Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3685, Late Night Snack


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“Well, I…” Yang Kai scratched his head for a long time but still couldn’t come up with any excuse.


Yu Ru Meng darted her gaze between Yang Kai and Ji Yao before she scoffed, “Why haven’t you even taken off your clothes after such a long time? You’re so useless. Do you need my help?”


“W-What do you mean?” Yang Kai was dumbstruck.


After shooting a glance at Ji Yao, Yu Ru Meng put on a smile, “It’s apparent that she hasn’t even lost her Primordial Yin. She’s still an innocent little lamb. Since it’s her first time, she might not be too comfortable with it. I can take care of her on the side and share my experience with her.”


Yang Kai coughed, “Stop messing with us.” 


He felt diffident as he wasn’t sure whether she was mad at him or amused.


Yu Ru Meng pursed her lips, “Just bed her if you want to. What are you afraid of? Have I ever tried to settle grudges with you for having so many women? I don’t mind sharing my man with one more!” Then, she started giggling as a seductive glow radiated from her eyes, “Why don’t we give this new sister a demonstration so she can learn from us?”


Right after she finished speaking, she took action by climbing onto the bed and then on top of her man, her figure radiating an astonishing allure.


While Yang Kai was stunned, Ji Yao couldn’t take it anymore as she leapt off the bed from the other side and bit her lip, “Y-Y-You two have a nice chat! I-I-I’ll wait outside.”


After she ran away in embarrassment, she heard Yu Ru Meng giggling charmingly behind her.


When Ji Yao was out of sight, Yu Ru Meng looked down at her man with a meaningful grin on her face. As she gently stroked Yang Kai’s chest with her soft fingers, he felt a slightly ticklish sensation.


After a gulp, he said, “This is inappropriate… After all, this is Ji Yao’s room, so we probably shouldn’t do… anything in her place. Why don’t we go to a different place?”


“Don’t you think it’s more exciting this way?” Yu Ru Meng lowered herself and whispered, her gaze seemingly able to suck his soul from his body.


Yang Kai shook his head, and then he quickly nodded.


As her fair hand roamed around the man’s chest, his clothes were slowly taken off. Yu Ru Meng breathed heavily as she puffed some breath into the man’s ear and murmured at the same time, her voice almost sounded like sleep talking, “When did you hook up with her?”


“It hasn’t been long.” Yang Kai extended his hands and clenched her slender waist.


Yu Ru Meng slapped away his greedy hand, as though she wanted to dominate everything today. With a gentle smile, she said, “It’s no wonder people always say that a man’s wife is inferior to his lover. So, she’s the kind of woman you love.”


“That isn’t true.” Yang Kai quickly denied it. At the same time, his blood was boiling.


“Initially, Su Yan and the others messaged me and said that they wanted to cooperate with me regarding a certain issue. I ignored them at first, but now it seems that… hehe.”


A stunned Yang Kai asked, “What do you mean that they want to cooperate with you? Actually, wait, have you been in contact with them?”


Yu Ru Meng replied with a smile, “They’re all your women, of course I have to get to know them better. When you weren’t around over the past ten years, while we could only meet a few times, we frequently contacted one another through messages. They were all very sweet to me. It’s just that there are too many of them. With that said, you’re a strong, virile man with many tricks up your sleeves, so I’m sure you won’t make any of us feel lonely.”


“What kind of alliance do they want to form with you…” Yang Kai asked again as he had an ominous premonition.


Yu Ru Meng giggled sweetly, “What else could it be? They said that since we’re now going to war, as an Army Commander, you should act as a role model and must not indulge in carnal affairs.”


Yang Kai gulped hard, “H-Have you agreed to it?”


“Why would I agree to it?” Yu Ru Meng snorted, “No one can dictate to this Queen what to do.”


“You’re right. En, very right! You must reject them!” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly.


Yu Ru Meng kept a faint smile on her face, “Naturally that is what I intended to do, but now…” All of a sudden, she forcefully pinched the man’s waist, which caused him to yelp in pain as his face contorted, “I believe I should stand together with my Sisters. In any case, you’ll find another woman to satisfy yourself when you want, so you don’t really need us to serve you, do you?”


Upon hearing his cry, a shocked Ji Yao asked worriedly from outside, “W-What happened?”


Yu Ru Meng swiftly covered his mouth to stop him from replying as she spoke through a series of breathless moans, “Ah, n-nothing.”


In an instant, the woman outside the room fell silent.


A moment later, Yu Ru Meng rolled out of the bed and snorted, “Little bastard.”


Before Yang Kai could even speak, she shuffled forward, but she soon thought of something. Then, she messed up her hair and wrinkled her clothes. Following that, she pulled the beaded curtain apart and stepped into the outer room.


Ji Yao widened her eyes as she stared at the other woman in shock.


Presently, Yu Ru Meng’s face radiated a pinkish glow, and her gaze seemed to have been filled with softness, like a flower that had just been watered. With a sweet smile, she said, “He’s all yours now.”


Then, she elegantly left the tent and shot into the sky.


After Ji Yao took a look outside, she shifted her attention to the inner room. With a frown, she hesitated for a long time. Worried about the man, she stepped inside and raised her head, only to see the man lying on the bed with a hollow, listless gaze. It was as though all his life force had been sucked out of him.


In an instant, her eyes turned bloodshot as she walked over and hoisted his figure. Heartbroken, she asked, “What happened? What did she do to you?”


Yang Kai shot her a look and heaved a sigh. It was far too embarrassing for him to admit the truth. There was no way he would tell her that he had become dejected exactly because Yu Ru Meng hadn’t done anything to him.


It was supposed to be a night of passion, but after Yu Ru Meng messed everything up, he was no longer in the mood to do anything; thus, he got off the bed and put on his clothes.


A moment later, Yang Kai and Ji Yao stepped out of the tent. Su Yan was already waiting outside the tent. Seeing them, she asked with a frown, “Was Ru Meng here?”


“Did you see her?” Yang Kai blushed.


Su Yan replied, “Honoured Master told me that she sensed Ru Meng’s aura. What was she doing here?” She looked worriedly at Ji Yao. She wanted to ask whether Yu Ru Meng had disturbed them, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so.


Yang Kai was humming and hawing for a while, but he couldn’t tell her what had happened, so they decided to leave together while Ji Yao saw them off.


Upon reaching the Sixty-First Army’s base, Su Yan returned to the Heavenly Phoenix Division while Yang Kai went back to the Commander’s tent on his own. Yao Si came over to report that the camp had been fully set up, and he needed Yang Kai to come up with a plan for future training.


This was a serious matter. The Sixty-First Army had just been established and its foundation wasn’t so solid. Furthermore, they had never battled against the Demons before as a group. Nevertheless, there were no enemies for them to fight with now, so they had to go through some drills and exercises on their own. After pulling himself together, Yang Kai summoned all ten Division Commanders to discuss the issue regarding training.


Most of the Division Commanders had substantial experience on the battlefield, so they had greater understanding in leading an army than Yang Kai as they expressed their own opinions. Yao Si compiled their opinions and only took the best pieces of advice. Soon, a plan was devised.


Then, Yang Kai gave the order that when there was no war, the soldiers were to follow the drill schedule that had been agreed upon tonight. All the Division Commanders complied.


When they were done with the meeting, it was already in the middle of the night. Just when Yang Kai was about to take a rest, a guard stepped into the tent and reported, “Sir, Brigade Commander Shan was worried about you, so she prepared some food.”


Yang Kai didn’t understand who Brigade Commander Shan was at first, but he soon realised that it must be Shan Qing Luo. Elated, he raised his hand and said, “Tell her to come in.”


“Yes.” The guard received the order and left the tent. Soon, Shan Qing Luo walked into the tent in a charming manner with a box in her hand. When she reached Yang Kai, she saluted him in an elegant manner, “Sir, I’m sure you must be exhausted, which is why I’ve prepared some light snacks for you.”


Yang Kai burst into laughter, “Stop pretending. There are no outsiders now. Come over quickly. I want to know what you’ve prepared for me.”


On this day, he suffered quite a number of setbacks because of his women. First, Su Yan refused to be intimate with him; then, when he was just about to sink his teeth into Ji Yao, Yu Ru Meng walked in on them. Presently, he was exhausted both mentally and physically. At this point, Shan Qing Luo was considerate as she had prepared food for him, which was why he felt moved.


Shan Qing Luo covered her mouth and laughed tenderly before putting the box on the table. Then, she turned around and directly took a seat on the man’s thighs.


Embracing her with one arm, Yang Kai opened the box with his other hand, then furrowed his brow, “There’s nothing in it.”


There was no food in the box as it was empty.


Shan Qing Luo flashed a sweet smile at him as her plump bottom gently began rubbing against the man’s thighs. At that instant, Yang Kai could feel the astonishing softness and elasticity on his thighs, as well as a rising heat. Then, she drew circles on her man’s chest and said in a soft voice, “There is a snack here, but I’m not sure if it suits your taste…” After she finished speaking, she stroked her own red lips and smiled bashfully.


Understanding what she meant, Yang Kai immediately became alert, “Has your Big Sister sent you here to give me a test?”


Shan Qing Luo chortled and beckoned to him, motioning for him to come closer.


Yang Kai leaned backwards and shook his head repeatedly. Vigilantly, he said, “If I lean in now, the others will activate their Space Beacons and come over to catch me in the act, right?”


She laughed in exasperation as she grabbed his ears and pulled him closer to herself. Presently, her lips were practically brushing his skin as her breath exuded a pleasant scent, “I was the one who proposed that we should join forces and refrain from getting intimate with you.”


Just when the incensed Yang Kai wanted to teach her a lesson, he caught a glimpse of her sly smile and then he realised her true intention, “You want the full meal to yourself!”


Shan Qing Luo put on a smile, “So what?”


An astounded Yang Kai said, “You’re so brazen. If your other Sisters found out about it…”


“That’s an issue I’ll deal with on my own…” Shan Qing Luo stuck out two fingers and hoisted the man’s chin before puffing a breath at him, “But I don’t know whether you have the guts to accompany me. If you’re scared, I can leave now.”


Yang Kai snorted and lifted her off her feet before shuffling into the inner room, “Let’s see whether the late-night snack you prepared suits my taste.”


Shan Qing Luo wrapped her arms around his neck and giggled happily.



The Sixty-First Army was spectacular in both quality and quantity. Of all the fifty-five armies in the Star Boundary, the Sixty-First Army was definitely the greatest leviathan. The other armies were totally no match for them at all. The top cultivators in the army had also added a sense of pride to Yang Kai.


The next day, after they were done settling down, many Army Commanders, regardless of how far away they were stationed, paid them a visit, which allowed Yang Kai to get to know more people. When the Army Commanders observed how the soldiers were drilled, they all appeared envious as they wished to replace Yang Kai and lead this grandiose army to destroy the Demon Realm.


The army was essentially entirely managed by Yao Si, so Yang Kai didn’t really have anything to do. In the morning, he would receive the Army Commanders from afar and have a chat with the reclusive top Masters. At night, he would enjoy the late-night ‘snacks’ sent to him by Shan Qing Luo, so his life was pretty enjoyable. After a few days of hustle and bustle, things finally settled into a routine in the Sixty-First Army camp.




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