Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3695, Torrent of Steel and Iron


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The Sixty-First Army cheered their success. While Yao Si adjusted their War Force, he sent someone to inform Li Wu Yi about what happened.


A moment later, Li Wu Yi replied with only one word, ‘Wait!’


After that, they decided to recuperate outside the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation. Some of them took the Spirit Pills that they had brought with them, while the injured ones treated their wounds and meditated.


Inside the Two Worlds’ Passage, Yang Kai used the Wind Gourd in his hand to kill the Demons that were rushing over from the Demon Realm while to the side, Zhui Feng and Di Li were locked in a fierce battle.


Originally, Di Li was a Half-Saint that served under Yu Ru Meng. Besides Bai Zhuo, he was regarded highly by Yu Ru Meng, and he was fairly powerful as well; however, before the war on Eternal Sky Continent, he partnered up with Yue Sang and Yin Si to create a chance for Yue Sang to kill Yang Kai. Nevertheless, they had underestimated Yang Kai’s strength and background, so instead of achieving his goal, he invited trouble to himself.


On Eternal Sky Continent, Yue Sang was killed on the spot after Bright Moon Great Emperor cut him down with his sword while Yin Si and Di Li had escaped with their lives. Nonetheless, Yang Kai then headed to Yin Si’s territory on his own and killed her. Two of the Half-Saints that had targeted Yang Kai on Eternal Sky Continent had lost their lives.


Di Li was worried that Yu Ru Meng would come to settle accounts with him too, so after that great battle, he betrayed her and submitted to another Demon Saint. There hadn’t been any news about him since then.


This time, he had come with the Demon soldiers to keep watch on the Two Worlds’ Passage to prevent any unnecessary trouble.


After Yang Kai entered the passage, he was immediately confronted by Di Li.


Di Li had always been resentful of Yang Kai. The reason he even betrayed Yu Ru Meng was him. Now that they had bumped into one another, he had nothing else to say as he was determined to kill him.


Yang Kai had no other choice but to release Zhui Feng to deal with him. At this point, he had summoned all four Half-Saints that had been hiding in the Small Sealed World, and he had no more trump cards left. If he came across any Half-Saint again, he would have to turn around and seek Li Wu Yi’s help.


Fortunately, there weren’t too many Half-Saints in the Demon Realm. Most of them had joined the war, but they were mostly held up on the battlefield. Four of them were battling against the Half-Saints that worked for Yang Kai, so there were no more Half-Saints left to kill him.


Inside the passage, Di Li was flustered as he tried his hardest to break through Zhui Feng’s defence, but he was unable to do that.


Even though Zhui Feng didn’t have high intelligence, he was truly powerful. When Yang Kai came across Zhui Feng on the Hundred Spirits Continent in the past, the Lotus Sisters had told him that once there was a Half-Saint that had offended Zhui Feng somehow and was then hunted down by Zhui Feng for the next three years. The Half-Saint was eventually beaten to a pulp and wound up bedridden for years after.


Despite the fact that Di Li was formidable, he was just an ordinary Half-Saint, which was why he was wary of Zhui Feng, who seemed to have gone mad with rage.


One Demon and one Beast, both of them Half-Saints, were having a life-or-death battle in the Two Worlds’ Passage. The fallout from this battle affected many Demons, killing a large number of them and inadvertently assisting Yang Kai.


Presently, Yang Kai was surrounded by rippling Space Principles. As he lifted his hand, the invisible Space Principles engulfed the entire Void Corridor and caused the dark passageway to destabilize.


More than ten years ago, Yang Kai was already able to seal off the passage when he fled from the Demon Realm. Over the past years, he had been practising world refinement, so his mastery of the Dao of Space was already much stronger than in the past.


The connection between the two Great Worlds was slowly being cut off and the gigantic black hole in the air was visibly shrinking.


The sight was conspicuous, so the millions of Humans and Demons were able to see it clearly.


The expressions of the top Demon cultivators changed drastically. Earlier, they saw Yang Kai storming into the Two Worlds’ Passage on his own, and upon seeing the transformation the passage was going through, they immediately realised what he had done.


Upon that realisation, they quickly returned to the passage.


Certainly, Li Wu Yi wouldn’t allow that to happen. When Yang Kai dashed into the passage earlier, he had already ordered a change in the Coiling Dragon Grand Formation. Initially, the Dragon head and tail were connected as it circled around the battlefield; however, now, with the Dragon head leading the way, the formation zigzagged and reached the passage. The First Army took the initiative to defend the Passage so that no Demons could come near it.


Outside the passage, Li Wu Yi and the Grand Formation were fending off the Demons. Inside the passage, Yang Kai was destroying the Demons with his Wind Gourd. No one else could stop Yang Kai besides the Half-Saints.


In just an incense stick of time, the humongous black hole shrunk by half. Half an hour later, it diminished by half again. One hour later, the black hole became only several dozen metres wide.


Yang Kai emerged from the black hole and stood beside the passage at that point. As he raised his hand, Space Principles could be seen churning around him while a few kilometres away, Zhui Feng and Di Li were still locked in an intense battle.


Li Wu Yi, who was battling against a Half-Saint, felt the fluctuations behind him and turned to look in that direction before he put on a helpless smile. There was no need for any comparison. By just feeling the fluctuations of the Principles, he knew that Yang Kai had already surpassed him when it came to mastery over the Dao of Space.


Then, he stopped smiling and shifted his attention back to the Half-Saint. The Star Boundary had descended into turmoil, so it was a good thing that Yang Kai had achieved such a breakthrough.


After just ten breaths, the several dozen metre wide black hole contracted and became a black dot as small as the eye of a needle, then Yang Kai directly grabbed at it. When he spread his palm, the small black dot had disappeared.


The Two Worlds’ Passage that had been connected by Can Ye using his own body as a bridge existed for only a few days before it was sealed off by Yang Kai again.


When the Human cultivators saw this on the battlefield, they started cheering, their voices as loud as thunder.


They might not be privy to important decisions in the military, but they had been on the battlefield for a long time, so they understood what was going on. As long as the Two Worlds’ Passage still existed, more Demons would continue pouring out of it to replace the fallen ones. It was an advantage that the Humans didn’t have.


The Coiling Dragon Grand Formation was overburdened, and was at risk of collapsing at any moment. Once that happened, the Human armies inside the formation would either be injured or killed.


Now that Yang Kai had cut off the support for the Demons and eased the burden for the Humans, naturally, they were excited.


With a smile, Li Wu Yi gave an order to his subordinate, “Open up the formation!”


The First Army’s flag was immediately erected and swung in the air in a particular manner. The next instant, gaps started opening up in the formation.


Seeing that, the Demons became elated and charged towards the gaps. They had seen that the Two Worlds’ Passage had been sealed off, so they knew that they were in trouble. Now that gaps had finally opened up in the formation, which was usually closed up tight, they certainly had to run for their lives.


Nevertheless, before they even dashed out of the gaps, they were confronted by even more Human armies. Over twenty Human armies had been waiting outside the formation, and as soon as the gaps were opened up, they stormed into the formation.


The Demons were stunned upon seeing this while the Human armies all appeared ferocious. Earlier, these armies were just keeping guard outside the formation as they waited for the Demons to be released from the formation. Now, they had taken the initiative to charge in. One party was proactive while the other party was unsuspecting, which was why there was a gap between their morale.


More than twenty Human armies stormed into the formation from all directions. In an instant, countless Demons were killed. More Human forces had joined the war, so it was apparent to anyone that it was just a matter of time before the Humans won the battle.


After the armies hurtled into the array, the Grand Formation was closed up again as it surrounded the battlefield.


As the blood-coloured flag flapped in the air, the Sixty-First Army’s soldiers streamed into the battlefield like a torrent of steel and iron. Wherever they went, all the Demons would be crushed or killed. Yao Si was leading the way while Yang Xiao and Yang Xue followed him. Qiong Qi kept his hands in his sleeves with a calm expression. He didn’t seem to have made any move, but once the Demons came within a ten metres radius of him, they would be sent flying backwards by an intangible force as they sprayed out mouthfuls of blood.


A moment later, they finally reunited with Yang Kai. Yao Si cupped his fists and greeted, “Sir.”


Yang Kai nodded and turned to look at Di Li, who was still fighting with Zhui Feng. With a sneer, he commanded, “Kill him!”


After he finished speaking, he dashed towards Di Li, and he was followed by Liu Yan. As she flew forward, her petite figure appeared to be graceful, her big eyes as pure as water.


A shocked Di Li immediately decided to make a feint and fled from the scene before mingling with the other Demons.


Looking in the direction Di Li had fled, Yang Kai hesitated for a moment and decided not to pursue him. The battlefield was chaotic now, so it was difficult to run after him; moreover, Di Li was a Half-Saint, so he wasn’t easy to kill.


Therefore, Yang Kai decided not to end Di Li’s life for now and instead turned to lead the Sixty-First Army to destroy the other Demons.


The dust had finally settled, literally.


All fifty-five armies had gathered together, and they were surrounded by the Grand Formation. The Demons had been trapped, and they couldn’t flee in any direction. There was no more hope for them as they would all eventually be killed.


Just then, a long howl was suddenly heard coming from somewhere on the battlefield. His voice was so loud that it was as though a bolt of lightning had just struck the ground.


All the Human Masters frowned and turned to look at the source of the voice, only to see a sturdy figure hovering in the sky. His hair and eyes were as red as blood. Such conspicuous features suggested that he was a Blood Demon.


When the howl stopped, more than twenty figures shot up from all directions and gathered by the Blood Demon’s side. All these Demons exuded harrowing Demon Qi, so it was apparent that they were all Half-Saints.


“Sir!” Yang Kai moved and approached Li Wu Yi with a solemn expression as he gazed at the Half-Saints.


Just when the Demons were on the verge of total defeat, the Half-Saints suddenly gathered together in some kind of Formation. No one knew what they were up to.


Li Wu Yi shook his head to motion for him to keep watching.


The Great Emperors weren’t around, but so many Half-Saints had joined forces, so they had to act carefully.


The Half-Saints hovered behind the Blood Demon, who gazed at Li Wu Yi from a distance. Apparently, he knew that Li Wu Yi was the leader of the Human armies here.


A moment later, the Blood Demon flashed a hideous smile at Li Wu Yi and made a cut-throat gesture.


“How childish!” Yang Kai sneered.


On the other hand, Li Wu Yi remained unfazed. To their surprise, after the Blood Demon was done with making the gesture, he turned into a beam of red light and engulfed all the Half-Saints before shooting into the sky.




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