Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3669, Stone


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When Yang Kai roamed around the Star Field in the past, he had bumped into Asteroid Seas on several occasions.


This time, however, he had proactively looked for an Asteroid Sea, then walked down memory lane and lamented that he was so weak in the past.


Soon, he found an asteroid that was as large as the barren mountain from before. After sitting down with his legs crossed, he closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing in silence.


A few days later, he opened his eyes and pushed his Demon Qi. As his Divine Sense undulated, Space Principles permeated his surroundings.


Following the movements of Yang Kai’s Demon Qi, the asteroid continuously expanded and contracted. This time was different from his previous attempt. Previously, the barren mountain turned back into its original size after it shrunk a little; however, now, every time the size of the asteroid fluctuated, it would shrink significantly.


As the size kept changing for the next seven days, it became half of its original size. Half a month later, it became only several dozen metres wide. In just one month, it became the size of a plate.


However, instead of setting himself at ease, Yang Kai had turned more solemn. The pace at which Space Principles and Demon Qi fluctuated had quickened, which caused the plate-sized asteroid to also expand and contract more quickly. However, the progress had become much slower.


The last stage of any task was the most difficult. Yang Kai had been cultivating for a long time, so he understood this principle well. Strictly speaking, this asteroid was the first Sealed World he had refined, so he wouldn’t dare to be careless, and there mustn’t be any mistakes, which was why he made sure that he was fully focused.


As time passed, the asteroid became smaller and smaller. It took Yang Kai one month to turn a thousand-metre-wide rock into a plate-sized one, but it took him three months to refine this plate down to a final size. The closer it got to the finish line, the slower it became to see any progress.


The entire refining process lasted for four months until, one day, he suddenly arched his brow and made a grabbing gesture, after which a bead appeared in his hand.


The bead was only longan-sized and it didn’t give off any kind of energy fluctuations. It was just a simple stone bead; however, Yang Kai was holding it in a way as though it was the most valuable treasure in the world. Pleased, he grinned from ear to ear and started laughing out loud.


After just a short moment, he rolled his eyes and stretched his legs, then he passed out.


Following that, the Embodiment, Bai Ya, and Bai Zhuo appeared at the same time. In an instant, the two older Half-Saints grunted as their expressions changed.


It couldn’t be helped. When they appeared, they realised that the Demon Qi in their bodies stopped flowing smoothly, as though it had been restricted by an invisible hand. Apart from that, there seemed to be a sense of hostility that was pressuring them in this Starry Sky. There also seemed to be a pair of invisible eyes that were monitoring every move they made.


Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo thought that they were faced with a formidable enemy, which was why they quickly readied themselves for the imminent battle.


“Don’t worry. It’s just the suppression from the World Principles,” the Embodiment hurriedly explained.


Even though Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya had never experienced this before, they soon understood what was going on after giving it a thought. They were in a Lower Star Field with a very weak Martial Dao, but the world around them was still lively and beautiful. The world was seemingly lifeless, but it had a spirit which seemed able to detect their powers that had exceeded what was allowed in this place, which was why it started repelling the Half-Saints. This was one of the ways the world protected itself.


Yang Kai had also experienced this when he returned to the Star Field in the past, so it didn’t specifically target the two Half-Saints.


Upon hearing the Embodiment’s explanation, the two Half-Saints set their minds at ease, but right then, a huge asteroid was fast approaching them from behind in silence. Powerful cultivators like Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo failed to detect it as the asteroid directly hit the back of their heads, causing them to stagger forward.


The Half-Saints were sturdy, so they wouldn’t be hurt at all even though they were struck by the asteroid. On the other hand, the asteroid had fallen apart upon impact; however, what had happened was embarrassing for them.


Fortunately, it was just an asteroid that had hit them this time. What if it was some form of violent Divine Ability?


The Embodiment coughed and said, “Normally, those who are above the Origin King Realm experience bad luck in this world.” The world was hostile to those people, and without the blessing of the world, naturally, they wouldn’t have much luck. The two Half-Saints were considered lucky as the asteroid couldn’t harm them. When Yang Kai was here in the past, he would even trip over nothing and fall for no reason, which was truly embarrassing.


“Why is that?” Bai Zhuo frowned.


The Embodiment replied, “It’s because this Star Field doesn’t welcome you two.”


What he had said sounded odd, but it was the truth. It was like a few worms had snuck into an ant colony, so no one would welcome them.


“Why are you fine, then?” Bai Ya asked curiously. He could clearly feel that the Embodiment hadn’t been suppressed by the local World Principles.


In response, the Embodiment grinned and pointed at Yang Kai, “This Star Field belongs to him, so it’s essentially mine as well.” They were like the family members of this Star Field, which was why it wouldn’t chase them away.


“Why is he… asleep?” Bai Zhuo asked curiously as he looked around to prevent any asteroid from hitting him again.


Even though Yang Kai wasn’t snoring, he had indeed fallen asleep. However, he wasn’t knocked out or anything. While he was literally drifting about in his slumber, he still kept a smile on his face as though he had a good dream.


Although the Half-Saints had always stayed inside the Small Sealed World, they had no idea what had happened prior to this. On the other hand, the Embodiment was Yang Kai’s Soul Clone, so he was able to open up the Small Sealed World as he pleased. When he was inside the Small Sealed World, he was still able to see what Yang Kai was doing in the outside world, so upon realising that Yang Kai had nodded off, he immediately left the Small Sealed World.


“He just exhausted himself. He’ll be alright after a rest,” the Embodiment said as he put Yang Kai inside the Small Sealed World. The two Wood Spirits in the medicine garden would take care of him.


Standing on an asteroid, the two Half-Saints gazed at the Starry Sky with sorrowful expressions on their faces. That was because they had never seen such a magnificent sight in the Demon Realm before. The Demon Realm was on the brink of destruction. Other than the continents that had already disappeared, even the existing continents exuded a kind of Death Qi. The average Demon wouldn’t be able to detect this kind of aura, but as Half-Saints, they were fully aware of it. That was the reason the Demons had to look for a way out for themselves by invading the Star Boundary.


The Starry Sky before their eyes was in a Lower Star Field where the World Principles couldn’t accommodate greater power, but it was still full of vitality. Even though the Asteroid Sea they were in seemed completely dead, no one could say that several ten thousand years later, it wouldn’t be revitalised again. The Demon Realm wasn’t comparable to this place in this regard.


Bai Ya took a deep breath and said, “Brother Embodiment, I’d like to have a look around this place.” Since he was here, he wanted to take in the different sights of this world. The Embodiment had said that this Star Field belonged to Yang Kai, so supposedly, Yang Kai wouldn’t come across any danger in this place, which meant that they didn’t have to protect him.


On the side, Bai Zhuo nodded as that was his intention as well.


“Are you sure?” The Embodiment gazed at them with an awkward expression. 


Bai Ya asked, “Is it inconvenient for us to do so? If there’s anywhere we’re not supposed to go, just tell us and we’ll avoid trespassing.”


The Embodiment waved his hand, “There’s nothing like that.” After giving it a thought, he put on a smile, “Just go if you want to. Both of you have Space Beacons with you, so you can come back here any time.”


Upon hearing that, Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya cupped their fists and shot into the Starry Sky.


A stunned Embodiment quickly said, “I haven’t finished my words yet… Be careful!” However, the Half-Saints were already out of sight, so it wasn’t certain whether they had heard what the Embodiment had said.



Yang Kai had a sweet dream, in which the Demons were no longer a threat and the people in the Star Boundary were able to live their lives peacefully. On the other hand, he and his wives travelled around the world and their lives were filled with joy. Just when he was immersed in this pleasant scenery, he suddenly awakened from the dream.


When he opened his eyes, he saw two petite figures sitting together on a tree branch that was just one metre away from him. They were swinging their legs and looking joyfully at him.


Seeing that he had awakened, Mu Zhu and Mu Lu covered their mouths and giggled.


Yang Kai sat up on the ground and stretched his back. At that instant, he felt energised and refreshed. Then, he realised that he was in the medicine garden in the Small Sealed World, so he immediately understood that it was the Embodiment who had sent him in.


Then, he shot a glance at the Wood Spirits and frowned, “Why are the two of you laughing like that?”


Hearing that, they immediately stopped smiling and straightened up before shaking their heads.


Yang Kai batted his eyes and burst into laughter, “Did I say anything in my sleep?”


The two Wood Spirits were unable to hold it in anymore as they started convulsing with laughter.


“What did I say?” Yang Kai scratched his head. He hadn’t fallen into such a deep sleep for a long time. First of all, it was because he had expended too much energy. Secondly, he was finally able to set his mind at ease after significantly improving his skill in refining a world. He wondered what embarrassing stuff he had said in his sleep that made the Wood Spirits laugh in such a way.


Ignoring him, Mu Zhu and Mu Lu held hands and flew to the other end of the medicine garden, leaving the baffled Yang Kai behind.


Even though Yang Kai didn’t manage to get any answers, he didn’t want to force them; then, he spread his palm and revealed a stone.


This palm-sized stone was the result of his four months’ worth of hard work. Even though he was still very far from his ultimate goal, he had gotten off to a good start.


This stone was the asteroid that was originally a thousand metres wide, which was as large as the previous barren mountain. With the proper application of Space Principles, it had shrunk to such a size. No one was able to comprehend the secrets behind it except for those who were experts in the Dao of Space.


After fiddling with it for a while, Yang Kai stored the stone and left the Small Sealed World. Presently, the Embodiment was keeping guard in the outside world as he was standing on an asteroid that was a few times larger than the one Yang Kai had refined. Seeing Yang Kai, he grinned, “I’ve found a suitable rock for you.”


Yang Kai scanned it with his Divine Sense and replied with a smile, “It’s indeed excellent for me.”


The Embodiment was his Soul Clone after all, so they knew what was on each other’s minds without the need to say anything. Yang Kai wanted to look for an asteroid of such a scale to refine, but the Embodiment had already done the leg work for him.


The asteroid beneath his feet was five times larger than the previous one. Given its size, it would surely be more difficult for him to refine it. However, he estimated that it would take him fewer than four months this time. Even though he had only given it a try once, Yang Kai had mastered some of the key points of this process. If he were to refine another asteroid, his efficiency would improve, and it wouldn’t be as laborious as the first time.


Furthermore, as he gained more insights and became familiarised with the process, it would become increasingly easier for him.


After Yang Kai sat down on the asteroid with his legs crossed, the Embodiment nodded and said, “I’ll go back now.”


Yang Kai nodded and pointed at him to keep him inside the Small Sealed World.




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  1. These chapters are stupid AF. I can think of at least 3 ways to quickly fix the current problem, but Momo clearly has some other idea in his mind so he bends the plot towards its fulfillment. Meh.

    1. The only options I can think of are simply moving the people out of the sealed world bead (which he said would be his last option) or to just let them die (which isn’t really a option). But the current one (likely) improves his understanding of space force and he’d wanted to create a sealed world himself for some time.
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  2. What the heck is happening with space principles becoming trivial? Embodiment can come out on his own and send Yang kai in while he’s unconscious? The half saint demons can trigger the space beacons instead of only using the “reciprocal” properties (like replying to messages after they’re sent) it feels very loosey goosey and random how spatial stuff is applied like “ah yes I use my qi to turn it on” vs “I studied x so I can do y”

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