possible reasons why the Space Beacon had fallen into the Corpse Demon’s hands.


First, the Corpse Demon had killed Iron Blood Great Emperor and looted his stuff. However, could a High-Rank Demon King kill a Great Emperor? That was impossible. Even if Zhan Wu Hen just stood there without resisting, this High-Rank Demon King wouldn’t be able to harm him even if he kept on attacking for a hundred years without rest.


Since it was impossible for the High-Rank Demon King to have killed the Great Emperor, only one possibility was left. The Great Emperor had secretly placed the Space Beacon on the Corpse Demon’s body.


The uses of Space Beacons were no longer a secret in the Star Boundary. They could be used to send messages and transfer some items. Yang Kai suddenly gave Zhan Wu Hen a Space Beacon, so the Great Emperor knew that Yang Kai would be looking for him one day.


Iron Blood Great Emperor wasn’t willing to see Yang Kai again, so he just took it without saying anything, but he soon placed the bead in the hands of a Demon King. That was why, after Yang Kai activated the Space Beacon, he immediately appeared among the Demon soldiers.


Realizing this, Yang Kai’s expression darkened. With his three-hundred-metre tall figure, he just killed a High-Rank Demon King like the latter was a chicken. After that, he sported a dark expression, so it seemed that he still hadn’t killed enough.


All the Demons were horrified. There didn’t seem to be an end to the Demon soldiers in this base, but at this moment, the place was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.


Soon, a few figures flew over and they exuded the auras of Half-Saints. Apparently, they noticed the noises over there. The speed of Half-Saints was fast, so it would only take them a few breaths to reach this place. Before they even arrived, they had targeted Yang Kai with their auras.


Yang Kai took a look in that direction and gently let out a breath. Then, he yelled in a deafening voice, “Tell Can Ye to wash his neck and wait for me! This King will definitely come to claim his skull one day!”


After he finished speaking, he shot a glance at the Half-Saint that was nearest to him, then he sneered and took a step forward before his gigantic figure vanished into thin air.


A few breaths later, some figures landed on the spot where Yang Kai was standing earlier. The Half-Saints had finally arrived, but Yang Kai was already gone and only a puddle of dark blood was left on the ground.


All of them sported grim expressions. Despite the fact that so many Demon soldiers were around, Yang Kai was still able to come and go as he pleased. Not only had he killed a High-Rank Demon King, but he had also threatened to destroy their Master, which was humiliating for them. They hadn’t really suffered from any damage as they had only lost a High-Rank Demon King, but this kind of humiliation was unacceptable for them.


However, the Half-Saints didn’t understand what Yang Kai was up to. Did he come all the way here just to showcase his power or threaten them? That would be quite childish if that was true. After giving it a thought, they still couldn’t figure out what Yang Kai’s secret plot was, so they could only tell everyone else to put up their guard.


In fact, Yang Kai didn’t have any secret plot. He was also astounded to have appeared among the Demon soldiers all of a sudden. Fortunately, Can Ye wasn’t around; otherwise, he might not even be able to flee. The Half-Saints couldn’t seal off space to stop him from fleeing, but Can Ye could do that.


If he came across Can Ye just now, he would’ve lost his life; thus, Yang Kai cursed at Zhan Wu Hen in his heart, utterly incensed.


However, he had appeared in that place and killed a High-Rank Demon King, so it would’ve been awkward if he just left like that, which was why he left behind a threat. It wasn’t just a threat though as it was his true intention as well.


Compared to the Demon Saints, he was more resentful of Can Ye. That was because Can Ye, as a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, ignored the plight of the people in his own world and opened up the Two Worlds’ Passage, which allowed the Demon armies to invade the Star Boundary and caused their world to descend into turmoil. Besides that, he stemmed from a Shadow Demon’s bloodline, which was why he had the urge to acknowledge his own ancestry. 


During the war on Eternal Sky Continent, while Bright Moon fought alone against impossible odds, Can Ye had hidden on the side and launched a sneak attack at the critical moment, severely wounding Bright Moon and destroying all chances he had to flee.


It could be said that Can Ye’s sudden attack was the last straw that broke Bright Moon’s back, so he was one of the main reasons behind Bright Moon’s death.


Yang Kai had received Bright Moon’s blessings, so he had a duty to seek revenge for him, which was why he had to kill Can Ye one day.


When he reappeared, he caught a whiff of a fragrance, and a four-post bed came into his sight. He was startled for a moment before realising that it was a woman’s room.


Turning around, he was met with a pair of bright eyes, then he put on a grin, “Yang…”


After saying just one word, Yang Kai’s voice caught in his throat. Lowering his gaze, he saw a fair and slender neck, then two great, snow-covered towering peaks. Following that, it was the woman’s flat belly.


“Why are you still staring?” An enraged Yang Yan swiftly extended two fingers and poked Yang Kai’s eyes.


As Yang Kai saw the alluring woman in the state she was brought into the world all of a sudden, he fell into a dazed state while Yang Yan made a move, which was why he was unable to react. After his eyes were poked, he felt excruciating pain and started seeing stars. After a grunt, he couldn’t help staggering backwards.


After stabilising himself, he forcefully rubbed his eyes as tears streamed down his face.


Yang Yan hadn’t fully used her power, so Yang Kai wouldn’t really be hurt, but his vision definitely would become blurred for a while.


A moment later, his vision finally regained focus, but his eyes had reddened as though he had gotten a cloud of dust in them. Lifting his head, he realised that Yang Yan was already fully clothed as she stared at him with a perfect smile.


Yang Kai’s face twitched as he could see the murderous intent behind her smile. At that instant, he knew that he was unlucky again. Initially, he wanted to use the Space Beacon to look for Iron Blood Great Emperor, but he arrived at the Demons’ army base instead. Then, he thought that he could look for Yang Yan; after all, she was from Star Court as well, so she might be able to help. However, he hadn’t expected to walk in on her when she was getting changed, which was just terrible timing. Basically, today was the day that everything had gone wrong for him.


After giving it a thought, he said seriously, “I’ll have to start the story with Senior Zhan Wu Hen.”


“Get out!” Yang Yan demanded.


“Huh?” Yang Kai was startled.


Yang Yan pointed at the door and said through clenched teeth, “I said get out!”


Without saying a word, Yang Kai sniffled and turned around to leave the room, then he closed the door. After waiting for a while with his hands hidden in his sleeves, he coughed and knocked on the door, “Is anyone home?”


Yang Yan’s voice was heard coming from inside, “Come in.”


With a grin, Yang Kai pushed the door open and entered the room, only to see that she was already seated at the table with a cup of tea in her hand. She was sipping the tea in an elegant manner, her red lips particularly attractive.


Without waiting for her to say anything, Yang Kai directly took a seat.


Yang Yan said with a smile, “You’re acting like you’re a close friend of mine.”


The murderous intent and coldness on her face had vanished, as though nothing had happened earlier.


Yang Kai poured himself a cup of tea and gulped it down. After several cups, he finally calmed down and let out a long sigh, “I’m not an outsider so…”




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  1. Iron blood is an asshole! Suppose yk was injured and needed help?!? He could’ve attached the beacon to a monster beast in the wild, not to a damn corpse demon in demon territory smh

    1. Iron Blood absolutely is an asshole, but then – so is Yang Kai. That was quite an appropriate level of a prank. Also gave YK a chance to troll the treacherous GE.

  2. Yang Yan was bothered by Yang Kai seeing her naked, but in the past he saw her naked several times when her body and her spirit were not together. After she completed her body with her spirit her personality changed .

  3. Man, all this useless bullshit. At this pace YK will get lost for another couple centuries in the Lower Star field because some mystical being abducts him or something. Can’t we finish one arc without having a million side quests and every supposed high level cultivator acting like a five year old playing silly pranks or getting mad for every little thing?

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