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Martial Peak – Chapter 3673, What Are You Doing Here?


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Yang Kai shook his head and said with a smile, “I don’t blame you because you didn’t know. Moreover, what you said was true.”


After he became the Star Field Master, he headed straight to the Star Boundary, so he didn’t have the time to manage this Star Field. Seeing that Mei Jiu’er was about to speak further, he waved his hand and said, “I’ve just done something big, so I’m a little weak now. If there’s anything important, just speak bluntly. If not, please stand guard for me because I need to adjust my breathing for a while.”


Mei Jiu’er’s gaze brightened when she heard this as her face radiated a glow, “It is Junior’s honour to stand guard for Senior!” She knew that given Yang Kai’s strength, he didn’t really need her protection. As the Star Field Master, he was even able to create new Stars out of thin air, so there was obviously nothing in this Star Field that could harm him. The reason he had even said as much was to make sure that she wouldn’t feel embarrassed. At that instant, she could confirm that he really didn’t mind the incident some time ago.


Before realising who Yang Kai was, Mei Jiu’er was resentful of the Star Field Master and thought that despite his title, he didn’t really care about the Star Field. Basically, he had occupied the position without doing anything. Looking back now though, she realised how small-minded she was being. Given the Star Field Master’s immense power, he surely had much more important matters to deal with, like creating new Stars, which was why he didn’t have the time to take care of the more minor issues.


As a person with great authority, he should naturally be busy dealing with the more important things.


While Yang Kai was seated with his legs crossed to adjust his breathing, Mei Jiu’er stole a few glances at him and thought that he was pretty handsome. Some grey hair had grown on Yang Kai’s head recently, which gave him a look of maturity. Recalling the time when she grabbed his collar and fled from their enemies, she couldn’t help but put on a smile.


She was probably the only person in the entire Star Field who had experienced such a funny matter.


Yang Kai spent the next ten days recuperating before he opened his eyes and let out a long breath.


Seeing this, Mei Jiu’er quickly walked over. Unlike how fierce she was previously, she was now very respectful and her gaze seemed to have been filled with admiration as she called out, “Senior.”


“En, many thanks.” Yang Kai wanted to stretch his back, but upon seeing her admiring glance, he didn’t have the heart to disappoint her. Hence, he acted like how a top Master was expected to behave and nodded at her.


Completely in awe, Mei Jiu’er beamed at him and said, “Senior, you don’t have to thank me. It is my honour to do this for you.” 


She was an Origin King after all, so it wouldn’t be an issue for her even if she had to stand guard for over ten years, to say nothing of the fact that it was just ten days or so.


Yang Kai flashed a smile at her, “I’ve settled my matters, so I should get going.”


Upon hearing that, Mei Jiu’er was startled as her gaze dimmed, “Senior, are you leaving now?”


Yang Kai stared at her and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Mei Jiu’er batted her eyes as her long eyelashes fluttered, then she hurriedly said, “Senior, if you’re not in a rush, I’d like to invite you to have a look at a particular place. Something about it is… strange.”


“Huh?” Yang Kai arched his brow, “What do you mean ‘something is strange?”


Mei Jiu’er shook her head, “I can’t really tell. When I passed by that place a few months ago, I could detect an aura that didn’t seem to… belong? At that time though, I was looking for you, so I didn’t dare to get closer to investigate carefully. Now, it’s obvious to me that something is off about that place.”


Seeing that Yang Kai was smiling faintly at her, she became flustered, and there was a tinge of grievance in her voice, “What I’ve said is true. Please trust me.”


Yang Kai nodded and replied, “Okay, I’ll have a look.”


After he finished speaking, he sent his consciousness into his Knowledge Sea to examine the Star Chart there. He had the Star Field’s Source, which could reflect everything that was going on in the Star Field in real-time. If anything had happened, he just had to communicate with the Source to find out, so it wasn’t necessary for him to go over.


The next moment, his expression changed dramatically as he said through clenched teeth, “Damn!” Upon looking into the matter, he realised that something serious had actually happened.


He appeared incredibly imposing when he was furious, so thinking that he was referring to her, Mei Jiu’er turned pale as her eyes became bloodshot.


Seeing that, Yang Kai quickly said, “I wasn’t scolding you.” Then, he took a look at the other end of the Starry Sky with his deep gaze, which seemed able to see billions of kilometres away. With a frown, he asked, “When did you pass by that place?”


Mei Jiu’er pulled herself together and replied gently, “About seven months ago…”


Hearing that, Yang Kai nodded, “It’s not too late then.” Following that, he waved his hand to engulf her in his Demon Qi and took a step forward.


Despite the fact that Mei Jiu’er was protected by Yang Kai, she still felt the world around her spinning. When she came to her senses, she realised that she was already in a different part of the Starry Sky, which seemed very far from her original spot. Looking around, she could see that the view around her had changed completely and she could immediately confirm that this was the place she had passed by seven months ago.


At that instant, she was dumbstruck. She had spent several months going from this place to the location where she found Yang Kai; however, the Star Field Master was able to bring her back to this place in just one step, which went to show just how powerful he was.


However, at this moment, this part of the Starry Sky seemed different from the one she had come across in the past. At that time, she just felt an ominous aura wafting about this place, one that gave her a sense of danger and dread, so she didn’t dare to investigate. However, looking at it now, she realised that a large area of azure blue colour was swirling before them, and wherever the azure blue aura went, the Star Field itself seemed to be contaminated.


An astounded Mei Jiu’er said, “What is this…”


Yang Kai sneered, “Someone is trying to snatch my territory, thinking I wasn’t around.”


This had happened to Heng Luo Star Field before. At that time, the entire Star Field was affected and countless Cultivation Stars were devastated.


Upon hearing that, Mei Jiu’er immediately realised what was going on and asked, “Have those from Grand Desolation Star Field returned for revenge?”


Previously, it was the Star Field Master of Grand Desolation Star Field, Wu Heng, who had invaded their territory; however, instead of gaining anything, he had failed to steal a chicken and even lost his rice in the process. Instead of occupying Heng Luo Star Field, he had actually lost a large part of his own Starry Sky. 


In fact, a large part of Heng Luo Star Field had already been devoured. However, the area that had been taken away originally belonged to Grand Desolation Star Field, which Yang Kai had snatched from them in the past, which was why he hadn’t managed to notice it initially. It wasn’t until Mei Jiu’er told him about it that he realised this.


While this intrusion was indeed coming from Grand Desolation Star Field though, it couldn’t possibly be Wu Heng’s doing this time, as he was already dead.


To the side, Mei Jiu’er said coldly, “It seems that they’ve forgotten their lesson. Senior, please give the order now and I will gather up all the great forces in the Star Field. We must make sure these thieves can never return again this time.”


Without replying to her, Yang Kai stared fixedly at the azure blue colour that was slowly advancing towards them with a frown. Upon closer inspection, he realised that the situation was different from the previous incident, but he couldn’t really explain the difference in words.


While he was lost in his doubts though, the Embodiment, who was inside the Small Sealed World, suddenly spoke to him in his mind. Upon hearing what the Embodiment said, Yang Kai felt his face twitching, and he appeared to be suffering from a headache.


Soon, he made up his mind and said to Mei Jiu’er, “Retreat for now. I’ll go over to have a look.”


Upon finishing his words, he shot forward into the azure blue region.


Just then though, he caught a whiff of a fragrant scent. Instead of obeying his order, Mei Jiu’er had actually raced after him as she shouted, “I am willing to provide whatever assistance I can to Senior.”


Yang Kai felt speechless, but he didn’t have the heart to turn her down since she was so eager to help, so he simply wrapped her in his Demon Qi and continued forward.


The next instant, the pair plunged into the azure blue region. Abruptly, both of them felt as though they had sunk into an ocean. Looking around, they realised that they were indeed underwater, but with the protection of Yang Kai’s Demon Qi, they wouldn’t get wet.


Mei Jiu’er was astounded as she couldn’t understand how they ended up submerging in water when they were in the Starry Sky earlier. Furthermore, the water was different from the water she usually saw. Yang Kai frowned as though he was faced with a formidable enemy, then he turned around with her and shot up.


With a loud splash, they leapt out of the water.


As an experienced warrior, Mei Jiu’er immediately pushed her Saint Qi and scanned for any possible danger. At the same time, she gripped the stone in her hand, preparing to throw it at their enemy.


However, when she saw the sight around her, she was dumbfounded.


Instead of Grand Desolation Star Field, they were in a garden which couldn’t be considered vast as they could see the other end with one glance. Nevertheless, the sight was pretty lovely as there was a rockery and a bridge over a small river. There was also a gazebo in the garden and a pond in one corner. Yang Kai and Mei Jiu’er just leapt out of that pond. The azure blue colour of the pond was the same as the one they saw in the Star Field.


Mei Jiu’er was stunned. The pond in front of her was only about ten metres wide, but when she was inside it earlier, she felt as though she was swimming in a vast ocean. 


Soon, she became even more astonished as the World Energy in this garden was unimaginably dense. Her aptitude was extraordinary, which was why she was able to reach the Origin King Realm at such a young age; however, if she had the chance to cultivate in such a place, she could have reached her current realm tens of times faster.


She couldn’t have imagined that such a cultivation paradise existed. Besides the abundant World Energy, there seemed to be something else in the atmosphere; however, her cultivation was too low to comprehend what this extra something was.


While she was in a dazed state, Yang Kai said through clenched teeth, “Wu Kuang, it really was your doing!”


Upon hearing that, Mei Jiu’er followed his gaze and became horrified, as there was a person sitting in the gazebo. He was an energetic old man whose hair and beard were grey. His amiable appearance made him look like one of those legendary immortals.


However, what shocked her wasn’t the old man’s appearance, but the fact that she didn’t notice him at all even as she was actively scanning the surroundings. It wasn’t until Yang Kai pointed him out that she became aware of his existence.


Presently, there was a board with a number of black and white stones on it in front of the old man called Wu Kuang. The strange aura wafting from the board was so intense that anyone who happened to see it would be shaken to the core.


After taking just one look at the board, Mei Jiu’er turned ashen and she thought that this old man must be too bored, which was why he decided to play the board game on his own. Moreover, it had even somehow turned into such an intense competition that the board itself was giving off an overwhelming aura.


The old man in the gazebo lifted his head to look at Yang Kai, then he burst into a fit of laughter as he called out, “Little brat, what are you doing here?”




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