Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3681, Preparing for the War


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The first time Yang Kai met Cang Mo, they were in the Star Field. Cang Mo was also a member of the Star Court, and the Star Field Master of Grand Desolation Star Field, Wu Heng, was his subordinate.


At that time, Wu Heng made use of his own Star Field to devour Heng Luo Star Field. Certainly, Yang Kai would never allow that to happen. After an intense battle, Wu Heng was defeated, and at the most critical moment, he called upon Cang Mo’s help. After that, it was Yang Yan who arrived at the place and solved the crisis for Yang Kai.


It was during that encounter that Cang Mo realised that Yang Kai cultivated the Dao of Space and had the Sealed World Bead, stimulating the greed in his heart. After returning to the Star Boundary, he utilised all his means to find out Yang Kai’s information and whereabouts. Eventually, he came into Yang Kai’s way just outside Heavenly Wolf Valley in the Eastern Territory.


Outside the Valley, Yang Kai and the Embodiment joined forces to battle against Cang Mo, but they were severely injured in the process. In the end, it was Qiong Qi who appeared and beat Cang Mo up.


After two unpleasant encounters, they were practically each other’s arch enemies now.


Faced with Cang Mo’s cold expression, Yang Kai gave him a dismissive look as well. In the past, he was still wary of Cang Mo; however, now, besides the fact that he had four Half-Saints in the Small Sealed World who could assist him at any moment, his own power had also increased significantly, so he was no longer afraid of him. They could coexist peacefully if Cang Mo didn’t seek trouble with him. Otherwise, Yang Kai would let him know that he was no longer so easily bullied.


The other Army Commanders were not aware of the grudges between these two, but they just could see that these two people appeared hostile towards one another, making it obvious that they were on bad terms.


Li Wu Yi and Yang Yan knew what had happened in the past. Nevertheless, they were still faced with the threat from the Demons, so it wasn’t the right time for Yang Kai to settle scores. Thus, they secretly spoke to him via Divine Sense, “Don’t let your personal grudges with him get in the way of our plan.”


In response, Yang Kai nodded slightly.


Almost half of the Army Commanders had gathered in this place. Li Wu Yi went on to introduce every one of them to Yang Kai. Despite the fact that Yang Kai had excellent memory, he could only remember their names, and he couldn’t recall which armies they belonged to. It was because the armies were divided into Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch, making it difficult for anyone who wasn’t familiar with the system to recall who belonged where. Nevertheless, it was no big deal. As they were going to work with each other in the future, they would slowly become familiarised with one another.


Compared to the other armies, the Sixty-First Army was like a toddler. Given Yang Kai’s cultivation and age, he could only be considered a rookie Army Commander. Despite that, the other Commanders were friendly to him and commended his youth and talent so that they could remain on good terms.


When a certain elderly man was introduced, he shot an angry glare at Yang Kai. Yang Kai was doubtful as he didn’t think he had offended this old man in the past and was pretty sure that they hadn’t even met before. So, why was the elderly man resentful of him? Yang Kai reasoned that this elderly man might be close friends with Cang Mo. In that case, he had to be extra careful in the future so that he wouldn’t be caught off guard by them on the battlefield.


To the side though, Li Wu Yi said with a smile, “Don’t blame Senior Fu for looking at you like this. He is the Army Commander of the Fifty-Third Army. Yao Si worked under him previously.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai finally understood the reason behind this hostility and smiled helplessly. Then, he quickly cupped his fists and said, “Greetings, Senior Fu. Many thanks for allowing Yao Si to come to my side.”


Originally, Yao Si was this elderly man’s subordinate; however, after he lost a bet, Yao Si had no choice but to serve Yang Kai instead. In the past over ten years, Yao Si managed to build up a strong foundation for the Sixty-First Army, which was why the elderly man was frustrated. When Yao Si was in the Fifty-Third Army, he didn’t show any signs that he was capable of doing so much, but after he was gone, he went on to achieve many great things. If the elderly man knew that this would be the outcome, he would’ve made Yao Si stay at all costs. With Yao Si around, the Fifty-Third Army could’ve become as great as the present Sixty-First Army.


The old man surnamed Fu snorted, “What are you thanking me for? This Old Master can only blame himself for failing to realise that Yao Si was such a gem when he was still in my army. It is his opportunity to have joined your army.” He paused for a moment, “However, Yao Si originally came from the Fifty-Third Army, after all. Without him, the Sixty-First Army wouldn’t have grown to be so powerful. If in the future…”


“The Sixty-First Army will stand ready to lend Senior Fu assistance at any moment,” Yang Kai immediately said.


It was then the elderly man stopped looking grim as he flashed a smile at Yang Kai, “Good. I hope that both of our armies will come into contact more often.”


“That’s my intention as well. All of you are my Seniors who are experienced in the affairs of war while I am still just a Junior, so I have a lot to learn from you. I hope that you won’t find me troublesome.”


“Hahaha!” The elderly man guffawed and clapped Yang Kai’s shoulder, “If there’s anything you need on the battlefield, just call out to me. As long as I’m still alive, I’ll bring my people to lend you a hand so that you won’t be overwhelmed by the Demons.”


“Many thanks, Senior Fu.”


At this point, they flashed a smile at one another as though they were old friends who hadn’t met for a long time.


It took quite some time for everyone to be introduced. After Yang Kai managed to memorise all their names, Li Wu Yi said, “There are other Army Commanders who aren’t here today. I’ll introduce them to you in the future if there’s a chance.”


Yang Kai nodded and took a look at the sand table. Knowing that they must have an important issue to discuss, he said, “I’ll wait for you outside. There’s something I need to discuss with you regarding the war. We’ll talk about it at a later time.”


“You don’t have to leave.” Li Wu Yi raised his hand to stop him, “Stay here and listen to us. We might need your army to help out.”


Yang Kai decided to leave because he wanted to avoid creating any kind of problems, but since Li Wu Yi had said so, he wouldn’t insist.


After the introduction, everyone fell silent in the hall and only Li Wu Yi was left to talk about his plan.


Yang Yan furtively walked up to Yang Kai and nudged him with her shoulder. Despite the fact she was staring fixedly at the sand table, she spoke to him clearly via Divine Sense, “Why did you go to the Lower Star Field for more than ten years? I thought you weren’t coming back.”


“I was studying and cultivating a Secret Technique,” Yang Kai replied honestly.


Yang Yan faintly pursed her lips, “The Star Boundary is a better place for cultivation. Was it necessary for you to go to the Lower Star Field? Seriously, have you kept any woman there?”


“What nonsense.” Yang Kai rolled his eyes, “The war between the Great Worlds is still ongoing. Why would I be in the mood to flirt with other women? Moreover, I already have enough wives.”


Yang Yan snorted, “Who knows? There’s a saying that a man’s wife is inferior to his lover, and women he can’t get are deathly attractive to him. How would I know what’s on your mind?”


Yang Kai didn’t want to dwell on it, so he changed the topic by saying, “I did indeed come across an acquaintance in the Star Field. Guess who that person was.”


“Your lover,” Yang Yan directly replied.


“Wu Kuang!”


“What?” Yang Yan exclaimed out loud before quickly covering her mouth with her hands. She accidentally shouted because she was shocked, so presently, everyone in the hall was staring at her. Yang Kai hurriedly straightened his face and pretended to look at her doubtfully as well.


A quick-thinking Yang Yan immediately pointed at the sand table and asked, “This node is very important. Shouldn’t we get some people to keep watch on this spot?”


Li Wu Yi shook his head, “There’s no need. This is basically a death trap. If the Demons get into it, they’ll never be able to come out alive. In other words, this node is deliberately emptied to lure the Demons to go in.”


Yang Yan nodded to imply that she understood him.


While Li Wu Yi went on to speak, Yang Yan secretly stuck out her tongue and waited for a moment before talking to Yang Kai using her Divine Sense again, “You met Wu Kuang? How did you escape from his claws?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “He didn’t do anything to me, so why should I flee? Moreover, Wu Kuang and Senior Hong Chen still occupy the same body, so I met them at the same time.”


“I see.” Yang Yan nodded faintly, “Is Senior Hong Chen alright?”


“He’s fine for now, but I’ve heard some news from them. I’ve recorded everything down in a jade slip. Please help me pass it to Senior Iron Blood.”


“Why don’t you give it to him yourself?”


“I’ve just arrived at this place, so I’m very busy. It’s decided, then.” More than ten years ago, he had used his Space Beacon in an attempt to appear beside Zhan Wu Hen, but he was sent into a pit of Demons in the end, which was why he wouldn’t want to see Iron Blood again if possible.


“I can pass the jade slip to him, but what do I get in return?”


“I have nothing precious with me. Why don’t you consider accepting me to be your lover?”


“Haha… Come to my room tonight then. I’ll be waiting for you,” A cold glint flashed across her eyes.


The discussion went on for half a day in the hall before everyone left. Prior to that, Bing Yun nodded her head and flashed a smile at Yang Kai, who responded with a nod as well.


After everyone was gone, Li Wu Yi took a seat on a chair, then a maidservant came over and served him a cup of tea. Upon taking a sip, he asked, “Have you settled the problem?”


Yang Kai sat down beside him as they were separated by a table, then he replied, “Yes, it’s settled.”


“Very good.” A relieved Li Wu Yi took a few more sips and put down the cup, “You’ve listened to our discussion, right?”


Yang Kai tried to recall everything Li Wu Yi had told the Army Commanders, then he asked, “We have to prepare the Formation first before we can open the Two Worlds’ Passage, right?”


He thought that as soon as he arrived at this place, they could reopen the passage and storm into the Demon Realm, but it turned out to be different from what he had expected. They had another arrangement, so they still had to wait.


Li Wu Yi tapped the armrest and replied, “The Demons are all fierce warriors, so we don’t have any advantage in frontal conflict with them. Basically, we’re on the weaker side in terms of the number of people we have. If we recklessly open up the passage and storm into the Demon Realm, we’ll end up in a miserable state. It can even be said that if we really do that, all of our fifty-five armies will be defeated.”


Yang Kai nodded in acknowledgement. He was the only one from the Star Boundary who had been to the Demon Realm, so he knew that the Demons were truly powerful and that they possessed immense heritage. That was why he understood that Li Wu Yi’s statement wasn’t an exaggeration.




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