Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3670, Refining a Star


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After putting the Embodiment inside the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai turned to look in another direction, only to see two figures that were rapidly approaching him from the other end of the Starry Sky. The speed at which the figures were moving were incredibly fast. When Yang Kai first saw them, they were just two dots, but a few breaths later, they became as large as two peas. In just a moment, they landed on a spot in front of Yang Kai.


They were the Half-Saints who had left earlier to take in the sights of Heng Luo Star Field.


Yang Kai flashed a smile at them, “How’s the view in the Star Field?”


Bai Zhuo gently nodded, “It’s magnificent.”


Bai Ya said, “It’s splendid.”


The Half-Saints appeared amazed and it seemed that they hadn’t visited enough places. It was as though they had the intention to settle down in this place instead of going back to the lifeless Demon Realm.


Yang Kai nodded his head and asked directly, “You were struck by lightning, right?”


Bai Ya put on a haughty smile, “We’re Half-Saints who are able to seize the moon and shatter the stars. Why would we be afraid of any lightning?”


Right after he finished speaking, a beam of purple lightning flashed across the void like a fish and directly struck his back. Fortunately, he was a Half-Saint, so even though the murderous intent was furtive, he was still able to react quickly by turning around and striking the lightning with his fist.


With a loud boom, the lightning vanished while he was forced to step backwards. It wasn’t that he was weak, but rather that with the World Principles’ suppression in place, he wasn’t able to use his true might. If he forcefully acted, he might attract an even madder counterattack from the Star Field.


Beams of purple lights could be seen flickering in the void while lightning continued flashing across the Starry Sky, as though it would strike again at any moment.


Bai Zhuo cringed and put on a helpless smile, “Brother Yang, I guess it’s more carefree for us in the Small Sealed World. It seems that it’s not suitable for us to show up in this world.”


Yang Kai guffawed and quickly put the Half-Saints inside the Small Sealed World. When he returned to the Star Field from the Star Boundary in the past, he was also extremely unlucky. Besides stumbling and falling for no reason, he was also frequently struck by lightning and burned by fire. Upon seeing others suffer the same bad luck, he couldn’t help but take pleasure in their misfortune.


The lightning in the Star Field wasn’t able to harm the Half-Saints, but it was annoying for them, which was why they were no longer in the mood to do any sightseeing. Therefore, they hurriedly returned to Yang Kai to hide inside the Small Sealed World so that they could relax again.


After the Half-Saints were gone, Yang Kai emptied his mind again and went on to refine the new asteroid.


As the days went by, the Asteroid Sea continued moving forward as though it was sliding towards the end of the Starry Sky; however, as time passed, the gigantic rocks in this Asteroid Sea decreased in number while the number of stones in Yang Kai’s hands increased.


He didn’t manage to successfully refine the asteroids all the time. Once he failed, regardless of how big the asteroid was, it would turn into dust in an instant. These asteroids were not able to resist the pressure from his Space Principles.


In the blink of an eye, three years had passed. In the past three years, Yang Kai’s mastery of the Dao of Space had improved significantly. He had gained more from the three years of refining asteroids than all his years of cultivation combined. After all, he was totally focused on improving his Space Principles, and it was also a journey of self-betterment.


When he refined an asteroid now, it wasn’t nearly as difficult or time-consuming as it was in the past. With just a thought in his mind, he was able to create a new Sealed World.


No asteroids were able to meet the need for his cultivation anymore, which was why he decided to leave the Asteroid Sea. As he roamed around the Star Field, he would land on any suitable Dead Star and sneak into the core before falling into a deep state of meditation. When he awakened, he would realise that the Dead Star had become a stone bead.


The speed at which his comprehension of the Dao of Space improved was incredible. He felt as though a door had opened up for him to the Grand Dao. Golden lights could be seen radiating from the other end of the door as an inexhaustible source of treasures awaited his exploration.


The duration of his meditation varied. Sometimes, it would be over a year, while sometimes, it would take him just three months before he awakened, depending on the size of the Dead Star. It would take more effort and a longer time to refine a large Dead Star, while it was easier to refine a smaller one.


During this period of time, Yang Kai never ceased contacting those in the Star Boundary. Even though he was in a Lower Star Field, he was a Star Field Master, which was why he had some advantages. With Space Beacons in his possession, he was able to contact the people from High Heaven Palace and Seven Mists Sea at any time.


Presently, the situation was in the Star Boundary’s favour as the Demons were powerless to resist.


It could be said that since Yang Kai sealed off the Two Worlds’ Passage and returned from the Demon Realm, the outcome of the war had already been determined. Those Demons, who were already in the Star Boundary, were either killed on the battlefield or taken into the army led by Chang Tian, Yu Ru Meng, and Bei Li Mo. The collective power of the Demons plummeted after they were besieged by all fifty-four armies from all directions. Just one epic battle had tilted the balance in the Humans’ favour.


With that said, many lives had been lost on the Star Boundary’s side. In any war, the loss of lives was inevitable, and all the Army Commanders understood that. Regardless, the number of lost lives was still bearable for them.


Besides the Demons themselves, Demon Heavenly Dao had also suffered immense losses. Before coming to the Lower Star Field, Yang Kai had passed Wind Lord to Yang Yan, which was no different from sending him to the Great Emperors.


In fact, an interrogation wasn’t even needed as Serene Soul Great Emperor directly used a Soul Searching Technique on him and uncovered a lot of Demon Heavenly Dao’s secrets. Based on the information, those from Seven Mists Sea had managed to devastate several hundred of Demon Heavenly Dao’s strongholds. They also managed to destroy another important figure in Demon Heavenly Dao. Following Wind Lord’s captivity, those from Seven Mists Sea successfully ambushed Fire Lord in an ordinary town in the Northern Territory. Li Wu Yi had personally led a team of over ten Pseudo-Great Emperors to carry out the mission. Even though Fire Lord was powerful, he wasn’t able to escape from the siege of so many Pseudo-Great Emperors.


Unfortunately, they were not able to capture him alive. During the intense battle, Fire Lord decided to detonate himself, which caused those from Seven Mists Sea to be covered in dirt. Fortunately, they were not hurt in any way.


Despite the advantageous position the Star Boundary was in, the war between the two Great Worlds was far from over. When the Demons from the Demon Realm managed to break the seal one day, even more violent battles would erupt. By then, no corner in either of the Great Worlds would be spared.


Those from the Star Boundary were fully aware of this, which was why they wanted to quickly settle their internal trouble by killing the Demons already in the Star Boundary and destroying Demon Heavenly Dao.


Nevertheless, all of that had nothing to do with Yang Kai and he didn’t have to go back, which was why he was able to stay in the Star Field with peace of mind and continue improving his Space Secret Technique.


When Yang Kai awakened from his sleep one day, the Dead Star had already disappeared. After he made a grabbing gesture, a rounded stone bead appeared in his hand; however, staring at this particular stone bead, he seemed to be torn between tears and laughter.


In fact, he wasn’t fully unaware when he refined a Dead Star as he basically snuck into the core and integrated himself with the Star before falling into a half-conscious state. This was a new way of cultivating and refining a Dead Star he had discovered in recent years, which was extremely efficient. It also allowed him to comprehend Space Principles more easily.


Therefore, when he was in such a state, he was aware of what was going on in the outside world. Nevertheless, though he couldn’t react in real-time, he could remember everything that happened when he awakened.


It wasn’t the first time he saw a Dead Star turning into a stone bead. Initially, he would still be excited about it, but as time passed, he had gotten used to it. Nevertheless, he was speechless at the fact that, presently, there was a Human on the stone bead in his hand.


In other words, someone came to this Dead Star before it was fully refined. Of course, the person wasn’t a native of this Dead Star. She was an unwelcome guest who had barged into the place just one month ago.


At that time, Yang Kai was at the most critical moment in the refining process, and he had fallen into a state of deep meditation, which was why he wasn’t able to react. After the Dead Star was refined, this ‘guest’ had become stuck.


However, she wasn’t aware that the Dead Star she was on had been refined into a stone bead and it was presently held in someone’s hand.


Yang Kai sharpened his vision and took a look at the stone bead, only to see a petite figure who had hidden inside a cave on a certain barren mountain. At this moment, she was looking up at the sky out of curiosity.


She seemed to be injured as her clothes had been covered in blood stains, and her face had turned pale. Despite the fact that she had stayed in this place for a month, she hadn’t managed to recover from her injuries.


Initially, she was just trying to look out for any possible danger, but upon lifting her head, she saw a humongous figure in the Starry Sky, one that had blocked all her vision. The figure was so enormous that she wasn’t able to see the sun, moon or stars. All she could see was this figure.


Shaken to her core, she exclaimed and fell on her backside. Any unsuspecting person would’ve reacted in the same way when they saw such a sight. 


However, before she could take a proper look, the world around her started spinning, and then she suddenly appeared in the Starry Sky. Turning her head, she saw a slightly grey-haired young man looking helplessly at her.


On the other hand, she realised that the Dead Star she was hiding in had vanished.


At that instant, she was both shocked and doubtful as she wasn’t certain whether what she had just seen was a real Human or some kind of hallucination. Was it possible that such a humongous Human existed in this world? However, the figure didn’t look like a hallucination either.


She didn’t realise what the huge figure looked like just now because she was too shocked. If she had seen the figure’s face clearly, she would’ve exclaimed by now because the young man in front of her looked just like that giant.


Having appeared in the Starry Sky for no reason, she became alert and took a few steps backwards to widen her gap with Yang Kai. Then, she stared vigilantly at him and bellowed, “Who are you!”


At the same time, she scanned him with her Divine Sense in an attempt to figure out his true power.


As a thought flashed across Yang Kai’s mind, he exuded the aura of an Origin Returning Realm cultivator before he asked back, “Who are you?” 


Upon closer look, he realised that the young woman before him appeared to be in her early twenties with a curvy figure and long legs. Also, she was fairly powerful as she was already in the First-Order Origin King Realm.


Yang Kai was slightly surprised because the Origin King Realm was the highest Great Realm one could reach in the Lower Star Fields. In the past, all the Origin Kings were famous and he knew basically all of them, but the woman before his eyes was definitely not one of them.


Clearly, she had only recently reached the Origin King Realm.


Seeing that Yang Kai was sizing her up, the woman turned gloomy and said through clenched teeth, “What are you looking at? If you keep looking, I’ll dig out your eyes!”


[She’s quite fierce!] Yang Kai stroked his nose. Strictly speaking, he had just taken one look at her and wasn’t examining her, but he was cursed by her in return. It was apparent that she was in a bad mood.


The woman looked around and asked doubtfully, “Did you see anything just now?”


“What do you mean?”


The woman scowled and looked up at the Starry Sky, then she impatiently waved her hand, “Nothing. Maybe I was mistaken.”




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