Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3667, If You Want To Go Then Just Go


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Yang Kai made small talk with Yang Yan to ease the tension, and only after making sure that she really wasn’t mad at him, did he set his mind at ease and asked about the current affairs in the Star Boundary.


Yang Yan replied with a smile, “The support for the Demons has been cut off, and even the Demon Saints are unable to interfere. Only Can Ye is left to be in charge of everything, so how are they going to make a fuss again? Moreover, you’ve brought with you so many helpers from the Demon Realm, three of whom are Demon Saints. With the situation stacked so heavily in our favour, if Li Wu Yi couldn’t destroy the last pockets of resistance, wouldn’t he have lived all those years in vain? That said, things cannot be rushed, so it’ll take a few years before the dust settles.”


After hearing her explanation, Yang Kai learned that while he was busy, the fifty-four armies in the Star Boundary had rallied and limited the Demons to a small area in the Western Territory. They had launched several small-scale battles and won every time.


Moreover, Chang Tian, Yu Ru Meng, and Bei Li Mo had separated an army of their own which further destroyed the morale of the Demon armies. Recently, many of the Demons had come to their side.


The situation was indeed in their favour; however, Yang Yan was right to say that it couldn’t be rushed. They had to act methodically.


Even though the support for the Demons had been cut off, countless Demons had invaded the Star Boundary prior to that. It was an arduous task to destroy all of them. First of all, they had to be wary that the Demons might be driven to act desperately. Secondly, they had to be cautious that some of the Demons might hide among the common people.


All fifty-four armies had their own tasks as they encircled the Demons and made sure no enemies could flee. When the right time came, there was bound to be an epic battle.


The Sixty-First Army had just been founded, so they didn’t have any generals and soldiers yet. They were still in the process of making preparations, so they probably wouldn’t be able to help out with the current war effort. However, Yao Si was left in charge of the Sixty-First Army now, so there was nothing Yang Kai had to worry about. Furthermore, destroying the Demons in the Star Boundary was just the beginning. Their ultimate goal was to devour the entire Demon Realm.


Certainly, the Sixty-First Army would shine and make a name for itself one day.


After they were done with discussing the war, Yang Yan suddenly asked, “Why were you looking for me?”


She knew that if there was nothing important, Yang Kai wouldn’t have used the Space Beacon to appear beside her. Since he was here for something, she simply smiled, “Just tell me straight away.”


They had known each other for many years, so Yang Kai could just be straightforward to her.


“Where’s Senior Iron Blood? I need to see him,” Yang Kai replied.


Yang Yan shook her head, “You’ll be disappointed then. Senior Iron Blood and Senior Serene Soul are trying to find Can Ye’s whereabouts. They’ve ordered that if there’s nothing serious, we should not contact them. If it’s really something important, just tell me about it and I’ll pass on your message to him later.”


Yang Kai was surprised upon hearing this and asked, “They’re trying to hunt down Can Ye?” At that instant, he finally understood why the Space Beacon given to Iron Blood Great Emperor had fallen into the hands of a Demon King.


Presently, only Can Ye was in charge of the Demon Realm forces in the Star Boundary. It was said that to defeat one’s enemies, one had to capture the leader first. As long as they could kill Can Ye, the remaining Demon armies would fall apart, which would then save countless lives on the Star Boundary’s side. Can Ye’s title, however, was Night Shadow, so he was an expert in stealth and launching sneak attacks. Even though Iron Blood and Serene Soul had joined forces, it still wasn’t easy for them to find his whereabouts. Any small move would alert their enemy.


In order to ensure that nothing would go wrong, Zhan Wu Hen decided to throw away the Space Beacon to prevent Yang Kai from appearing at an inopportune moment and alert Can Ye.


[That must be the reason… Forget it. I know very well that it isn’t the main reason…] Yang Kai wanted to come up with an excuse for Zhan Wu Hen for throwing the Space Beacon away; however, it was apparent that Zhan Wu Hen had a bias against him. Otherwise, he could’ve just kept the Space Beacon in his Space Ring. With the Space Ring’s isolation, it would be impossible for Yang Kai to directly connect to it.


Having failed in his attempt to come up with an excuse to console himself, Yang Kai became incensed again. After taking a deep breath, he said, “Since he isn’t around, I’ll just make a request to you. En, I want to go to the Lower Star Field.”


In fact, he also wanted Zhan Wu Hen to make another Command Token for him. Even though the original token was still around, the Great Emperor’s Divine Ability inside it was gone as Yang Kai had used it in the Flowing Time Temple. Something seemed to be lacking when no Great Emperor’s Divine Ability was stored in the token.


Because of this, Yang Kai had even landed a palm on his chest to make himself look miserable. He wanted to tell Zhan Wu Hen that he had fought a great battle against Wind Lord, risking his own life to obtain a victory. However, he couldn’t even find Zhan Wu Hen now, so this matter had to be put aside.


“Just go if you want to. You’re the Star Field Guardian, so that’s basically your territory. Who can stop you if you want to go there?” Yang Yan giggled happily.


“How do I get there?” Yang Kai batted his eyes.


Yang Yan replied curiously, “Haven’t you refined the Star Field’s Source already? Just communicate with the Source and it will give you directions.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I know, and I’ve tried it, but there’s a barrier around the Star Boundary. If the barrier doesn’t open, I cannot head to the Star Field, unless I can break the barrier.”


Yang Yan kept a smile on her face, “When did you last try? Why not give it another try now?”


Yang Kai frowned at her words, but she didn’t seem to be pulling his leg, so he quickly focused his mind and communicated with the Source of Heng Luo Star Field. A moment later, a glint flashed across his eyes as he finally understood what had happened, “I see!”


Yang Yan explained, “The Star Boundary and Star Fields are inseparable, and they’re closely connected. Take a tree as an example. The countless Lower Star Fields are like a tree’s roots, and the Star Boundary is like the tree crown. Cultivators like us are the fruits on this tree. Fruits will only grow when the roots absorb nutrients from the ground. Normally, the fruits are unable to return to their roots; however, a Star Field Guardian is able to make use of the Star Field’s Source to trace back to his own root.”


Yang Kai nodded as he already knew this. After he refined the Source of Heng Luo Star Field and returned to the Star Boundary in the past, he had already given it a try. He just had to communicate with the Star Field’s Source and could somewhat sense the existence of Heng Luo Star Field; however, it was impossible for him to return to the Star Field as there was a barrier that separated the Star Boundary and the Star Field. If he couldn’t break the barrier, he would never be able to go back to the Star Field, even though he was a Star Field Master.


However, it wasn’t until this moment that he came to the realisation that the barrier came from the Star Boundary. Heng Luo Star Field was his territory, so it would always welcome him.


He had given it a try in the past, so he thought that he couldn’t go back again, which was why he wanted to look for Zhan Wu Hen.


“For the average Star Field Master, he would have to go through Star Court if he wanted to descend to his Star Field, but you’re different. That’s because you have obtained the Great Emperor’s Opportunity as well as the Star Boundary’s acknowledgement. If you want to go back, the barrier around the Star Boundary will not stop you.”


“Got it.” Yang Kai nodded, and then he became curious, “Where is Star Court actually? What does it look like?”


He had heard a lot about Star Court in the past. This time, he thought that he could have a look at it, but it seemed that his wish couldn’t be granted.


Yang Yan replied with a smile, “Star Court is just a name, not a place.”


“What?” Yang Kai exclaimed.


Yang Yan explained, “A long time ago, anyone could move between the Star Boundary and the Lower Star Fields. As long as one was powerful enough, he could easily move between any Star Field and the Star Boundary, and there was no hindrance for him; however, I’m sure you’re familiar with what Wu Kuang did. He was a special case, but apart from him, there were a number of other top cultivators who had made a fuss in the Lower Star Fields. It was just that they didn’t turn the Star Fields upside down like what Wu Kuang had done…”


When a wolf suddenly barged into the home of rabbits, naturally, it could do whatever it pleased. Even though the World Principles would restrict the wolf’s sharp teeth and claws, it still had a burly figure. There was no way the rabbits could go against the wolf.


It was just that Wu Kuang was a very special wolf who had cultivated the Heaving Devouring Battle Law. He had destroyed countless rabbit homes. Wherever he went, Stars would collapse and Star Fields would be destroyed.


After the war in the Shattered Star Sea, the Great Emperors gathered together and had a serious discussion. All of them realized that they had to put a stop to these heinous acts. The Lower Star Fields were the roots for the tree, and if they allowed these wolves to do whatever they pleased, the tree would eventually die. Hence, the Great Emperors joined forces and built a barrier around the Star Boundary. Since then, those from the Star Boundary were unable to descend to the Star Fields to commit any crimes. Because of this, the Great Emperors also founded an organisation called Star Court to monitor the situation in the Lower Star Fields. That was also how the positions of Star Field Guardians came about.


Star Court was just an organisation, so it didn’t have specific headquarters. When Iron Blood Great Emperor was in charge of Star Court, Iron Blood Fort was where the Court was located. When Serene Soul Great Emperor was in charge, Serene Soul Palace would be the Court. When it was Bustling World Great Emperor’s turn, the Court would be wherever he was at that time.


The barrier was set up by the Great Emperors using the Star Boundary’s Will, so it was useless to someone who had obtained the acknowledgement of the Star Boundary. In other words, Great Emperors could just ignore the barrier.


The reason Yang Kai couldn’t go back to his Star Field previously was because he hadn’t obtained a part of the World’s Will. However, it was a different case now. With Bright Moon’s Opportunity in possession, Yang Kai had also obtained a pass to move freely between the Star Boundary and the Star Fields.


However, it didn’t mean that he could go to just any Star Field he wanted. Without guidance from the Star Field’s Source, he couldn’t possibly know which root led to Heng Luo Star Field as there were countless roots beneath the Star Boundary.


Fortunately, he already had the Star Field’s Source, which was closely connected to the Star Field. No matter how far they were apart, he could still sense the Star Field’s existence. This kind of feeling was faint and ethereal, but it was still real. Only someone who had refined the Star Field Source could sense it.


“Why are you going to the Lower Star Field? Are there more women you’ve left behind?” Yang Yan looked smilingly at him. Normally, no one was willing to go to the Lower Star Field because they would be restricted by the World Principles over there. No matter how powerful the person was, he could only use a limited strength that was allowed by the governing World Principles. Most Emperor Realm Masters were not used to it, unless they were the Star Field Guardians or they had obtained the blessing from the Great Emperor’s restriction. For example, those from Star Court.


“You’re right. I still have about seventy-two women living in different places there. I have to bring all of them to the Star Boundary!” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly.


Yang Yan scoffed and waved her hand, “Leave now and show me your women when you come back.”


Upon lifting the teacup, Yang Kai gulped down all the tea and guffawed, “I’ll take my leave now.”




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