Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3676, Didn’t Dare to Go


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Upon hearing that, Mei Jiu’er stopped turning Yang Kai down as she also realised that this was no ordinary tea. Since Yang Kai had said so, she had no choice but to obey his order as she lifted the teacup and took a sip. At that instant, she shuddered and widened her eyes. She became rooted to the spot, as though someone had used a Binding Technique on her.


Just a moment later, she came to her senses as her eyes radiated a glow. Then, she finished the tea in just a few gulps.


Yang Kai picked up the teapot and poured one more cup of tea for her. At that instant, Mei Jiu’er was pleasantly surprised by what Yang Kai had done for her.


Right then, Duan Hong Chen’s voice reverberated in Yang Kai’s mind again, “If what he’s doing is harmful to this bustling world, I’ll do my best to stop him. Conversely, I’ll support him.”


He was replying to Yang Kai’s previous question. Even though he didn’t give a direct answer, it suggested that he believed what Wu Kuang had been doing wasn’t harmful to the Star Boundary and instead, it was beneficial.


Yang Kai gently nodded and took a sip as he relished the aroma of the tea. After giving it a thought, he asked, “Both of you know who Flowing Time Great Emperor was, right?”


Wu Kuang replied with a smile, “How I wish I could have met him when he was still alive!”


Throughout history, numerous Great Emperors had been born in the Star Boundary. When the old ones passed away, new ones would replace them. However, only two Great Emperors had fame that never faded. They were Heaven Devouring Great Emperor and Flowing Time Great Emperor. Everyone wondered that if these two Great Emperors lived in the same era, who would turn out to be stronger.


In fact, Wu Kuang shared the same thought as well. He was able to battle against so many Great Emperors on his own, and even though his body was destroyed in the end, he managed to kill four of his opponents, which went to show how powerful he was. However, Flowing Time Great Emperor lived in an era prior to that of Wu Kuang. By the time Wu Kuang became famous, Flowing Time Great Emperor had already passed away. Wu Kuang regretted the fact that he wasn’t able to live in the same era as Flowing Time Great Emperor; otherwise, he would definitely compete against him.


“Senior Flowing Time was killed,” Yang Kai looked straight into his eyes.


The smile on Wu Kuang’s face froze while Duan Hong Chen exclaimed in his Knowledge Sea.


A moment later, Wu Kuang asked with a solemn expression, “How did you find out about it?”


“Aren’t you surprised?” Yang Kai stared at him in shock.


Wu Kuang snorted, “This King was killed before as well, so what’s so surprising about it? As long as the opponents are strong enough, no one in this world is invincible. Let’s talk about Flowing Time. How much do you know?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Not much. I only found out about it recently. Senior Flowing Time left behind the Flowing Time Temple in the Four Seasons Realm. Over ten years ago, a guy called Feng Zai Xiao took a bone to the Four Seasons Realm and set up an array. Then, he activated the bone’s power and almost summoned the Flowing Time Temple out of the Four Seasons Realm. The bone contained Time Principles.”


Wu Kuang frowned, “What does that mean? Was the bone Flowing Time’s remains?”


Yang Kai nodded, “En! If it wasn’t Senior Flowing Time’s bone, how could it be connected to the Flowing Time Temple and used to summon the palace? In fact, it was just one of his rib bones. There are more of his remains in the East Sea. Some Old Ancestors of the Monster Race had accidentally obtained them in the sea, but that was countless years ago.”


Upon hearing that, Wu Kuang turned solemn. Yang Kai’s statement suggested that Flowing Time Great Emperor’s corpse had been dismembered and scattered in the ocean. The reason Wu Kuang was killed was that he had offended countless people. He was confronted by the Great Emperors and he lost the battle in the end; however, during the era Flowing Time existed, he was practically the Star Boundary’s supreme leader. He also didn’t commit any crimes they knew of, so why would he be killed? Who had the power to kill him?


Yang Kai went on to say, “Senior Flowing Time had tamed an ancient beast called Qiong Qi to be his mount. Even though he had fallen, Qiong Qi survived and went on to keep watch on the Flowing Time Temple. Coincidentally, Qiong Qi and I became good friends. According to him, when Senior Flowing Time was cultivating in his palace one day, he suddenly comprehended something about the Outer Universe, which was why he left his secret room and set off on his journey to explore the universe. However, several dozen years later, his natal artifact broke through the void and returned to the palace while there was no further news about him. Seeing as his remains have been scattered everywhere, it isn’t hard to deduce what he came across in the past. He must have fallen into danger in the Outer Universe and was killed.”


Wu Kuang nodded his head. Judging from what Yang Kai had said, there was nothing wrong with his conclusion.


Yang Kai took a sip of the tea and continued saying, “The fact that Senior Flowing Time fell suggests that even a top cultivator like him wasn’t able to deal with the dangers of the Outer Universe. You’ve said that what you’re doing has something to do with the safety of the people and the Star Boundary. Wu Kuang, have you also explored the universe like Senior Flowing Time did? If so, what did you see? What is the Outer Universe like?”


No one knew whether Wu Kuang or Flowing Time Great Emperor was stronger; however, they were both more powerful than average Great Emperors. Since Flowing Time was able to explore the Outer Universe, Wu Kuang might be able to do the same.


Yang Kai stared attentively and fixedly at Wu Kuang’s face to take in every change in his expression. Unfortunately, Wu Kuang’s radiant face remained as serene as an ancient well. After a moment of silence, Wu Kuang said, “This King knows nothing about Flowing Time’s fate, and has no idea what he came across out there or whether it has something to do with what this King is trying to achieve. However, this King can tell you that it’s indeed very dangerous in the Outer Universe.”


Yang Kai turned serious, “You’ve really been to the Outer Universe!”


Wu Kuang shook his head, “No. It’s just that this King gained some faint insight which allows me to see beyond our World’s boundaries. It’s because of that insight that I don’t dare to go out and explore.”


[He ‘doesn’t dare’ to go?] It wouldn’t have sounded awkward if someone else had said it; however, it was truly horrifying that Wu Kuang had said so.


Then, Wu Kuang lifted his hand in an attempt to pour himself a cup of tea. Seeing that, Yang Kai quickly picked up the teapot and stuffed it into Mei Jiu’er’s arms, “Take it back and drink it slowly. Don’t drink too much in one go. One to two cups should suffice.”


Mei Jiu’er was dumbfounded as she darted her gaze between Yang Kai and Wu Kuang. She wanted to put down the teapot, but she was reluctant to do so; however, she would appear greedy if she just held it in her arms.


She had just drunk two cups of the tea, which was why she was aware that the tea was very beneficial to a cultivator like her. After she went home and cultivated with the tea’s effects, her strength would increase significantly. Now that Yang Kai had given the remaining tea to her, she was both shocked and grateful.


Wu Kuang burst into laughter and put down his cup before waving his hand, “Forget it. It’s not every day that we come across guests. Little girl, just keep it.”


Mei Jiu’er saluted him and replied in a shaking voice, “Many thanks, Senior.” 


She held the teapot in her arms like it was the most precious treasure in the world and wouldn’t let it go again.


Wu Kuang put his hands in his sleeves and took one look at Yang Kai, “Don’t read too much into it. I’m not even sure what kind of danger lies in the Outer Universe. This King is just trying to get prepared to face any possible danger. Even though you’re quite powerful now, you’re still too weak in this King’s eyes, so it’s pointless for you to overthink. As for this Lower Star Field… I’ll not integrate yours for now. There are still quite some Lower Star Fields out there. I’ll integrate all of them and then have a discussion with you, alright?”


If Wu Kuang was doing this for his personal gain, Yang Kai would never agree to it and he would’ve fought with him on the spot. Nevertheless, he had already learned some inside news, and coupled with what Duan Hong Chen had said, he would appear too selfish if he insisted on keeping his status as the Star Field Master. Thus, he nodded and said, “Good. However, I’ll make it clear to you first. It’s alright for you to integrate it, but if you dare to harm anything in the Star Field, I’ll never let you off.”


Wu Kuang cackled, “Old Duan is watching over me. I’ll never have the chance to do that even if I want to. En, Old Duan has some questions to ask you. I’ll let him speak to you now.”


Yang Kai straightened his expression and asked, “Senior, what do you want to know?”


The face of the old man in front of him contorted and transformed into Duan Hong Chen’s appearance. It was apparent that Wu Kuang’s Soul had taken a back seat and Duan Hong Chen had taken control of the body for now. After doing some stretching, Duan Hong Chen asked with a frown, “Has anything major happened in the Star Boundary?”


Yang Kai said probingly, “Senior, you mean…”


Duan Hong Chen replied, “Fifteen years ago, my heart suddenly clenched tight one day. Looking back, I felt like something must have happened in the Star Boundary at that time, and it had something to do with one of the Great Emperors. Yang Kai, have you heard of anything?”


Seeing that Yang Kai appeared sorrowful, Duan Hong Chen became slightly nervous as he asked again, “Has something really happened?”


He and Wu Kuang had been staying in the Ancestral Domain and had never returned to the Star Boundary, which was why he wasn’t aware of what was going on; however, all Great Emperors had obtained recognition from the World’s Will. If something happened to one of them, a Heavenly Phenomenon would take place in the sky, and everyone would sense it. Nevertheless, Duan Hong Chen wasn’t in the Star Boundary, so he had only faintly sensed something. Naturally, fifteen years ago was when the war on Eternal Sky Continent happened.


With a grim voice, Yang Kai replied, “Senior Bright Moon has passed away.”


Duan Hong Chen was startled for a moment before asking, “Bright Moon is dead? How did he pass away?” He had figured that something major must have happened to one of the Great Emperors, but he had never expected that a Great Emperor had actually fallen.


It had been several tens of thousands of years since the Great Emperors’ War in the Shattered Star Sea. Since then, no Great Emperor had lost their life. It wasn’t to say that the Great Emperors were immortal and indestructible; however, the incident had happened too abruptly. It hadn’t been a long time since he and Wu Kuang arrived in the Ancestral Domain, so why had Bright Moon lost his life all of a sudden?”


“Senior Bright Moon died by my hand,” Yang Kai replied.


Upon hearing that, Duan Hong Chen was startled for a moment, but he soon understood what had happened. On the other hand, Mei Jiu’er was looking at Yang Kai in shock. She had no idea what Great Emperors were or who Bright Moon was; however, judging from their conversation, she reckoned that Bright Moon was a top Master as well as a righteous man. However, such a good-natured top cultivator was killed by Yang Kai.


At that instant, she couldn’t wrap her head around the idea, and her mind had become a mess.


“No wonder! No wonder!” Duan Hong Chen nodded gently, “It’s no wonder I can detect the auras of Bright Moon and the Star Boundary from you. So that’s how it is.”


Yang Kai was astounded, “Senior, aren’t you angry with me?” He thought that after the confession, Duan Hong Chen would question why he had killed Bright Moon. However, he had never expected that kind of reaction from him.




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