Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3672, The Birth of a Star


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After the Sand Scorpions’ Starships exploded, all the Star Pirates inside them lost their lives. A myriad of expressions came over Mei Jiu’er as she was puzzled, excited, pleasantly surprised, and terrified all at once.


She had just escaped a crisis as her enemies were destroyed, which was why she was pleasantly surprised; however, the Starships wouldn’t have exploded for no reason. It could even be said that no power in this Star Field was able to achieve what just happened in the blink of an eye. The existence of such an incredible power was beyond her ability to comprehend.


As an intelligent woman, she immediately realised the crux of the matter. Then, she exclaimed and dumped Yang Kai before flying in the direction she had thrown the stone earlier.


An incense stick later, she returned with the stone firmly held in her hand, and her expression appeared conflicted.


Stopping in front of Yang Kai, she sized him up with a doubt behind her gaze, then she asked solemnly, “Who are you? What is this thing?”


She had just randomly thrown the stone away, but it was able to cause the Starships to explode and all the Sand Scorpions to die. She didn’t exert much force when she threw the stone either. In other words, such an outcome was all thanks to the stone’s power. What was strange was that she couldn’t detect any energy fluctuation from the stone at all even now.


Such an item could even be called a Divine Stone. The person who could produce such a stone was definitely no ordinary man. She even suspected that Yang Kai might be an old hermit who had hidden his true power to mess with her.


Yang Kai shook his head without replying to her. If she hadn’t literally cursed his existence earlier, he might consider revealing his identity; however, she had just gone on a long rant about how disappointed and angered she was with the ‘Star Field Guardian’, so he would be out of his mind if he told her that the person she had scolded was him.


With a faint smile, Yang Kai just pretended to be mysterious by saying, “It’s thanks to fate that we’ve come across one another, so I’ll give the stone to you. I hope that you’ll remain ambitious and never forget your initial goal.”


After he finished speaking, he moved as his figure rapidly faded.


Mei Jiu’er raised her hand, “Wait!”


However, looking around, she realised that Yang Kai was nowhere to be found. At that instant, she felt frustrated as she knew that she had come across a top Master. Not willing to give up, she went on to look for Yang Kai in the nearby area for one month before she finally stopped. Then, she found a secluded place and recuperated. After she fully recovered, she headed straight to the headquarters of the Sand Scorpions.


Before that, she found a Dead Star to test the Divine Stone’s power on, and she realised that she really didn’t need to expend any force to use it. She just had to toss it in the right direction to cause immense damage. Upon that revelation, she was amazed, and she felt overjoyed to have obtained such a treasure.


Half a year later, word spread that the Sand Scorpions, who were like a tumour in the Star Field, were wiped out. Their headquarters were demolished and all the Sand Scorpions were killed. They were all devastated by some top cultivator in one just battle.




While Mei Jiu’er was exterminating the Sand Scorpions, Yang Kai was hiding nearby. If he wanted to hide his whereabouts, Mei Jiu’er wouldn’t be able to discover him even if they were standing next to each other.


As Space Principles undulated, Yang Kai fully focused on the Sealed World Bead.


After years of studying and cultivating, it was finally the moment of truth, which was why he wouldn’t dare to be careless. Because of that, he had also summoned the Embodiment to protect him.


If the crisis facing the second region wasn’t solved, the Sealed World Bead wouldn’t be able to go on devouring more continents in the Demon Realm; therefore, he had to pull the second region out of the Small Sealed World.


When he created the second region using the Sealed World Bead in the past, Yang Kai hadn’t expected that he would have to draw it out one day. Now, it seemed that he shouldn’t have swallowed the second region in the first place, but without this incident, he wouldn’t have made up his mind to focus on this strange new technique and his comprehension of the Dao of Space wouldn’t have soared so quickly in such little time.


In this world, one thing led to another in unexpected ways.


With his mind fully focused, he expanded his Divine Sense and engulfed the entire second region, then he slowly separated it from the Small Sealed World, which caused the region to shake and rumble incessantly. With a strange phenomenon happening all around them, it seemed as though it was the end of the world, so the trillions of lives living in the second region were horrified.


Just then, Yang Kai’s figure appeared in the sky like an overlord descending upon the second region, and declared with a smile, “Do not panic. There is nothing to be afraid of.” His voice transmitted throughout the entire second region, and everyone seemed to have been soothed because of that.


Following the movements of Space Principles, the Sealed World Bead itself seemed to be going through some changes as well.


A blotch suddenly protruded from the Sealed World Bead, which was firmly held in Yang Kai’s hand, as though it had developed a tumour. 


As time passed, the tumour grew larger until it became one-tenth the size of the Sealed World Bead. Presently, the Sealed World Bead looked like a bottle gourd as one larger bead was connected to a smaller bead, which made it look odd.


The Space Principles around Yang Kai became turbulent as well. The area around him seemed to have turned into a black hole that could devour everything in this world.


One year, two years, five years… Yang Kai remained seated on the same spot as the tumour had now grown to be half the size of the Sealed World Bead, which made it look identical to a bottle gourd now.


Five years later, Yang Kai opened his eyes one day as the turbulent Space Principles died down in an instant. With the bottle gourd-shaped Sealed World Bead in one hand, he straightened his free palm and slashed at the bead.


However, the speed at which he moved was extremely slow. His movement was almost imperceptible if one wasn’t looking closely. Just to complete this motion took him three years.


In the past three years, he had only managed to reach half of the distance between the bead and where he originally started. Nevertheless, right after three years, he suddenly cut through the air and slashed at the ‘bead’. At that instant, he widened his eyes, which had turned bloodshot. All his Demon Qi gushed out of his body like a flood, and even all his Soul seemed to be pulled out of his Knowledge Sea.


Just then, a snapping sound could faintly be heard as the bottle-gourd-shaped Sealed World Bead was divided into two. The larger bead was fine while the smaller bead was violently turning around on his palm, and a horrifying aura began exuding from it.


Yang Kai’s expression changed when he saw this. Ignoring his own frail condition, he bit his tongue and sprayed out a mouthful of Blood Essence onto the smaller bead. Even though he was exhausted, he still squeezed out more energy from his body to engulf the smaller bead with Space Principles in an attempt to suppress and stabilize it.


The speed at which the bead spun slowed down and the horrifying aura slowly diminished; however, instead of setting himself at ease, Yang Kai only became more anxious. It was the moment of truth for his eight years of hard work. Despite his calm temperament, he still couldn’t help feeling worried.


After the bead completely stabilised a moment later, Yang Kai grabbed it in his hand, then he flicked his finger and shot the bead into the Starry Sky.


When he made the move, the bead was only as large as a soybean, but the next moment, it expanded rapidly into a thousand metres wide ball, and as it flew forward, it continuously inflated.


Several dozen breaths later, the bead had transformed into a huge Star in the Starry Sky. Despite the fact that they were now tens of millions of kilometres apart, Yang Kai could still see a giant Star before him.


However, it couldn’t expand anymore as it had reached its limits. The land area of the second region was fixed, so it still couldn’t break that limit after it was pulled out by Yang Kai.


Next, Yang Kai extended his hand and made a grasping gesture, after which the Star stopped flying and settled in place. Following that, he scanned the Star with his Divine Sense and realised that everything was fine. Even though some damage had been caused, no one was injured or killed. Relieved, he fell on his backside and started panting.


Then, he turned to look at the Small Sealed World and realised that there wasn’t any anomaly with it either. Even though the second region had been drawn out, the other areas were not affected.


It was only then he was able to set his mind at ease.


Finally, he managed to achieve his goal. After more than ten years since he returned to the Star Field, he resolved the crisis facing the Small Sealed World, which was why he was over the moon. Despite the fact that he was exhausted, he still couldn’t help laughing heartily. He was elated not only because of what had happened to the Small Sealed World, but also because of what he had gained. He had spent the past over ten years cultivating and refining a new Star, and as a result, his cultivation had improved significantly. Although he hadn’t made much progress in his realm, his mastery of Space Principles was much greater than it was a dozen or so years ago when he first arrived.


While he was relishing his achievements, the Embodiment, on the side, suddenly said, “That woman has been looking for you for a few months.”


Yang Kai was startled for a moment before asking, “Who are you talking about?”


Before the Embodiment could reply, he already saw what he meant. Previously, the Embodiment had been standing guard around Yang Kai, and he had concealed both of their figures. Now that the Star was successfully refined though, he couldn’t possibly cover up such a magnificent scene. The woman, who had been searching in the same area, saw it and immediately flew over.


Yang Kai burst into laughter and stuffed some pills into his mouth to restore his energy. While he was looking at the woman who was coming over. The Embodiment, on the other hand, directly retired to the Small Sealed World.


Just one hour later, an alluring woman landed in front of Yang Kai. After taking a look at him with a conflicted gaze, she cupped her fists and bowed, “Mei Jiu’er of Blue Clouds Star’s Boundless Sect, greets Sir.”


“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai flashed a smile at her. Despite his pale face, he still appeared energetic. That was because he was happy that he had solved a thorny issue.


“Is Sir the Star Field Master?” Mei Jiu’er asked respectfully. In fact, she already had the answer in her heart, but she needed Yang Kai to confirm it; after all, the stone Yang Kai had given to her was just too peculiar. In terms of cultivation, she wasn’t the strongest in the Star Field; however, over the past few years, with the stone in her possession, she was able to punish all those who bullied the weak. Virtually no one was a match for her. Even though some of her enemies were also Origin Kings, she was still able to kill them by hurling the stone at them. Most Star Pirates in the Star Field had been destroyed by her by this point.


Basically, she just had to find out the headquarters of those Star Pirates and toss the stone at them, then everything would be settled. 


Eventually, she recalled seeing a humongous figure when she was on a certain Dead Star. After the Dead Star disappeared, a stranger appeared before her eyes.


Over the years, she increasingly believed that Yang Kai was the Star Field Master, but if it was just speculation in the past, she could confirm it now after seeing the birth of a new Star in the Starry Sky.


No one was able to do such an inconceivable thing except for the Star Field Master.


Seeing his identity was exposed, Yang Kai didn’t deny it as he replied with a smile, “Yes, I’m that rather… irresponsible Star Field Master.”


An embarrassed Mei Jiu’er hung her head low and said, “Junior Mei Jiu’er apologizes for her ignorance and disrespect.”




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  1. That ending was a bit funny. But Yang Kai managed to protect the lives of those who were absorbed by Gun-gun and create a new Star for them. NoW he has to plan to do the same for the Demon Realm.

  2. This part of Martial Peak is rather enjoyable. The few parts in cultivation novels where the MC temporarily leaves the place where he’s struggling to fight against opponents with higher cultivations and goes back to his lower Realm is usually enjoyable to read if the author writes it well. It’s refreshing. Instead of the constance fighting against Pseudo Great Emperors and Demon Saints

  3. Dude there’s still like.. demons and wives and war and stuff, 5 years with eyes closed? 3 more moving in slow motion? Embodiment hiding you when you own the field anyway? 😭 please wrap up some things before pivoting or else it gets sloppy I want to love what’s happening here but there’s so many loose ends

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