Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3674, Star Field as the Board and Stars as the Stones


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“What am I doing here!?” An enraged Yang Kai stepped into the gazebo and looked down at the old man with a hostile gaze, “Wu Kuang, I should be the one asking! What are you trying to do?”


When the Embodiment told him that he detected the Heaven Devouring Battle Law’s aura, Yang Kai immediately realised that something serious was going on. After he came to this place and saw that it was truly Wu Kuang’s doing, he became infuriated. The last time they met, they were still in the Ancestral Domain; however, he hadn’t expected that Wu Kuang would come over and devour his Star Field one day. If it weren’t because Duan Hong Chen and Wu Kuang shared the same body, Yang Kai would’ve beaten him up instead of talking so much to him. Although Wu Kuang was a Great Emperor, he hadn’t managed to restore all his power so fighting was still an option. 


On the other hand, Yang Kai was already much stronger than when he was still on Dragon Island in the past. Furthermore, he had four Half-Saints to assist him now. That was the reason he wasn’t afraid of Wu Kuang even if they got into a scuffle.


Mei Jiu’er followed Yang Kai into the gazebo and stood behind him. She remained vigilant and gripped the stone in her hand harder. It was apparent that Yang Kai and this old man knew each other, but they were on bad terms. Since Yang Kai was resentful of the old man, she had to put on a grim expression as well.


Wu Kuang batted his eyes and smiled, “That’s your Star Field?” He was an intelligent person as well. Even though he was shocked upon seeing Yang Kai, he quickly realised the reason behind it.


“What do you think?” Yang Kai bent over and landed a slap on the board, which caused the black and white stones to be messed up.


Wu Kuang gazed at the board with a frown and sighed, “I was about to win. Why couldn’t you just talk it out with me instead of messing up my stones?” He sighed.


Before he could speak further, Yang Kai directly turned the board over. At that instant, all the stones were hoisted into the air upon impact.


Wu Kuang said with a smile, “Did you know how many people you’re about to kill by doing that?”


In fact, Yang Kai didn’t need him to say something so obvious as he immediately realised that something was off after he flipped the board over. With his expression changed drastically, he pushed his Demon Qi hard and extended both hands, after which an innumerable number of phantom hands appeared in the gazebo. After all the phantom hands returned to Yang Kai, he could be seen carrying a large number of stones in his arms, and it appeared that he was still reeling from the shock.


Wu Kuang narrowed his eyes and stared at Yang Kai, “Demon Qi? You’ve gone through demonification?” He didn’t notice it before Yang Kai made a move. When Yang Kai’s Demon Qi undulated, he appeared truly imposing though, so anyone who wasn’t blind would be able to tell that his aura was a little different from before.


Presently, Yang Kai’s face was as pale as a white sheet. As he looked down at the stones in his hands, his eyelids kept twitching, “What in the world are you doing?”


Instead of answering his question, Wu Kuang said, “It’s interesting that you’ve gone through demonification. Why haven’t you lost your mind? If it’s alright with you, can you let this Old Master inspect you?”


Yang Kai replied coldly, “Sure, but there’s a price to pay.”


Wu Kuang smiled and nodded, “Just ask me any questions you want.”


It was then Yang Kai snorted and took a seat across from Wu Kuang before he carefully put the stones back on the board. He didn’t intend to put them back in their original spots. Thus, he just arranged them properly.


Then, he checked on those stones, and upon making sure that they were fine, he let out a long sigh.


Mei Jiu’er didn’t understand why Yang Kai cared so much about these stones, so out of curiosity, she sent her Divine Sense towards the board and instantly fell into a dazed state as she was rooted to the spot. It was as though her Soul had been sucked out of her, and she had become a living corpse.


All of a sudden, a gentle force engulfed her, which caused her to come to her senses. Her pretty face had turned pale as she said in shock, “Senior, the board and the stones…”


“I know,” Yang Kai nodded.


Mei Jiu’er’s face turned a shade paler when she heard this. She still doubted that she might have seen it wrong; however, upon hearing Yang Kai’s confirmation, she knew that what she had seen was real.


Rather than a board, what was before her was an entire Star Field, and the stones were also not what they seemed to be as they were clearly whole Stars. 


This amiable-looking old man with the demeanour of an immortal was battling against himself using the Star Field as a board and the Stars as pieces. Given the fact that Mei Jiu’er was just an Origin King, it was no wonder that her Soul was overwhelmed as soon as she took a look at the board. If Yang Kai hadn’t saved her in time, she really would have died.


It was then she understood what the old man actually meant. All the stones were real Stars, and trillions of people lived on these Stars. By flipping the board over, Yang Kai had practically turned this Star Field upside down. If the stones really fell to the ground, countless lives would have been lost.


Fortunately, Yang Kai reacted quickly and caught all the stones; otherwise, he would’ve become an unforgivable murderer.


Mei Jiu’er was stunned as she wasn’t sure if it was reality or an illusion. If it was an illusion, it was too lifelike, but if it was real, could anyone really do such a thing?


While her emotions were fluctuating wildly, Yang Kai extended one hand. Without being overly polite, Wu Kuang placed two fingers on Yang Kai’s wrist and infused a piece of Divine Sense into his body. At the same time, he asked with a smile, “Aren’t you worried that I’ll kill you?”


Yang Kai snorted, “Senior Hong Chen is around. If you’re able to kill me, go right ahead!”


Mei Jiu’er thought that Wu Kuang was playing the board game on his own, but Yang Kai knew that he was actually having a competition with Duan Hong Chen. Since Bustling World Great Emperor was able to battle against Wu Kuang, he definitely could stop him from making a move, which was why Yang Kai wasn’t worried that Wu Kuang would harm him.


Wu Kuang put on a smile and scoffed, “I’ve already refined that old fart. Duan Hong Chen no longer exists in this world!”


Then, he suddenly said, “He’s just talking nonsense. I’m still alive and kicking.”


Yang Kai grinned, “Greetings, Senior. Junior is glad to know that you’re still healthy.”


‘Wu Kuang’ nodded and took a look at the woman behind Yang Kai, “She’s quite pretty. Is she your new woman?”


An embarrassed Yang Kai replied, “She’s just someone from my Star Field. I happened to come across her, which was why I brought her with me as well.”


Wu Kuang’s gaze brightened when he heard that, then he said to Mei Jiu’er, “Little girl, since you’re here, why don’t you stay here to serve me? I can teach you about the supreme Grand Dao.”


Bustling World Great Emperor was a carefree man who enjoyed life to the fullest. Since the incident in the Shattered Star Sea, he had been intertwined with Wu Kuang; hence, he was unable to drink wine and feast, nor was he able to surround himself with beautiful ladies anymore. That was why he was extremely bored. Since someone had finally come to this place, he naturally wanted to make her stay. It wasn’t that he wanted to do anything to her, but it was better to face a beautiful woman than be alone Wu Kuang all year round.


A rare and precious opportunity was right before Mei Jiu’er’s eyes, but her face had turned pale and she shook her head repeatedly. She didn’t know what was going on as she just thought that the old man didn’t look like a good person, and that he seemed a little crazy, which was why she wouldn’t dare to remain. As for the supreme Grand Dao, she wouldn’t know if he was telling the truth, so she decided that she didn’t want it.


Seeing that, ‘Wu Kuang’ didn’t want to force her as he heaved a sigh, “That’s such a shame.” Then, he nodded at Yang Kai, “You can talk with him.”


Yang Kai bowed his head and pointed at the board, “What is this?”


Wu Kuang looked away as he was meticulously probing Yang Kai’s body. Without even thinking, he replied, “Blood Sun Star Field.”


Even though Yang Kai already had a speculation, he still gasped when Wu Kuang admitted it, “You’ve refined a Star Field into such a thing?”


He didn’t know where Blood Sun Star Field was, nor had he heard of it before, but apparently, just like Heng Luo Star Field, it was also a Lower Star Field; however, it had become a board game that was right in front of him now.


Wu Kuang replied with a grin, “What’s so strange about it? There are many more in the sky.”


Yang Kai looked up as his pupils contracted because nebulas of different sizes were hovering in the sky above him. Some of them were as small as a dustpan while the bigger ones were the size of a basin. There was some distance between them as they were not compatible. If Wu Kuang hadn’t pointed it out, Yang Kai would’ve just thought that these nebulas looked a little odd even if he happened to see them. Upon closer look now though, he realised that every nebula was a separate Star Field.


Staring fixedly at them, Yang Kai could see that the Cultivation Stars were as small as dust, on which billions of people lived.


However, just like the stones on the board, these people were not aware of the situation they were in as they went about their daily lives.


“Your condition is odd. It’s apparent that your body is full of Demon Essence, but you don’t seem affected at all. How do you keep yourself clear-headed?” Wu Kuang asked.


“You know about Demon Qi?” Yang Kai questioned.


Wu Kuang put on an inscrutable smile, “I know a lot more about it than you do.”


“Aren’t you supposed to be in the Ancestral Domain? Why are you here? Where’s this place?” Yang Kai wasn’t willing to dwell on the topic of Demon Qi, he just wanted to find out what Wu Kuang was doing.


“We are in the Ancestral Domain,” Wu Kuang replied.


“Nonsense!” Yang Kai rebuked. It wasn’t like he hadn’t been to the Ancestral Domain, so he knew what the place looked like; however, after giving it a thought, he realised that, since this old fart was able to refine Star Fields into boards and nebulas, it wasn’t so unthinkable that he could turn the Ancestral Domain into a garden.


After a moment of silence, Yang Kai asked with a frown, “Is this a Sealed World?”


Wu Kuang shook his head with a smile, “It’s a Great World.”


In an instant, Yang Kai turned pale and stared at him in shock, but he knew that Wu Kuang wasn’t lying. Mei Jiu’er just thought that the World Energy in this place was ample, but she hadn’t realised that the World Principles in this place were also incredibly strong.


Just like the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm, it was also a Great World. Even though this place was no match for the former, it wasn’t too far off.


Wu Kuang didn’t seem to have noticed Yang Kai’s expression as he went on to explain, “There must be something in your Knowledge Sea that can keep you clear-headed. I want to see it. Open up your Knowledge Sea for me.”


“In your dreams!” Yang Kai directly rejected him. Then, he furrowed his brow and looked around, “Did you sneak into the Ancestral Domain from the Dragon Temple in the past just to refine this place?”


“That’s right. The Ancestral Domain is the origin of all Lower Star Fields. By refining the Ancestral Domain, it significantly reduced the effort this King needed to exert in order to achieve my goal.”


“Just what in the world are you trying to do?” Yang Kai looked puzzledly at him.


Wu Kuang shook his head with a smile, “I can’t tell you.” 


He paused for a moment, “Since you’re here, I need you to help me out with something.”


“Do you think I’ll help you?” Yang Kai sneered.


Ignoring him, Wu Kuang went on to say, “I want your Star Field. I didn’t know you were the Master of that Star Field I happened to be devouring; however, it doesn’t matter. Whether the Star Field has a Master or who the Master is, this King will still devour it. Apart from your Star Field, I also want all the Lower Star Fields.”


Yang Kai said impassively, “If you’re so eager to die, I can grant your wish.”


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  2. So the Ancestral Domain is a separate Great World to the Star Boundary, and Wu Kuang turned all of it into this garden by refining it or is the Garden just part of the Domain that existed before Wu Kuang did anything?

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