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Martial Peak – Chapter 3692, The First Battle

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Certainly, the Sixty-First Army wouldn’t care how the Demons reacted. Over three hundred thousand people had been staying put as they grew impatient at the sight of other armies making contributions. Now that the chance was right in front of their eyes, there was no way they would let it slip through their fingers.


Poison Scorpion, Flaming Ox, and Divine Dragon had eighty-thousand people in total. Under the leadership of Xie Wu Wei, Xi Lei, and Zhu Qing, they were the first to charge toward their enemies. The three Division Commanders personally led the way while their soldiers followed them.


Heavenly Fox and Falling Flower surrounded their enemies from both sides, while Spirit Snake and Raging Flood Dragon remained in the centre and behind them were those from Heavenly Phoenix Division.


The six hundred thousand Demons, who had just dashed out of the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation, were dumbfounded at first, but the Demon Kings came to their senses quickly and swiftly reorganised the Demons. Realising that they were sandwiched between the Grand Formation and the army from the Star Boundary, they decisively charged toward the Sixty-First Army.


They had had a taste of the Grand Formation’s power, so they knew that they were unable to break it. In comparison, even though the army in front of them seemed fairly powerful, they had a much smaller number of people. Even if the two sides got into a brawl, the Demons might stand a chance of winning the battle.


As the armies from opposing sides clashed, there were no flowery moves. They were only there to kill one another.


Before they even came into contact with one another, they had already activated their artifacts and Secret Techniques to attack each other. The lights of different colours made the sun itself pale in comparison.


The Secret Techniques and artifacts from the Sixty-First Army were able to kill a large number of Demons in an instant. As the Shamans chanted a complicated Shamanic Spell, a light flashed across the Human cultivators. Following that, a layer of scarlet light appeared on everyone’s skin, and there was a layer of blue light that connected everyone.


The Demons’ Secret Techniques were powerful as well, but the Humans had the blessing of the Life Chains, so even if they were severely injured, their vitality would be swiftly replenished, which was why they wouldn’t immediately lose their lives. Furthermore, some Array Masters had tagged along this time, and as Array Plates were cast out, they would turn into an additional layer of protection to ensure the Humans’ safety.


After the first round of long-range attacks, more than ten thousand Demons had lost their lives while no more than a hundred soldiers from the Sixty-First Army fell. Without stopping, the second round of attacks was launched from both sides. At the same time, they continued charging forward as the gap between them shortened.


From a bird’s eye view, the armies from both sides looked like two gigantic ancient beasts as they were forcefully clashing with one another.


After three rounds of ranged attacks, the ground shook as the armies clashed with one another.


As Dragon Roars were heard, two Red Dragons revealed their true forms. One of them was some 200 metres long, while the other reached a shocking 300 metres in length. Crushing Dragon Pressure swept forward, causing the Demons at the front to fall into a dazed state.


That short moment of hesitation cost their lives. Divine Dragon, Poison Scorpion, and Flaming Ox Divisions, which were leading the charge, seemed to have turned into three razor-sharp blades as they penetrated the Demon lines. Wherever they went, the Demons would collapse to the ground as their blood dyed the earth crimson.


The Demon King leading the army somehow dodged a Divine Ability launched at him, only to immediately hear all the other Demons behind him shrieking, which caused his expression to be transformed by horror.


He thought that as there were not many people on the Sixty-First Army’s side, his side would certainly win the battle; however, after exchanging blows, he realised that this Human army was extremely hard to deal with for the average Demon. This couldn’t be helped, as there were too many top cultivators on the enemy side.


While he was in a dazed state, he felt an immense force coming right at him. Before he could even react, his head was smashed to pieces. After his headless corpse shuddered for a moment, it collapsed to the ground.


Xi Lei swung his hand and spat. With his eyes turning bloodshot, Monster Qi could be seen weltering around him. Without even taking a look at the Demon King he had just killed, he charged toward the Demon army. Wherever he went, he slashed at the enemies like he was chopping up fruits and vegetables.


In the sky, Zhu Qing and Zhu Lie had assumed their true forms as they opened their great maws to spray out jets of scorching flame, continuously targeting the places where the Demons were most concentrated.


Fire Dragons’ Flaming Breath was an immensely powerful technique, and even the average Demon King would lose their life if they came into contact with it. Furthermore, there were only a small number of Demon Kings who led the six hundred thousand Demons. As soon as the Demons were hit by the Dragon Breath, they would be incinerated.


After unleashing a number of Dragon Breaths, a large swath of land had been emptied of all Demons.


The Sixty-First Army was unstoppable as they destroyed their enemies. The number of Demon soldiers was two times more than that of the Human soldiers; however, faced with these savage Humans, the Demons were unable to fight back. In just one hour, their formation had become a mess as the several hundred thousand Demons descended into chaos.


Flaming Ox, Poison Scorpion, and Divine Dragon repeatedly thrust deep into the enemy lines, killing Demons wantonly. Powerless to resist, the Demons intended to flee, but they were already surrounded by Heavenly Fox and Falling Flower, while the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation was behind them. To the Demons now, they were surrounded by their enemies from all directions, making escape impossible.


Now, there was no doubt who the winner would be. It was the first battle for the Sixty-First Army, and even though they were faced with an army two times their number, they were still able to destroy their enemies with ease, which was a spectacular achievement.


However, on the battlefield, winning or losing a single battle wasn’t the end of everything. All six hundred thousand Demons were without any help, and Yao Si had ordered them exterminated. As long as there was still one Demon left standing, the Sixty-First Army would not stop killing.


Just then, the riled-up Monster Kings from Ancient Wild Lands assumed their true forms and began running amok on the battlefield as their Monster Qi surged. Soon, their claws and artifacts were dyed red as they charged forward and killed their enemies. When they reached the opposite side, they would turn around and charge back again.


All the Demons, including the Demon Kings, were both shocked and horrified as they were unable to fully utilise their power in front of the formidable Sixty-First Army. Before the Demon Kings could even make a move, they were killed by the Monster Kings and Emperor Realm Masters.


As the scouts from Flying Hawk Division kept reporting the situation on the front line, Yao Si, who remained with the Colour Guard, slowly grinned.


Nothing could make him more excited than hearing such good news. Yang Kai was basically an arm-flinging shopkeeper, so Yao Si was essentially in charge of the Sixty-First Army. He had spent more than ten years building up this army, and the time and effort he had spent was unimaginable to the others. As he listened to the good news from the battlefield, he felt that his more than ten years of hard work was worth it, and the Sixty-First Army lived up to its reputation as the strongest in the Star Boundary.


The only imperfection was that Yang Kai wasn’t around. The Sixty-First Army belonged to Yang Kai, after all. Yao Si wanted to share his joy with the others as well, but as an Adjutant, he had an image to maintain, so he couldn’t revel in joy with Yang Xiao and Yang Xue.


Staring at the battlefield in front of him, Yao Si narrowed his eyes and asked, “Has Sir replied to you?”


Yang Xiao immediately replied, “Not yet.”


The corner of Yao Si’s mouth twitched as he cursed at Yang Kai in his heart. As an Army Commander, Yang Kai was absent from the military almost the entire time and still wouldn’t show up in their debut battle, which was a little intolerable. Presently, more than three hundred thousand soldiers were risking their lives to fend off the enemy, but without the Army Commander here, something seemed to be missing.


Yao Si secretly decided that he would reprimand Yang Kai when they met again. If Yang Kai was unable to manage the Sixty-First Army, he was more than happy to replace him.


All of a sudden, he felt cold all over his body as a death aura engulfed him. At that instant, a feeling of crisis had befallen him.


Yao Si was flabbergasted as he realised that a murderous intent had targeted him. Even though he was a powerful Second-Order Emperor, it wasn’t until the murderous intent washed over him that he came to the realisation that the reaper had his blade on his neck. Moreover, he was in the middle of the Colour Guard, and was surrounded by countless soldiers. Nevertheless, the enemy was still able to silently approach him, which went to show how powerful this person was.


At that instant, Yao Si concluded that he was no match for this assailant. It didn’t take him much time to realise that there was a huge gap between the assassin and himself in terms of strength, but at this critical moment, he remained oddly calm.


Right then, a faint shadow abruptly appeared behind Yao Si as a cold glint flashed across a dagger that was aimed at his back. Before the dagger even reached him, Yao Si felt a chill running up his spine.


Still calm and collected, Yao Si pushed his Emperor Qi and made an invisible shield appear behind him. Then, a light could be seen exploding from the shield as it surrounded him. Apparently, this was some kind of extraordinary artifact.


As a Great Emperor’s son, Yao Si certainly had some life-saving treasures. He even had some items that were similar to a Command Token, which contained a Great Emperor’s Divine Ability.


The assassin had made a huge mistake for choosing to target him. Nevertheless, he couldn’t be blamed, as the Sixty-First Army appeared to be formidable, and Yao Si was too conspicuous as he gave orders from the Colour Guard at the rear, it was apparent that he was the most important person on the scene. It was better to kill the Commander than ten thousand soldiers.


Silently, the dagger and the shield clashed with one another as the light dimmed, and following that, the shield collapsed. Despite the fact that the force of the dagger had been weakened, it was still moving forward.


It was thanks to this delay that Yao Si managed to escape from death’s door. Then, he shot forward to dodge the fatal attack.


Unexpectedly, the dagger followed him relentlessly. The dagger was held by a vague figure with a blurry face.


Just when the dagger was about to be stabbed into Yao Si’s back, a big hand appeared out of thin air and struck the partially visible figure. At the same time, someone could be heard laughing as he said, “I’ve been waiting for you.” 


Judging from what he had said, it seemed that he had expected an assassination to happen.


Turbulent Monster Qi could be seen swirling around his hand, and as soon as his palm came into contact with the assassin, the world seemed to have paled. Following a grunt, the entire surrounding fell into silence.


It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, who were behind Yao Si earlier, came to their senses. Yang Xiao’s expression changed as he leapt towards Yao Si. Faint Time Principles were seen swirling around him as he vigilantly scanned the surroundings.


Yang Xue drew out her sword at the same time and released her Divine Sense to pinpoint the enemy’s location.


“He fled.” Qiong Qi frowned and snorted, “He’s pretty quick.”


It was Qiong Qi who saved Yao Si at the most critical moment. As an ancient ominous beast, he was naturally extremely powerful. Of all the Divine Spirits in the Star Boundary, only the two Elders of Dragon Island were superior to him.


Despite the fact that he was powerful, he wasn’t a part of the Sixty-First Army. The reason he had been keeping guard here was that he had to protect his Young Master and Young Lady, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue.


He had hidden his aura, and even the assassin hadn’t detected him. The unsuspecting assassin was then attacked by Qiong Qi, so instead of killing Yao Si, he had suffered a setback.


Then, Qiong Qi took a look at the ground and realised that the drops of blood on it bloomed like plum blossoms.



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