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Martial Peak – Chapter 3691, A Big Piece Of Fat

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The Dragon seemed to have turned into a meat grinder as blood and broken pieces of corpses splattered around in the Grand Formation.


More and more gaps were deliberately opened as the Demons were released from the Grand Formation, then they would be settled by the Human armies waiting outside.


Of all fifty-five armies in the Star Boundary, only half of them were responsible for maintaining the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation. The other half of the armies surrounded the Grand Formation and waited for the enemies to come out before dealing a heavy blow to them. That was the plan those from Seven Mists Sea had come up with.


Groups of Demons with varying numbers of people fled outwards, which relieved the pressure on the Grand Formation, and the giant Dragon that was showing signs of falling apart stabilised again. The armies outside the formation and the Dragon itself were killing the invaders in an efficient and steady manner.


Strictly speaking, this was the first large-scale and direct clash between Demons and Humans.


Twenty years ago, the Two Worlds’ Passage opened up for the first time. The invasion of the Demons had caught everyone in the Star Boundary off guard. Most of the cultivators from the major Sects in the Western Territory were easily defeated, and they lost a lot of their territories. Even though those from the Star Boundary quickly gathered together to resist, they were still unable to deal with the formidable Demons, and they had no other choice but to continuously withdraw. The worst had happened as almost all of the territories in the Western Territory were lost to the Demons, and the Human armies were forced to retreat to the border between the Western Territory and the Southern Territory.


If it weren’t because of the war on Eternal Sky Continent, which prompted the Demon Saints to summon all the Half-Saints back to the Demon Realm, the Humans wouldn’t have stood a chance to take a breather. After that, Yang Kai returned from the Demon Realm and sealed off the Two Worlds’ Passage, which cut off the support for the remaining Demons in the Star Boundary. That was the reason they were all slowly destroyed in the end.


Twenty years later, the passage between two Great Worlds reopened, and the Demons stormed into the Star Boundary like locusts.


Even though Humans hadn’t fully gotten prepared, they weren’t as unsuspecting as when they faced the Demons for the first time. All fifty-five armies had gathered in this place, and they represented half of all the power in the Star Boundary. In this place, they had to go against the invaders from a different world.


The Demons had suffered immense losses as many of them had been killed or injured. Although there was still an inexhaustible number of Demons dashing out of the black hole to replace the lost soldiers, the truth was that they were on the losing side.


With the blessings of both the Life Chains and Bloodlust Spells, every cultivator was able to use a greater power than usual. The Dragon kept swirling around the Two Worlds’ Passage, and every time it did that, countless Demons would be killed. Whenever Li Wu Yi realised that the Grand Formation was overburdened, he would tell the Standard-Bearer to wield the flag to signal for the others to open up some gaps to ease the burden.


Presently, all the armies from the Star Boundary were closely coordinated. They had turned into a single entity as they orderly killed the invaders who were surrounded by Demon Qi.


The situation was in their favour, and if they could keep this up, regardless of how many Demons were coming over through the passage, they would eventually kill them all.


The eyes of those cultivators in the Grand Formation had turned bloodshot as their expressions appeared fervent.


However, Li Wu Yi felt that something was off. The Demons weren’t fools, so how was it possible that they were still fearlessly charging forward despite knowing that they would only get killed? Even though Demons were known for their ruthlessness and bloodlust, they wouldn’t make pointless sacrifices.


Furthermore, it was the Demons who had proactively reopened the Two Worlds’ Passage. The Demon Saints must have a hidden intention for coming to the Star Boundary.


However, Li Wu Yi couldn’t figure out the Demon Saints’ intentions. Only the Great Emperors were able to stop the enemies’ plot. On this battlefield, all he had to do was to lead all the armies to kill more Demons so that they would stand a better chance at winning the war between the two Great Worlds.


At the thought of this, he shook his head and emptied his mind. Becoming calm and collected again, he continued directing the movements of the Grand Formation.


The Sixty-First Army’s base was located in the southeast of the Two Worlds’ Passage. All three hundred thousand soldiers were enthusiastic as they rubbed their hands and awaited their turn.


Yao Si was staying with the Colour Guard as the scouts from Flying Hawk Division continuously reported to him the situation at the front line to ensure that he would stay informed.


Upon learning that they had gained the upper hand, he was both elated and shocked. Unlike Yang Kai, who had not taken part in the previous war between the two Great worlds, Yao Si had been battling against the Demons for a few years, so he knew that it was extremely difficult to deal with them. He thought that it would be a difficult battle, but it turned out that the situation was greatly in the Humans’ favour. Just like how concerned Li Wu Yi was, Yao Si also thought that there must be a plot that was brewing. However, even Li Wu Yi couldn’t figure out anything, so how was Yao Si supposed to?


While he was pondering the issue with a frown, his subordinate came over and reported, “Sir, the Division Commander of the Flaming Ox Division, Xi Lei, would like to meet you.”


There were strict rules in the military, so now that Yang Kai wasn’t around, Yao Si was in charge of the Sixty-First Army. At a time like this, Xi Lei had to go through proper procedures if he wanted to see Yao Si. If Yang Kai was still around, Xi Lei could’ve just entered the place to meet him without going through such trouble.


Upon hearing this, Yao Si frowned as he had no idea why Xi Lei had come over instead of watching over the Flaming Ox Division. Worried that Xi Lei might have something urgent to tell him, he nodded, “Tell him to come over.”


His subordinate nodded and left the place. A moment later, Xi Lei sauntered into the room and cupped his fists, “Sir.”


Yao Si nodded, “What’s wrong?”


Xi Lei smacked his lips and put on a fawning smile before rubbing his hands, “Sir, the thing is, I’ve heard that the other armies are madly killing the enemies on the battlefield now. I just want to know when we’ll also go to the front. It feels terrible to just wait here.” Then, he cupped his fists again with a solemn expression, “If we’re going to make a move, the Flaming Ox Division is willing to be the vanguard. We will be sure to make our army proud.”


Yao Si shot him a dismissive look, “You’ll certainly have a chance to go to war. What are you so anxious for?”


The Division Commanders were not aware of the plan those from Seven Mists Sea had come up with, they just saw that the Demon corpses had piled up in the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation, and other armies were battling against the Demons. On the other hand, the Sixty-First Army had stayed put, which was why they were anxious.


It wouldn’t have mattered if they were just an ordinary army, but the Sixty-First Army had just been established and were touted to be the most powerful army in the Star Boundary, if they didn’t make any contributions to the war, all of them would be greatly embarrassed.


Xi Lei thought that since the Demons were not coming over, they could just be more proactive by leading their people to kill some Demon Kings; otherwise, what was the point of them training so hard until now?


Seeing as Yao Si didn’t approve it, a displeased Xi Lei murmured, “If Sir was around, he would’ve led us to storm into the battlefield instead of waiting here like a fool.”


“What did you just say?” Yao Si shot him a glare.


Xi Lei quickly waved his hands, “N-Nothing. Haha. I’ll take my leave now!” Even though Yao Si was weaker than Xi Lei, he was the one who had built up the Sixty-First Army, and he was pretty authoritative in the military. Faced with the enemies now, Xi Lei wouldn’t dare to refute him. Earlier, he was just venting out his displeasure, but he didn’t have any ill intentions. Seeing that Yao Si had flared up, he quickly fled from the scene.


“Damn it!” Yao Si bellowed behind Xi Lei, then he turned to look at the Division Commanders of the Colour Guard, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, “Keep an eye on him. If he dares to be absent from his position again, cut his head off!”


An obedient Yang Xiao replied, “Yes.” 


He knew that Yao Si was just incensed and venting. All the Emperor Realm Masters in the army were treasures, so Yao Si wouldn’t have the heart to kill him. They had known Yao Si for a long time, so they knew that he was cold on the outside but passionate on the inside. He wouldn’t put on airs just because he was a Great Emperor’s Son.


Yang Xue suppressed her laughter and said, “Sir, you don’t have to be mad at him. It’s expected that Sir Xi Lei wants to make a contribution. Our army will certainly be needed soon.”


She was an intelligent person, so she could see that even though Yao Si appeared unperturbed, he was actually nervous in his heart. This was the first battle against the Demons since the Two Worlds’ Passage opened up for the second time. The Sixty-First Army was famous throughout the Star Boundary, so they should make the biggest contributions; however, they had come too late, so they didn’t manage to join the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation. That was why they had no choice but to wait for a chance outside the formation.


However, the other armies were already locked in an intense battle against the Demons, while their enemies didn’t seem to be dashing out of the formation in their direction anytime soon, which was why they were frustrated. If they waited any longer, no more Demons would be left for them to kill.


Xi Lei was eager to make a contribution, but so was Yao Si. Even though it might seem that Yang Xue was coming up with an excuse for Xi Lei, she was actually persuading Yao Si to calm down.


Right then, Yao Si became energised and rose from the chair. Raising his head, he saw that a gap that was facing the Sixty-First Army had opened up in the Grand Formation. Presently, countless Demons were rushing out through the gap.


Yao Si arched his brow, and there was finally a smile on his stiff face.


More and more Demons spurted out of the formation, and the person at the front was a fairly powerful Demon King. Just like the other Demons who had fled from the formation earlier, the Demon King thought that he could break the formation from outside; however, to his surprise, the Sixty-First Army was already waiting for them.


Presently, more than three hundred thousand pairs of eyes were staring at him.


The Demon King was usually a brave man, but with so many people staring at him, he felt a chill running down his spine as he wondered why these Humans appeared so excited.


“Sir!” A scout from the Flying Hawk Division flew over and fell on one knee in front of Yao Si before cupping his fists, “The First Army has informed us that more than six hundred thousand Demons have passed through. The Supreme Commander has given the order for the Sixty-First Army to confront the enemy!”


Yao Si guffawed, “Six hundred thousand! Haha! The Supreme Commander has given us a big piece of fat!”


There were only three hundred thousand soldiers in the Sixty-First Army, so there were two times more enemies on the opposing side. However, instead of becoming afraid, Yao Si appeared to be excited.


With a solemn expression, he straightened up and yelled, “Pass on my orders. Poison Scorpion, Flaming Ox, and Divine Dragon will make the first strike. Raging Flood Dragon and Heavenly Fox will surround the enemy flanks. Falling Flower and Spirit Snake will remain in the centre to assist the other divisions. Heavenly Phoenix is to bring up the rear. All of us will strike now and kill the enemy!”


At that instant, the Standard-Bearer wielded the flag as the deafening sounds of drums were heard.


Amidst the rumbling sounds, other than the thirty thousand people who comprised the Colour Guard and a few thousand people in the Flying Hawk Division, the remaining eight Divisions charged forward in an imposing and unstoppable manner.


Since they arrived at this battlefield, they had been training hard. Even though it was the first battle for them, they remained calm and organised as they meticulously executed Yao Si’s order. In an orderly manner, they dashed towards the Demons who had just fled from the Grand Formation.


Although there were more than six hundred thousand Demons, they had been injured when they were still inside the Grand Formation. After leaving the formation, they hadn’t managed to organize themselves and presently, they were in a mess, so upon seeing that the Sixty-First Army was marching towards them, all the Demons Kings were stunned and unable to react.



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