Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3689, Coiling Dragon Grand Formation


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“What do you mean?” Mo Huang looked at Zhan Wu Hen in puzzlement. Just when he wanted to inquire further, he became astounded as he turned to look at the dark patch.


A pair of gigantic hands suddenly appeared and clenched at the sides of the dark region. Following that, the person pulled their hands apart, which caused the dark spot to expand into a huge black hole.


Inside the black hole, a few figures of different heights and sizes could be seen moving forward in the same row. Despite the fact that they were coming from a different world, they remained calm and collected as they strode forward.


After they stepped out of the darkness and revealed themselves, the pressure from the Demon Saints swept across the Star Boundary and caused the entire world to tremble.


Just then, as the sun could be seen rising from the east, the Demons Saints from the Demon Realm had all appeared.


Mo Huang clenched his teeth as he understood what Zhan Wu Hen meant. The Demon Saints had arrived from the Demon Realm! It also dawned on him why Zhan Wu Hen appeared pale when he dashed out of the dark patch just now. He must have traded moves with the Demon Saints inside the darkness.


However, Mo Huang didn’t understand why the Demon Saints were already waiting at the other end of the Two Worlds’ Passage. As soon as Can Ye unsealed the passage, they appeared right away.


Was it a coincidence? Could Can Ye still contact the Demon Saints despite the fact that he was in the Star Boundary? If not, why was their coordination so seamless?


He didn’t have the time to ponder on it, nor was it useful to do so. Since the passage had opened up and the Demon Saints had arrived, they had no other choice but to fight!


At a glance, Mo Huang could see exactly ten figures. Yang Kai had reported the affairs in the Demon Realm to them, so he could immediately recognise who they were.


They were Strength Demon Huang Wu Ji, Blood Demon Xue Li, Flame Demon Chi Yan, Feather Demon Fu Yu, Stone Demon Mo Kan, Bone Demon Ge Meng, Sand Demon You Qiu, Shadow Demon Wu Hua, Corpse Demon Zu Liao, and Red Demon Huo Bo. All of them were the strongest cultivators in the Demon Realm. Huang Wu Ji appeared especially savage as Mo Huang gazed at him with narrowed eyes.


Yang Kai had told them that Huang Wu Ji was the strongest of all the Demon Saints. Now, it seemed that it was true. Compared to the other Demon Saints, Huang Wu Ji indeed exuded the most formidable pressure.


Without any emotion on his face, Huang Wu Ji looked around with his eagle-like eyes. Beside him, Xue Li put on a hideous grin. The ghostly fires behind Ge Meng’s eyes surged. Wu Hua’s figure blurred as soon as he appeared. When he reappeared, he was already somewhere else. Gradually, Can Ye revealed himself. Wu Hua pushed his Demon Qi and engulfed him in it before dragging him back to their side.


*Shua shua shua…*


The sounds of something breaking through the air could be heard as Chang Tian, Bei Li Mo, Yu Ru Meng arrived at the place and stood alongside Mo Huang and the others.


Right then, a ripple spread around in the air as four more people broke through the Void to arrive at this place. They were a beautiful and elegant woman, a man who looked as cold as a piece of ten-thousand-year-old ice, a man with a sage-like, mysterious aura, and an old man with grey hair and a long beard.


Flower Shadow, Ice Feather, Heavens Revelations, and Wondrous Pill had come.


They were now equally matched in terms of the number of people on both sides as it was now ten versus ten. All of them were the most powerful cultivators in the two worlds as they stood at the peak of Martial Dao. Even though they hadn’t traded any moves yet, the clash of the invisible auras had already caused the world to teeter on the brink of collapse.


The already gigantic black hole abruptly expanded several times, as though it was going to devour everything in this world. With the Demon Saints and the Great Emperors as the centre, everyone within a radius of ten thousand kilometres felt as though a mountain had been pressed against their chest, making it difficult to even breathe.


Huang Wu Ji swept a cold look over the Great Emperors with a disdainful expression. He only stopped for a moment when he looked at the Iron Blood Great Emperor. Just now, Zhan Wu Hen had rushed into the Demon Realm and traded moves with the Demon Saints, but he was able to escape unscathed, which went to show that it was truly difficult to deal with him.


Then, he shifted his attention to Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo before scoffing, “Traitors!”


While Yu Ru Meng ignored him, Bei Li Mo cried, “Senior Brother Huang, I was forced to do this. It wasn’t my intention.”


Huang Wu Ji snorted, “Come here now, and I’ll spare your life.”


Bei Li Mo’s gaze brightened, “Are you serious?” Despite what she had just said, she didn’t seem to believe the man before her eyes one bit; then, she heaved a sigh, “Unfortunately, I’m being controlled by someone now. If I go over now, I’ll end up in a miserable state. Senior Brother Huang, why don’t you help me kill a person? After that, I’ll join your side.”


“Who?” Huang Wu Ji grunted.


“A little bastard named Yang Kai!” Bei Li Mo was completely honest with him, “He has planted a Soul Imprint in my Knowledge Sea, which is why I’m forced to obey him!”


Huang Wu Ji narrowed his eyes, “Do you even believe what you’ve just said?”


“But that’s the truth!” Bei Li Mo batted her innocuous-looking eyes.


“Fuck off!” An enraged Huang Wu Ji pointed at her, “Slut, you will be the first I kill!”


In an instant, Bei Li Mo turned pale as she was on the brink of tearing up, “Why don’t you believe me when I’m telling the truth? Senior Brother Huang, you’re only pushing me further towards them.” She turned to look at Yu Ru Meng, “Little Sister, why don’t you help me explain it to Senior Brother Huang?”


“Shut up!” Yu Ru Meng rolled her eyes, “Why do you have to keep spouting nonsense?”


She wasn’t worried that Bei Li Mo would go back to the Demons’ side. Besides the fact that Bei Li Mo was controlled by Yang Kai, what she had done in the past ensured that the Demons wouldn’t ever welcome her back.


Bei Li Mo wasn’t a fool, so why would she believe what Huang Wu Ji had said? If she really went over, she would either be killed or be planted with many seals to lock her cultivation.


Basically, they were not on the same page. Huang Wu Ji stopped responding to the traitors as he stared at the seven Great Emperors with a hideous grin, “I’ve always looked forward to meeting you all.”


Iron Blood nodded, “The same goes for us.”


“Are you going to surrender or resist in vain?” Huang Wu Ji asked.


There was a faint smile on Iron Blood’s face, “Are you that confident?”


Huang Wu Ji slowly shook his head, “You don’t stand a chance. The Star Boundary is destined to be ours. If you surrender, you will have a chance to survive. If you decide to battle against us, you will definitely all die.”


Iron Blood replied dispassionately, “In that case, why are you spouting so much nonsense? If you’re able to kill us, just do it. After we’re dead, this beautiful Star Boundary will be yours.”


Huang Wu Ji scoffed, “A short-sighted and obstinate man!”


Iron Blood said with a smile, “I was born and bred in this world, so I have the obligation to protect our homeland and kill the invaders.”


“There’s nothing else to say, then.” Huang Wu Ji decided to stop talking, after which all ten Demon Saints pushed their Demon Qi and made a move at the same time. At that instant, the world was filled with Demon Qi. Divine Abilities that were able to destroy the Heavens and shatter the Earth struck the Great Emperors.


Certainly, the Great Emperors wouldn’t wait for death. Iron Blood Great Emperor, Zhan Wu Hen, was the first one to make a move. As Principles undulated, he pushed his Emperor Qi and parried the attacks coming at him with his own Secret Technique.


A rumbling sound was heard as lights of different colours expanded. Shockwaves spread across the area like tidal waves, and wherever they went, space itself seemed to collapse.


All the soldiers from the fifty-five armies collapsed to the ground in an instant. Fortunately, they had been practising their formations for quite some time now, and were well-prepared. As they collectively resisted the impact, they didn’t suffer from any serious injuries.


Just then, beams of lights could be seen shooting up to the sky from the battlefield before they dispersed in different directions.


Zhan Wu Hen and the others were startled upon seeing this, as they had never expected that these Demon Saints would open with a feint and then scatter. It seemed that instead of staying on the battlefield, they had intended to go deeper into different parts of the Star Boundary.


All the Great Emperors turned solemn and traded glances. Without the need to say anything, they partnered up with Yu Ru Meng and the others before they shot into ten different directions to chase after the Demon Saints.


If Huang Wu Ji and the others really stayed and fought with the Great Emperors, Zhan Wu Hen wouldn’t be afraid of them. It could even be said that he was seventy percent confident that they could defeat the Demon Saints.


After all, they were in the Star Boundary, and the Great Emperors had obtained the World’s Will. With the blessing of the World’s Will, they had a distinct advantage in their homeland against the Demon Saints.


However, the Demon Saints didn’t give them this chance as they seemed to have a different plot.


Whatever their plot was, the Great Emperors wouldn’t allow it to happen. In order to deal with the Demon Saints, the Great Emperors had to personally make a move, and others were not capable of doing that.


As they had left the battlefield to pursue the Demon Saints, the expected great battle failed to happen. All the soldiers from fifty-five armies traded glances in puzzlement.


It wasn’t certain when Li Wu Yi had appeared on the battlefield, but as he stared at the gigantic black hole before him with a solemn expression, he soon shouted, “Start the Formation!”


His voice wasn’t particularly loud, but everyone could hear him clearly.


In an instant, the Seven Mists Sea’s flag was erected. All the soldiers from the fifty-five armies finally came to their senses. Under the command of Army Commanders and Division Commanders from the over twenty armies that were responsible for setting up the Formation, the soldiers hurriedly gathered together in a highly trained fashion.


They were in a rush as no one had expected such a turn of events. According to their own plan, they would fully adjust the Formation first before Yang Kai would reopen the Two Worlds’ Passage to lure the Demons over. Then, they would trap the Demons and slowly destroy them. Eventually, they would storm into the Demon Realm to devour their continents and put an end to the Two Worlds’ Great War.


However, no one could have expected that Can Ye would appear on this night, and using his own body as a bridge, forcefully opened up the passage, which totally messed up their plan.


Fortunately, even though the formation hadn’t been fully adjusted, it was already functional; hence, the situation wasn’t so terrible.


Although the Demon Saints were gone, the huge black hole remained. Despite the fact that Li Wu Yi couldn’t look through the other end of the darkness, he reckoned that the Demon soldiers must have gathered together over there, waiting to invade the Star Boundary.


Millions of people started moving around the battlefield and a War Force that seemed to connect all the armies was being formed. As they moved around, the War Force became clearer and more conspicuous.


In just a quarter hour, with the black hole as the centre, a radius of a hundred kilometres around the area had been surrounded by layers of the soldiers from the Star Boundary. Right then, a Dragon Roar could be heard.


The armies were seamlessly connected. From a bird’s eye view, one could see that the armies seemed to have turned into a Great Dragon as its humongous figure coiled around the black hole.


The Coiling Dragon Grand Formation had taken shape!


On the spot where the Dragon’s head was located, Li Wu Yi led the First Army to keep guard in that area as all the War Force seemed to have converged towards him. As the morning breeze brushed across his face, his clothes flapped gently in the wind. His gaze was as sharp as a blade, and his murderous intent surged like a tsunami.


Rustling sounds could be heard coming from the black hole, as though countless locusts were swarming forth. When the first morning ray shone on the ground from the east, a figure shot out of the black hole and hovered in the void.




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