Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3694, Massacre


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Yao Si appeared discontent when he was speaking. The fact that Yang Kai had managed to seal off the Two Worlds’ Passage in the past had earned them more than ten years for all the armies in the four territories to get prepared. However, as soon as they were confronted by the Demons, they ended up in such a state, which was why Yao Si was frustrated. It wasn’t that the Human soldiers were weak, but rather that the Demon Realm didn’t seem to care how many lives they lost to achieve their goals.


No one had expected that the Demons would be so crazed. If they couldn’t cut off the source where the Demons were coming from, there would come a time when the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation collapsed.


Upon hearing Yao Si’s explanation, Yang Kai immediately understood what was going on, then he nodded slightly, “I’ll head over.”


After he finished speaking, he took a step forward as his figure faded. Xia Ning Chang hadn’t managed to tell him to be careful before he had already disappeared.


When he reappeared, he had already moved for a thousand kilometres and arrived on the battlefield.


He came across a Demon King that was just ten metres away. Seeing Yang Kai, the Demon King appeared puzzled as he didn’t understand why a person had appeared all of a sudden. Nevertheless, he soon recognised who the person was as he shouted, “Yang Kai!”


Yang Kai had become famous during his stay in the Demon Realm, and he had visited almost every continent. He was also the centre of attention in the war on Eternal Sky Continent, so it wasn’t surprising that the Demon King could recognise him at first glance.


Right after the Demon King shouted, he realised that he was in trouble. Even though he was fairly powerful, he knew that it was impossible for him to escape from the Demon Saints’ pursuit. However, the Human before his eyes was able to do just that; therefore, he immediately decided to run.


While he was doing so, Yang Kai gently raised his hand and shot out a black Moon Blade. Wherever the Moon Blade went, the Demons would be cut in two, and it soon reached the fleeing Demon King.


After a howl, the Demon King pushed his Demon Qi and sent out a fearsome fist. In an instant, an excruciating pain could be felt coming from his hand. The black Moon Blade penetrated his fist and his arm before slashing across his body.


Being cut through, the Demon King fell into a dazed state and stared fixedly at Yang Kai. After he muttered something, his body separated into two, and blood started spurting out. As a consequence, his five viscera and six organs were scattered on the ground.


Without sparing the Demon King a second glance, Yang Kai activated his Divine Sense as a dark cloud surrounded him. Buzzing sounds could be heard coming from the dark cloud. Upon closer look, anyone would be shocked to learn that the cloud was made from insects.


Soul Devouring Insects! 


These days, Yang Kai wouldn’t easily use these insects because as his power increased, these insects had become less useful. They were useless when he was confronted by a formidable enemy, and they were not necessary when he was faced with weaker enemies.


However, in this situation where he was surrounded by so many weaker enemies, these insects would be immensely useful.


The insects swirled around Yang Kai as the buzzing sounds became louder. As his Divine Sense surged, he bellowed, “Go!”


After the insects buzzed for a moment, they separated into more than ten groups and flew toward the Demons in all directions. Wherever they went, the Demons would be killed as their Knowledge Seas were invaded and their Souls were devoured while no physical injuries could be seen on their figures.


Upon releasing the insects, Yang Kai stopped caring how useful they were against the enemy. With his hands hanging low on both sides of his figure, he flicked his fingers as Moon Blades shot in different directions.


The immensely lethal Moon Blades cut across a large number of Demons, and because of that, they quickly fled from the scene.


Yang Kai ambled forward and kept sending out Moon Blades. Wherever he went, he would slaughter all the Demons he could see. The ordinary Demons wouldn’t be able to close to within a hundred metres of him, and the Demon Kings would be defeated in just two to three moves.


He was pretty swift as he had moved several hundred metres in just a short moment. Wherever he went, a radius of a hundred metres around him would turn into a dead zone. From a bird’s eye view, there was a path that Yang Kai had taken from start to finish that was several thousand metres long and a hundred or so metres wide, where not a single living Demon existed.


After walking and killing for a bit, Yang Kai found it to be troublesome. Even though Moon Blades were useful, he had to personally make a move to kill the Demons; therefore, he quickly summoned the Wind Gourd.


Following that, he opened the lid, upon which Astral Wind rushed out of the gourd and turned into a torrent of Wind Blades that shot out in a large cone shape.


Swinging the Wind Gourd around, Yang Kai slaughtered Demons even faster than before. In the past, he had obtained this Wind Gourd from a Void Crack in a Restricted Area in Orthodoxy Temple. Now, this item proved to be immensely advantageous when killing enemies in large quantities.


After he was spared the trouble of making a move personally, Yang Kai just had to keep moving forward with the Wind Gourd in hand, and the Wind Blades would take care of the rest.


Not many people had noticed him when he first appeared. However, as Soul Devouring Insects devastated the surrounding Demons, followed by the appearances of Moon Blades and the Wind Gourd, Yang Kai quickly became the centre of attention.


It was hard not to take note of him since he had killed so many Demons so quickly.


Standing on a spot where the Dragon head was located in the Formation, Li Wu Yi saw the familiar figure and heaved a sigh of relief as he set himself at ease.


Yang Kai had finally arrived, and it wasn’t too late yet; thus, Li Wu Yi gave the order to change the Grand Formation as the Dragon zigzagged towards Yang Kai to help ease his burden.


Apart from Li Wu Yi, the top Demon cultivators had also taken note of Yang Kai.


Yang Kai had devoured many of their continents and persuaded two Demon Saints and Chang Tian to betray them. After that, he had also sealed off the Two Worlds’ Passage. The top cultivators from the Demon Realm were extremely resentful of him, but they just didn’t see him earlier. Now that he had appeared, there was no way they would let him off.


On the battlefield, a Blood Sea suddenly retracted and turned into a beam of red light before rushing towards Yang Kai.


In just ten breaths’ time, it had reached Yang Kai as a metallic tang permeated the air, and a ferocious murderous intent engulfed him. After the beam of light faded, a figure was revealed as he pounced on his target from the sky like an eagle.


However, Yang Kai seemed oblivious to this. On the battlefield, the cultivators, who saw the sight, exclaimed, and some of them loudly warned Yang Kai of the imminent danger.


Just when the figure almost reached Yang Kai, another figure abruptly appeared and parried the enemy’s attack. With a loud boom, the world seemed to be shaking as Demon Qi swept across the area. Following that, two figures separated as they hovered in the void.


The enemy narrowed his eyes, and upon making out the person who helped Yang Kai, he said through clenched teeth, “Bai Ya, how dare you stop me!”


Yang Kai was too strong, so only Half-Saints were qualified to battle against him. Naturally, the person who had come over to kill him was a Half-Saint. There were not many Half-Saints in the Demon Realm, and all of them were famous, so even though they didn’t frequently contact one another, they were all familiar with each other. That was why upon Bai Ya’s appearance, the enemy Half-Saint immediately recognised him.


A dispassionate Bai Ya said, “Let’s just say that we don’t share the same goal.”


Across from him, the Half-Saint roared, “Damn it! Don’t forget that you are a Demon!”


A helpless Bai Ya replied, “I’m just following orders. Don’t make things difficult for me.”


“Bastard!” The Half-Saint was incensed. Just when he wanted to kill Yang Kai, he was stopped by Bai Ya, who was also a Demon. His eyes had turned bloodshot because countless of his fellow clansmen had lost their lives, so he stopped caring whether Bai Ya was a Demon. After a howl, he pounced on Bai Ya and engaged him in a fierce melee.


Both of them were Half-Saints, so they were equally matched. The battle between them could be said to be intense and eye-catching, but it wasn’t easy to tell who would come out the winner.


On the other hand, Yang Kai had already departed as he continued forward.


Wherever he went, a radius of several hundred metres around him would be emptied of all life. Despite the fact that he was on his own as he was surrounded by countless Demons, no one could stop him besides the Half-Saints.


In total, there were three Half-Saints that had come over to kill him, which went to show that the Demons weren’t just resentful of him; they had actually regarded him to be an arch-nemesis. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have sent three Half-Saints to stop him.


The first Half-Sant was stopped by Bai Ya though, while the second one was intercepted by Bai Zhuo. For the third one, Yang Kai directly released the Embodiment from the Sealed World Bead.


The six Half-Saints engaged in an intense battle that was quite conspicuous even on the battlefield that was several thousand kilometres wide.


Yang Kai had already reached the gigantic black hole out of which countless Demons were still streaming. With a solemn expression, Yang Kai fearlessly stomped his feet. As he activated his Demon Qi, the Astral Wind coming from the Wind Gourd became more violent. While whooshing sounds were heard, the Wind Blades cut through the void and shot into the black hole.


In an instant, shrieks could be heard coming from the black hole. Before the Demons managed to step out of the Two Worlds’ Passage, they were shredded by the Astral Wind.


Despite the size of the black hole, Yang Kai was able to single-handedly block the crack, which cut off the support for the remaining Demons as no new allies could emerge from the passage again.


Outside the Grand Formation, Yao Si, who was together with the Colour Guard, was waiting anxiously as the scouts from the Flying Hawk Division continuously came over to brief him on the situation at the front line.


Just then, a scout flew over and fell on one knee before cupping his fists, “Sir, the Army Commander has arrived at the Two Worlds’ Passage and cut off the Demons’ reinforcements.”


Upon hearing that, Yao Si rose from the chair as he could barely contain his excitement. Unable to hold it in anymore, he shouted, “Good!”


After he finished speaking, he waved his hand and yelled, “Standard-Bearer!”


A shocked Fu Ling quickly summoned the blood-coloured flag. At that instant, the kilometre-long flag fluttered in the air as though the entire sky had been dyed crimson.


An energetic Yao Si pointed at the front, “Colour Guard, hear my order! Follow me to kill the enemy and assist the Army Commander!”


All the soldiers from the Colour Guard cheered as their voices reverberated across the sky.


After a few days of intense battles, nine divisions of the Sixty-First Army made significant contributions. Even the Flying Hawk Division, which was responsible for collecting information, had joined the war effort. Only those from the Colour Guard had remained behind, which was why they were now quite anxious. Upon receiving Yao Si’s order, they immediately became excited.


There were thirty thousand members of the Colour Guard in total. Besides Qiong Qi, a top Master who wasn’t part of the army, the Division Commanders, Yang Xiao and Yang Xiao, were also not weak. Most of the people in the Division were Sea Clan members who were from the East Sea.


Over the past ten years, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had been searching for Flowing Time Great Emperor’s remains, and they had managed to take in some Sea Clan members as well. There were a lot of top cultivators within the Sea Clan, so they now had more than thirty Monster Kings who were just like Bang Bang’er.


This kind of rising force might not be able to significantly affect the course of the war, but they were peerless in a small area.


After a few days of holding back, the Colour Guard finally made a move as the flag flew high in the sky.


Presently, all other nine Divisions were still battling against the Demons who had just been released from the Grand Formation. Just like starving wolves, the Colour Guard charged toward the battlefield and destroyed any Demon they came across. The Sixty-First Army was already in an advantageous position, so with the Colour Guard’s intervention, they were invincible.


In just an hour, the dust finally settled and before the Sixty-First Army were Demon corpses that had been piled up like mountains.




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