Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3687, In the Middle of the Night


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“Three thousand…” A glint flashed across Yao Si’s eyes. Su Yan was only in the First-Order Emperor Realm, so her Soul cultivation wasn’t that strong yet. If she was able to store three thousand people in one go, he certainly could do better.


A First-Order Emperor Realm Master was already able to achieve this much, so what about the Second-Order, or Third-Order Emperor? What about the even more powerful Pseudo-Great Emperors? Since the power of World Bead was correlated to Soul cultivation, it would be best utilised by someone with stronger cultivation.


With the bead in his hand, Yao Si said, “Madam, I don’t think we should pass this item to Senior Fu for now. I want to try it out on more people. Sir is going to create more beads anyway, so it should be okay to give one to Senior Fu at a later time. As for Sir… I’ll explain myself to him later, and I’ll make sure that he won’t become an untrustworthy person in others’ eyes.”


Upon hearing that, Su Yan replied, “Sir told me that when he’s not around, you are to be in charge of everything.”


With a smile, Yao Si said, “Many thanks, Madam.”


After the birth of the first World Bead, the news spread like wildfire; after all, Yang Kai and Su Yan had made more than seventy patrol teams disappear, so even though Yao Si had given the order that no one should spread the news, it still became known to others very quickly.


Soon, the Sixty-First Army’s base was filled with outsiders again as all the Army Commanders came to visit. Since Yang Kai wasn’t around, they targeted Yao Si as they stared fixedly at the bead in his hand like starving wolves.


Fu Ren Jie said that Yang Kai had promised to give him the first one made, so he assertively demanded it from Yao Si. Certainly, the other Army Commanders wouldn’t agree to it as the final battle was now drawing near. With a World Bead in possession, it would be extremely useful at critical moments. In a time like this, no one would give in to Fu Ren Jie.


Wen Zi Shan argued that Yang Kai was an Elder from Azure Sun Temple, so the first World Bead should go to them, and he would keep it as a representative from the Temple.


Lei Hong argued that Yang Kai came from the Southern Territory, and he had obtained Bright Moon Great Emperor’s inheritance, so it was time he repaid the favour. 


At that instant, regardless of how close they were to Yang Kai, they were bickering with one another in the Sixty-First Army’s base. The short-tempered ones even rolled up their sleeves and almost got into a scuffle.


Fortunately, the bead was in Yao Si’s hands now, and even though his cultivation wasn’t the top as he was only in the Second-Order Emperor realm, he was the Great Emperor’s Son. Despite the fact that the Army Commanders craved the bead in his hands, they could only use persuasion. If someone else had kept the bead, it would’ve been forcefully taken away by now.


Even Bing Yun, who was usually calm and collected, had joined the competition. She even went so far as to ask Su Yan about the World Bead.


After leaving the Thirty-Fifth Army, Su Yan felt like she had been put in a tight spot. She had contacted Yang Kai, but she hadn’t gotten any reply from him. Knowing that he must be focused on creating more beads right now, she could do nothing but wait.


The farce went on for half a month, and even those from Seven Mists Sea had found out about it. Li Wu Yi directly ordered Yao Si to send the bead to Seven Mists Sea so that he could examine it properly.


The others had to respect the fact that Yao Si was a Great Emperor’s Son, but Li Wu Yi didn’t have such a concern. Certainly, Yao Si wouldn’t dare to disobey the Supreme Commander, so he personally delivered the bead to Seven Mists Sea.


Upon his return, he swept a glare over the Army Commanders. They knew that since the bead had fallen into Li Wu Yi’s hands, they wouldn’t be able to get it back. Now, they could only hope that Yang Kai could bring back more beads when he returned from the Star Field.


Even though the World Bead was gone, the Army Commanders still wouldn’t leave the Sixty-First Army, and no matter how hard Yao Si tried, he was unable to chase them away, which left him quite frustrated.


On the other hand, the top female cultivators had surrounded Yang Kai’s wives. It was easier for women to open up to one another, and since the Army Commanders were not able to get any promises from Yao Si, they had shifted their attention to Yang Kai’s wives in the hope that they could secure a bead.


When Yang Kai, who was in the Star Field, found out about this, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He had never expected that a simple World Bead would become so popular. However, after giving it some thought, he understood that a storage artifact that could keep living creatures inside had never existed before. Furthermore, the grand battle was just around the corner, which was why the Army Commanders were eager to get a bead for themselves.


Despite the fact that he was busy, Yang Kai still messaged Yao Si and told him to pass on his word. As long as there was ample time, he would give every Army Commander one bead when he returned.


Upon hearing this, the noise in the Sixty-First Army died down as the Army Commanders gradually returned to their bases.


It wasn’t so difficult to make a World Bead. After the first one, which Yang Kai had spent more time and effort on, the later ones were much easier to create. The army with the highest number of soldiers had about one million people, while all the others mostly had several hundred thousand people. Given the cultivation of those Army Commanders, Yang Kai just had to create World Beads that could accommodate several hundred thousand to a million people.


The larger the space inside the bead, the longer it took to create, so in order to improve his efficiency, Yang Kai didn’t intend to go through the same troublesome route when he made the first one. He decided to just look for big asteroids to refine.


As Yang Kai became more and more skilled at the process, he gradually reached a rate of one bead every five to six days.


However, there were more than fifty armies in the Star Boundary, so if he wanted to make sure every Army Commander would get a bead, he was a little tight on time.


As time passed, the armies around the Two Worlds’ Passage continued preparing for war, and the Formation Nodes began to take shape. Everyone knew that the time for the final showdown was just around the corner, so they seized the chance and increased their strength as quickly as possible so that they would stand a better chance of surviving until the end.


One night, the dark clouds had covered the entire sky, and there wasn’t a tinge of light that could be seen in the world. It was extremely quiet in all the bases as the patrol teams roamed around.


The world seemed to be shaking slightly. A figure abruptly appeared in the void, as though he had always been there. His figure and face couldn’t be made out as he was engulfed in a layer of mysterious darkness.


Just then, the figure quietly looked up at the sky.


In the Demons’ base that was a thousand kilometres away, Yu Ru Meng, who was meditating, opened her eyes and leapt off the bed before dashing out of her tent.


At the same time, the curtains of two other tents were pulled open, after which Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo revealed themselves.


Upon trading glances, Bei Li Mo frowned and turned to look in the direction where the Two Worlds’ Passage was located, “Did you sense it?”


Without saying a word, Chang Tian nodded and put his hands behind his back. His gaze penetrated space and clashed with the pair of eyes that were a thousand kilometres away.


A puzzled Yu Ru Meng asked, “Why is he here? I’ve heard that he was injured by Iron Blood and Serene Soul. What is he doing here at this hour?”


Bei Li Mo chuckled, “Maybe he’s looking for death?”


Yu Ru Meng shot her a cold look, “Is that supposed to be a joke?”


Bei Li Mo pressed her lips together, “Are you unhappy because your man hasn’t been around recently? Why are you lashing out at me? If you need some intimacy, I’m sure I can find someone to suit your needs.”


“Fuck off!” After Yu Ru Meng finished speaking, she suddenly turned to look in a different direction.


Noticing something as well, Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian looked in the same direction.


Over there, a few beams of light that were as bright as meteors were shooting forward. All of them exuded auras that were able to shake the world. Apparently, they were the Great Emperors of the Star Boundary.


The Great Emperors must have noticed this disturbance, which was why they immediately left Seven Mists Sea and headed to the battlefield. Even though they were far away, they took a look in the direction where the Demon Saints were located, to which Chang Tian nodded.


As the Great Emperors released pressure into the surroundings, the soldiers from all fifty-five armies trembled. At that instant, all the bases began hustling with noise. Many cultivators stepped out of their tents and looked up at the beams of lights with admiring looks on their faces.


With a whoosh, three beams of light broke through the air and appeared in front of all the soldiers, after which three figures were revealed. 


Even though it was in the middle of the night, the three figures still radiated a glow. Those who had met the Great Emperors before proudly introduced to the others that they were Iron Blood Great Emperor, Serene Soul Great Emperor, and Martial Beast Great Emperor.


The three Great Emperors were standing alongside one another. The armies of the Star Boundary were behind them, while they were facing a vast area of darkness which seemed able to devour everything in this world.


In the Sixty-First Army’s base, Yao Si was standing in front of everyone while the Division Commanders were right behind him. Since Yang Kai wasn’t around, Yao Si was the de facto leader.


After observing for a moment, Yao Si asked with a frown, “What are the Great Emperors doing here?” 


But of course, why would the others know things that he didn’t?


A persistent Yao Si turned to look at the other Division Commanders, “Have any one of you heard anything about this before?”


All of them shook their heads.


“That’s strange,” There was a doubtful look on Yao Si’s face.


Zhu Qing said, “The Great Emperors seem to be confronting someone.”


All of them were astonished as they turned to look at her with Yao Si asking grimly, “Are you sure?”


Zhu Qing slowly shook her head, “I can’t see it clearly, but there’s indeed someone over there.”


Audible gasps could be heard all around. They still didn’t understand what was going on before hearing what Zhu Qing had said, but after she pointed it out, they sharpened their vision and saw that there was indeed a vague shadow above the Two Worlds’ Passage.


“Night Shadow Great Emperor!” Yao Si said solemnly.


If there was anyone in the world who could prompt the Great Emperors to make a move together and confront him, it must be another Great Emperor. Presently, in the Star Boundary, there was only one Master at that level left who was on the opposing side.


He was none other than Night Shadow Great Emperor, Can Ye, founder and Sect Master of Shadow Killer Palace in the Western Territory!


Zhu Lie then asked a question that Yu Ru Meng had also asked, “Wasn’t he injured by Senior Iron Blood and Senior Serene Soul. Why is he here?”


It wasn’t a secret that Can Ye was wounded. A few years ago, Iron Blood Great Emperor and Serene Soul Great Emperor had joined forces and hunted down Can Ye. After an epic battle, Can Ye was defeated and Iron Blood had managed to land a solid punch on him. Since then, he had gone into hiding. It wasn’t until this day that he revealed himself again.


“Maybe he’s recovered?” Fu Ling said hesitantly.


Zhu Lie slowly shook his head. It was hard to know whether an injured Great Emperor could recover in such a short period of time. Even if his injury had been healed, he shouldn’t have appeared in this place. Right now, he was basically surrounded by enemies. It was unwise to barge into the enemy’s camp all on his own. No one knew what his intentions were.


Zhu Lie had a feeling that there was a secret plot that was brewing, and Yao Si shared the same thought, which was why his expression was extremely solemn.


As a Great Emperor, it wasn’t possible that Can Ye was a fool. Since he had appeared, he must have a reason for doing so. Whatever his intentions were, it would surely be terrible for the Star Boundary.


Fortunately, the Great Emperors had detected his aura and immediately came over. Whatever secret plot Can Ye was about to carry out, he could be stopped in time.


Right then, Yao Si turned to look in another direction. He had heard that three Demon Saints were just over there. Since they had sided with the Star Boundary, it wasn’t possible that they would stand idly by.


Could Can Ye really stand a chance of winning the battle when it was six against one?




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