Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3684, Too Ashamed To Face Anyone


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Besides Bing Yun, Ji Yao was also inside the tent. Judging from the decor inside the tent, Yang Kai reckoned that it was actually the latter’s. Ji Yao was a Division Commander in the Thirty-Fifth Army, so as a person in authority, she had the right to have a private space.


However, Yang Kai wondered why Bing Yun wanted to meet him here.


“Greetings, Senior.” Yang Kai pulled himself together and cupped his fists.


Behind him, Su Yan also saluted, “Disciple greets Honoured Master.”


Bing Yun put on a smile and raised her hand, “Stand up. Both of you are not outsiders, so you don’t have to be overly formal with me.”


Yang Kai straightened his back and took a look at Ji Yao, who was standing beside Bing Yun. Then, he said with a smile, “Junior Sister Yao, we haven’t met in ages, but you’re still as charming as ever.”


Ji Yao hung her head low and saluted him in an elegant manner, “Greetings, Senior Brother.” Her soft voice was trembling slightly, almost imperceptibly so.


“Have a seat,” Bing Yun pointed at a chair on the side and made a gesture.


A horrified Yang Kai said, “Senior, I wouldn’t dare sit before Senior, I’ll stand.”


Bing Yun shot him a glare, “Stop calling me Senior. Both of us are Army Commanders, so we are equals. I might need your help on the battlefield in the future. Must you be so formal with me?”


Since she had said so, Yang Kai gave it a thought and stopped insisting before he took a seat.


It was then Bing Yun said with a smile, “Very good. Besides the fact that both of our Sects are supposed to help one another out, my treasured Disciple is deeply in love with you, so we’re practically family; therefore, you mustn’t be too stiff with me again.”


A guilty Yang Kai bowed his head as his forehead was drenched in sweat.


Bing Yun suddenly changed the topic by saying, “Supreme Commander Li told me that you had been staying in the Lower Star Field for more than ten years. Is everything there alright?”


Yang Kai replied, “Everything’s fine. Nothing serious has happened to the Star Field.”


“That’s good.” Bing Yun nodded.


Yang Kai thought that she had an important issue to discuss with him, but he hadn’t expected that after they were seated, Bing Yun only made small talk with him. Despite that, he would still answer every question she asked.


Bing Yun had been an Army Commander for years while Yang Kai was still a novice in this regard, so he had a lot of questions to ask her. Bing Yun unreservedly shared with him her experience of leading the army and fighting against the Demons over the years.


Yang Kai listened attentively as this was all useful information.


While they were having a chat, Su Yan and Ji Yao were secretly communicating with one another using Divine Sense. From time to time, they would cover their mouths and laugh. Yang Kai wondered what they were talking about that made them so happy.


One hour later, while Bing Yun was enjoying her tea, Su Yan suddenly said, “Honoured Master, when I cultivated recently, I felt my Emperor Qi become slightly blocked as it passed through my dantian. Could there be something wrong?”


Hearing this, Bing Yun turned to look at her, which caused her to start flushing and hang her head low.


Bing Yun put on a gentle smile as she said, “Come with me. I’ll check your condition.”


“Yes,” Su Yan replied respectfully and followed her out of the tent.


After they were gone, Yang Kai frowned and turned to Ji Yao, “Junior Sister Yao, has Su Yan come across any problems with her cultivation recently?” 


It was no laughing matter when one faced an issue while cultivating. Even if it wasn’t so severe, an unsteady circulation of a cultivator’s Emperor Qi could cause damage to one’s own meridians. In the worst case, one could suffer from cultivation dissonance and have all his cultivation destroyed. That was the reason he was flustered and worried, “Why has she never mentioned anything about this to me before?”


Ji Yao, however, just rolled her eyes at him and started walking away.


A baffled Yang Kai called out to her again, but she ignored him and stepped into the inner room before drawing the beaded curtain.


Yang Kai was flustered as he wanted to step out of the tent to find out what was going on; however, this had something to do with the Ice Heart Valley’s Secret Art, so he couldn’t act so rudely.


After pacing around in the tent for a while, he suddenly arched his brow and realised that something was off. As his eyes darted around, his breathing also became heavy.


Supposedly, if Su Yan had come across any trouble in her cultivation, she would’ve told him about it. Furthermore, it wasn’t necessary for Bing Yun to be wary of him as she even took Su Yan away. All the clues suggested that something was off.


At the thought of this, Yang Kai walked up to the entrance and stuck out his head, only to see that no one was around. Even the cultivators who were supposed to be guarding the tent had gone missing as well. No one could be seen patrolling around the area either.


Retracting his head, he scratched his nose and furtively looked around as though he was going to do something terrible. Somehow composing himself, he then folded his hands behind his back, walked up to the beaded curtain, and coughed into his fist, “Junior Sister Yao…”


She didn’t reply to him, but he could feel that her breathing had become more rapid.


“Can I come in?” Yang Kai asked again.


Still, she didn’t respond to him, and only after a long silence did Ji Yao say in a low voice, “Is anyone stopping you?” 


There was a tinge of grievance and frustration in her voice.


Yang Kai grinned and pulled the beaded curtain apart. The inner room he had just stepped into was supposed to be the place where Ji Yao rested, but there were no intricate decorations that were commonly found in a woman’s room. The disciples of Ice Heart Valley were mostly impassive, and they were not fastidious about living facilities; therefore, Ji Yao’s room was pretty minimalistic. Only the pink curtains that were hung around her bed added a sense of liveliness to her room.


At this moment, Ji Yao was seated beside her bed as she looked away from Yang Kai. With her head hung low, like an unmoving sculpture. The candlelight flickered and dyed her alluring face red.


Yang Kai gulped as he joyfully stepped forward. His behaviour was that of a licentious man who was sneaking into a widow’s room in the middle of the night. 


After taking a seat beside Ji Yao, he directly took her hand.


Ji Yao squirmed out of his grip and turned around to face away from him.


Yang Kai chuckled and clenched her shoulders, “What’s wrong? Are you mad? Tell me who has offended you.”


After a sigh, she replied gently, “I’m too ashamed to face anyone.”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai was puzzled by what she had said, “Why are you ashamed to face anyone?”


After a sigh, she turned around and looked into the man’s eyes, then she said helplessly, “Why do you think my Honoured Master has asked you to come over but decided to meet you in my tent? Do you seriously believe that Little Junior Sister is facing any problem in her cultivation that requires our Honoured Master’s help?”


Yang Kai was already aware of it, but he still pretended he had no clue as he replied in shock, “You mean…”


A blushing Ji Yao explained, “The reason Honoured Master asked you to meet her here and Little Junior Sister has come up with such a bad excuse to leave with Honoured Master is that they want us to have some time alone.”


Yang Kai widened his eyes, “They’ve found out about it?”


Ji Yao covered her face, “I really don’t have the courage to face Little Junior Sister anymore. What should I do?”


Torn between tears and laughter, Yang Kai extended his hands and pulled her hands away, then he consoled her by saying, “That doesn’t really matter. Since Senior Bing Yun and Su Yan have found out about it, we don’t have to keep it a secret anymore.”


“No!” Ji Yao shook her head as her hair flapped in the air, “It wouldn’t have mattered if she wasn’t my Little Junior Sister; however, the fact is that she is my Little Junior Sister! If word gets out that I, as a Senior Sister, have snatched her man, what will others think of me?”


“What should we do then? They’ve already found out.”


Ji Yao bit her lip as her gaze was filled with hesitation. A moment later, she stared at the man and said sorrowfully, “We mustn’t meet in private again. This is the last time!”


Yang Kai batted his eyes, but before he could say anything, she leaned close to him as her cold lips came into contact with his. It was just a peck, and before he could have a taste of her softness, she straightened up and demanded in a shaking voice, “Leave!”


Naturally, Yang Kai wouldn’t leave and instead forcefully pulled her into his embrace. While she parted her lips and exclaimed, he lowered himself and locked lips with her.


At that instant, she was engulfed in desire as her heart pounded against her chest.


On her bed, the two aroused figures intertwined with one another. Initially, Ji Yao attempted to resist; however, after just five breaths, she began moaning as she wrapped her arms around the man’s neck.


As their clothes became a mess, Yang Kai realised that she didn’t turn him down this time. In the past, whenever he tried to disrobe her, she would hold firmly onto her clothes; however, this time, her resistance was minimal.


A motivated Yang Kai became even more fervent.


While they were deep in the moment though, Yang Kai suddenly stopped what he was doing and widened his eyes. Following that, he grabbed the quilt from the side and covered the dishevelled woman with it; then, he turned his head to look in a particular direction.


With a reddened face, Ji Yao panted and asked, “What happened…”


Right after she finished asking, she realised that something was off as there seemed to be one more person in the room. Thinking back, she recalled detecting an unusual energy fluctuation just now.


A shocked Ji Yao looked in the same direction and saw a curvy figure standing beside the bed. The figure pulled the pink curtains open and fell into a dazed state as she appeared astounded. It seemed that she hadn’t expected to see this sight, so she had become rooted to the spot.


“Yu Ru Meng!” Ji Yao frowned as she recognised her at first glance. At the same time, she figured out how the other woman appeared here all of a sudden. Yu Ru Meng must have activated the Space Beacon connected to Yang Kai’s own to directly appear in this room.


Yang Kai’s brow twitched before he burst into laughter, “Ru Meng, what are you doing here?”


Nothing in this world could be more embarrassing than this. Presently, Yang Kai had trapped Ji Yao under his vicious claws, so he wasn’t even sure whether he should get up. Even though Yu Ru Meng was a woman close to him, he still felt ashamed that she walked in on him during such a moment.


“I-I’m just here to visit you,” Yu Ru Meng replied, “I could sense that you were nearby, so…”


With the Heart Seal Secret Technique connecting both of them, Yu Ru Meng already realised it as soon as Yang Kai arrived at the battlefield in the Western Territory. However, it wasn’t convenient for her to set out right away to meet him. Furthermore, Yang Kai had just arrived at this place, so she figured he must have been swamped with work, which was why she thought that she would look for him at night. However, she hadn’t expected that after she activated the Space Beacon, she would appear in a woman’s room.


Soon, she came to the realisation that these two should be the ones who were anxious instead as their affair had been exposed. Why should she be flustered? As such, she sneered, “What a surprise this is. Haha.”


She wouldn’t have been stunned if the one on the bed was Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, or any woman that was Yang Kai’s wife. However, presently, the woman being pressed under Yang Kai was Ji Yao, someone she was still familiar with.




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