Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3690, Intense Battle


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The horrifying Demon Qi swept across the area as the Demons crossed the border and arrived at the Star Boundary.


There wasn’t just one Demon. After the first Demon appeared, countless Demons shot out of the black hole and covered the entire sky. Looking from afar, the gigantic black hole looked just like the gates of a dam that had been opened up. With every breath, an innumerable number of Demons burst forth.


The originally quiet battlefield became abuzz with noise again.


Gazing at the terrifying sight in front of them, the cultivators in the Grand Formation sported solemn expressions, some of them had even secretly gulped. All the soldiers from the fifty-five armies had gathered together in this place, and they were the top cultivators in the Star Boundary. However, their enemies were not pushovers. These invaders from another world were just like starving wolves eager to feast.


No one knew how many Demons were coming over. Nevertheless, in just a quarter of an hour, several hundred thousand Demons had gathered in front of the black hole, and more were still coming.


Unlike the orderly armies in the Star Boundary, these Demon soldiers appeared to be disorganised. In comparison, the Demons looked more like mercenaries who knew no rules. Some of them even started cackling in an arrogant manner the moment they appeared. There were also some who pointed fingers at the Human soldiers with hideous expressions.


Just then, tapping sounds were heard, and the Demons in front the black hole separated like they had been pulled apart by a pair of invisible hands, which revealed a path down the middle. A burly demon riding a flaming and ferocious Demon Beast emerged from the passage. There was a ten-metre-long spear on his shoulder and his imposing demeanour had a strong visual impact on the beholder.


As the Demon Beast stopped in its tracks in front of the Demon soldiers, the Demon looked around and eventually targeted Li Wu Yi. With a grin, he single-handedly pointed the ten-metre-long spear forward as his Demon Qi surged and he bellowed, “Kill!”


Without any redundant words, the Demons followed the Half-Saint’s lead and charged.


Rumbling sounds were heard as the ground seemed to be shaking and the gap between the opposing sides slowly shortened.


An ancient incantation was said in a strange rhythm as beams of light radiated from everywhere in the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation. The Shamans that were present had blessed their companions with an Ancient Shamanic Spell.


A metallic tang permeated the air as blue lights engulfed the entire Coiling Dragon Grand Formation. In an instant, the lives of everyone in the Grand Formation became closely connected.


Unless they suffered from a fatal blow like getting their heads severed from their bodies, soldiers in the Formation wouldn’t immediately pass away even if they were badly wounded.


In the next moment, the armies from the opposing sides clashed.


The first ones to trade moves were the Half-Saint with a long spear and Li Wu Yi. Standing on the spot where the Dragon’s head was located, Li Wu Yi was too conspicuous, and it was hard not to notice him. That was the reason the Half-Saint directly came at him.


His long spear contained a power that seemed able to shatter the Heavens and a palm-sized black hole flickered on the tip of the spear. Like a Dragon that had just been summoned, the spear directly aimed at Li Wu Yi’s chest.


Before the spear even hit its target, the force that came with the thrust had made all the cultivators turn pale and shudder. They asked themselves whether their corpses would still be intact if they were struck by the spear.


Faced with the attack, Li Wu Yi lightly pushed out his palm at the Half-Saint. Compared with the Half-Saint’s imposing demeanour, Li Wu Yi appeared calm and composed.


The palm and the spear didn’t come into contact, but following a crackling sound, the black hole in front of the spear’s tip diminished rapidly. As if struck by lightning, the Half-Saint shuddered as his mount wailed and was forced to step back several dozen metres.


The imposing Half-Saint wanted to gain an upper hand in just one strike, but he ended up falling into a state of shock and disbelief.


Right then, his mount wailed again and collapsed to the ground. Blood was streaming out from its seven orifices and its vitality was rapidly leaving its body. It was apparent that the mount was at its last breath.


There were no injuries on the mount’s body, but all its five viscera and six organs had been broken into pieces by the force of Space Principles. Even a strong Demon Beast wasn’t able to withstand such a severe injury.


*Chi, Chi, Chi…* 


Blood spurted out of the Half-Saint like countless blood arrows and soon dyed him crimson.


It was the second time in recent history that a passage between the two Great Worlds had opened up. The Half-Saint from the Demon Race and a Pseudo-Great Emperor from the Human Race traded only one move, but the Half-Saint already lost the battle.


In disbelief, the Half-Saint looked down at his mount. Even though the mount wasn’t as powerful as he was, it was no ordinary Demon Beast. It had an ancient bloodline; otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen it to be his mount. However, he had never expected that the first enemy he came across in the Star Boundary would be able to kill his mount and injure him in just one move. It seemed that he had greatly underestimated his enemy.


The Half-Saint examined Li Wu Yi and finally understood what had gone wrong, “Li Wu Yi!”


He had heard that there was a powerful Pseudo-Great Emperor in the Star Boundary who was touted to be second only to the Great Emperors. He didn’t really pay this rumour much mind it as he didn’t have a chance to meet him in the past. It wasn’t until this moment he realised that the rumours weren’t unfounded.


No Half-Saint in the Demon Realm was a match for this man in terms of strength.


On the other hand, Li Wu Yi didn’t have any interest in finding out his opponent’s name. After taking a deep breath, he simply shouted, “Die!” 


To him, the Demons who dared to invade the Star Boundary were mortal enemies. In that case, he wouldn’t want to waste any time speaking to them as he just had to kill them all.


After he finished speaking, he pushed his Emperor Qi as Space Principles coiled around his body. Following that, he leapt at the Half-Saint right in front of him.


As soon as he took action, the First Army as well as the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation also started moving.


From a bird’s eye view, the Great Dragon seemed to have curled up on the ground. The hundreds of thousands of Demons were like moths that were flying toward a fire. Before they even went near, they were engulfed in the attacks from countless artifacts and Secret Techniques.


In an instant, corpses piled up on the battlefield like a mountain and the ground was dyed crimson.


Several hundred thousand Demons were indeed a lot of people, but in front of the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation, they were nothing more than an appetizer. In just an hour, the Demons who had arrived at this place first were mostly killed. Other than the truly powerful Demons, the pawns had all been slaughtered.


On the other hand, the first Half-Saint was struggling to fend off Li Wu Yi’s attacks. Without any assistance, it was just a matter of time before he was killed.


However, the situation wasn’t in the Humans’ favour. That was because an inexhaustible number of Demons were still pouring out of the black hole and joining the battle.


With the black hole as the centre, a radius of over a thousand kilometres around the area was now surrounded by the Dragon that was formed by over twenty armies. In the middle of the Dragon’s body, more and more Demons appeared as though they were infinite in number.


Humans and Demons waged a life-or-death struggle against one another in front of the Two Worlds’ Passage in the desolate Western Territory. Every breath, there were Humans and Demons who lost their lives. The fire of life on this merciless battlefield was like a delicate flower in a greenhouse, which could wither at any moment.


In comparison, there were more Demons who had lost their lives; after all, they were in the Star Boundary, and the Humans were well prepared for their arrival. Furthermore, they had the blessing of Ancient Shamanic Spells. Bloodlust was able to energise the cultivators and increase their power, while Life Chains could connect everyone’s vitality in the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation.


At first glance, it seemed like a one-sided massacre as usually for every one hundred Demons that were killed, perhaps just one Human would lose his life.


In the sky and on the ground, the lights of artifacts and Secret Techniques expanded. These dazzling lights came in different colours, but beneath the beautiful facade was a merciless massacre.


As time passed, more and more Demons appeared from the black hole and the Demon soldiers gathered around the Half-Saints as they charged forward in an organised manner, which caused more Human soldiers to become injured and die.


Half a day later, over ten million Demons had arrived in the Star Boundary.


Even though Coiling Dragon Grand Formation was strong, it wasn’t without its limits. It couldn’t possibly trap so many Demons within it.


The Half-Saint that was battling against Li Wu Yi earlier had gone missing. It wasn’t that he was killed, but rather that was saved by another Half-Saint, which Li Wu Yi found to be regrettable. If he were given one more hour, he was confident he could end that Half-Saint’s life.


However, it was pointless to cry over what had passed now. He was the Supreme Commander who had to lead all the armies on the battlefield, so he couldn’t leave this place to hunt down his enemy. The war between the two Great Worlds wasn’t just about the life or death of a Half-Saint, so he could only watch him flee.


At this moment, the Demons were fiercely coming at them, and the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation was showing signs of cracking. Therefore, Li Wu Yi immediately gave the order to his subordinates.


The next instant, the Seven Mists Sea’s flag was raised, and under the control of the First Army’s Standard-Bearer, the flag swung in the air in a particular manner.


In the northwest of the Grand Formation, the Army Commander of the Thirty-Ninth Army had just killed a Demon King who was pouncing on him when he saw the Seven Mists Sea’s flag, causing him to shout, “Change!”


Upon receiving the order, those in the Thirty-Ninth Army began withdrawing in an orderly manner. In just a moment, a gap appeared in the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation.


The experienced Demon Kings immediately ordered their soldiers to rush towards the gap.


As the armies on the opposing sides clashed, countless people collapsed to the ground and lost their lives.


The Thirty-Ninth Army pretended that they were unable to resist the Demons, and after a while, they allowed the Demons to pass through the gap. When the time was tight, the Army Commander yelled, “Close!”


In an instant, the gap was closed. There were over two hundred thousand Demons who had passed through the opening, all of them drenched in blood as their Demon Qi surged and their murderous intent filled the entire sky. Under the leadership of the Demon Kings, they wanted to turn around and help their companions on the inside by breaking the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation from the outside. However, upon raising their heads, they realised that an army was already waiting for them at the front as their flag swayed with the wind.


A middle-aged man, who was the leader, put on a grin as he stared at the Demon Kings and said impassively, “The Seventeenth Army has been waiting for you!”


Just then, rumbling and whooshing sounds could be heard. As soon as the Army Commander waved his hand, his soldiers charged forward in the sky and on the ground in a spectacular manner.


The Demons, who had just broken out of the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation, were startled upon seeing this. It wasn’t until this moment they realised that they had been set up. They wanted to help their companions by breaking the Grand Formation from the outside, but they had never expected that their enemies had set a trap for them.


Behind them was the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation. Regardless of whether they could go back, they would end up in a miserable state if they tried. Upon that realization, the Demon Kings raised and waved their hands, after which the Demon soldiers charged forward.


The armies from both sides were rapidly closing the gap between them. Looking from afar, they looked like two fast-moving meteors that were about to collide.


Only the bolder side would win the battle.




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