Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3688, Two Worlds Connect


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There was no clash of auras or energies. Iron Blood, Serene Soul, and Martial Beast had appeared together and confronted Can Ye, who was on his own; however, they were only staring at one another.


It wasn’t that the Great Emperors didn’t want to kill Can Ye, but that it was difficult to do so. If they rashly made a move, it would be useless, and it might implicate the soldiers of the Star Boundary.


The last time Iron Blood and Serene Soul joined forces, they had only managed to injure Can Ye. What’s more, Can Ye had a Shadow Demon bloodline, so he was unmatched when it came to hiding and fleeing. If he wanted to escape and conceal himself, no one would ever be able to find his whereabouts.


Heaven’s Revelations, Flower Shadow, and Ice Feather had been carrying out other plans in secret, but as soon as Heavens Revelations obtained a revelation in Heavens Spying Valley, they could target Can Ye’s aura and he would not be able to flee from them again.


All fell silent for a long time. The depressing atmosphere was like the calm before the storm. Everyone felt pressured because of that, finding it hard to breathe.


“Are you male or female?” Mo Huang broke the silence first. This question had been bothering him for a long time now, so he would be frustrated if he couldn’t find out the truth.


Iron Blood and Serene Soul turned to look at him strangely, to which Mo Huang shrugged and said, “Aren’t you curious about it? I am.”


Iron Blood and Serene Soul retracted their gazes and shifted their attention to Can Ye.


Can Ye didn’t reply, as though he hadn’t heard his question, so an embarrassed Mo Huang simply held his tongue.


“What are you doing here?” Iron Blood asked in a small but firm voice. Just judging from his tone, it was as though he was having a friendly chat with an old friend instead of confronting an arch-nemesis.


Still, Can Ye didn’t respond to him as he remained in the same spot.


The Great Emperors traded glances as they instinctively felt that something was off. With that said, they were more than happy to stall for time. Serene Soul had secretly contacted Heaven’s Revelations and asked him how much longer would be needed to lock onto Can Ye’s aura. When Heaven’s Revelations managed to achieve this, they could immediately go all out against Can Ye until one party was killed.


Apparently, Heaven’s Revelations was busy though, so he didn’t reply. On the other hand, his Disciple, Gao Zhan, replied and said that they needed one more hour.


Even though Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor was renowned to be able to see through everything in the past and predict the future, it was still difficult for him to target a Great Emperor’s aura using a divination skill. Moreover, it happened too suddenly, so he didn’t have enough time to get prepared, and he wasn’t even sure if he would succeed by using his Secret Technique.


Upon seeing the reply, Serene Soul secretly communicated to Iron Blood and Martial Beast. Upon hearing what was said, they smacked their lips. One hour wasn’t a long time, but the person they were trying to hold up was Can Ye. As a Great Emperor, it was impossible that Can Ye was unprepared before coming to this place. They were not confident that they were able to make him stay.


In the worst-case scenario, they would have no choice but to stall him forcefully. With three Great Emperors joining forces, there was no way they would lose the battle; however, once Can Ye became alert, it was impossible for them to kill him for good.


“Can you come back to us?” Zhan Wu Hen asked with a sincere expression, “You were born and raised in the Star Boundary. You’ve become a Great Emperor because you’ve obtained acknowledgement from the World’s Will. Why have you sided with the Demons to devastate the lives of billions of people?”


Serene Soul said, “If you decide to change sides, we will not settle scores with you.”


Martial Beast chimed in, “But you have to tell us whether you’re a man or a woman first.”


“Haha…” Under the night sky, a fit of laughter was heard. Can Ye, who hadn’t made a move or responded to anyone since his arrival, finally laughed, a tinge of mockery and disdain in his voice.


Everyone could hear the voice clearly, but what was strange was that no one could deduce Can Ye’s gender through it. In fact, it was so neutral that no one could tell whether it was male or female. No one had heard such a peculiar voice before.


Feeling that something was amiss, Yao Si quickly turned to look at Su Yan, “Contact Sir and tell him what’s going on here.”


Su Yan replied, “I’ve already informed him of the situation.”


Yang Kai had ordered that whenever something major happened, they had to immediately contact him. Can Ye’s arrival at the battlefield was a serious incident, which was why Su Yan had contacted Yang Kai right away.


“What did he say?” Yao Si asked.


Su Yan shook her head, “He hasn’t replied. Maybe he’s busy.”


Yao Si frowned, and without hesitation, he ordered, “All Division Commanders, return to your camps now and do a roll call. Stay vigilant to prevent falling into danger.”


All the Division Commanders were gaping at the confrontation when they heard this, but they still quickly nodded and returned to their own camps.


Yao Si’s subordinate gulped and asked, “Sir, do you think there’ll be a fight?”


Yao Si replied, “Night Shadow has finally shown up, so the Great Emperors won’t miss this opportunity.” Then, he shook his head, “However, we won’t be able to interfere in the battle between the Great Emperors, so we just have to try to protect ourselves.”


If the Great Emperors got into a fight, the mere fallout would be enough to collapse parts of the world.


After Can Ye was done laughing, he suddenly tutted. Following that, he swiftly extended his hands, which were kept inside his sleeves just now, and performed a hand seal. As his Emperor Qi surged, the world seemed to be shaking and a buzzing sound was heard from everywhere in the Star Boundary. He finally made a move!


At that instant, Zhan Wu Hen immediately pounced. He had been attentively watching Can Ye. As soon as Can Ye tutted, he took a step forward. He didn’t seem to have done anything, but he had already appeared before Can Ye and lightly pushed out his fist.


Even though he didn’t seem to have exerted any force with his fist, Iron Blood’s move shattered space as it travelled forward.


Right after that, Martial Beast Great Emperor also made a move. It wasn’t that Mo Huang was slower than Iron Blood. In fact, he had launched an attack at the same time as Iron Blood. All ten Great Emperors lived up to their names as the strongest cultivators in the Star Boundary.


A faint roar of a beast was heard coming from Mo Huang’s body as he swung his muscular arm, after which an axe appeared in his grip. The axe was rusty, as though it was an old woodcutter’s tool that hadn’t been used in years.


However, when the axe slashed at Can Ye, the world seemed to have turned pale.


Serene Soul remained on the same spot, but his Divine Sense surged like a tidal wave as his Soul attack turned into an invisible spear and penetrated Can Ye’s Knowledge Sea.


All four Great Emperors had made a move that marked the start of an epic battle. It happened so suddenly that no one managed to come to their senses yet. Given enough time, Iron Blood and the others would rather wait for Heavens Revelations to succeed in his attempt before they made a move; however, Can Ye didn’t give them the chance. He had come over to this place on his own, and without even saying anything, launched an attack against them.


The four Great Emperors seemed to become the centre of the world at that moment. The world spun around them and everything seemed to spin in reverse. 


A fist that was able to destroy Heaven and shatter Earth rapidly approached Can Ye. An axe that could split the world in half was about to reach him. He was also faced with a violent Soul Spear. Even though he was also a Great Emperor, he would end up in a miserable state if he was struck by these attacks, but unexpectedly, at such a critical moment, he remained unmoving on the same spot.


Iron Blood arched his brow as he felt that something was amiss. However, it had come to a point where he was unable to pull back, so he decided to exert even more force as he seemed determined to break the world apart.


As soon as the red, glowing fist came into contact with Can Ye, a ripple suddenly spread from his back as a dark spot that was as large as a dustpan appeared. It was at the darkest hour before dawn, but the dark spot appeared even darker.


Right after the dark spot appeared, it expanded from a dustpan-sized spot into a mass several tens of metres wide.


Zhan Wu Hen had successfully struck Can Ye, but he was shocked to realise that he couldn’t harm the latter one bit. More eerily, his fist had penetrated Can Ye’s body and disappeared into the dark spot.


Mo Huang’s attack was also futile as no blood was seen after his axe slashed across Can Ye. Mo Huang snorted as he knew that Can Ye’s Secret Technique must have allowed him to dematerialize his figure. Even though it might appear that no attack could have any impact on him, he had actually dexterously dodged it.


Mo Huang surged his Emperor Qi and wielded his axe again, which caused the void to tremble. With the axe as the centre, the spaces around it fell apart in an instant.


At the same time, Serene Soul’s attack reached Can Ye. Faced with the three Great Emperors’ collective power, Night Shadow wasn’t able to resist even though he had phased himself out of the material plane. After he sprayed out a mouthful of blood, he was sent flying backwards as his aura dimmed.


In an instant, Can Ye was severely injured.


Mo Huang wanted to deal him another blow, but Can Ye had swung his cloak and disappeared from the spot. Mo Huang frowned as he had a feeling that Can Ye was still around, but he was unable to determine his whereabouts. Night Shadow Great Emperor’s Stealth Technique was unrivalled in this world.


“Things are looking bad.” Serene Soul stared at the dark spot with a solemn expression.


Faced with the Great Emperors’ attacks just now, Can Ye insisted on using some kind of Secret Technique, even at the cost of serious wounds, after which this dark spot appeared.


Serene Soul detected a familiar aura from it, and he soon realised that it was the Demon Realm’s aura. The dark spot was connected to another Great World! The Two Worlds’ Passage that had been sealed off by Yang Kai had reopened!


“Damn it! He has betrayed the trust of this world! Damn traitor!” Mo Huang bellowed. Knowing that Can Ye was still around, he deliberately cursed him as he ignored the fact that both of them were Great Emperors.


All the Great Emperors were intelligent people, and Mo Huang was no exception. Even though he was a burly figure, he was able to grasp how Can Ye managed to unseal the passage.


Can Ye was a Great Emperor that had obtained the acknowledgement of the Star Boundary’s Will. At the same time, he had a Shadow Demon bloodline; therefore, he had an intimate connection to both the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm. It was because of this connection that he could serve as the bridge to link the Great Worlds and open a passage between them.


No one else was able to accomplish the same feat, not even the other Great Emperors and Demon Saints. In this world, only Can Ye was capable of doing so.


It wasn’t hard for anyone to come to that realization, but no one could have expected that Can Ye would do such a thing, and it was already too late when they understood.


However, if Can Ye wanted to connect the two worlds, he would have to bear the impact of both Great Worlds intersecting, and there was a price to pay for that. Nevertheless, he had gone into hiding now, so no one knew what price he had paid.


“Wu Hen entered it,” Yao Jun stared at the dark spot, but soon, he arched his brow, “Hmm? He’s back.”


Zhan Wu Hen could be seen dashing out of the dark patch, but his face had turned pale. After he stabilised himself, his hand on his back could be seen trembling slightly.


Staring at the dark spot with his sharp gaze, he said, “They’re coming.”




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