Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3668, Refining


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Before Yang Kai left, he suddenly recalled something, and then he waved his hand and summoned the half-dead Wind Lord from the Small Sealed World. Wind Lord still looked as battered as he was after their battle ended as even though he had stayed in the Small Sealed World for ten years, he was unable to treat his injuries. The only reason he was still alive was that Yang Kai still had to make use of him in the future.


Yang Yan narrowed her eyes and sized the man up before scoffing, “Feng Zai Xiao? Why has he been captured by you?”


“You know him?” Yang Kai put on a smile.


“Of course I do. He’s one of the Four Great Lords of Demon Heavenly Dao. He’s famous,” Despite the smile on her face, her gaze was very callous.


Lying on the ground, Wind Lord flashed a dead smile at her. As a Pseudo-Great Emperor, he had truly ended up in a miserable state.


Yang Yan took one more look at Yang Kai and said, “It’s no wonder you’re hurt. Even your hair has turned grey. Are you alright?”


There were some blood stains on the chest area of Yang Kai’s clothes, but that was a result of self-harm. It had been ten years since his battle against Wind Lord, so his injuries had long healed.


Earlier, Yang Yan was curious about why Yang Kai’s hair had turned grey even though it had only been a short while since they last met. Now, she realised that he must have expended too much energy during his battle against Wind Lord, which shortened his life.


“I’m fine. Even though I’ve suffered a little, the result is a positive one. I’ll pass him to you now. Since he’s one of the Four Great Lords, I’m sure you can pry some useful information out of him.”


The reason Yang Kai didn’t kill Wind Lord was that he wanted to get more information about Demon Heavenly Dao from him. If they could get some leads and find out the whereabouts of the other three Great Lords, that would be best.


Demon Heavenly Dao was like a tumour in the Star Boundary. Although they were not as numerous as the Demon armies, they were well hidden, so it was difficult to capture them. Since they had caught a big fish like Wind Lord, they had to make good use of him.


Yang Yan nodded, “You’ve earned a big merit for this. I’ll tell Li Wu Yi about it later.”


“Please tell the Great Emperor that in order to capture Wind Lord, I had to use the Divine Ability within my Command Token. Please ask him to make a new one for me,” Yang Kai thought he should make a request to Zhan Wu Hen as well.


Yang Yan replied with a smile, “I can help you pass on your word, but the Great Emperor has the final say in whether he wants to make another token for you.”


Yang Kai didn’t want to pressure her, so he said, “En, I’ll go now.”


“Go and come back quickly.”


Yang Kai nodded and communicated with the Star Field Source. When he moved, he abruptly disappeared from Yang Yan’s sight.


Unlike his previous experiences of passing through the Void, after Yang Kai communicated with the Star Field’s Source in an attempt to head to Heng Luo Star Field, he suddenly plunged into a world of many different colours.


The sight around him was strange. Space and time had been contorted as well. No sound was heard and no shadow was seen. All he could see were very vibrant colours. He could feel that he was moving at an inconceivable speed, but he couldn’t control the direction he was heading.


Nevertheless, he wasn’t flustered at all as he could sense that he was heading to the right destination; therefore, he decided to calmly enjoy this special journey.


After five breaths, the vibrant colours around Yang Kai suddenly faded. During this period of time, he had only blinked once. Following that, he realised he was in the expansive Starry Sky. An indescribable sense of joy was rising within him as he had a feeling that he had returned home.


He was indeed home. Without the need to identify anything, he knew that he was in Heng Luo Star Field. The Star Field’s Source within his body resonated with the Starry Sky. Every Star in this Star Field seemed to have brightened a little and become more radiant.


The trillions of people on the various Cultivation Stars in this Star Field looked up in surprise as they wondered why the sun and moon had suddenly become bigger and brighter on this day.


Then, Yang Kai heard some rumbling sounds in the distance and white lights could be seen flickering. Turning his head, he saw that in the void over there the fleets from two great forces were attacking one another. All the Starships had imposing appearances, with the largest ones several thousand metres long while the smaller ones were just several hundred metres in length. They had targeted one another with their Crystal Cannons and white lights could be seen flashing every time shots were fired. It was an intense battle.


Both parties had similar numbers of Starships, with one side painted red while the other side was all black. It was apparent that they were equal matches for one another. It wasn’t certain how long they had been battling against each other, but both parties had clearly suffered immense losses. Some severely damaged Starships had withdrawn to the rear of the fleets to be repaired. The Starships at the front would protect the damaged ones as they continued firing while dodging at the same time.


The battle was indeed very violent; however, judging from the situation, it seemed that both parties would suffer huge losses in the end, and no one would be the winner.


Yang Kai observed them for a while before gently lifting his hands and rolling up his sleeves. Following that, his left palm faced the red fleet while his right palm faced the black fleet, after which he simply spread his hands apart.


At that instant, the cultivators from the two fleets felt that the world around them was spinning, as though it was the end of the world. When they came to their senses, they realised that their enemies were nowhere to be seen. Even their own fleets had moved several million kilometres from where they originally were.


Everyone was flabbergasted at this sight. Not daring to stay in the same spot anymore, they quickly rallied their forces and set course for their Home Stars.


To the cultivators from both parties, the incident on this day was extremely odd; however, to Yang Kai, it was just something he did on a whim. It was like he happened to see a stone on the road, and then kicked it away.


It wasn’t that he wanted to save these people. Even though he was the Star Field Master, he wasn’t able to determine the fates of the billions of cultivators in this Star Field. They all had their own opportunities as they journeyed from cradles to graves. However, he found it annoying to see two groups of people fighting against one another the moment he returned to the Star Field, which was why he decided to separate both parties.


He literally pulled the two groups apart, and seeing that both parties turned and retreated after, Yang Kai simply turned around and left.


Half a day later, he landed on a Dead Star. It was apparent that this Dead Star used to be bustling with people as many oddly-shaped buildings were left on its surface; however, as time passed, these buildings had become dilapidated.


The Source in this Star was also dead as the entire Star didn’t exude any vitality at all. The ground was covered in yellow sand, and violent gales were gushing across its surface. The average cultivator wouldn’t even be able to come near this Star, let alone land on it.


Yang Kai was fine with the terrible environment of course. He had come to the Lower Star Field to study a certain Divine Ability. His intention was to create a new world, so a Dead Star was exactly what he was looking for. He didn’t have the heart to experiment on a Cultivation Star with living creatures.


Thus, he found a mountain that was a thousand metres high. After sitting down with his legs crossed on the peak, he closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing. He went on to stay in the same spot for over ten days. After that, he suddenly opened his eyes and Space Principles undulated as he spread out his Divine Sense to engulf the entire mountain.


A buzzing sound came from the mountain as rocks came falling down. The thousand-metre-high mountain could be seen faintly shaking. Anyone who happened to see the sight from afar would definitely exclaim in shock because after the mountain shook, it shrunk a little.


It wasn’t so conspicuous, but the mountain had indeed become smaller. The height of the mountain had shrunk by several tens of metres.


However, all of a sudden, Yang Kai widened his eyes, which had become bloodshot. He was a top cultivator who was able to kill a High-Rank Demon King with ease, but at this moment, his Demon Qi was roiling around him as though he was facing a formidable enemy.


As his Demon Qi surged, the mountain seemed to be continuously growing smaller as well.


One hour later, Yang Kai suddenly grunted as his face turned pale. The mountain had returned to its original shape and size; however, countless cracks had appeared on every part of this barren mountain. The cracks were so wide that it was as though the mountain had been divided into several dozen to a hundred parts.


Yang Kai batted his eyes as he felt a bitter taste in his mouth. He had seen Floating Mountain refined by Li Wu Yi and studied the jade slip given to him by the latter; therefore, he already had his own insights when it came to creating a new world. He thought that it was going to be easy, but when he actually tried to do it, he realised that it was extremely difficult.


Floating Mountain was much larger than the barren mountain Yang Kai was sitting on currently, but it was still successfully refined by Li Wu Yi until it became the size of a palm. It wasn’t that Floating Mountain had actually been shrunk, it was just an application of Space Principles to isolate a region of space before compressing it down.


The mountain and the space were still the same. Anyone who didn’t believe it could just land on Floating Mountain to see it for themselves.


Yang Kai didn’t intend to create a new Floating Mountain though, what he needed was a place that was much larger than Floating Mountain as it had to be big enough to accommodate the people from several Cultivation Stars. A single mountain wouldn’t be useful at all. Nevertheless, this process couldn’t be rushed. Yang Kai had to gain more comprehension and familiarise himself with the process first.


He wanted to give it a try on this mountain, but he realised that even though the mountain was barren and the Star was dead, the mountain and the Star were closely connected. If he wanted to refine the mountain, he first had to isolate it from the Star, an impossible task for the current him.


At the thought of this, he fished out a Pill from his Space Ring and stuffed it into his mouth. After adjusting his breathing for a while, he shot into the sky.


Not long after he left, a gale swept across the thousand-metre-high mountain, which then turned into dust and was swept away by the wind. It wasn’t that the gale was powerful enough to blow down a mountain, it was just that Yang Kai had failed in his attempt to refine the mountain. Space Principles had affected every part of the mountain, so although the mountain retained its shape, it had actually been completely shredded into dust.


That was the consequence of a failed attempt. Yang Kai already knew this, which was why he found a barren mountain to experiment on first. If he attempted to refine a lush mountain filled with living beings, the consequences would have been dreadful if he failed.


However, he hadn’t expected that this task would be so much more difficult than he had originally imagined, which was why he failed. In light of that, Yang Kai had to lower his expectations.


After about one day, he reached an Asteroid Sea. There were countless Asteroid Seas in the Starry Sky that seemed to stretch across the Starry Sky forever.


Asteroid Seas were most commonly formed from the broken remnants of Dead Stars. These asteroids would fly across the Starry Sky and crash into other Stars sometimes. If these Stars were unlucky, they would fall apart as well and join the Asteroid Sea.


That was a kind of danger the cultivators would come across in the Starry Sky. The asteroids flew at an incredible speed and they covered a wide area, making them quite deadly for weaker cultivators whenever they were encountered.




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