Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3683, A Visit


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How far was it between the Third-Order Dao Source Realm and the Emperor Realm? If one was enlightened, the distance was as thin as a piece of window paper. If one wasn’t enlightened, it was the distance between the Heavens and Earth.


This rule applied to everything in this world, including the fact that the Sealed World Bead was able to keep living creatures within it.


Fu Ren Jie went on to say, “Brother Yang, this is what this Old Master was thinking. This is indeed a rare treasure, but it would be immensely useful if it could be widely adopted in the military. Think about it. Let’s say this Old Master is having a one-on-one fight with a formidable enemy, and things have come to a deadlock. How will the enemy react if I’m suddenly able to summon some people to help me? How will things turn out to be? Also, have you ever thought that this thing is useful for moving the soldiers around? For example, you’ve come all the way from the Northern Territory on your own, and the time you’ve taken is significantly less than if you had to march here with all three hundred thousand of your people. On the battlefield, moving soldiers around is always a troublesome issue and sometimes, speed is the key to victory or defeat, which is a problem that causes many a great deal of headache. If we had a treasure like your Sealed World Bead though, heh heh…”


Yang Kai’s gaze brightened as he nodded, “I understand what you mean, Senior Fu. Perhaps… I can try to create something like the Sealed World Bead.”


If Fu Ren Jie had told him this before he was able to refine worlds, such an idea wouldn’t even need to be considered; however, after more than ten years of cultivation and comprehension, Yang Kai was greatly inspired upon hearing what Fu Ren Jie had said.


The Sealed World Bead was also created by a Senior cultivator, and since someone else had done it before, Yang Kai also stood a chance of achieving the same result. Moreover, he had practised refining worlds for more than ten years. He wouldn’t dare to say that he would definitely succeed, but he was sixty to seventy percent confident that he would be able to do it.


Fu Ren Jie’s eyes radiated a sharp glow when he heard that and encouraged, “Brother Yang, can you do it?”


“I’ll give it a try.”


Fu Ren Jie rubbed his hands and grinned, “Then this old man will shamelessly make a deal with you first, then. If you’re really able to create such a thing, you must give one to me.”


“En. If I succeed, Senior Fu will definitely receive one.”


Fu Ren Jie guffawed and clapped the young man’s shoulder, “If there’s anything you need in the future, just call out to me at any moment.”


“Many thanks, Senior Fu.” Yang Kai cupped his fists.


Fu Ren Jie waved his hand, “We will spend a lot of time together from now on, so both armies should frequently get in touch with one another. You’ve just arrived at this place, so I’m sure you’re swamped with work. I’ll stop bothering you now, and we’ll meet again soon.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I’ll see you off then, Senior Fu.”


After Fu Ren Jie was gone, Yao Si approached Yang Kai and asked him where the Commander’s tent should be constructed. He had selected three decent places for Yang Kai to choose from.


Yang Kai wasn’t fastidious about it, so he just told Yao Si to make the decision on his behalf. Then, he went on to get busy along with the other soldiers.


Just like what Li Wu Yi had said, even though the Sixty-First Army had just been established, there were many veterans in its ranks. Some newcomers knew nothing about military affairs, but under the guidance of the veterans, they soon became familiarised with everything as they went on to work until the middle of the night. The base stretched about 800 kilometres and the tents were crisscrossed. There were so many people that one wouldn’t be able to see from one end to the other.


The Commander’s tent was put up in the centre of the camp, which made it very conspicuous. The tent was divided into the inner room and the outer room. The inner room was where Yang Kai would rest, and it was equipped with basic necessities. The outer room was where the military leaders would hold meetings, so it was quite spacious. There was a drum that was made from leather outside the tent. It was made using a Secret Technique, so the sound of the drum was able to transmit over a thousand kilometres, which ensured that everyone in the Sixty-First Army could hear it.


Nanmen Da Jun had tagged along this time, and he and other Array Masters had arranged a number of arrays outside the Commander’s tent. Yao Si had arranged for some people to patrol around the base as well. Before the Demons even appeared, the camp was already filled with murderous intent.


Presently, Yang Kai was seated in the outer room of his tent. Just then, an alluring figure stepped into the tent, and a fragrant scent exuded from her body. She was none other than Su Yan.


While Yang Kai put on a smile, she remained solemn and cupped her fists, “Sir.”


Coughing to adjust his bearing, he asked, “What’s wrong?” 


His own wife had suddenly become strict and formal with him, so he wasn’t used to it; however, there were other people in the tent, so he couldn’t exactly behave in a casual manner.


Su Yan continued, “I’ve heard that the Thirty-Fifty Army is stationed on our right flank. I’ve not met my Honoured Master for years now and would like to pay her a visit. Please grant me permission, Sir.”


Upon learning her intention, Yang Kai got up and said, “Let’s go together. I need to visit Senior Bing Yun as well.”


Before Bing Yun left the hall in Seven Mists Sea, she spoke to Yang Kai via Divine Sense and told him to pay her a visit after he settled in. Yang Kai wondered what she needed to tell him and already had the intention to go over to Bing Yun’s place. Since Su Yan also had the same intention, naturally, they had to go there together.


After a nod, Su Yan followed Yang Kai out of the tent. Upon identifying the direction, they shot into the sky. Just a moment later, they were already a thousand kilometres away from the Sixty-First Army’s base. Yang Kai slowed down and waited for Su Yan to approach him before taking her hand.


An embarrassed Su Yan looked around, as though she was doing something scandalous. Seeing that no one else was around, she set her mind at ease and shot Yang Kai a glare, but she still let him do as he pleased.


However, she hadn’t expected that Yang Kai would go completely overboard by pulling her into his embrace. With her face reddening, she pressed her palms against her man’s chest in an attempt to widen their gap as she demanded in a small voice, “Don’t do this.”


“No one else is around,” A shameless Yang Kai further extended his claws toward her.


“We can’t do this even if no one else is around!” Then, Su Yan forcefully pinched his arm. While he cringed in pain, she quickly struggled out of his grip and pressed her lips together, “We Sisters have come to an agreement to not indulge in private affairs while on military duty. Be it in public or in private, we’ll not get too close to you.”


A shocked Yang Kai asked, “Why am I not aware of this? When did you all make such a decision?”


Su Yan covered her mouth and giggled, “It was the night before we embarked.”


“Who proposed it? This is outrageous!” Yang Kai appeared fierce as his eyes were filled with ferocity.


“You don’t have to know who proposed it. You are the Army Commander of the Sixty-First Army now, so you have to become the role model for hundreds of thousands of soldiers and everyone is watching your every move. If you don’t behave like an Army Commander and indulge in lust and debauchery, the others will follow your example, and discipline will collapse. The Junior Brothers…”


“Junior Brothers?” Yang Kai shot her a glare.


An embarrassed Su Yan quickly minced her words, “Husband, just hold it in for now. Your patience will be rewarded greatly once all this is over.”


“When will that day come?” Yang Kai’s expression darkened as he had a bad premonition.


Su Yan replied in a hushed voice, “After the Two Great Worlds’ War ends.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “All of you are truly my good wives, all so concerned about my honour and image. Truly, I am moved!”


Su Yan pinched his arm even harder this time as she muttered, “Don’t be mad at us. You know we’re doing this for your own good.”


A dejected Yang Kai let out a long, long sigh as he nodded, “Fine, I’ll act disciplined. Are you happy now?” He secretly sneered as he decided to ignore this collective decision that was unjustly made when he wasn’t around.


A gratified Su Yan nodded her head, “We’ll make it up to you in the future.”


An elated Yang Kai pulled her into his embrace again, “How are you going to make it up to me?”


Hearing that, Su Yan started blushing and fell silent.


Yang Kai chuckled and abruptly asked, “So, who proposed this?”


“I won’t tell you,” Su Yan shook her head as her long hair tickled the man’s face.


“It must be Zhu Qing. I knew it was her. Only she would make this kind of proposal. I’ll make sure to ‘discipline’ her later!” Yang Kai said through clenched teeth with a ferocious expression.


“It wasn’t her, and stop asking,” Su Yan was torn between tears and laughter as she thought that she must stick close to Zhu Qing when they returned so that Yang Kai wouldn’t have a chance to make a move on her.


The distance of a couple thousand kilometres wasn’t very far, but with Yang Kai and Su Yan not rushing, it took them a stick of incense to reach their destination which was another expansive base that was brightly lit.


After they landed on the ground outside the base, someone immediately came forward and bellowed, “Who goes there! No one shall enter the Thirty-Fifth Army’s base without permission!”


Right after she finished speaking, a figure dashed out of the base and raised her hand, “Don’t be rude to them.”


The person took a few steps forward and saluted Yang Kai in an elegant manner, “Greetings, Senior Brother Yang.”


“Junior Sister Liu?” Yang Kai flashed a smile at her, “We haven’t met in years, and you’ve already reached the Emperor Realm. En, your aptitude is truly outstanding. Congratulations.”


Yang Kai was familiar with this woman. She was the one who had fallen into the hands of Blue Feather Sect in the past alongside him. Her name was Liu Xian Yun, and she originally came from Grand Desolation Star Field. When she was taken in as Bing Yun’s disciple, she was already in the Dao Source Realm, and after many years, she had become an Emperor as well.


Upon that realization, Yang Kai felt gratified. Nothing made him happier than seeing his old friends becoming stronger day by day.


Liu Xian Yun flashed a sweet smile at him, “Well, I’m no match for Little Junior Sister. She was the last one to join our Sect, but she also has the best aptitude. Our Honoured Master always praises her.” 


The Little Junior Sister she was talking about was naturally Su Yan.


“Junior Sister Liu, why are you here?” Yang Kai stared at her.


Liu Xian Yun replied, “Honoured Master has ordered me to wait for you here, Sir.”


All of a sudden, she changed the way she addressed Yang Kai. It wasn’t that she wanted to distance herself from him, but rather that there were rules to obey in the military. It was inappropriate for them to keep calling one another Senior Brother and Junior Sister when formal matters were being discussed. Then, she stepped to the side and said, “Sir, this way please.”


Yang Kai nodded, “En.”


They headed straight to the Commander’s tent, after which Liu Xian Yun stopped in her tracks and turned around, “Sir, please wait a moment. I will inform Honoured Master about your visit.”


Yang Kai had nothing else to say and was completely at ease as he waited outside with Su Yan.


A moment later, Liu Xian Yun walked out of the tent with an awkward expression, “Honoured Master isn’t here at the moment. Sir, please come with me.”


Yang Kai replied, “Is Senior Bing Yun attending to some important matters? In that case, I don’t mind waiting for her here.”


Liu Xian Yun shook her head, “I don’t know. Honoured Master has left a message and told me to bring you to meet her somewhere else.”


Yang Kai nodded and followed her as he examined the soldiers in the Thirty-Fifth Army. Whenever the soldiers passed by Yang Kai and the others, they would stop and salute them.


Just a short while later, they reached another tent. There was a Spirit Array around the tent, so no one could detect what was going on inside; however, since Liu Xian Yun had arrived at this place, it suggested that Bing Yun must be inside.


After stopping in her tracks, Liu Xian Yun cupped her fists, “Honoured Master, Sir Yang of the Sixty-First Army has come to visit you.”


Bing Yun replied from inside, “Come in.”


Liu Xian Yun lifted the door curtain before flashing a smile at Yang Kai and Su Yan, “Please.”


Yang Kai stepped inside and raised his head, only to see Bing Yun looking smilingly at him. Just when he wanted to salute her, he felt someone else staring at him. Turning his head, he was met with a pair of clear eyes.




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