Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3680, Rare Willfulness


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As the flag swayed with the wind, all three hundred thousand pairs of eyes stared fixedly at the gigantic ‘Kill’, which seemed able to destroy the Heavens and shatter the Earth!


All of them felt their blood boiling. Despite the fact that the weather was frigid, the gigantic Standard made everyone from the Sixty-First Army become fervent.


Seeing that, Yao Si put on a smile. When he saw Yang Kai writing the gaudy ‘Kill’ character on the paper in the hall a few days ago, he wanted to dissuade him from choosing it as their flag; however, after giving it a thought, he realised that he shouldn’t refute Yang Kai since it was the first decision the Army Commander Kai had made after coming back to the Palace.


Now, he felt fortunate that he didn’t stop him. The Standard was clean and minimalistic. As the flag swayed with the wind, the ‘Kill’ character was able to ignite the soldiers’ enthusiasm.


Then, he balled up his fist and raised it above his head before yelling, “Kill!” 









The world seemed to be trembling. The collective chanting of three hundred thousand people filled the world with murderous intent. Even the disciples who had stayed back in High Heaven Palace, which was several dozen kilometres away, were able to hear them. Looking from afar, they knew that the soldiers were embarking on a journey to destroy the enemy.


When the dust settled, no one could tell how many of those three hundred thousand people could come back alive. Many of them would probably lose their lives on the battlefield.


At the thought of this, all the disciples in the Palace saluted them from afar.


On Medicine Pill Peak, just like the other disciples who had stayed back, Xia Ning Chang stared at the army in the distance, her gaze filled with worry.


On the side, Ji Ying heaved a sigh, “You know how strong he is. He’s also a Master of the Dao of Space who can flee from danger with ease, so you don’t have to worry about him.”


“I want to go with him,” Xia Ning Chang bit her lip.


Ji Ying said, “We’ve discussed this before, and he has also talked to you about it. You’re an Emperor Rank Alchemist, so it’s better for you to refine more pills here than follow him to the battlefield. For every pill you refine, you might be able to save one more life on the battlefield.”


“I know.” Xia Ning Chang lowered her head, “But I want to be with him.”


Just when Ji Ying wanted to keep dissuading her, Xia Ning Chang didn’t give him the chance to do so. As the wind howled, she spoke in a gentle voice, “Senior Brother, did you know? Since we left Tong Xuan Realm, we have always spent more time separated than together with him. It’s a good thing that he’s ambitious, and we’re happy that he always shields us from the troubles of the outside world; however, we still want to be with him. Even if we fall into danger, we want to face it together with him. Whenever he leaves, all of us cultivate diligently because we want to one day have enough strength to stand by his side and share his burden. Now, the chance has come. Big Sister Su, Luo’er, Xue Yue, and Big Sister Qing are leaving with him, but I have to stay here to refine pills because that is what I am best at, and my pills are of excellent quality. There are also other responsibilities on my shoulders.”


She turned around and stared at Ji Ying as she seemed to be pleading with him, “But Senior Brother, I really want to follow him to the battlefield and fight alongside him. I might not be able to fend off all the troubles for him, but I just hope that I can kill some enemies for him to ease his burden.”


Ji Ying parted his lips, but they soon curved into a smile, “Go then. It’s not too late yet. He hasn’t left.”


“Senior Brother…” Xia Ning Chang gazed at him in shock.


Ji Ying said with a smile, “Whether you’re going to the battlefield or staying here to make pills, you will be helping the Star Boundary, and there’s no difference between the two. Don’t worry, Senior Brother will just work hard to refine your share of pills as well. Moreover, we all only live once, so we can allow ourselves to be willful once in a while. Rather than forcing yourself to stay here, why don’t you follow your heart?”


An elated Xia Ning Chang replied, “Many thanks, Senior Brother! I’ll be going then.” Upon getting a nod from Ji Ying, she bowed to him in an elegant manner before turning to look at the huge flag that was several dozen kilometres away. With her eyes filled with joy, she flew towards that place.


“You must come back safely!” Ji Ying shouted from behind.


“I will. Senior Brother, take care!” Xia Ning Chang’s joyful voice faded into the distance.


Several dozen kilometres away from the Palace, the soldiers were still chanting as Yang Kai stared solemnly at them. All of a sudden, he arched his brow and looked in the direction where High Heaven Palace was located.


All of them stopped chanting and fell silent abruptly as they turned their heads to look in the same direction, only to see a beam of light charging toward them at full speed.


After the light landed, Xia Ning Chang’s figure was revealed. Instead of looking at Yang Kai, she walked up to Yang Xiao and Yang Xue before cupping her fists, “High Heaven Palace’s Xia Ning Chang, reporting for duty.”


A shocked Yang Xiao quickly stepped aside. Yang Kai was his Adoptive Father, and Xia Ning Chang was the youngest among his wives, which also meant that she was his youngest Adoptive Mother, so how could he receive her salute?


On the other hand, Yang Xue put on a smile before she darted her gaze between Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang, then she nodded gently, “Assume your position.”


“Yes!” Xia Ning Chang cheerfully joined the team. Despite the fact that her face was veiled, her excited expression could barely be concealed.


The soldiers were about to head to the battlefield, but a person abruptly appeared and requested to join the Colour Guard. Furthermore, Yang Kai, the Army Commander, hadn’t even agreed to it, which essentially violated the rules.


After Xia Ning Chang joined the army formation though, Su Yan, from the Heavenly Phoenix Division, stared at Yang Kai with her chin lifted, as though she was daring him to reject Xia Ning Chang.


Pretending that he hadn’t seen her threat, Yang Kai remained floating in the void with his hands behind his back, then he coughed and said, “Since everyone is here, we should depart.”


After he finished speaking, he swung his hand, upon which the Sealed World Bead shot out and turned into Gun-Gun in mid-air. Its humongous figure covered the entire sky as it opened its hideous mouth and took a bite.


In an instant, all three hundred thousand soldiers disappeared as they were devoured into the Small Sealed World.


Yang Kai raised his hand and retrieved the bead. Turning around, he realised that Fu Ling, who was holding the flag, was looking fixedly at him.


She was the Standard-Bearer of the Sixty-First Army. When Yang Kai arrived at this place just now, she quickly stood behind him and held the flag, which was why she was spared the fate of getting devoured by Gun-Gun.


As their eyes met, Fu Ling flashed a charming smile at him, “Brother-in-law, there are only the two of us now.” She winked at him as though she was trying to hit on him.


“Store the flag!” Yang Kai took a look at the kilometre-long blood-coloured flag.


“Yes!” Fu Ling nodded and pushed her Dragon Source, upon which the flag trembled and became palm-sized in a short moment. 


After storing it, she stared at Yang Kai and said, “Brother-in-law, we should get going now. Our destination is far away, so you have to take care of me.”


“Get in.” Ignoring her attempts at seduction, Yang Kai shoved her into the Small Sealed World and immediately felt that the place had become peaceful.


The next instant, he manipulated the surrounding Space Principles and disappeared from the spot.


Inside the hall of Seven Mists Sea, there was a huge sand table in the centre of a grand hall. The view on the sand table was obviously the terrain around the Two Worlds’ Passage that had been significantly shrunk.


Presently, more than twenty people had gathered around the sand table, all of them either Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters or Pseudo-Great Emperors. They were Army Commanders of the Star Boundary.


Li Wu Yi pointed at one spot on the sand table and said, “The Forty-Second Army will be in charge of this node, and you’ll be assisted by the Thirty-Eighth Army. Make sure that the array functions smoothly. There mustn’t be any mistakes.”


After he finished speaking, an elderly man cupped his fists and said, “Yes, Sir.”


Just then, a middle-aged man shot him a look and questioned, “Old man, are you capable of doing that? You’re getting on in years now, so you shouldn’t force yourself to do something you can’t. Just let the Thirty-Eighth Army take charge of the node and the Forty-Second Army can assist from behind.”


The elderly man grinned, “Do you seriously think you’re able to take charge of the node while I can’t? The Supreme Commander is intelligent, so he knows that experience is more important. Stop making a fuss and assist me in killing the enemy. I’ll give you ten to twenty percent of the credit after the war.”


Hearing that, the middle-aged man was infuriated, but just when he wanted to say something, Li Wu Yi said dispassionately, “Stop. The arrangement of the array is a result of the Great Emperors’ discussion. This King is only here to announce their decision. If you have any objections, you can bring them to the Great Emperors. If they agree to let you swap, this King won’t stop you.”


Upon learning that it was the Great Emperors’ decision, the two Army Commanders stopped arguing. However, the middle-aged man still seemed incensed as he shot a glare at the elderly man. He thought that his army was stronger than the elderly man’s, so he was supposed to be in charge.


Li Wu Yi pointed at another spot, “This node will…”


Before he finished speaking, he realised something and took a few steps backwards. The next moment, as Space Principles undulated, a figure abruptly appeared beside him. Seeing that, he put on a smile, “You’re finally here.”


Right after Yang Kai appeared, he realised that many people were staring at him. Even though these people didn’t release any kind of aura, he still felt his chest tightening as he knew that each one was a powerful figure.


Upon closer inspection, he narrowed his eyes in surprise. Given his acute vision, he immediately became aware that these figures were all either Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters or Pseudo-Great Emperors.


Furthermore, it seemed that they were in the middle of an important meeting.


Yang Kai quickly cupped his fists, “Greetings, Sir. Greetings, Seniors.”


Li Wu Yi clapped the young man’s shoulder, “It’s good that you’re here. En, let me introduce you to all of them.” He then turned around and stared at the others in the hall with a smile on his face, “He is the Palace Master of High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory as well as the Army Commander of the Sixty-First Army, Yang Kai. Some of you are already familiar with him while some of you have just met him for the first time. In any case, all of you will be comrades on the battlefield, so you have to cooperate with one another.”


Certainly, Yang Kai knew some of them. Besides Li Wu Yi, Yang Yan, Wen Zi Shan, Ma Qing, Bing Yun, the Three Great Divine Venerables from the Ancient Wild Lands, and several highly ranked Monster Kings were all around. Apart from them, he wasn’t so familiar with the others as it was the first time they had met.


Even though Yang Kai was aware that many top Masters led a reclusive life in the Star Boundary, he was still shocked when he saw that so many Pseudo-Great Emperors had gathered in this place.


Nevertheless, he soon came to the realisation that there were Four Great Lords in Demon Heavenly Dao, who were all Pseudo-Great Emperors, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there were also quite a few Pseudo-Great Emperors elsewhere in the Star Boundary.


Among these people, there was one person whose gaze was extremely cold. Yang Kai turned his head and realised that the source of this cold gaze was Cang Mo, which prompted him to bare his fangs.


He and Cang Mo were on very bad terms.




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  1. F for Xue Yue, she is the only one called just by her name by Xia Ning Chang. Speaking of Xue Yue, the effect of her special constitution has been ignored/never mentioned, has it? I feel like she is the least important/mentioned if the wifes

    1. Ma Qing is the old sword cultivator from South, whom YK saved during the demonic red wedding before the war. Cang Mo is the pseudo GE, enforcer whose sword YK ate with Gungun in lower fields, and had another run in later in the East, when YK first beat all the top local sects that Cang Mo sicced on his ass, and then almost whooped Cang Mo himself, except they got interrupted by the Flowing Time GE’s mount.

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